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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 36

Dream (7)

Asena looked in the mirror and finished her makeup.

Perhaps because of the black student council clothes, he looked more dull today.

Besides, it was hard to even get dressed. Her arms were wet and heavy, and she wanted to rest again, but she knew well that Duke Freister couldn’t.

I knew, but… Asena eventually sat down on the bed.

It was something I would never normally do.

But today, I really didn’t have any strength in my legs. A short break would be ok.

There were two moments when she could let go of the name Duke of Freister.

One, when I’m alone in my bedroom like now. Since no one was watching, it was okay to hide my emotions or pretend to be strong. There was nothing wrong with showing a sad expression on his face.

The two of you, when you and Kaden are alone. When that time comes, I can always return to my younger sister Asena.

But now that opportunity was about to disappear. One haven was about to leave her.

Asena touched her face. I’ve been thinking about it since the day before, but it’s a no-brainer. I couldn’t think rationally when Kaden was included in the problem. Every plan that came to mind had one flaw.

It was difficult.

If Cayden is not the target, borrow the power of the family. Think mechanically and pursue only profit.

As he became a target, he could not move freely.

If you used force to have Cayden, you would gain your body but you would lose your mind, and if you left it like this to gain your mind, you would lose your body.


Also, even if he thought of this and came up with a plan, he could have expected that he would act impulsively in front of him.

It looked like a thread that could not be untied was tied up. It was clunky and boring.

Asena sighed.

…I haven’t come up with any plans yet. Still, she got up. It was time to go to school.

she left the room


Kirsey was also with me. The subtle scent of soap informed her that she had been washing her body since morning.

She was sitting on the sofa and drinking tea.

Asena could see that Kirsi was trying to calm her heart in her own way. He was holding a teacup with a blank expression and inhaling the incense.

She seemed to have lost her soul, but her hands were trembling slightly, unlike her dazed expression. She seemed to be in deep thought, thinking of Cayden.


Asena helped her brother. Thinking about it only makes me sick. Now was not the time to be doing this. get her out of her delusion.


A distinctive look returns to Kirshi’s eyes. Her eyes, which had lost focus in vain, turned to Asena.

“…is your sister out?”

rested neck. It was no secret that she cried a lot.

Kirsi put down the teacup. Shaking his butt, he got up and walked slowly towards the door. The two did not have another conversation. I couldn’t afford to share.

Asena looked at Kirsi’s back as she was walking helplessly, and she moved her feet too.

The two opened the door at the same time and left the dormitory.

Judy Ice was standing right in front of her.

After a brief greeting to the twins, she stood modestly. There was definitely a sense of intimidation as he was wearing a sword around his waist.

Asena speaks first.

“Since when have you been waiting?”

“Not long ago.”

Judy answered silently.

To Asena, Judy was a hostile family of Ice, but she didn’t want to growl as soon as she saw her face. I don’t like it…but she’s already Kaden’s friend. If you treat Judy badly, you’ll almost get into Kaden’s ears.

Judy didn’t blush as soon as she saw Pryster, as she did on her first meeting with Kaden. Having already become close with Cayden, he realized that there was no need to fight each other, and it was impossible for a knight who confronted his master to receive good reviews.

And again… Judy started hearing rumors about Asena while attending the academy. How cold she sometimes gets. how cold it gets So she didn’t bother to cause any problems.

Finally, Asena was the head of the Freisters. There was no way he could treat this woman in the same social position as his father.

Immediately after such a short conversation, Asena was staring blankly at Judy, who she expected to head to the academy.

Judy naturally lowered her head and made eye contact. There was a little tension, but Judy didn’t show it.

“…any problem?”

“…Have you seen my brother?”

Asena asked calmly.


Judy nodded her head. Because I waved her hand from afar as she was waiting in front of the twins’ door.

Asena also nodded, then moved forward without saying a word.

It was in the opposite direction to the exit. Judy could quickly figure out that Asena was going to see Kayden.

