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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 42

Principles (6)

Kirsi walked with a bright mind. Kaden hasn’t been as friendly as he used to be, but he gave her a brief hug and was convinced that he loved him.

When I asked him what he had done in bed, he was terrified…but he was able to pass even that.

Kirsey calmed her heart. In the first place, the act itself was shameful, but I did it while thinking of my brother… I don’t know what he might think when he finds out. Kirsi knew that his love had been twisted. Because it was a love that shouldn’t be felt for siblings.

If these thoughts and actions are found out, it is possible that they will become more distant from each other than they are now. Somehow, I’ll have to tell you someday. once it is now It wasn’t long before Kirsi herself was able to give a clear name to this feeling.

Love was the same as always, but I just realized that this heart is love between a man and a woman.

Kirsi thought of Asena as he walked to his dorm. Asena already had such a sincere heart for Cayden. As it was a classmate, it was easy to grasp. Her travels were understood one by one. I could see why he sometimes treats him as mean as himself.

Kirsey felt uncomfortable. It’s hard to even reveal this, but Asena is of the same mind. If that happens, should I have to fight my sister over him? It was hard to believe that Yeonjeok became an older sister.

He wasn’t confident that he was better than Asena, but he didn’t want to be pushed. Also…still, he firmly believed that Kaden would love him more than anyone else. More than Asena. So it would still be fine.

Kirsi realized that there were so many obstacles to his love.


Thinking of him, my heart pounded and pounded, and Kirsi sat down in his place.

Now even this knew what Kirsi was. It came out a lot in the love story between a princess and a knight that Cayden had told him in bed when he was young.

love sickness.

Kirsi could only now understand what it was.

After taking a few deep breaths, Kirsi gets up again with the strength in his legs. There was no desire to avoid the homework in front of them. One by one, he was unraveling… The goal was to slowly reveal his mind and lower his vigilance.

It was already too late at night.

Kirsi carefully opened the door of the dormitory that had already arrived and entered.

– Kick.



And it was Asena who greeted Kirsi like that. She sits on the sofa with her legs crossed and her arms crossed, looking at Kirsi with a stiff face.

“…where have you been?”

she asks Kirsey knew the answer and knew it was a question he had asked. So Kirsey didn’t answer.


“…So what’s your brother saying?”

“…I’m still mad.”

Asena gently closed her eyes and sighed.


“…is your sister…are you reconciling with your brother…?”

“……How can I make up with my brother when he ignores me all day?”


Asena bit her teeth tightly and spit out words with her teeth.

“…me… my brother… is ignoring me…”

Asena’s hands were trembling. I couldn’t stand the current situation. Asena endures her anger for a while, then jumps up from her seat.


“…resting, Kirsi. I have a place to go.”



Asena didn’t answer. Leaving Kirsi in the dormitory, he left the room as it is.


Asena looked like she was going crazy with jealousy. Kaden who doesn’t talk to him all day, if he does, he draws a line and says respectful words, and Daisy and I shared a laugh hahahoho.

Asena couldn’t stand it at all. If it had been in the past, there would have been some action already taken. But the more I did it, the further away I was from Kayden, the more I had to put it all in my eyes, enduring the feeling of blood flowing backwards.

Asena made her own efforts.

He didn’t apologize when he approached him, as he was still hoping that Cayden would approach him first, but… he just froze in front of him.

Sometimes I stumbled on purpose, I stared at him for a long time, and sometimes I stopped in front of the road he was passing by.

Even if you make a pout, make a sad cry, and make an angry cry.

Kayden didn’t come as close as this time.

He stroked the cheek and said, ‘Yeah. Let’s stop now. I don’t want to keep fighting.’ He didn’t even say anything like that.

Instead, he didn’t even look at him and just kept talking to another woman.

Leaving herself alone, she only made friends with other women.

With Daisy when I’m on security. When there’s class, I go outside with Judy.

They seemed to be having so much fun that the sound of laughter echoed through the hallway.

Because of that, Asena couldn’t count how many feathers she ate for writing.

Asena came to a dormitory in search of a woman.

The woman’s name is ‘Shalon Payne.’

