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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 35

Dream (6)

As Kaden left, it was as if he had taken even the sound of the world with him.

Asena and Kirsi’s room was quiet.

Asena stared blankly at the door.

Kirsi kneels on the floor.

So the two stood still.

This stillness seemed to represent their hearts.

It was empty and cold.

There was nothing left where the storm of emotions had passed.


Asena was so dazed, then slumped into my room.

Recently, there have been more days when the two don’t say goodnight to each other.

It’s because the feud with Cayden got worse, and today was the best of them.


After Asena closed the door, Kirsi began to feel how lonely she was.


Kirsi’s hardened eyes looked forward.

Of course, no one was there.

Suddenly, a sharp pain sweeps through your chest.

“… …”

She couldn’t help but fall over and hug her chest. Cayden’s words still hurt her.

I couldn’t believe her words had brought it all together.

I didn’t know that the words he thought he wouldn’t know would come back like this.

I regretted it, I regretted it again, but nothing has changed.

After he left, even his body felt colder. Maybe it was because his presence alone made my heart warm. It was an unbearable cold.

Kirsty took the handkerchief that Cayden had left behind and headed to her room.

And when I close the door, tears flow down again.

She lay down on the bed and dug into the duvet.

Take off your clothes and place your face on the pillow.

Holding Cayden’s handkerchief tightly, she wept aloud.

I still couldn’t believe it. that he is leaving himself We’ve been together all our lives I thought we would be together for the rest of our lives. The end of that time was approaching.

Suddenly, she imagines life without him.

There will be only cold left in his room, which he went to play with boredom.

You will have no shoulder to lean on when you are depressed and struggling.

When you are happy and happy, there will be no one to share with.

“…Brother…No…! Whoa…!”

It wasn’t until after he said he was leaving that he realized how dependent she had been on his brother and sister, Kaden.

Like air, he’s supposed to be there. It was painful enough to die.

She was tormented in bed for a long time. No matter how much I screamed, no matter how many tears I shed, this pain did not go away. Because the fundamentals don’t change.

Crying like that, she couldn’t help but fell asleep. His handkerchief was still in his hand.

I had a dream.

It was a long time ago.

Kirsi was crying even in his dreams. Even when she was young, she struggled with helplessness, loneliness, and fear.

He was gradually recovering as Caden appeared, but Kirsey burst into tears whenever he felt the vacancy of his parents.

In the meantime, I didn’t want to cause Asena to worry, so I slipped into a place known only to myself in Freister Castle and wept.


In her dream she was weak. It wasn’t Priest at all. Like his father or his grandmother, he felt like a fool for not being able to maintain the solemnity of Freister.

“Hey, were you here?”

At that moment, she was startled by the voice she heard.

It was Kayden.

It’s been a while since I accepted him as an older brother, but I didn’t want him to see me like this yet. Even at a young age, they knew how hard Kaden worked for them, so it was a pity that it was like ignoring his efforts for having to struggle again like this.


So Kirsi closed her lips and held back her tears. I wiped my eyes and turned my back to him.

I didn’t want to show my face.

“…I want to be alone for now.”

She asked Rogue with a trembling voice.

By the way, this is a place only she knows, but I don’t know how he got here.

“Where am I going to leave my crying brother?”

Kayden approached with warm words.

Kirsey didn’t feel bad for some reason.

I definitely wanted to be alone, but deep down in my heart, I may have wanted someone.

Kaden came and sat next to her crying with her head in her lap.

Then he slowly wrapped his head around her and hugged her in his arms.

“Are you still struggling? you can cry You said you would be my strength.”


At those warm words, the tears that Kirsi had been holding back burst out again.

Taking his pats, Kirsi continued to weep in his arms.

And after shedding tears for a while and calming down, I even felt a sense of relief in my heart.

It was a feeling I never felt when crying alone.

When she calmed down, Kayden pulled her out of her arms.

Kirsey felt sorry for some reason.

and at that moment,


His lips touched his forehead.


Kirsi felt the warmth radiating through his entire body, centering on his forehead.

It was like magic. I didn’t even know what he was doing.

“Why are you surprised? Now, my brother will kiss you on behalf of my parents, so don’t be lonely.”


“Well? Have you never kissed?”

Kirsi shook her head. The mouth has always been a place to speak or eat, an organ that has never been used anywhere else.

Cayden burst out laughing.

“…that’s…however, this is a bit surprising.”

He paused as if contemplating for a while.

But Kirsi’s eyes were focused only on his lips, which conveyed that warmth.

“Um… this is something you only do to people you like.”

“person I like…?”

“I did it because Kirsi is already a family member and I like you.”


Kirsey pondered those words for a long time. Saying that you love yourself.

