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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 41

Principles (5)


It was quite an unbelievable sight. If it had been in the Freister estate, it would have looked like a normal one, but this place was an academy.

Was it because of her that the dorm visit wasn’t locked?

How did you get into it?

Why did you come again?

…..no. He seemed to know why he had come. But why did you wait for me like this?

It’s not like I’m sitting still on the sofa waiting for me, but hiding under the blanket.

After a moment of surprise passed, my body’s next reaction was… a laugh.

“…haha…I’m really…”

It was pitiful for her to be doing this, and it was also salty, and there was a disappointing laugh.

I’ve been worrying about it all day, but it’s been like this.

Even if we fight and hurt each other, in the end, longing for my love makes me smile.

If I hated twins, I would have been horrified and frightened to see Kirsi like this, but it’s not like that… It was just salty.

On the other hand, there was also a feeling of regret. I feel sorry for her to have acted like this, and I feel sorry for her. I think I came to understand my mistake and to receive my love again.

Unlike Asena, who had a strange fight today, Kirsi asked for forgiveness like this.

After a fight, if you want to ask for love from the other person, you’ll have to let go of even your pride. Especially if it’s like this.


How much of a surprise is that?

It is so effective that the anger and anger in my heart melt away.

Well, that didn’t mean I regretted my actions.

Because I thought I didn’t do anything wrong.

Sometimes I have to tell you this. I know I’m not suffering. And to be honest… I still had to show more. only had one day

The anger was relieved, but it had to go on as a warning.


Respectful words are respectful words, and salty things are salty. I quietly approached her.

He placed his hand on his wet forehead and gently wiped the sweat.

Upon closer inspection, the forehead is not the only problem. the whole body is wet How long have you been in the duvet and sweat so much? I slept all today. Even the sheets were soaked wet.

Kirsey was wearing plain clothes today, probably thinking about polka dots today. He wore a two-piece top that covered the waist from the waist.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a sloppy outfit. If that was the case, you might have seen the embarrassing scene with the clothes clinging to the wet body. When did you grow up Maybe she should learn to be careful.

After wiping the sweat from my forehead, I sat down next to her and brushed her silver hair.

It had been a long time since I looked at her in such detail.

In the busy daily life of the academy, there was no room for this.

When I touch her, I feel a complicated heart.

She took up a large part of my breasts. The parts in which she was placed were warm, but it is also true that she was uneasy.

In the end, the only people who can hurt me are the people who are important to me, so Kirsi’s recent move was enough to cause me concern.

When I think of it, the pain is still vivid. The twins have become a fatal weakness for me. At each of their painful words, I shook like a reed.

So I made up my mind to leave. If I had a mind to change easily, I wouldn’t even bring it out.

Although Kirsi’s appearance right now seems salty, this moment may be an opportunity. opportunity to make a difference.

The twins were showing me some very contradictory things.

Politically they reject me, but personally they try to hold on to me. I, who suffered in the process, turned away from me.

When I made up my mind to leave, I looked sad and anxious. To the extent that I will leave someday and be mentally uncomfortable.

So… maybe you need to make friends. They’ll leave eventually, so if you can reduce their resistance, it seems like a good way to do it.

No more complicated thoughts.

I enjoyed the comfortable time back to me after a long time. As I was stroking her silky hair, a smile came out over and over again.

I can understand the feelings of married husbands. My wife says she’s the prettiest when she sleeps… Kirsey was the same. She doesn’t open her mouth while sleeping, so she can’t look this pretty.

And I keep laughing at this ridiculous situation over and over again. How the hell did you come up with the idea of doing something like this?

As I was thinking about this and that, I wondered if my hand stroking Kirsey had gained strength, and she moaned.


I was dazzled and awake. picked up hands get up from your seat

I wondered if I’d caught stroking her,

Kirsey was still vague and blunt in his actions.

She shrugged her shoulders while calling me, then paused for a moment, then opened her eyes and got up from the bed.

As you are kneeling, support only your upper body with your arms. She looked at me with bewildered eyes and adjusted her clothes map.

I’ve already seen it all, but I was wondering what else was so surprising. She grabbed the hem of her two-piece skirt and covered her already covered lower body again.

Then he sighed in relief, as if he was happy with something.

I don’t know what it was that I didn’t want to be found out, but I thought that it was not the right order to make excuses for hiding in my bed like this.