She was the second daughter of the ‘Pain’ family under the Pryster family.

Viscount Payne had another pseudonym.

It was also called ‘the dagger of the Freisters’.

It was a word that no one could utter out of their mouths, but there was an open story that the Payne family took over the dirty work of the Freisters.

And this wasn’t wrong. Everyone in the House of Fryster and all members of the House of Payne knew this.

The Payne were a family conquered by the Priests hundreds of years ago.

In exchange for not destroying them, but saving everyone else, they took over all of the Freister family’s espionage activities. As time passed, the Payne family gradually cemented their position as Priest’s tools, which led to the Academy.

Asena knocked on the door, and Shalon Payne appeared.

This was Asena’s first visit to her. But no explanation was necessary. Sharon also fully understood her mission.

“…how can I help?”

Shalon asked Asena.

“…in the student council room… there must be a small flower on Daisy Hexter’s desk. That flower… put it away and throw it away.”

“Is that enough?”

“…okay. It’s a small thing…because it’s important to me. I want them to be removed without a trace.”

Shalon nodded, passed Asena and disappeared somewhere.

Thinking that the flower would disappear, Asena felt a little more out of breath. The jealousy that had tormented him up until the moment before was lowered by one level.

Asena did not feel guilty about this behavior.

Even Kaden had already withered in the first place, so I asked Daisy how to throw it away.

But Daisy said she wouldn’t throw it away. Without knowing the subject, I roasted kayden and sesame seeds. So Asena decided to give it up for her.

In my mind, I wanted to destroy the flower by hand and then throw it away. However, Asena knew it would be difficult, so she was content to just disappear.


Asena sighed and calmed her mind.

At the same time, I think of Kayden, which comes to mind when I sit still.

How long will he be like that?

It had only been a day, but Asena was already at its limit.

The only thing Asena wants in this world is his warmth. As he treated himself firmly, he seemed to have lost his place in this world.

The world without his warmth was too cold. And when I thought that his warmth was directed towards other people, I became jealous and couldn’t stand it.

Asena calmed her mind on the spot and headed back to my room.


I was waiting for Daisy today while yawning. Because of Kirsi, the sheets got wet and I slept on the sofa, so I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. My shoulders stiffened and my neck tightened.

As I turned my neck back and forth while holding my collarbone, I relaxed.

Then, from afar, I saw someone’s head.

There was laughter and laughter.

It was Kirsey.

She looked at my smile and came towards me with a brighter expression on her face.


But funny is funny, and this is it again.

“Kirsi, dear. Why did you come?”

She gasped at my tone. He didn’t even say that I would say it again from today, but he seemed to be expecting something.

“…Brother…from today…again…”

“I didn’t say that. That’s it, go back.”


“If you keep interfering with my work, I’m in trouble too. What would you do if you stood in front of Daisy because of me?”


She looks at me with a gloomy expression on her face.

“…you were hanging out with her all day yesterday.”

No, it’s a sad expression. However, I was not easily released.

Rather, it relaxes the hardened face. When he looked at her with an expression of whether it was the beginning again, Kirsi was surprised and corrected his words.

“…ah…that…okay… today…I’ll be patient.”

It was a good change. I’m going to leave them someday, so I didn’t know if it would be right to get away from them day by day.

“…Go back quickly. Daisy is coming soon.”

Kirsey stretches out her hand.

“that…! So when can we meet today…?”

“I don’t know.”


It seems that she is only looking at this situation with too much hope over and over again, so I pour cold water on her.

“Kirsi, dear. My anger hasn’t been resolved yet, so why do you keep thinking about when we will meet without asking my doctor?”


“Did I even forgive you without knowing it?”

“…no…I just…oppa…I… want to be with you…”

“Go back. now. I will not warn you any more.”

Kirsi grabs her chest and turns around. He walked away from me with a staggering, powerless footstep.

On the way back, he kept looking back at me, wondering if there were any regrets. Every time she saw me, I beckoned to go quickly.

It’s really… really cute. Do you know that if you make a mistake and act cutely like that, everything will be okay?

Those days are over. Of course, it’s not that she’s not cute…but I don’t want to be shaken by that. Even if a lot of anger was resolved, I still wanted to keep the relationship wider.