As she thinks so, Caden asks cautiously.

“…Did you hate it?”

Kirsey shook her head at the question. didn’t like it I just don’t know what it is yet.

“I’m glad. Come on, Kirsey. Now let’s get out of here. Even my heart darkens when I am in such a dusty place.”

Kayden took her hand and made Kirsi stand up, but Kirsi couldn’t get up. I had been sitting in the wrong position for too long, so my legs were numb and I couldn’t get any strength.


As she stumbles and collapses to the floor, Cayden ponders for a moment.

“Kirsi, wait a minute?”

Then he put his arms around her back and her hips and lifted her up.

“Uh… huh?”

I heard that the age difference is small, but he couldn’t figure out how he was so strong.

Are you a man?

As he moved and pulled himself out of the darkness, Kirsi’s eyes stared blankly at his face.

It was nice. It was like a hero who came to see him. He was getting more and more happy to be his brother.

But she didn’t show it. He was still shy, and he might hate him if he suddenly pretended to be close.

Kirsi felt the warmth in his arms.

And, perhaps because I shed a lot of tears, I even yawned.

Cayden saw it, smiled kindly and took her to the room.

Several users smiled at the sight. Even this was embarrassing for her.

Upon arriving in the room, Cayden gently laid her on the bed.

and strokes his hair and says

“…you look sleepy, so take a nap. It’s best to sleep after crying.”


“I’ll come to wake you up in the evening. Understand? Get up, eat, and then go back to sleep.”

Saying so, Kaden turned around. Kirsi unknowingly grabbed his wrist.


he didn’t want to go The reason was unknown.

So, holding his wrist, I didn’t know what to say.

However, there was no need.


Cayden looked at her, smiled once, and followed her into the bed.

Kirsey took a breath. I didn’t hate it, but I was surprised.

Cayden didn’t say anything else.

After holding her in her arms, she lays down on the bed. He patted her back and said nothing.

With him, I felt reassured. It was a feeling I had never felt for anyone other than my parents.

…If it wasn’t for him, he might have been ruined. It may have been that she was wandering, unable to lean on anything, and lived like a doll. I thought of that again.

Holding him, I could even smell his scent.

A sweet, addictive scent.

Kirsch closed her eyes.

The smile grew more and more.

And for the first time in months, she laughed out loud.


His scent was so good.

And then, my body got heavier and heavier. The texture of the skin becomes vivid, and the front of the eyes darkens.


His scent alone did not leave her.


She smiled and calmed down.

waking up from a dream

Cayden was nowhere to be found, and she was alone in the room.

When he opened his eyes, in front of his face was a handkerchief with his scent flowing out.

Because of this, it was as if I had a dream in his arms.

As my mind gradually clears, the happy feeling of my dreams is reversed and I am thrown to the floor.

It was hard to believe that this moment was real, and the situation outside the dream was horrendous.

Still, he was about to leave.


Tears were about to flow again. He chewed his lips and clenched his teeth, but reality did not change.

She wanted to go back into her dream.

I wanted to go back into my dream and hold him in his arms. I wanted to be locked up there for the rest of my life.

As a child, no, until a few days ago, I did not understand how precious that moment was.

It’s a future that may disappear. It’s a future that may never come again, but I didn’t appreciate that moment properly.

To enter the dream, Kirsi brought a handkerchief to her nose. If you fall asleep smelling his scent, you will be able to dream again.

He was wet with tears and the scent was a little off, but he could still feel the traces of Cayden.

But the bitterness had cleared his mind.

I couldn’t sleep because of the pain I felt in my chest every moment.

The more he did it, the stronger Kirsi grabbed his handkerchief.

It looked like he wouldn’t leave.

Leave yourself alone and go to another family.

It seemed that he would not leave himself and go to another woman.

The moment she thought of the concept of another woman, her heart sank once again.

It was only now that she realized how much she loved him.

He had no choice but to know that it was so difficult just to turn his head away from him.

Cayden said that it was natural for him to marry another woman.

Kirsty couldn’t understand how it was normal.

Marriage is with the person you love the most. I couldn’t figure out how it was natural for me to leave myself and marry another woman.

No matter how much he tried to leave, it didn’t change his conviction that he was his favorite woman. Not even Asena, she would love herself the most.

Because even the time we were together was the longest.

Therefore, he felt betrayed that he was thinking of marrying another woman.


No, am I weird? As siblings, is this normal?

No matter how much we love each other, shouldn’t we be siblings?

she’s fine Isn’t it Kayden?

But no matter how much she thought about it, Kirsi knew it too.

Normal siblings don’t get married. Just because they thought they weren’t in a normal relationship, they just turned their eyes away.

And gradually, when I realized that Kaden and myself weren’t that different from normal siblings, my heart fluttered.

