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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 37

Principles (1)


Asena noticed the change in my expression, but there was no reaction. I didn’t recall my words, I didn’t feel bad about my expression like this, and I waited as it was.

Behind her, Judy gave her a confused look. He looked at Asena and then looked at me in turn.

I already know Judy was asking me for help.

If you’re really loyal or respectful, you won’t have any problems getting down on your knees.

Judy had only recently met Asena. Besides, even the clan is hostile. Judy probably wouldn’t want to get down on her knees when she died.

Even so, if. If Asena sincerely orders to the end, Judy has no other options left. There is no way a knight who does not follow the instructions of his master can receive good reviews.

“…Asena, are you kidding me?”

I knew it wasn’t a joke, but I asked again because Asena’s orders were so shocking. To some extent, I wanted her to read my feelings and cancel the order.

But she spoke lightly, as if she were talking about an ordinary day.

“Don’t worry, brother. It’s an order I gave to my knight.”

She showed no emotions. The Asena I was reading was standing in front of me.

On the other hand, I couldn’t hide my anger, frustration, and absurd feelings. I was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

There was nothing she could do but stare at her. Asena did not avoid my gaze either. An unintentional fight began.

Most of all, I couldn’t believe the terrible fact that Asena had chosen her friend Judy to punish me.

Things went so badly. If someone gave this order to my friend, I would do everything I could to stop them like I am now, but the most difficult thing was that the target was none other than Judy of the Ice family.

Even if she died, she wouldn’t want to get down on her knees. You may start to resent me for putting me in this situation. In a word, Asena separated me and Judy, and also shook the relationship with Daisy.

Here, to protect Judy’s knee, if you say ‘This is how knights are originally’ and you will only perform your missions in the future, your relationship with Daisy will turn into a businesslike one.

If no action is taken, Judy will have no choice but to kneel.

Even in the chaotic situation, I did not avoid a snowball fight with Asena.

Asena’s unfamiliar wickedness seemed to flow from within. Whether it was originally inherent or not, I’m starting to wonder now.

Was Asena an irreplaceable fate of becoming a villain no matter what I did?

If so, it was disappointing and at the same time very sad.

In the end, I was the first to avert my eyes.

“…Asena, let’s not do this.”

He shook his head slightly and said. I took a step back from the fight. However, Asena did not yield and pushed forward.

“Like Daisy, I’m just confirming Judy’s loyalty.”

“…why do you keep working? Is it such a big mistake to go in and out of a room once? Kirsi, please dry Asena.”

this situation now.

Most of all, I didn’t like having to fight the twins again, so I looked at Kirsi next to me and asked for help.

…but, I did not receive any reply.



I feel a weak sense of betrayal as my belief that she will be on my side is broken.

“… it’s your brother’s fault.”

kirsy says I couldn’t believe it.

“…why are you like this? No, are you tired of yesterday’s work?”

I asked in a soft voice.

“…it’s not like that.”

“I don’t understand at all, how could this be my fault…?”

“Oppa… you didn’t follow the rules, why is it not your fault..”

Kirsi speaks in a crawling voice.

Her expression was as hard as Asena, but she couldn’t even make eye contact with me.

“…there’s a thing called flexibility, Kirsi. Are you really going to put a door behind you and turn away from someone in need?”

“…if you don’t follow the rules, why are there rules?”

A smirk came out of his mouth automatically.

Only the sound of my laughter echoed through the momentarily silent hallway. It’s a pity that all the young girls enrolled in the academy, otherwise this ridiculous appearance would have been shown to everyone.

Asena gently placed her finger on my chest.

“…I don’t want to do this either, brother.”

For some reason, I couldn’t believe it. It was the first feeling I felt for Asena. I calmed down my frustrated laugh and spoke briefly.

“…you can’t do it.”

“Your brother doesn’t admit his mistake.”

“No… ha…”

No more words came out. Because it was just before the harsh words came out. Why does our relationship keep getting worse?

Asena wanted to subdue me somehow and to hear an apology from my mouth.

I still couldn’t figure out what I was doing so wrong. Are you ashamed of me, afraid of spreading strange rumors with Daisy? Am I ashamed of the spread of the name ‘Kaden Pryster’?

“…Tell me I was wrong.”

she says


I really don’t know, so I asked.

“I went into Daisy’s room. Say you made a mistake and say you won’t do it again.”


Just because of me, did we have to fight this messy once more? Is Asena really wanting me to see a person in crisis and pass it by?

“…Of course, I’m not going to let it go this time just because I made a mistake.”

Besides, whether he was angry or not, the punishment has already been decided. Asena pauses for a moment, then swallows her saliva and speaks.

“…Come to my room tonight. After work.”


I bit my teeth and closed my eyes.

Take a deep breath through your nose, and meditate.

For a while I stood still, controlling my emotions,

“…if you don’t like it, don’t. Judy, when are you going to get down on your knees?”

And Asena mentioned Judy once more, as if pressing me.

I opened my eyes.


Asena blew me away for a moment, then sighed.

“…it’s good to admit it. still. Tonight in my room-”

However, I was not finished.

“Judy, Daisy. Sorry.”

Asena’s snake-like eyes, which had slightly relieved tension, glared at me again.

Again this time, I did not avert those eyes.

Looking at Asena, I told Judy and Daisy.

“I could only raise twins like this.”


For the first time, there was a reaction to Asena’s expression. He blinked once or twice for a moment, showing a wounded figure, but he wasn’t sure.

Kirsi said next to him.

“…it’s so hard to just say no next time, brother?”

