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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 40

Principles (4)

Classes in the political science department did not enter the classroom, but they were allowed to enter the student council room together.

It was because there were few eyes to see, and there was no place to stand outside the student council room.

As a result, in the student council room, me and Judy, Asena and Daisy. The student council president, Lucille Hover, remains. Two other men, who were members of the student council, said they went to deal with outside affairs.

In the center of the room, in the farthest seat from the door, Lucille Hover is sitting, and Daisy is to the right of the door. Asena sits on the left.

Me and Judy each stood behind their escort.

Due to the location, Asena was in front of me, so I could look at her even if I didn’t want to.

She kept a firm expression on her face, checking the papers on her desk. Of course, it didn’t look good. I didn’t even look at mine.

I also felt a bit uncomfortable to stare intently at Asena, so I kept making eye contact with Judy behind him.

I shrug very slightly and say, ‘What can I do?’ send a signal

Everyone in this place, except for Lucille Hover, had witnessed the morning fight, so no one spoke. The student council president also understood this atmosphere and did not bother to break the silence. I think it was a wise choice for her.

However, I didn’t want to notice even me because Asena was in a bad mood. It’s her fault, and she doesn’t change this idea. Even though I was being polite and childish, I didn’t feel guilty.

When I was swept away by Asena’s atmosphere, I started to feel like I was losing. Why do I have to be silent?

I had something to say.

Looking at her desk from behind Daisy, there was one thing that stood out.

The flower that I handed over to you at the jousting match.

Time has passed, of course, but now it has withered. It was dry and twisted and looked like it would crumble when touched.

“…haven’t you thrown away the flowers yet?”

My curiosity cuts the silence.

Judy and Lucille Hover looked at me, but because of pride, Asena didn’t look at me.


Daisy looked back at me for a moment, then looked down at the flower again.

“Ah yes.”

“It’s all withered.”

“…but still. It is a meaningful flower. It was given to me by winning the competition. It’s not common… isn’t it?”

“I’m grateful that you valued me, but I don’t have to do this. I didn’t give you a present that I couldn’t throw away, did I?”

“Iknow, right. I think so. I still don’t think I want to get rid of it.”

She and I smiled at the same time.

As our story began to lift the mood of the student council room, Asena’s sharp voice broke through.

“….daisy. Noisy.”



In an instant, the atmosphere becomes chilly. Looking at Asena, she doesn’t even look at me now. You don’t look at the paperwork.

I straighten my posture and look straight at her.

“Was it a hindrance? I’m sorry, Duke Pryster.”

The sound of crumpled paper rings. Asena’s hands were clenched into fists.


Only Asena’s eyes roll and look at me. I didn’t avoid her eyes. But at the same time, I thought, really. Someone other than me had a look that could definitely swallow fear.

She said nothing but looked at me.

anger. Or the sadness came like stabbing. As if excited, he rolled his eyes and blinked three or four times, then exhaled a short breath and looked at the documents.

The expression on his face became even more grim.

The student council president, Lucille Hover, stared at me. The reason why she looked at me could roughly be inferred. There have been a lot of reactions like this lately.

Judy and Daisy… After arguing with Asena, everyone looked at me with admiration.

Every time these reactions came, it seemed that Asena’s status in the academy was confirmed.

Then, a knock was heard.


‘This is the post office. May I come in?’

“Come on in.”

When Lucille Hover answered, the door opened, and a young man came in and said hello with his waist folded in half.

Afterwards, he walks quietly with a crouched posture and hands Lucille Hover over thick, spanish letters.

When Lucille Hover handed him the letters, the postman bowed again and quickly left.

The student council president said in a surprised voice while sorting the papers left behind by the postal department.

“ah..! It’s time to come again. Asena, it’s yours.”

I look at the student council president in amazement. She held up a thick envelope sealed in serpentine wax.

It came from our estate.

Before Asena could react, Judy moved first. She is handed the envelope to Lucille Hover.

It’s not a task given to a knight to do chores, but it’s also strange to see a knight standing still when there is a master.

It seemed to me that Judy had acted wisely and well.

Judy handed the envelope to Asena.

Asena takes a letter knife from her desk and opens the envelope with skillful hands.

After all, I am also a Priest, so I was curious about what it was about.

Did Liana’s grandmother send it?

From Lucille Hover’s reaction, it seemed like they were receiving it quite regularly.

Several documents came out of the envelope.

Asena still looked at the stationery with an uncomfortable expression.

Then he glanced at me, took all the documents from inside, and headed back to Lucille Hover.

“…It’s the same today. My grandmother told me to discuss it with the people of the student council.”


As I kept asking questions from behind, Daisy whispered for me.

“…a list of criminals caught on the Freister estate. The former Duchess of Pryster sends us to discuss among themselves what kind of punishment to give to criminals with a story behind them. You can gain experience.”

“Oh, I see. Thanks for explaining.”

Lucille Hover smiles and tells Asena.

“Tell the Duchess how grateful you are for this experience.”


Asena returns to her seat and sits down.

Lucille Hover said as he read the papers.

“There are quite a few, but this person must be the first. I am 34 years old. You are the father of two children. I was caught stealing bread… this is the third time. After being caught, he said, ‘I tried to get a job, but I couldn’t. Fearing that the child would starve to death, he committed another crime. I’m really sorry,’ he said. What are you going to do?”

Daisy glances up at me over her shoulder.

“…what are you going to do?”

“…Me too? Can I intervene over the topic?”

Ultimately, it’s up to the politicians to decide. I thought it was not my place to intervene.

“..Anyway, hyungs are the cases that were executed. The Duchess of Pryster only sends the cases that are over.”

