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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 45

Shining Knight (3)

“…Actually, I also had an older brother.”


“…yes. I too… my brother I liked a lot… When I was 8 years old, he was adopted and left me. He said he didn’t want to go… Instead, the people who took him seem to have started sponsoring the orphanage.”


Kirsi felt pity for her without knowing it. came to sympathize. Just imagining Kaden leaving him hurts. Did this child named Ewin experience such pain?

Ewin smiled sheepishly and clapped his hands.

“Thanks to everyone in the orphanage, I was able to grow up well…but my heart aches. There were many other older sisters and older brothers at the orphanage, but no one could replace them.”

“…if you have someone you like, no one can replace you.”

“Right. That’s why I said that I was envious… If I had grown up with my older brother back then… would we have had a good relationship like Kirsi-sama?”

“…it must have been, Ewin. There is no one better than a kind-hearted person like you.”

Kirsi showed a slightly more mature appearance.

“…Thank you, Kirsi-sama. Still, I miss you sometimes. Where are you doing well…? As much as you left me… I want you to be as happy as I was.”

Kirsi was surprised by Ewin’s pulpit. He didn’t know that a woman of the same age, who looked so delicate, would have such a figure.

Kirsey also unwittingly put Cayden into the situation. If he leaves him, can you bless him like Ewin did? Can you expect him to be happy as much as he is sick?

I couldn’t be sure. If he left, whether he could bless him or not, the woman sitting next to him was sure to curse at any moment.

He could hate the woman who took his place for the rest of his life. I’m just imagining it, but if I get a chance to get revenge in the future, I might do it without hesitation.

Occasionally, whenever he faced such a vicious inner world, Kirsey was surprised, and he was able to quickly get used to it. Anyway, that was her heart. It was a mind that would understand if I let go of my self-esteem.

“…Ewin is strong.”

Kirsey said frankly.

“…you’re overjoyed.”

After that, the conversation is cut off. As the topic was the topic, it was not possible to have a long conversation.

“ah…! It seems that the sauce is almost ready!”

Ewin raises his voice and raises the subdued atmosphere.

“Now I can finish it by just boiling the noodles. It’s my first time, but I think you did a really good job.”

“It’s all thanks to Ewin. Thank you so much.”

Again, the friendly atmosphere continued. Kirsi smiled comfortably and asked Ewin.

“Oh, Ewin. As for the ending…I want to do it in front of my brother, is it okay?”

“Yes, of course. No problem.”

“..that..then it’s time for an appointment… so I’ll go pick up my brother.”

“Please. I will stir well so that the sauce does not burn.”

Kirsi tried to turn around, hesitatingly asked.

“Ah…that…and when my brother comes…please hold on to the wind. I’ve worked hard on it… Let’s talk about it…”

Ewin smiled as if Kirsi was cute, and answered with a bright expression.

“Yes I will. I will tell you every single detail of how hard you worked.”

Kirsi smiled and left the kitchen.


Kirsey looked at Cayden from afar and her face was wide open.

He also looked at himself and smiled. It wasn’t the hard expression she had always had, but the expression she had returned to before.

I really started to feel that we are reconciling today.

It was strange to set a date like this and reconcile, but Kirsi didn’t care. In the end, it was all about reconciliation.

Kirsi flew away to hug him.

But again, Cayden raised her hand to stop her.

She was a little sad, but she knew that she was ahead.

Just as I was about to feel a little sluggish, Kaden said.

“Not yet. If the food doesn’t taste good, I’ll never forgive you.”

His playful voice rang out. Upon hearing his words, Kirsey felt the sadness in her heart melt away.

In the end, he seemed to be relieved, too. So I’m going to play these pranks.

Kirsey didn’t like the sense of distance given by respectful words. I felt that my heart was gone, and that was the most painful thing.

Of course, I don’t like the respectful words themselves…but anyway. The way he played pranks like this was similar to before, so I could feel that our hearts were getting closer again.

So I was able to tolerate it to some extent. Even in his respectful words, he didn’t feel as dark and dirty as he used to be.

