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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 39

Principles (3)

I couldn’t react to Judy’s words. It was too sudden.


Of course, I knew there was a way. As Grandma Liana said, one of the fastest ways to form a strong alliance is through marriage.

To that extent, it was not uncommon for children of hostile families to marry as evidence of reconciliation.

If I were to marry Judy, the Ice House wouldn’t even think that I came here with an impure purpose.

What kind of madman even got married to be a spy? If you look for it, you won’t find such a crazy person at all, but first of all, it’s not common.

Besides, the family kite is tough. Even if you approach it with an impure purpose, you can’t ignore the affection that grows through the spirit of marriage. When children are born in the future, there is no reason to betray the children and cause damage to the Ice family.

After all, the moment you got married, you came in because you really wanted to belong to the family. It means that there is some kind of guarantee.


Maybe Judy took my silence strangely, waiting for my reaction for a while, and eventually starts making excuses on her own.

“…my… I didn’t say that, but my sister did. Do not misunderstand. That… you know, but I’ve never seen you that way. I just thought of Joe as a good friend, never even thinking about marriage. Oh, uh… Of course you’re my only friend, so maybe you’ll give it a meaning, but it’s not, so I know.”

Perhaps she wants to appear as if she is not embarrassed, she says in a low-pitched voice.

But he said it too quickly. As much as I was dumbfounded, she was shy too.

Perhaps he regrets speaking out, while he muttered, ‘I’m sorry..’, he bit his lips and tightly closed his eyes.

Of course, even if she doesn’t make excuses, I can’t get her wrong.

As Judy said, I had never seen Judy that way, so I was surprised to see the possibility, but I didn’t think that Judy had proposed that she wanted to marry me in the first place, or that she was lying to me right now.

“…Tell me something. because it’s not real You have a strange misunderstanding now.”

But, it was fun to say that I didn’t misunderstand and pass it on. A laugh came out of Judy, who was anxious and restless by herself.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had much to laugh about lately, and my longing for fun is itching inside.

In the original Priest Territory, I used to play a lot of pranks. Kirsi’s playfully big size is probably because everyone resembles me a little bit.

When I first met Judy, I joked around a lot. It was so much fun to tease her, I remember constantly teasing her. With respect, and with age…

So, I couldn’t miss this opportunity that came a long time ago.

I said with a strangely twisted smile on my face in part.

“…it’s… Judy, you…”

Seeing my expression, she was startled.

“What?? Kayden, what are you talking about?”

“Bitter… I was just trying to be friends… I’m getting into trouble.”

Judy’s face turns red. He frowned and bled all over his face, expressing embarrassment.

“Hey, it’s not! Why am I talking like that because I want to marry you..!”

“Is there a reason why you asked your father if he could make me a vassal or send him that letter? I also don’t know…”

“Are you really going to die? I said no!”

“How far did you imagine? Didn’t you even name all the children I didn’t know?”


In the end, Judy couldn’t stand it and screamed, and I burst out laughing.

Maybe my laughter could be heard by politics and people, but I couldn’t afford to care about that. Judy was still unaware that this was my joke, and she kept making excuses with a crumpled expression on her face.

“…Yes..I felt sorry for you, so I sent a letter home…! What a strange misunderstanding…! If this was the case, I just didn’t want to see you!”

I couldn’t control myself, so I grabbed Judy’s shoulder and smiled. Judy seemed to be getting more and more sick of seeing me like that. In fact, there was a part where she smiled harder because she seemed to be on the rise. The more I smiled, the more I could appreciate her funny expression.

Judy’s face went red without end. Even this look was new, so it was fun.

I think it’s right to try harder to make a smile like this when there are difficult times. After laughing out loud, the secret heart that had been hidden was released.

Before Judy explodes, I put an end to the prank.

He wipes the tears from his eyes and calms his laughter.

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke. You know, me too. It was just because your reaction was funny.”

Her bewildered face pauses for a moment. Then he let out a long sigh.


Like a man with a stuffy stomach, she beat her chest and snorted. I must have been very upset to see such a reaction.

Keep pounding on my chest, Judy glanced at me. I just smiled.

Now that she found out it was a joke, she would know. why am i like this Because I was joking, the awkwardness I had when I first talked about it went away.

It’s a specification that they start to become conscious of each other strangely and move away from each other. If we hadn’t been joking, we wouldn’t have moved away from each other… Would we have looked at each other for a day or two?

I threw it all away as a joke, so I think it turned out pretty well.

Judy knew that too, so she didn’t say anything more to me.

Just cool your face with a fan.

As the playful atmosphere passed once more, I stroked my chin again.

“Ha…but. Well. I’m sure your family will feel safe on that side.”


Judy glared, I added.

“No, not that way. Realizing the gap between our families again. That’s what it’s like to say that your family will be able to receive me with peace of mind.”