“Um… is that so? So, let’s answer it casually… No matter what the reason, you were caught committing the same crime multiple times. If you don’t punish them straight away, the victims will continue to live in fear, so they’ll be sentenced to four years of labor—”

While whispering quietly to Daisy, Asena’s straight voice echoed through the room.


Everyone looks at Asena, startled by her words. I started to frown. If you keep pouring cold water like this just because you’re feeling bad, that’s not a good thing to do.

But Asena added an explanation.

“I have already given you many opportunities. No matter how much the children did not eat, that is no reason to steal other people’s food. Who has been harmed by it? They must have had children, and you have to think about them too.”

Lucille Hover says cautiously.

“…but the death penalty is a little…”

“execution. He is a person who has no room for rebirth.”

Immediately after, Asena looks at me.

I looked into her eyes and muttered to myself.


Well… that made me think a lot. Is it really impossible for a person to be reincarnated?

Asena did not waver. I also thought it was overkill, but… After all, it’s not my job. It’s just a discussion, so there’s no reason to over-immerse yourself in it. She shrugged her shoulders and shut her mouth.

But for all subsequent offenders, Asena’s judgment was only death.

The death penalty. The death penalty. The death penalty.

Afterwards, he made his argument as a liquidation runoff, and why the death penalty. He talked piece by piece about why he wasn’t paying attention, making it impossible to argue.

Sure, it was a little chilly. He did not show any sympathy, as if he thought he was a fictional character rather than a human being, like a doll without emotions.

Of course, it had its own reasons… The more I listened, the more I felt that this was Asena’s way of expressing dissatisfaction with me.

It’s just going to go a little farther and get my attention. After all, it was my responsibility to punish them if they made the wrong choice while in the estate.

Sometimes, after bringing up the word ‘death,’ I thought that looking at me was proof of that.

What are you waiting for me to say? As usual, he may be waiting for me to approach him after all of this is over.

And it may be that he is trying to solve the previous conflicts through the situation of giving his soul.

Or, you may be imagining a picture of me approaching you and saying, ‘I’m not feeling very well’, and comforting you.

After all, because I lost a lot.


But this time…if nothing happened, I didn’t want to.

I firm my posture. No matter how much Asena uttered the word ‘death,’ I did not respond.

The more Asena did, the more she blew me away.


Picking up Daisy, I was going back to the dorm.

Kirsi was nowhere to be seen today.

I, too, couldn’t get rid of my twisted heart, so I was put on it as it was.

If Kirsi still appeared, he was willing to give him respect.

However, on the other hand, it was also true that she was puzzled because she was not seen all day.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.

But more than that, there was a regret that I couldn’t show how angry I was because I didn’t show up in the first place.

No matter what she did all day long, Asena did not respond. Then, when there was a situation where I had to speak, I used respectful words.

Acted like a complete stranger.

At the last parting, Asena stopped as if waiting for me outside the classroom, but whispered to Daisy, asking her not to stop. So I completely ignored her and passed by.

Don’t look down on me too much.

They try to suppress me by making nonsense rants, but I don’t have to be patient.


Yawning, I arrive at the dormitory.

“older brother!”

Someone called me from afar.

It was Eric Endra, the protagonist of the novel Possessed.

“…Eric. Where are you going to come this late?”

“ah. haha. I’m just trying to increase my contacts…”

“You are working hard too.”

“You have to build a family.”

We talked nonsense and entered the dorm.

Eric seemed to be growing his influence smoothly. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I had my own business, but I thought that the content of the novel was flowing in a place where I wasn’t there.

Suddenly, I wondered if the twins I had changed to some extent had a bad effect on Eric.

After all, he fights the twins and grows stronger.

Well…but again. Because there are many clans that have prevented extinction. If I did well, I did well, and I didn’t do anything wrong.

Sharing the day, we walked towards the room.

He mainly asked questions about twins. Kirsi didn’t show up in class in the first place, and Asena said that she didn’t feel well.

I briefly explained that it was because my twins and I had a fight.

Arriving at the door, I put my hand on the handle and put the key in.


But the lock was already unlocked.

“…Eric, didn’t you lock the door today?”

I left the room early to start the escort job, so Eric had to lock the door.

“yes? no. Are you locked?”


We felt anxious at the same time. I’ve had this experience before.

Someone broke the door and turned the room upside down for the purpose of harassment.

Anticipating what was to come, I sighed and opened the door.

– Kick.

Our usual room welcomed us.

“…Well? Nothing is wrong.”

“……Hmm… I don’t have anything to steal from me.”

“…me too.”

“…Write…ah, did I leave the door open? It was morning, so I’m not sure.”

Eric scratched his head.

“Ah…what. done. I wish nothing had happened.”

I waved my hand.

“…that’s right.”

Eric yawns as if he’s relaxed a bit.

“Ahh… bro. I’m tired today. Let’s go in first.”

“okay. I also had a long day today. Go in and rest.”

“Good night.”

When Eric takes off his coat and enters the room, I also head to the room.

– Kick. thud.

After entering my room, I started taking off my clothes one by one.

Leave only the bottoms and the shirt, and take off all the ties, coats, and other ornaments.


Meanwhile, something catches my eye.

it was a bed

It looks the same as usual, but the quilt was strangely bulging.

Feeling puzzled, I slowly approached the blanket.

Did I leave something wrong?

Carefully, I lifted the blanket.


I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I haven’t seen you all day.

I thought maybe I was crying somewhere.

Kirsi, with clear tears, exhaled a calm breath, and fell asleep in my bed like an animal.

how long have you been

Sweat is dripping from his forehead.

The scent of her body rose as the duvet lifted up.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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