As I stared intently at her, she then slowly looked into my eyes and said,


I purposely hardened my face. The anger was all over, but I had no intention of admitting it today.

I make a choice in order not to let this day pass easily, and to distance myself a little from her for the future.

“Go back, Kirsy. You shouldn’t enter someone else’s room like this.”

Not long after waking up, Kirsi’s face, who had been flustered and bewildered, hardened.

I looked at her firmly.

Kirsi’s face, which gradually digested my words, contained a deeper embarrassment, mourning, sadness, sadness, pain, all of those negative emotions.

In an instant, she starts to cry.

“…Brother…please…I hate this…can you please stop it?”


“Why do you keep talking like someone else…? Really…are we done? No…? Oppa…you know I can’t do it without you…”

“…and in the end you have to buy it without me. You said you’d be leaving someday.”

“You said no!”

She groaned and raised her voice. Suddenly, I heard someone approaching from outside. Of course it was Eric.

With a small knock, he asks.

‘Brother, are you okay? I heard a human voice.’

“Uh, sorry. it’s okay! Kirsi… Young-ae is here!”


Erik, of course, has doubts about my calling Kirsi the Kirsi maiden. But now was not the time to explain.

“…I’ll explain later, Eric. Sorry for the late night!”

‘no. it’s okay. I was just worried that there might be a problem.’

“Okay, rest.”


After a brief conversation with him, Eric’s footsteps echoed away.

He leaves and Kirsi speaks again.

“…Eric calls him Eric. Am I Kirsi’s little girl? How are you? You and I are closer… huh?”

“Because it’s not Eric who is inflexible.”

“..I was wrong…because I was wrong…”

She grabbed her chest and said with tears in her eyes.

“I…every time my brother says respect…it hurts like a stab. It hurts so much… I can’t breathe… When I think that my brother is tired of me… the tears won’t stop. yes..? It’s not like that… Are you really going to be so hard on me for the rest of your life? Do you really hate me..? Do I hate you now?”


At this point, the devil within me also puts out his hand. The demon who felt relieved now whispers that Kirsi is a bit salty.

If it was originally… I might have given up here. Maybe he just hugged her, stroked her, and forgave her.

But the thought that came to mind as I looked at her as she slept caught her ankles. Someday I’ll leave them, and then more than this, not less. Wouldn’t it be right to think that I’m getting vaccinated now?

A medicine that is good for the body is bitter.


Looking at me who doesn’t answer, Kirsi gets up from the bed, stumbling. He approaches me like that, and trembles as if he remembered something.



Even while I express my doubts, she rolls her eyes and thinks of something. Then, he opened his eyes and asked me in a higher tone.

“…Didn’t you stroking my hair…?”

What had been confusing across the borders of dreams seemed to have become transparent now.


When even I accidentally reacted to her words, a smile of relief began to appear on her face.

“ah…! Ah… well…!”

“..it was a dream.”

I excused myself, but she bit her lips and closed her eyes with joy.

“Yeah…yes…! You can’t hate me…!”

As she stuttered, she gradually began to gain confidence. Her staggering body took center stage, her expression wrinkled with sadness opened up, and her actions became bolder.

She came up to me and tried to wrap her arms around my neck.

I blocked her hand once, but as if I had obtained the unshakable truth from my actions stroking her hair, it quickly came back to me as I contributed again.

The second couldn’t be pushed. The bitterness I felt towards her, and the smile I had built from lying in my bed, made me unable to reject her.

Her arms wrap around my neck like snakes.

“…as expected.. oppa loves me.. i knew he would..”

As she struggles with joy as she continues to check my heart, I can’t stand it anymore and burst out laughing. ‘Ha.’ I spit out laughter and shouts, but the smile on my face revealed my emotions.

Seeing me smile, Kirsey smiled, dripping tears, and buried her face in my neck. I could feel her warmth and damp feeling at the same time.

In the end, there was only one word left for me to spit.

“…I love you, but it’s true that I’m angry now.”

He still didn’t give up his respect. Kirsi nods her head in tears with a more intense breathing sound, like a child being patted after being scolded.

“Uh-huh… well… I was wrong.”

She also asks for forgiveness by using respectful words that are only used to show affection to me.

“The fortress does it quite often.”

I say I still haven’t hugged her. I just don’t push it. But as if satisfied with that alone, Kirsi hugged me tighter.


Now, not only her face, but her whole body was starting to stick to me. The touch of her wet with sweat bothered me a little, but now it was nothing.