And then, Daisy appears.

“Good morning, Kaden.”

“Good morning, Daisy.”

We greeted each other and smiled before starting the day.


Daisy entered the student council room with a greeting. Kayden follows her.

Asena and Judy had already arrived. Asena rolled her eyes and looked at Kaden, but she didn’t even look at her.

Even Kirsi had pushed him away like that, and there was nothing he could do more kindly to Asena, who had not yet spoken to him.

Asena felt all black emotions and pretended to be okay.


Daisy looked at her desk, wondering.

The flower she had always smiled at while looking at her had disappeared.

“..uh..where have you been?”

It was only after the flower disappeared that Daisy realized that she had liked it quite a bit. That’s why, even though it withered, I couldn’t keep throwing it away.

Daisy frantically looked around the desk, but couldn’t find any flowers.

She wandered and looked at Cayden, who was standing behind her. For some reason, the flowers disappeared, so I had no desire to see him.

Cayden knew immediately what she was looking for. Anyone could tell that the flower had disappeared.

“…I… maybe…”

Daisy lowers her eyebrows and asks Kaden carefully. When he asked how about throwing it away the day before, it was a question that could come up naturally.

“…not me.”

Daisy’s face grew even redder. It’s not enough that you didn’t take good care of the gift that someone else gave you, so you even asked the person who gave you the gift if you took it away.

As she panics, a voice rings out.

“…you should have taken good care of it.”

cold voice. Kaden and Daisy’s eyes turned to the voice.

Asena was talking without looking at them.

“…if it was such a meaningful flower, shouldn’t it be left in the student council room?”

“…Asena… maybe…”

At that question, Asena’s eyes looked up at Daisy.

“…I left the student council room earlier than you yesterday.”


It was a fact that Daisy remembered. Asena waited outside for Cayden, but Kaden ignored her, so I couldn’t forget her.

Daisy eventually turns to Kaden.

She bows her head and apologizes.

“…sin…sorry…it was a gift.”


But contrary to what everyone thought Kaden would easily forgive Daisy, Kaden stopped and reacted flatly.

Daisy sees him like that and blames herself even more. He also seemed to put a lot of meaning into the flower in the end.

Caden rolled his eyes for a moment, then said to Daisy.

“…Wait. Judy, I’ll ask Daisy for a moment.”

Then, he leaves the student council room.

Asena looked at it and tasted a slight sense of victory under her stiff face. I wasn’t happy enough, but it seemed that things worked out better than I expected.

Daisy stares blankly at Cayden, who has left, and sits down at the desk with a sigh.

Then she wrapped her arms around her and fell on the desk.

Asena didn’t like her behavior either.

It was as if he was depressed by disappointing someone he liked.

It wasn’t like that, but I didn’t like that kind of reaction itself.

Asena wanted to give her back the sense of deprivation she had felt.

“…I think my brother was very disappointed.”


“Still, it was a gift from winning the match.”


“My brother told me to throw it away… but now that I see it, it seems like it was empty words.”


And at that moment, the door opens like a burst.

Kayden showed up, gasping for breath. He had just left.

Seeing him gasp like this, with good physical strength, we could roughly infer how hard he played.

Cayden let out a rough breath and walked towards Daisy.

Asena’s eyes grew bigger and bigger. I saw him hiding behind his back.


she whispered quietly. But Cayden didn’t stop.

Cayden stood in front of Daisy and pulled a flower from behind.


Daisy took a breath.

“Now that you have thrown it away, you can give it as a gift. Many of the same flowers bloomed in the garden. Shouldn’t it be appreciated when it’s beautiful?”

Second. This was the second time. Asena has not yet received what he wants, and Daisy has received it twice.

Asena’s heart seemed to harden with a sense of defeat.

kayden says

“If you wish, I will bring it to you every day from now on. If one is missing, don’t be so discouraged. After all, flowers are not eternal.”

he laughs

Asena had to stand out of reach, watching Cayden smile as she gifted flowers to another woman.

Why are you so kind? And why isn’t it directed at you?

Asena, every scene was slowly engraved into her head.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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