“The next time something like this happens, I will do the same. Do you really think this is my fault?”

“I told you before…! If you don’t follow the rules, why do you need rules…!”

I nodded slowly.

“Is that so…?”

Maybe he was angry because he touched Judy, or maybe he cried when he talked about it.

“So far, you’re saying you want me to be an inflexible…principalist?”

Anyway, I had to admit that I was a little childish.

I fixed my posture. like an armed soldier.

He spread his shoulders wide, took a deep breath, and spit out childish words.

“Asena Freister, Kirsey Freister. Okay. From now on, we will abide by the rules.”



There is silence for a while.

Kirshi, who was looking at the floor, raised her head, and Asena’s expression wrinkled.

Kirsi asked me with a trembling voice.

“…what are you doing, brother?”

I took turns looking at Judy and Daisy.

“After all, everyone here knows. As you know, I will be expelled from the Frysters after two years. It can be said that he is a prospective commoner. It’s impossible for me to… speak nonsense to the girls of the Freister family.”

As if to treat others, he began to use a hard tone to her.

“I was being rude. We will talk about this in the future.”

Asena speaks in a voice full of pain. Her normal voice was already broken.

“…..stop it. Not funny.”

The situation was reversed. Asena showed a lot of emotions as if I had become myself, and I hardened my expression like Asena and hid my inner feelings.

“You look like you’re kidding me, Duke Pryster.”

“…Stop it!”

Perhaps forgot about the hallway, Asena raised her voice.

I acted like I hadn’t heard.

It’s always frustrating when the other person doesn’t respond. I knew that too, so I didn’t have to answer her.

The twins might be sad, but I had no intention of being pushed back.

I didn’t mean to do this for the rest of my life. It was just a childish rant. But for now, I wanted to be cooler than ever. There was so much wrathful rage.

Kirsi took a number of rough breaths from the side, clinging to my arm.

“….Ah Okay. Okay, because…”

What Kirsi and Asena said were different, and if it was a mistake, Kirsi was less likely to say it, but that didn’t mean that she only wanted to forgive Kirsi.

“Don’t touch me, Kirsy. As a rule, you must not touch the body of the knight.”


I slapped her hand away. Kirsi looked at my hand, looked at me, and tears began to fill her eyes.

“…Oh..oppa..don’t do this..why are you talking like someone else…”

As I am a human being, I have a desire to use these opportunities to relieve my sadness. It was too difficult to bear this tingling urge.

“You say you value principles. Judy? What do you do when you talk to your brothers?”

I instantly turned the conversation around and asked Judy.

“I’m confused,” said Judy, stuttering.

“I… I… respectful…”

After hearing the answer, I looked at Kirsi again.

“You heard. Even the Ice House does. I did more if I had to adopt, but I can’t do less. In the future, I will continue to treat you with respect. Sorry. Still, I wanted to get along for the next two years and then leave.”

I didn’t look at her. turn your head I have endured a lot in this kind of situation. I won’t give in this time.


After holding back the tears and pushing me to the chest, Kirsi ran and started running away.

Judy gave me a confused look.

But now there was no time to send any signal to her.

Even if Kirsi left, Asena was right in front of her.

Asena looked at, the bridge of her nose and eyes were red.

Obviously, this was surprising. Asena was looking at me like she was about to cry like Kirsi. No matter what happened to her, she wouldn’t even shed tears in front of people.

But looking at it… the demon inside me felt remorse. Feelings like this are weird.

I looked at her and nodded.

“I am sorry. I won’t go into Daisy’s room from now on.”


“Duke Freister. time will be late. Let’s go to class.”

She bows her head and shakes her hands. Open and close your mouth repeatedly. Closing her mouth, she turned her body around as well.

Predictably, it seemed like he was going to cry if he said more.

Judy glanced at me and said with a mouth that we’ll talk later, then followed Asena.


Things are settled,

I turned to Daisy.

I’m sorry this time too.

It’s not like that when I’m alone with my twins, but in front of others, it’s like a complete soybean family.

“…Sorry. Just show me this I keep apologizing.”

But Daisy opened her eyes and shook her head.

“…..I’m surprised.”

that’s what you’ve been telling me


“…No…I’ve never seen anyone arguing with Asena like that.”

Daisy’s words didn’t make sense. Even when I read the novel, the only one who stopped Asena’s momentum was the main character, Eric Endra.

Daisy wasn’t a pushover either, but she didn’t even try to beat Asena because of that.

From that point of view, it can be a refreshing shock to see Asena’s expression of resentment from Daisy’s point of view.

“…but he’s my younger brother.”

“Weren’t you being persecuted?”

“…Did you think I’d never say anything back?”

Daisy nodded her head.

“Honestly… yes. I thought I was going to end up with an apology. I don’t think there’s anything to apologize for.”

I said scratching my head. It was a family story, so I was reluctant to bring it up even to Daisy, whom I longed for, but it seemed to be the right thing to say since she also stepped in to some extent.

“Actually, if we’re alone, we get along well.”


“Really. But it’s always like this in front of people. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it…but it’s enough for me to be bitter at the kids.”

“….I see…”

Daisy seemed to be very surprised, and said after thinking about it for a long time.

“…I was surprised that the twins seem to like Kaden a lot more than I thought.”


“Because it’s so hard, just seeing how sad she is….. it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Asena show her emotions.”

“He likes me, but he doesn’t seem to like being in the family.”

“ah. That… it looks like it.”

“I can’t help it, huh?”

I looked at Daisy and forced a smile.

“…the only choice is to leave.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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