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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 50

Shining Knight (8)

A few days passed, but the firm atmosphere with Asena seemed to gradually settle.

I didn’t mean to apologize to her first, and Asena didn’t come to apologize to me first.

Kirsi also reconciled, but since meeting Ewin, he hasn’t shown himself well. Occasionally, when I ran into her, I tried to embrace her, but I told her not to do it during work. Because I can’t keep hugging my younger brother while serving as Daisy’s escort.

If I say that this atmosphere with Asena is uncomfortable, it is uncomfortable. However, it was not so inconvenient that I wanted to come forward and make a change.

To be honest, if this is the case, I think it’s a battle of pride. I’m sure I want her to be reconciled in the end, but I don’t want to reach out in the first place.

At the same time, some changes came to Asena.

Even though he knew he had done something wrong, he didn’t want to apologize to me, so he continued to draw my attention. It seemed to induce me to speak first.

Even with that hard expression on her face, she showed a melancholy feeling that only I could know. Especially when she knew I was looking at her, even more tired expressions.

To be honest, I think it works pretty well for me. It’s so hard that you look sad and pitiful. Although to others, she is the head of the dignified Pryster family, to me, she was just a younger sister, Asena.

At the same time, I thought that if it was that difficult, I would have to approach him first. If it’s difficult and painful for you to have a relationship with me like that, you can approach me first and apologize.

But since he doesn’t show any of that, I’ve become obsessed with it.

In fact, it may not be stubborn. I don’t think it’s mine to be stubborn. I’m still in a position where I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Today, Daisy finished her student council work and cleaned up her seat. The moment was coming for me and her to leave the student council room.

Daisy says hello to everyone. I just stood behind her like a knight. At the same time, she rolls her eyes and looks at Judy and Asena.

Judy nodded her head to greet me.

Asena… was looking at me as well.

It was different from usual. Usually, I pretended not to care, and kept my eyes on the documents.

It felt like it had been a long time since we last saw each other. It was her eyes that made me feel a lot of emotions, but I turn around.

There were eyes wishing for salvation, but there was no help I could give. you will have to come first This time around, I wasn’t even shaken.

So, I followed Daisy as she left.




While I was walking out of the building and walking around, Daisy asked.

“Are you okay?”


“…with Asena. It seems like you’ve been fighting for quite a while.”

“It should be inconvenient, but it’s because the picture is weird even for me to apologize.”

“…and so is it.”

Daisy, who had watched all the fights, seemed concerned about the fight between me and Asena. Well, I’m sorry for making her worry about this over and over again.

Daisy walks and looks at me. He seemed to have something he wanted to say.

“…do you have anything to say?”

“Oh that…”

She stopped at my question and spoke carefully to me.

“…Asena is fortress… it looks difficult.”


“Since we are from the same department, I have many opportunities to meet…it seems to be getting darker. People around me noticed Asena more and more. That… I think I should talk to Kaden-sama.”

“….okay. thank you.”

“ah…! Of course, I didn’t mean to reconcile! I don’t know how much Kaden suffered from…two twins…if they hated them, it’s fine as it is…you’ve said that to me before, right? It’s good to get along if other people aren’t around. As long as they don’t interfere with family matters, they’re friendly. So…that’s why we’re talking.”

“..yes. I think I know what you mean. Thank you.”

Daisy looked at me and decided that her opinion had been conveyed enough, nodded her head and moved on again. I did not bring this topic up again.

Daisy also feels that she is kind by nature. It’s not that she wasn’t harmed by Asena or Kirsi, either, but it was just right for her to be kind, like a fool, to take care of her twins even a little.

Maybe it’s because she wasn’t affected in the least by the twins’ offensive. As strong as he is, he might just ignore the things that other people would have felt bad about.


As I walked with these thoughts, I felt a strange sign. I look around me slowly, from left to right, without showing anything.

It was a day unlike any other.

Diverse students from different families are smiling and heading to the next class, and the academy workers are also concentrating on their work.

But it can also be called a sense. There was something that kept bothering my sharpened nerves.

Maybe I’m thinking of something. Maybe it’s because I’m a knight for nothing. Thinking that there is a threat that does not exist, he may be nervous alone.

However, once I recognized something touching this sense, it did not leave me easily and continued to hover around me.

It seems that there is something intentional in the academy’s workers looking at us today, and the frequency itself seems to have increased.

It was a subtle difference that no one else could understand.


My mind began to focus on this sudden anxiety. After all, the novel I possessed is set in the Middle Ages. Since there was no precise procedure, there were bound to be many loopholes in entering this spacious academy site.

If someone approaches you with a really malicious intent, you won’t know until you hit it.

Numerous guards are ultimately useless in the face of a precise surprise.

Even in the novel, many of the characters were struck by the sudden appearance of a monster. It wasn’t common, but it was there.

A typical example is the informant who followed Kirsi, Kyle Benthrak.

He was also ambushed by the Freisters and kidnapped from within the academy. Even important characters had disappeared like that, so I can’t help but get my nerves sharp.

Until I came into this world, I was also very frustrated with the attack method. But once they came in, I gradually began to understand why such surprises were successful. On a large site, it gets very dark at night.

There are fewer eyewitnesses, and tracking is even more difficult.

In the end, I just couldn’t convince myself to do such a crazy thing, but I felt with my own skin that surprise attacks could easily succeed if I put my mind to it. It’s just a characteristic of this era.

Of course, after the Kyle Benthrack incident, the high-ranking nobles began to have escorts one by one, and the academy was disturbed, but once all the families were balanced and there was no conflict, that did not happen.

So these gazes were more bizarre. I keep wondering if it’s my misunderstanding.

Who cares for Daisy in this era of peace…?

At the same time, there were no names to hang on.

Reluctantly, twins run through my head.

Even if he didn’t want to think that way, there was no one else but him.

The vicious appearances they had recently seen, and the days when they had to fight while wearing a daisy. And even in the novel, the Freisters were the only ones who attempted a surprise attack on the nobility, so perhaps it was a natural suspicion.

But it’s just a doubt. I didn’t want to believe. I didn’t want to believe it. I don’t even understand If Daisy did something wrong, how bad was she ready to launch an attack?

There is nothing so absurd.

Still, why do I keep wondering if it is them? The fact that the twins were originally villains only heightened inner anxiety.

I still followed Daisy without a trace.

On the road we were walking, in the distance, I saw a worker watering the garden. He was whistling happily.

When he saw us approaching from afar, he greeted us slightly, then squatted down again and touched the garden.

Unknowingly, Daisy glanced over the garden, then with a small smile, continued on her way.

I also pretend to know nothing and move on.

And as we passed the worker, I rolled my eyes and looked at the worker with a squint.


The eyes of the worker who was squatting met me. He was also staring at me with his head still and only his eyes turned to the limit.

A small goosebumps rose up his arm.

His whistle breaks and he lets out an embarrassing cough instead.

“…Heh heh…!..heh heh heh…! Oh, sorry. You’re such a cool person, so stop staring at me secretly.”

And he says things that only feel like excuses to me.

Daisy looked back at me and asked.

“What’s going on?”

“….no. Let’s go.”

I waved my hand to make sure Daisy didn’t mind.

Daisy looked at me, nodded and started walking again.


Of course, this alone won’t reveal anything. As he said, maybe he really just wanted to look at me.

But my vigilance was gradually rising.

Please don’t be the one I suspect.

I prayed in my heart that the twins didn’t move.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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