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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 44

Shining Knight (2)

Cayden the next day.

Even the next day, he did not give up his courtesy towards the twins.

Asena and Kirsi became more and more unable to breathe, and it seemed that something was dying inside.

As I went on, it was difficult to get closer to him, and I felt like we were getting farther and farther apart.

Everything went according to Kaden’s plan, which was a little farther away, but the twins had no way of knowing.

Kirsey had a lot of time to bruise. If you are not satisfied with reality, you will fall into memories.

If I imagined it like that, I could enjoy happiness for a while, but when that imagination was over, I had to feel the pain again because of the gap between reality.

They had to look at Cayden from a distance.

I told Kirsi not to let Kaden interfere with his routine, and he told Asena not to interfere.

As Kayden and Daisy were walking somewhere, Kirsi’s eyes were fixed on them.

Lately, I have had to see the woman I hate the most, or the most envious of, and the man I love the most.

When will this pain end, Kirsi thought. Still, Kaden didn’t seem to want to come first, and Kirsey became empty as the days went by without him.

Kirsi himself knew why he didn’t forgive them so easily.

I suppressed him and spread bad rumors about him. Everything is back in karma.

Kirsi wondered what he was thinking. Seeing that he doesn’t forgive like this means he already hates himself. A few days ago, while he was sleeping in his bed, he stroked his hair, but he was still anxious.

I didn’t like this situation that kept getting awkward with him.


It felt like something had to be done. He told me not to interrupt my routine… I’ll just have to approach it when I’m done. With that promise, Kirsi made a plan.


I finished my work today.

Even though I distanced myself from the twins, there was no part that was very stressful for me.

Rather, a new kind of fun greeted me.

Since I had already made up my mind to leave the family, the parts I had to endure were gone and I was able to act more confidently.

Occasionally, when the young girls who squeal approached us, we talked naturally. When Kirsi and Asena hid me, it was an act I could never have imagined. I felt little happiness in the part where I could gradually reveal myself.

Today was a good day in that respect. I got to know a lot of people like I did at a prom, and in the rest of the time I talked with Judy and Daisy to relieve my boredom.

As I was walking around the women’s dormitory, a voice called out to me.


Kirsi suddenly appears like a rabbit that appears through the grass.


As much as he was momentarily embarrassed, he almost called her Kirsi, but he managed to add the word Young-ae and distanced himself from her once more.

Maybe she’s used to it now, but she wasn’t too agitated.

“…Brother, you’re off tomorrow.”

“That’s right.”

“…Then, I’ll make lunch tomorrow, so give me time.”


I was surprised by her sudden words, but it was also true that I was interested.

“…Really, now is the time to reconcile. If I make lunch for you tomorrow, eat it and settle your anger.”


I look at Kirsi. Recently, the twins did not overlap much with me, so it was Kirsi who looked closely after a long time.

It’s definitely depressed and lifeless. He seemed to have suffered a lot. Did I get hit like this just for saying respect?

I felt a strange sense of shame. The sense of betrayal I should have felt was bigger and more painful. Comparing the size of the pain seemed timid, but it is true.

I didn’t gossip about them, I wasn’t ashamed, I didn’t suppress or pressure them. I was just saying respect.

But it makes me feel like a bad person by showing up with such a difficult expression…

Of course, the amount of pain that can be endured varies from person to person. I believe it’s because the twins liked me that much.

But I loved them as well. The pain I had to feel when I was betrayed by such loved ones was quite fatal.

But at the same time, I also felt the saltiness towards Kirsi. It was about to sneak into my bed a while ago. Maybe now is the time to forgive.

Two emotions were wrestling in my heart. I feel unjust, and I am sorry for making it so difficult for them.


When I didn’t answer, Kirsi reached out and carefully grabbed my sleeve. It was definitely different from what it used to be.

“……..please. Let go of your anger now.”


I sighed helplessly. He also loosened his stiff face and looked at Kirsi with a relaxed look like before. Perhaps Kirshi was relieved by this familiar expression, he immediately lowered his hand and took my hand.

I finally show a smile that comes out of the bitterness I have been hiding.

“…you said tomorrow?”

“….yes. I’ll make something delicious for you.”

“Did you know how to cook?”

“…I don’t know, I’ll try.”

“….All right.”

I finally nod my head.

Kirsi blinked and asked carefully in a voice that became brighter.