As if noticing Kirsi too, Asena followed.

Judy was troubled. The way they escort Pryster, and the way they visit Cayden in the morning.

Suddenly, thoughts of Kaden grew in Judy’s mind. It can be seen as friendship. We sweat and develop together in every training session, but it was inevitable that it would happen.

So, my mind is complicated now. Recently, Kayden has been reluctant to hang out with twins. He had shown himself how many times he had been hurt, so it was understandable.

Kayden didn’t dislike the twins…but he certainly wanted to keep some distance. It was about asking if I could enter the Ice family vassal.

So the steps towards him now were quite heavy. I just don’t want him to get hurt again.

Judy knows the feeling of being a loner in the family better than anyone.


Judy escorted the twins and looked at them.

They were people who matched their patterns very well. Really, you could say it was like a snake.

I can’t figure out what’s inside

Kirsty seemed to like Cayden, but when he heard about it, he did a lot of things that made him feel betrayed behind the scenes.

Just by looking at Asena’s hard expression, I could tell that she didn’t like Kayden. At the same time, Asena tried to stick with Cayden.

Whether he was trying to keep an eye on him or not, the observer could not find out.

The twins walked around the dormitory, greeted by various young girls. Judy was able to experience the world they live in indirectly.

The Ice family is a duke who is as strong as Pryster, is it because Asena is to go? Or was it because she was a maiden? The gaze of the young girls was quite different.

Asena walked like that and turned. And he stopped looking at the distant hallway. No one was there.

Judy didn’t know where Daisy Hexter’s dormitory was, but she could possibly figure out somewhere in this hallway Asena was looking at.

“…No, brother…”

Kirsi muttered quietly.

Asena looked at the empty hallway like that, and turned around without saying a word. It was like going to the academy.

– Clap.

At that moment, there was the sound of a door opening.

“no. You can stop thanking me now.”

“…But still. I lived, really.”

Cayden, who had caught Asena’s eyes, was coming out of Daisy’s room.

A fire blazed in Asena’s heart. Beloved…the man. No one would be able to stay sane to see another woman come out of her room.

reason was broken


I stood at her door, waiting for Daisy.

After giving a light greeting to Daisy’s roommate, who was leaving the dormitory early in the morning, he stopped as if guarding the door.

The conversation I had with the twins last night gave me a headache too. Thanks to that, I went to bed late, but the problem was that, thanks to the escort training, my wakeup time was also delayed, so I was still tired.

I yawned and waited for Daisy.

Whenever he was bored, he tapped the handle of the sword on his waist and waited silently.

‘Hey! Ahh! go away!’

At that moment, Daisy’s scream was heard in the room.

My mind, which had been standing still, lit up.

I asked loudly to the door.

“daisy? are you okay?”

‘ah..! yes..! no…! yes..! it’s okay! Fuck!’

Daisy’s voice, pretending to be okay, continued to be heard. There was no credibility in saying such words in an urgent voice.

“daisy? may I come in?”

I felt like I had to go in quickly and figure out the situation. I knocked on the door and urged her to answer.

‘that…! no..! yes..! Ahh..!’

Daisy seemed very confused. She needed help, but her own personality was refusing to reach out.

“Answer only one! Are you dressed properly?”

‘Oh, you’re well dressed!’

– Clap.

I didn’t need any more words. It’s the job of an engineer to help you when you need it.

Daisy was swinging a thick book in the air.

He took hurried steps here and there and ran away.

A huge wasp was chasing her. Just flying around the room was intimidating enough, but he was following Daisy and threatened to shoot him at any moment.

“Uh, what!”

Due to the size of a wasp larger than I expected, I also picked up a book that was lying around.

I ran to Daisy, hid her behind me, and followed the wasp with my eyes.

And as soon as he entered the street, he quickly swung his book and slapped the bee.


Considering the insect, it is quite heavy, but considering the danger, it makes a pretty fresh sound and the wasp is thrown to the floor. The head fell off in a single blow and separated.