“…you’re weird that you don’t care. you’ve said it many times We are called hostile families. Until my grandfather’s generation, there was a war.”

“okay. Still, as I said, how good it is that we get along well. is not it?”


Judy looked ahead without reacting. He seemed to avoid friendly replies for fear of being teased again.

I stretched out and headed to the window in the hallway.

It was good weather.

Birds are chirping and you can see a fountain making a rainbow. It was so peaceful that I couldn’t believe I had a fight with the twins this morning.

“…done. Now let’s talk about that later. Anyway, thanks Judy. You did that for me.”

Judy comes over and sits next to me. Suddenly, she put her arms on the window and sighed as she looked outside as I did.

“Because I understand your heart.”


I look at Judy’s side profile.

bluish gray hair.

similar height to me.

sharp nose.

balanced body.

A beauty comparable to Asena and Kirsi.

On his shoulder, the crest of the Ice family, the paw of a bear.

she says

“…As you said, the family members should unite.”

Now that I think about it again, I got to know Judy a lot. They were close enough to spit these words out naturally.

Why did I get so close to Judy in the first place? Is it because of family ties? Or was it drawn for no reason? Or was it because he instinctively anticipated such a comfortable future? Would I have wanted a friend in a similar situation to me?

Suddenly, I wonder about Judy’s childhood.

“Did you have a hard time too?”

Judy looked up at me. Looking at her complicated expression, I added a subject.

“From the family.”


She looked at the distant clouds, as if lost in thought for a moment, then nodded slowly.

“…it was hard.”


And then he closed his mouth.

I thought she would tell her story to some extent. As much as she helped me, it was a sign of my sincerity that I, too, would lighten her burden.

However, Judy hid the story except that it was difficult. I think it was still too burdensome to tell me. Maybe it’s because I’m not the type to talk about things like this.

Even so, I’d love to hear it someday. Why are you trying to help me so much while empathizing with me because of what happened?

He doesn’t look like that, but he has a straight heart.


I called her.

She looks at me without any reaction.

“…by any chance, if you are having a hard time because of Asena, tell me.”

“It’s still hard.”

I chuckled at her reaction. do it, it is

“So, forward. If you do anything else, tell me.”

“What are you going to do?”

“How would you do it?”


A thought flashes through my head in an instant. It was because of the worries that were created as Asena gradually revealed her malice.

“Oh, I’ll just ask you one thing.”

“In addition?”

“I’m going to buy you something really delicious. And not for me, in fact.”


I asked with sincerity and no laughter. Through Judy’s actions in the future, it may be possible to prevent major events from happening.

I’ve seen what kind of villain Asena becomes in the book. She was the type of person who thought of people’s lives as a joke.

Of course, it was a book. Here is the reality. I don’t believe Asena could become that bad. No matter how strong she appears recently, it’s a bit too much compared to her actions in the book.

That being said, there is no reason not to be prepared.

I said.

“Please watch over Asena from now on.”

“…in what sense?”

Reading my intentions, she asked. I explained in a little more detail.

“The fortress is going away. I think you should be careful.”


The atmosphere surrounding us became serious in an instant, like my tone of voice.

“If you do something unusual or go to a strange place… let me know.”

Judy stares at me for a moment. Then he blinked his eyes and turned his head. She seemed to be thinking about herself.

“…Kayden. I understand…”


She raised her eyebrows and remained silent for a long time. He seemed to be feeling complicated. Just when I was wondering if I just ignored it or not, Judy opens her mouth again.

“…it seems like a light request…why am I so reluctant?”


“…no…no matter how much I don’t like Asena…but she’s a temporary servant…is it correct to say that?”

I sighed in admiration and nodded my head. Thinking about it, it could be It must be an act that does not conform to the inner chivalry.

she goes on to say

“…you don’t even know. A knight.”

“Judy, I am not asking this as a knight. I’m asking you as a friend.”


When she hesitates to answer, I decide to give up. Yes, if you ask for something you don’t want to do, that’s not the way to be friends.

“…okay. no Judy. I’m sorry. The thought was brief.”

“…is there anything you are worried about?”

of course there is Even just one thing done in the book is a big deal. I can’t say this though.

“no. Forget Judy. are you okay. thanks It was definitely a thoughtless request.”


Judy didn’t even bother to ask if she was confused. I felt so grateful to see her like that.

“…Judy. Thanks for thinking about it though. I promise you one. When you need me, I will help you with anything. If you need help, just tell me. Understand?”

“…I will take only my heart.”

She declines my offer with a small smile.

But my purpose was to let her know my heart. If it was really her request, I had a heart to listen to it whenever possible.

If she knew this too, it might be reassuring.

As we wrap up the story, we hear the sound of the political science classroom starting to become cluttered. It looked like class was over. Again, it was the start of an escort.

“I think it’s over.”


“Be strong.”

“you also.”

We went back to our seats and fixed our posture.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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