“Then… will you eat the food I made and come back to the way it was before?”

“Unless something happens again tomorrow.”

Kirsi’s hand, holding my hand, gains strength.

“…I will try my best tomorrow.”

Seeing her like this, I promised myself. As promised, let’s go back to normal tomorrow. It seems like it will still take some time with Asena, but it is time to reconcile with Kirsi.

In fact, it wasn’t something I wanted to hold on to for so long. It was because I was a little nervous until I started. I showed them how I got angry for a while, and after a while I tried to quit.

But Asena’s deviation.

And as I watched Kirsi sleeping, my thoughts came to me that somehow I ended up using such a long respectful word.

I stroked Kirsi’s forehead after a long time.

“I know.”

Kirsi was startled by my hand, then wept and smiled.


Kirsi only ate breakfast and went to the academy’s kitchen. Right after I made an appointment with Cayden the day before, I was able to rent a corner of the kitchen through talking with the person in charge.

In fact, she could have done more with her power, but Kirsi didn’t want to disturb everyone.

You only need one person to help you.

She asked Ewin, who had made lunch for her for a walk with Cayden, for help.

“…this… like this?”

Kirsi carefully cut the onion with a knife. Her eyes were sore and her fingers were a little sore, but she did not give up. As for the material, this was the last. Knife is also the last, accordingly.

Ewin nodded with a puzzled face and said.

“yes..! Yes..G..Concentrate…Careful…Yes, you are doing well.”

Even with the preparation of ingredients, which was completed quickly by the chef, progress was being delayed due to Kirsi’s sense of duty to do it all by himself. Kirsi only asked Ewin for guidance, and he was making everything by hand.

Ewin looked at her like that and thought that she was a strange person. It’s like being respectful to commoners, and cooking in a kitchen that nobles never want to come in…

Being such an unusual person, Ewin had no choice but to evaluate her positively.

“..Now, put all the ingredients and stir it over low heat to make the sauce.”


After cutting all the ingredients and putting them in the boiling pot, Kirsi took a break, wiping away the sweat. Now the time has come for the sauce to boil and wait for a while.

After a brief moment, Kirsey smiled and thanked Ewin.

“Thank you. I just increased my work.”

“ah…! no..! that…”


“Actually, I’m comfortable doing this here… Normally, I’m just doing chores.”

“…Is there any harassment?”

At Kirshi’s question, which was asked a bone-in-the-wall question in an instant, Ewin waved his hand in confusion.

“no! no! No, it’s because I’m the youngest who just came here. They are doing things for granted.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 20.”

“You’re the same age as me, Ewin.”

Kirsch smiled softly. Ewin smiled at the same time. Ewin had the courage to ask a question in the relaxed atmosphere.


“It’s Kirsi.”

“..Kirsi-sama, but…is there a reason you are cooking yourself today?”


“Ah…if it’s a difficult question, you don’t have to answer…!”

“Ahaha… that’s not it.”

Kirsey gradually erased her smile and took a deep breath. Ewin focused on Kirshi like that.

“…Today, I’m actually making food for my brother.”


“I made a big mistake against my brother. Normally, he forgives him quickly, but this time he is quite angry, so it is not easy to get rid of it.”

“So, are you preparing food?”

“Yes. Tomato pasta is one of my brother’s favorite dishes.”

“Wow… Even if you’ve apologized to your older brother like this… you seem to like your older brother a lot.”


Kirsi remained silent for a moment, looking straight at Ewin and said. She was the first to be honest in a long time.

“…yes. I like it a lot.”


Ewin whispered involuntarily.

It wasn’t something Kirsi would miss. She smiles kindly and asks Ewin.

“…Is Ewin the only child?”

It was a question she asked because she seemed to admire her brother.

However, Ewin showed a lukewarm reaction and smiled vaguely.

“…that…I am an orphan.”

Kirsi covers her mouth.

“ah..! I’m sorry. I was indifferent.”

Ewin clapped his hand in surprise at that again.

“no! no! don’t apologize to me It’s not like I said envious…”

Ewin becomes silent for a moment, as if he was immersed in thought.

The sauce on top of the pasta makes a bubbling sound. A good scent was gradually blooming.

In the midst of this, a serious conversation blossomed between the two.

Ewin said carefully, breaking the long silence.

“…Actually, I also had an older brother.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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