At the same time, she takes a couple of deep, trembling breaths, and speaks in a shriveled voice.

“by the way…! I mean, it was really bad this time… Oppa, I hope you don’t do this again.”

“That’s when I got angry, right?”

“ah…! Swing..”

She becomes nervous as she realizes the obvious fact again.

“And today, I have no intention of unraveling. Please go back, Kirsi.”


She lifts her face from my arms and looks at me. At the same time, he didn’t want to show his tearful face, so he opened his face at a strange angle and rolled his eyes and looked at me.

I felt more strength in the arms wrapped around my neck. Now it was starting to hurt.

“…what do I do to get angry…? I can do anything…”

she says

“No matter what you do, it won’t work. Today.”

“Then tomorrow…?”

“You have to know tomorrow.”

“…why… you don’t like me, really…”

She loosens one of the two arms around her neck and grabs my arm with it. Then he lifted my arm and moved it to his back. It was like a sign to hug. Similarly, the half arm moved, and even the rest of my arm was moved to her back.

He showed such aegyo, it wasn’t strong, but he gently hugged her.

In that state, Kirsi put her wet eyes on my neck once more and hugged me tightly. Just looking at this figure… I can’t believe she’s an insensitive villain.

I sighed and said.

“…I continued to use respect for Asena today as well. Also, you warned me not to do this many times, right? I don’t want to forgive you in one day, even today.”


Kirsi stiffened strangely and whispered quietly.

“…just…my sister just called me Asena.”


“…Then I can just call you Kirsi once in a while.”


In the end, I chuckled and let out a short laugh. I wondered if Kirsi was also infected by my laughter, or was she really laughing at this situation, shaking herself in my arms while crying.

The atmosphere gradually relaxed. That much, I also hugged Kirsi more strongly.

“…but why are you here?”

I ask her a question that suddenly arises. It was a question that could not be asked in a serious situation.


She doesn’t answer for a while, and replies in a hoarse, crawling voice.

“I want to see you…”

Even this is an answer that warms my heart. But that didn’t solve all my doubts.

“…well…I get that. You don’t even have to go to bed.”

“…It feels like home. I used to do it a lot at home.”

“Instead, you sweat a lot today. I guess I didn’t sleep well today.”


“The sheets are all wet with sweat, what are you going to do?”


Kirsi is strangely still, hugging me more and more strongly. Then he starts leaning on me. Pushed by her power, she took a step backwards, and her body hit the wall.

Since I had nowhere else to retreat, she came closer to me.

Very minutely, Kirsi, who removed her head from my neck, whispers.

“…I’m fine.”


It seemed strangely out of line with the conversation, so I had a question.

“….What? Do you like my sheets wet?”

She was taken aback by my question, startled, fell on me and covered her mouth.

My clothes, wet with her sweat, felt cool. I also felt a tingling sensation of blood rushing through my neck, which she was holding tightly.


I couldn’t understand any of her actions. So I just asked honestly about the parts I was wary of.

“Aren’t you doing something strange?”

This question came up because Kirsina Asena has been doing a lot of things that I don’t understand recently. I spit on my bed for nothing, or tore the duvet… Of course, none of that would be something twins would do, but I’m asking out of an old woman’s mind.


But Kirsi doesn’t answer my question. Instead, he just blushed like a blush. I tilted my head.

“…what are you doing…”

“Oh, I didn’t, brother! No, rather than that… I think I should go now.”

Kirsi says in a hurry.

“That… I’m serious about what I did wrong. I’m sorry today… but tomorrow… just like you used to, please don’t say respectful words… because I’m begging you. yes?”

“No, in my bed…”

She ignored me.

“I… I’ll go, brother!”

Kirsi, who was running into me and hugging me, went nowhere, and she ran away from me.

After she left in such an instant, I feel rather empty.

I scratched my head, lifted the blanket again, and placed my hand on the sheet.

cold wet bed. Still, the scent of a fragrant body like a flower of Kirsi rose.

No matter how fragrant it smelled… she didn’t want to sleep in a damp bed.

Eventually I got out of the room and lay down on the sofa.

I thought I would sleep here today.

Considering that even this was the inconvenience that Kirsi brought to me… Well, first of all, I felt that I should extend my respectful speech by one more day.

Perhaps because I had reconciled with Kirsi, I was able to fall asleep with a more relaxed mind.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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