Daisy shrugged, as if relaxed. He laid down the heavy book he was carrying on the nearby desk and made himself neat.

“…thank you, Kaden.”

“Call me quickly if something like this happens.”

I said.

“….Sorry. I don’t want to open my hands for nothing…”

“If you get hurt, I have more trouble with it.”

Daisy opened her eyes in surprise and nodded slowly.

“Ah…I guess. It’s escort training, but if I get hurt… I didn’t think of that.”

“Practice is not the problem, and I feel uncomfortable. I told you. I will do my best for the duration of the escort. If you don’t tell me because you just think this is a nuisance, how are you going to do anything else?”

Without realizing it, I started nagging Daisy, as if I was dealing with twins.


Daisy looked at me and smiled.

“Is this the feeling you can feel when you have an older brother?”

At that one word, I shut my mouth. I am embarrassed to say more here.

Without answering for nothing, I threw the corpse of the fallen wasp out the window.

Daisy laughed louder at me not answering.

“Ahaha, it’s a joke. Anyway, thanks Kaden. I’m leaving now.”

“The wasp, but where did it come from? We’ll have to find out if there’s a wasp nest nearby.”

“Today is the first time I came into the room. Next time you come in, I’ll ask for it, so I think it’s okay if you don’t bother looking for it now.”


I head out the door. Daisy spoke behind me.

“Thank you again. It’s definitely nice to get help.”

“no. You can stop thanking me now.”

“…But still. I lived, really.”

I can feel the popularity of me as I look back and answer.

I felt like I was going to bump into someone, so for a moment I stopped and looked ahead.


Fortunately, I didn’t bump into the person in front of me, but I barely had to endure the fact that I almost jumped in surprise at the target.

It was Asena. Behind her was Kirsi as well.

Judy stood behind the twins, looking uncomfortable or sorry.

“Guys…how are you here…”

Asena ignores my words.

“Why are you here?”

she asks coldly. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a hard expression on my face. I didn’t know if it was because of yesterday’s quarrel or because there were people around.

“Obviously… escort training is from the moment you leave the dormitory until you go in. But why is he coming out of the room?”

Asena’s cold gaze extended to Daisy.

“daisy. What were you doing in the room?”

I cut between Daisy and Asena.

“It was just a wasp coming out of the room and going to catch it. I don’t know why the atmosphere has to be so dark, Asena. Calm down, let’s go to the academy.”

I gently tried to comfort her, but Asena’s expression didn’t go away. Kirsi, who was next to him, was the same. She was becoming more and more like Asena.

Kirsi didn’t even know what he was thinking.

His expression hardened and he was staring at me coldly.


Asena’s eyebrows twitched subtly.

“…Brother, you still don’t know? Do you think it’s so easy to go into a noble girl’s room?”

“…if you say it like that, of course it sounds weird.”

Did you learn politics? Asena was a master at twisting her words skillfully. But I did not lose my focus and carried out my argument.

“I didn’t say ‘this way’, it’s true.”

“The ‘fact’ was just protecting Daisy from wasps on the mission I was given.”

“You mean your job starts when Daisy walks out the door?”

“Why are you making such a distinction? Then you hear the sound of danger, just ignore it? Loyalty is as important as mission, Asena.”

She took one step closer to me. She was not in a hurry. pressured me slowly. It was like a snake crawling with a subtle threatening sound.

“…how many times have you already been loyal?”

quietly she asks

She looked at Daisy hiding behind me.

Daisy, presuming it was a family matter, remained silent.

“This is the article.”

I dismissed it. I didn’t want to cause trouble by stating the reason why I decided to be loyal to Daisy here. In the process, the story of the twins was almost certain.


Asena closed her eyes for a moment, exhaled softly, and looked at me with straight eyes. And in that state, he said in a voice as cold as ice.

“Judy, get down on your knees.”


And only then, I seemed to realize how cold Asena’s eyes were looking at me.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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