She smelled his handkerchief, one hand naturally pointing downwards.

Careful, but without stopping, a hand went between her legs.

She didn’t even know why she was doing this now.

Was it because of his scent that filled his nose? Is it because I have now confirmed my love for him? Was it because I had a dream that I was lying in bed with him? Was it because he was jealous of the fact that he was going to another woman? Or maybe it was because I wanted to feel what sex felt like after I got married with him.

The body acted impulsively.

According to the sex education class, Bibu said his penis was coming in.

Kirsi touched her pussy. I didn’t feel anything other than the soft feeling.


After taking a deep breath in the scent of the handkerchief, Kirsi summoned Cayden in her head.

He thought that the finger he was touching right now was his.


And at that moment, as if an electric current passed through my body, my body trembled.

The pussy, which had never felt anything, became as sensitive as if it had become her weakness.

Her soft pussy gradually got wet, and she began to feel strange. But still, it didn’t feel wrong. Rather, it just makes me want to think of him more vividly.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even think of what he was saying in this situation.

So Kirsi only imagines Kayden calling her name.

“…brother Brother…”

In answer to his words, she touched her pussy.

At first, she was just clumsily rubbing her hand against her pussy, but gradually she began to learn the trick.

I felt the best when I put my finger through the tight gap.

In particular, when I thought that it was Cayden’s genitals that came in through my own pussy, all the depression in my heart was blown away, and only joy was filled with joy. Being married to him would be like this. It was an insanely happy feeling.

He said that sexual activity was something that could only be done with a person who had been in a relationship with a married couple. It was also a symbol of purity.

It was Kirsi who thought that Kaden could take her innocence.

I don’t know why, but I felt a sense of immorality in that imagination.

Kirsey had never thought of a marriage partner, but when he tried to think of it, there was only Cayden.

But she knew that it was not common for siblings to marry.

So, the fact that brother and sister Cayden took her virginity felt wrong, but it felt so right.

Perhaps, the fact that he was defiling him with himself in his head was the cause of his feeling of immorality.

– Crackle… Crackle… Crackle…

Every time her fingers went in and out of her pussy, no, the more she thought of Kayden touching her, the pleasure doubled and piled up.

I think of his smile. I think of him stroking my hair. I recall the feeling of his lips kissing his cheek and forehead, and the feeling of his rough hands.


Kirsi begged Kayden in front of her. I imagined his brother’s bare body, and thought about the feeling of holding each other’s bodies in close contact.

Her body was hot and sweaty, and her thighs were damp.

– Crackle! Crumple! Crackle!

Even though only the entrance was being touched, the sound of obscene love words filled the room. I was afraid the sound would leak out, but I couldn’t stop thinking that Caden was touching me.

Because in this way, he didn’t want to stop coveting him and wanting him to touch him.

“brother…! ah..! ah…!”

She calls Cayden and thinks of him even more.

Even though I didn’t close my eyes now, I could see him in front of me.

Cayden was smiling.

He said.

“I will leave. Kirsey.”

At that moment, Kaden’s figure disappeared like a mirage. The dream of being with him is shattered.

Kirsi was the only one left in the room.

There was only one woman who comforted herself on a late night when no one was there.

The hand that touched him was gone.

Kirsi’s hand did not move by itself.

Tears came out and flowed sideways.

Being alone, I was so humble that I couldn’t stand it.

She put the handkerchief in her mouth, and again played with her fingers.

I had to think of him. As before, he could only survive if he came back.

“brother…! brother…!”

But no matter how hard he tried to think of him, Kirsi was alone.

he didn’t come back

Rather, the anxiety in his heart showed only a strange delusion.

He takes another woman’s hand, smiles and turns his back. His appearance as he leaves himself.


Kirsi moved his hand faster.

– Squeak! Squeak! Squish! Squeak!

Then, the waist naturally curls, and the pussy shrinks. I had goosebumps all over my body and I was shaking.

-Pew shoot! Pyuve!

Love liquid came out of the secret and wet the quilt. An empty pleasure enveloped her.

All the strength drained out of my body.

In a sense of weakness, the body relaxes, and the hands fall to the bed helplessly.

Tears were still flowing.

After all, by doing this, the empty chest was not filled.

It’s meaningless if he doesn’t come back.

No matter how much I imagined him and pretended to have sex with him, it wasn’t real.

I was disappointed. He looked so humble.

She smiled as she remembered herself.

Kirsh Freister is like this.

She just closed her eyes.

Kayden’s words came to mind.

‘It’s best to sleep after crying.’

Before going to sleep, she whispered quietly.

“……Where do you run away?”

The first masturbation of her life ended like that.

This time, I had no dreams.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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