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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 34

Dream (5)

Even when Kaden wiped away the tears again, Kirsey couldn’t believe the situation.

“Oh my gosh… all your pretty faces will be damaged.”

He still had a gentle smile, but the future he spoke of was something he had never experienced before.

Foreshadowed parting.

She couldn’t accept this.

It is Kayden who has filled her empty heart since her parents left. He was the older brother who gave up his back and led the way so that they could set foot again in the world they were too afraid to leave.

His efforts set an example, and his jokes made his worries seem silly.

Sitting together at the setting sun and looking at his side with his eyes closed, my heart pounded and I thought that there was nothing to be afraid of in the world.

He was his salvation and his blessing.

If I had to choose just one treasure in this world. If I had to choose the last thing I would give up when the family fell, it was Cayden.

I never doubted that he would be by my side for the rest of my life. Because no matter what you do, you come back to me.

Even when he accidentally spilled his food. Even when the fever soared and kept him from sleeping all night. Even if I pout at him and fight for a few days. Even if you spit out harsh words.

He always came back and smiled.

had promised to always be by each other’s side. to be on each other’s side.

But now they say they are leaving. He refuses to stand next to him any longer.

They say that they will no longer stand by and be supportive, kiss the forehead to say good night, tell funny jokes, pat their hair, or share the day with them.

Not by an unstoppable external force, but by his choice. It is said that he is leaving himself on his feet.


Kirsey still didn’t say anything.

Only tears continued to flow.

no way. Is this a self-inflicted disaster?

Did my words come back to me?

Thinking like that, it was hard for me to breathe.

Was it because I wanted to keep him by my side that made him leave?

Cayden was now wiping her tears with both hands.

“You know too. I am a commoner, and you are a great aristocrat. If you draw lines on a pumpkin, it won’t turn into a watermelon. No matter how much I add the last name ‘Pryster’ to my name, in the end I am a commoner.”


Kirsey’s head was dizzy. I couldn’t see well in front of my eyes. I still couldn’t speak.

“I didn’t know I was stupid. You knew better than anyone.”

At the words, ‘You knew better than anyone else’, Kirsey’s heart is pounding again.

After all, he knew the story behind it. The cursing of trying to get rid of others entered his ears.

But talking behind the scenes was a thing of the distant past. It was after a long time had passed. It was something that had even been silenced because of what Kayden had been seeing lately.

So, if he did, he probably wouldn’t have found out recently. He pretends not to know even though he’s known and heard for a long time. He came to me with a smile.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t stand it. He just continued to be cared for.

Kirsey looked at Kayden with a bitter smile.

what was your mind Have you ever hated yourself? did you hate it

Kirsi’s tears continued to flow. Nothing was sincere. Is it his fault that he leaves?

“So I will leave. Guys. Don’t be too sad. Let’s work hard in each other’s positions.”

His words of leaving once more wake up Kirsi. It makes your stiff mouth move.

“…don’t…don’t say nonsense. brother. Whoa…! All..If you go to another family, you can only see them once every few years…!”

Even talking about it makes me afraid of that distant time. I’d be crazy if I could only see him once every few years.

“I will call you often. You’ll get used to it as soon as you get out of it.”

“…it’s hard to be away for a day now…”

At that moment, Kirsi felt a wild rage rising from somewhere in his heart that he didn’t know existed. It was as if someone inside he didn’t know was raising his head.

Kirsey pushed Cayden’s arm away, which was caressing her cheek, and wiped her eyes roughly with her sleeve.

And look at him and say.

“…Brother… did you forget why you came to the academy so late? It was to be with us…! But what if I say I’m leaving?”

“…I am confused now. Did I really ask you to wait to go with me? Or did I tell you to wait for this?”

Kirsey swallowed his saliva.

to hide and control him.

It was all because I loved him.

She knew it too. That it was done without his permission. That he might hate it. However, it is also true that deep down in his heart, there was a perception that he would eventually forgive him.

“I have no intention of being your burden. If it’s always what we’re supposed to do outside… I’d better leave.”

Cayden took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped Kirsey’s tears again.

Calm her down with your usual touch. But Kirsi did not calm down that much.

“…why is that right? Oppa, you came into the family just for us! Then you have to listen to me-”

Asena momentarily cuts off Kirsi, who loses her senses and spit out whatever comes to mind to catch him.




The saying that they brought them into the family only for them, not for anything else. It wasn’t wrong, but it could be disappointing for Cayden.

Because they didn’t need it all, and as they said, it could feel like they had to live only for themselves.

“…you thought so?”

Cayden gave Kirsty a handkerchief and took it off.

She just realized what she was missing. Even the last warmth he gave out seemed to have been turned off by himself.

“Oh, no. brother. It’s not because you’re leaving me-“

“-Oppa has feelings too, Kirsi. There are things I don’t want to do, and there are times when I’m sad. Get hurt too.”

“No.. that was in vain. brother..”

Asena joins in.

“brother. calm down. Kirsi is crazy right now. Yeah, I was like that before too.”

But Kaden said.

“I never told you.”



“Why did I join the Fryster family?”

He was silent, he said slowly.

“I didn’t want to come.”


Kirsi raised a question. There was no reason to be sad because it was a time when they did not know them, but for some reason, my heart was about to be saddened.