“It will be delicious. I worked really hard. Can you show me your hand?”

Kirsi held out her hands.

Cayden frowned, wondering if she was hurt, and grabbed her hand in a fairly quick motion.

Kirsi is gently startled by his actions. Normally, if he was like this, I would have taken it naturally, but since it’s been a long time, I was very happy to be worried about him.

And then I got a little embarrassed. Because Ewin’s assistance didn’t seriously injure his hand. There were only living organisms that could be seen if you looked closely. It wasn’t that I wanted to show you, it was my fingers that were wrinkled with moisture.

“…are you hurt?”

When Kayden, who was examining his hands, asked with a serious expression, Kirsi hesitated for a moment before answering.

Because he was holding his hand. It’s been a long time. I wanted to stay still until the warmth he gave me reached my chest.

But he couldn’t keep the silence for that long. Before Cayden wondered, Kirsey finally answered.

“Ah… no… it’s just that my fingers are wrinkled.”


Cayden smiled and put her hand away. Kirsey showed his smile, contagious emotions, and laughter came out at the same time.

After that, Kirsi began to lead him into the kitchen. I wanted to walk arm in arm with him, but he didn’t allow me yet, so I had to be content with being by his side.

Kirsi’s steps towards the kitchen were light.

My heart was getting lighter. As if lifting a load one after another, with each step, the next step becomes lighter.

When he reached the kitchen, he was on the verge of laughter. I was looking forward to seeing what he would say after eating.

Just as I was about to open the wooden door leading to the kitchen, Kayden called Kirsi.

“Young girl Kirsi.”

He still didn’t put down his manners, but Kirsi looked at him with a smile, glad to call him.

“…have I been being childish lately?”

As soon as he heard those words, Kirsi instantly choked.

I wondered if tears could fill up so quickly again.

It was so hard, and I was happy to let him know that everything was over. reconciliation is finally reached.

“…No..Brother..I was wrong.”

“…it’s okay. We need to do better with each other in the future. Sorry for making you sad. As you may know…it’s just acting, but I’ve never hated you for even a single moment.”


Kirsey nodded her head. I was happy to have this fact confirmed with his mouth. Tears of joy continued to flow. I was happy to shake off all the sadness from this moment.

“…I will do well in the future.”

Kirsey stretched out her hands. I wanted to hug him.

But Kayden laughed.

“You said it. If the food doesn’t taste good, I won’t look at it.”

At his joke, Kirsi, who had been crying, laughed again.

Cayden appeared to be preparing for a clean ending. Just because they reconciled in the middle doesn’t mean they’re released right away, but it seems like they’re trying to set the exact end point and brush it all off after that.

So Kirsi had no choice but to follow him.

Wipe away your tears, smile and open the kitchen door. A fragrant scent spread.

“…brother. I’m almost ready. I wanted to show you what I finished… I didn’t make it all. watch me for a little bit I’ll show you how good I am.”


But from the moment I opened the door, everything became quiet as if the sound of the world had disappeared.

Kirsey looks straight ahead. Ewin was looking at this side with a blank expression.

It was different from what I expected to be greeted with a pleasant and polite greeting.

When Kirsey felt puzzled, Ewin’s expression distorted and asked with a watery voice.



Kirsi doubted his ears. But with a cool breeze behind him, Cayden passed him.

Everything suddenly seemed like a slow scene. Cayden hurriedly ran and shouted.


He hadn’t given his name, but he was already calling the kitchen girl.

Cayden’s arms spread out. For several days, no matter how much Kirsi begged, the arms did not open, even just before entering the kitchen.

And into that gap, Ewin jumped in.

The two men shared a strong hug. Ewin stretched his back, and Caden strengthened Ewin’s waist and head.


Ewin shouted.

For a moment, Kirsi felt like he had lost his place. The place of being my sister.

Even in her eyes, they were getting along like a real family.

A word that suddenly came to mind.


All the puzzles were falling apart.

I felt Kirsi’s excited heart sinking again with this unbelievable scene.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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