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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 43

Shining Knight (1)

No matter how much Asena tried to deny it, no matter what Cayden said about the act, it did not change that flowers are a gift that a man gives to the opposite sex.

The atmosphere was different in the way the gift was presented.

In that respect, the shock Asena had to receive this time was enormous. As if a line had arisen between Cayden and himself, the feelings he felt were completely opposite.

The act of giving flowers for the first time… Originally they belonged to them… Even if they could understand it.

Not this time. This time, undoubtedly, was the flower I had prepared for Daisy.

Besides, this is the second time.

Whatever the meaning, there was a symbol of the act of giving flowers over and over again.


As Daisy is moved without saying anything, Kaden says.

“…I’m so sorry that I’m uncomfortable. It’s just a flower, well. I’m giving it to you again so that you don’t feel sorry for me.”

He added, but Asena’s heart did not ease at all. Although it was said to reduce the burden of actions with light words, the foundation did not waver.

Asena had to feel deep jealousy at Daisy, who was shy. It’s stuffy and hot like a fire inside. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of this choking feeling that I was experiencing for the first time.

And the momentum only got worse the more I thought about it. The more I thought about the meaning, the more I started suffocating.

It seemed that Cayden didn’t really know the meaning of the act. Because… Kaden never gave her flowers.

Because, as a brother and sister, I have never given flowers to the opposite sex in the first place.

In the past, there have been occasions where I have plucked flowers from the grass and put them in my hair… but I have never received them as a gift like that.

Asena had to feel what she meant to Kayden once again. The difference was clearly felt. I knew it, but it hurts so much to see it like this.

No matter how much Kaden loved her and how great that love was, in the end, what Asena wanted was the heart that Kaden was showing to Daisy.

Asena felt that the love she had received so far was insignificant. It was his love that was so precious, so I held him tight so that I wouldn’t miss a single memory…

it had no meaning. If you don’t give Daisy the love you see, it was a love that should one day become a memory.

That’s what family love was like. Someday it must end

Eternal future, there is only one love that never ends until death. It was love between a man and a woman.

The love he gave in that way was different from the beginning. And it was very difficult for Asena to accept this.

why. Because that woman is not a Priest, she can naturally have an affectionate atmosphere with Kaden, and what she shouldn’t do.

Cayden came to me like a ray of light when she was having a hard time as a child and became everything.

All the efforts he has made so far are to be praised by him. It was in order to gain strong power to protect him, but in fact, did he flow away like a free wind?

He was upset that his affection and interest would leave him and turn to another woman.

With Kaden, nothing else was needed.

… Conversely, without him, nothing in this world could satisfy her.

In fact, I was already expecting all of this, so I was talking about expulsing him as a precaution.

As a result, he is only moving away.

Asena gets up from her seat.

I realized now that my legs were shaking, but I stood up nonetheless.

“….brother. Look at me for a moment.”

In the end, Asena spoke to him first. It was the moment the fight was over. Asena shouted surrender.

Right now, just having a happy atmosphere with Daisy makes my heart ache.

Adding to this was the fact that he was in a fight with him, making it difficult to breathe.

I needed a break.

Judy didn’t come after reading the atmosphere.

She took a deep breath and waited for Cayden, and then he came out.

The moment Asena saw him, her throat began to choke. But I hold my breath and hold back my tears. I couldn’t cry now.

“…what’s going on?”

he asks sternly. Asena’s expression deteriorated. I couldn’t keep my face stiff.

“…because I was wrong…Stop it now.”


“Stop it… please.”

It had only been two days, but Asena had to plead with him. It was hard because he didn’t give him that much love. Even with this, Asena felt that she had endured a lot.

“…that’s why you called me?”

But Kayden didn’t care. He was not shaken by her pleas.


And it was unbelievable that Asena had to raise Kayden. Tears welled up when I saw his hardened face.

It was painful to receive such an expression from the only person in the world who gave away a part of her breast.

Now he began to feel just how angry he was.

I didn’t know because I avoided talking to him. I would have been so mad. He had always returned to me when I begged like this, but this time he didn’t forgive me.

Asena suppresses her tears once more and speaks quietly.

“…Oppa…you said you don’t like Daisies.”





“…Oppa…you said you don’t like Daisies.”

I didn’t know how to react to Asena’s words.

When she called me, I thought she was coming. Then I apologized and told him to stop, and I knew I was right.

I felt sorry for her tearful expression, but today, like Hogu, I decided not to suffer again.

So, keeping a firm face, I asked if that was all I had to say.

To my question like that, the answer that came out was, ‘Didn’t you say you didn’t like daisies?’

I freeze for a while because I don’t understand the context.

And slowly, I had a question.

Why does Asena hate Daisy so much? Putting aside the gossip about me behind my back, now that I see it, even Daisy hates it.

A while ago, in the case of Daisy and the Wasp, I thought it was because I was shy, but now that I look at it, I am starting to think that it may not be the only thing.

I hated Daisy, so I told her not to protect Daisy. Again, I thought that I could ask with an expression that seemed to feel betrayed like this.

“…Oppa…I told you…because you can’t connect with Daisy…!”

She was so frustrated, I wondered if it was for political reasons, but I was saying it was not my sense.

In fact, I don’t talk about how their relationship came to be… I can say that I’m black-eyed from a political point of view.

don’t know again There may be some obvious reason why you shouldn’t really be friends with the Hexters.

However, Asena did not tell me such a story. So, until I was convinced, I didn’t want to distance myself from Daisy.

As this idea is based on the basic premise, I think Asena is rejecting Daisy for reasons other than politics.

If there was a reason, he would have explained it to me. But for reasons I can’t explain, I’m just telling you to keep getting farther away like this.

It wasn’t something I wanted to accept.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t give you flowers for that reason.”

“Brother, do you really think that will work? Do you not think about the meaning of giving flowers?”

I let out a long sigh. He looked at her timidly, and asked openly.

“…if I said that, what the hell is the problem?”


“The bad thing about being friends with Daisy is where the hell is it?”

“…Brother…what do you mean?”

“Isn’t it something that gives strength to the family? I can’t bless you, but why do you hate it so much?”

“…blessing? How do you bless me?”

“Why not?”


“I don’t understand why Duke Freister is doing this.”





“I don’t understand why Duke Freister is doing this.”

Asena couldn’t utter a word.

I couldn’t convince him by hiding one very important thing now.

In fact, with just one word, you can justify everything you do now.

I love you.

With one word, I can make him understand.

I see you as a man, not as a family.

If you can spit it out, you can convince him.


But I couldn’t speak. I could convince them, but I couldn’t prepare for everything after that.

His reaction was terrifying. I’ve never had any hints like that before.

I have always loved him in a safe family position. Because that was enough to receive enough love. So this moment when you have to break the mold is very difficult.

What would he say?

I had no idea that a positive response would come.

No matter what they do, if I tell him that he smiles as if he is making a cute joke, and he who firmly believes that they are family, and that he has feelings that he shouldn’t have… Is there anyone who won’t feel rejected?

He’s been kissing on the cheek and forehead, but now he wants to do it with his mouth and tongue. Will he be able to understand this feeling?

In the midst of taking a nap together and sharing our daily routine, is there anyone who wants to have a baby while having a passionate night’s sleep together in the bedroom?

Maybe it’s something that makes him farther away for the sake of his family. After talking to Liana Grandma, she might go away.

Right now, I haven’t prepared anything yet. Now, little by little, he has not revealed his dark desires. I couldn’t get the sudden story out.

Asena knew that confession was not an act of hitting her own heart, even though it was the first time. Confession is an act of confirming each other’s feelings.

When we feel that we are in love with each other, we express our feelings out loud and exchange our emotions.

So, even if Asena spoke out her heart, the result would not be good even if she didn’t say it.

So my mouth was closed.


I couldn’t say anything to convince him. Just like such an idiot, I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut in response.

Cayden lets out a long sigh.

“Honestly, I find little fun in my recent relationships.”


Asena’s heart was pounding and she grabbed her academy uniform.

“…but you keep interrupting me like this… It’s pretty tough.”


“…for the time being, I hope you don’t interfere with what I do.”

Cayden drew the line again.

Those dagger-like words stabbed deep into Asena’s heart.

“…let’s go in, Duke Pryster.”

After a brief bow, Cayden enters the student council room.

Asena felt like it was getting cold again.

I stare blankly at the place he left. I felt like an idiot for not doing anything, I felt like a villain who wanted to get away from others without giving a reason just like he said, and I felt humbled that he left me alone.

Tears streamed down her cheeks without realizing it.

Today, reconciliation with him failed.

Rather, it was only one step further away.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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