“Liana said she would do it all, but I said no at first. Because… you had younger brothers in the orphanage.”

Kirsi felt his heart pounding. I feel as if I have lost my position. It was a natural story, but hearing it through his mouth, there was a shock for some reason. Is it because he thinks his younger siblings are the only ones? Did the younger brothers love them as much as they loved them?

“By the way, that’s what Grandma Liana said. If you come to the Frysters, I will provide food for my younger brothers.”

Kayden stood up. Kirsey had to tilt her head to meet her gaze.

“So if you think I’ve been sold like a slave, Kirsi. That is an illusion.”


Cayden sighs heavily.

“…okay. know. Words must have been in vain But… now I’m having a hard time too. I just wanted to live a happy life…Why should I feel betrayed by you?”


“okay. And now you are all grown up. My role is over.”

Asena got up from her seat and approached her.

She didn’t show what emotions she was hiding, but she could tell that she was hiding various things. Like a true fryer. like a snake. she came

“…brother. calm down.”


“I promise you by name. This will never happen again. I still need him, and I hope he doesn’t leave because of this. You always…forgave us. One last time… huh?”


Kirsi also staggered and dragged himself, tangled in Cayden’s leg. Asena slowly raises her arms and wraps them around Cayden’s neck. The distance is enough to feel the breath to each other.

“…Sorry. Forgive me now.”


Cayden looked into Asena’s eyes for a long time. Asena didn’t avert her eyes either.

Cayden nodded slowly.

“…you said you forgave me. But my heart doesn’t change. Let’s go our separate ways.”

Asena’s expression stirred up agitation. Two arms wrapped around his neck were filled with strength, and emotions that did not know whether it was bitterness or anger swirled in his eyes.

said kayden.

“There is only one thing I want. As much as I have agreed to forgive you, I hope from now on we will not blush and bless each other’s paths. We keep talking, but I’m not here to fight, right? I forgave, and it is right for me to leave.”

“…Why are you doing this…Brother…Where are you leaving me? My side is your brother’s seat… I think I’m going crazy…”

Asena, as if frustrated, brought her face closer. He delivered it to Caden with strength, word by word, but again, he did not waver.

“Asena, Kirsi. I’ll tell you just once.”


“I can’t bear this pain anymore. If I’m sick, it’s not my place. It’s not your fault, actually. My family is like this, my birth is like this, so there is nothing I can do about it. So I want to spend the rest of my life in a place where I don’t get sick, with just like-minded people… who appreciate my efforts. Can’t you bless me?”

Kirsi reached out and grabbed Cayden’s shirt. With the rest of her hand, she patted her chest.

“Oppa… you know me.. someone you like.. huh?”

“Your heart is right. But even if the location is different, it is very different.”

“Then what does that mean? You mean you’re living with a woman other than me?”

“You sound strange, Kirsi. Was it supposed to be like that?”

A little bit of strength escaped from Kirsi’s grasp.

Her heart was strangely twisted. I couldn’t understand a single word of Cayden.

“…and even get married?”

“I have to do it someday.”

“…for the rest of my life…by my side…”

She murmured like a doll. It was the moment when the iron-stone belief was broken. He thought he would stay by his side without getting married.

“If things hadn’t come this far, I would have gotten married anyway.”

Kirsey imagined Kayden with another woman unwittingly. Imagine the kind words you said to yourself and the whispers of love going to someone else.

The bright sight of each other smiling, happy and affectionately kissing each other, Kirsey felt terribly displeased.

Instantly, the sex education class comes to mind.


She started to vomit.

It was only now that I understood why the other young girls expressed disgust when they took the class.

When I imagined myself as a substitute for Kayden, I was thrilled, but when the woman changed into a different person, only nausea came up.


Tears began to form in his eyes from the intense nausea.

Cayden scratched his head shyly.

“…Kirsi… No, it’s only natural… Who is it that I am so disgusted with?”

“Ah… no… Whoops! It’s not like that, but why am I doing this too… Oops!”

Even while she was speaking, she kept getting nauseous.

And then I understood. As much as Kaden took for granted, it was an act he had absolutely nothing to do with himself.

It was impossible as a brother and sister from the beginning.

Kirsi’s eyes reflexively looked for Asena.

When Kirsi is anxious, Kayden. If Kaden wasn’t there, I found Asena in that order.

And the moment I saw Asena, I understood it.

Kirsey thinks.

‘That’s why you tried to expel your brother from the family.’

Why did you try to break the ties between siblings?

I only realized after everything had passed.

Also, I just found out that Asena had the same feelings as her. The twins had a heart they shouldn’t have for their brother.

“ruler. No matter what you say…I won’t change. made up my mind So let’s end it here today. Were you just saying the same thing to each other from a while ago? It would be a waste of time if I had to expand the story further.”

– tuk tuk

When Caden gave strength, the twins fell helplessly from his body.

“Right now, everyone is so angry. In time, it will be fine. Separation is always painful at the moment, but as time goes by slowly, will we be able to let each other go with a smile later?”

“……Absolutely not.”

Asena bowed her head and muttered.

“…I will go now, brother. It is too late.”

“……This story isn’t over yet, brother. I’ll talk to you later.”

Asena assured. But Kayden just smiled.

And then, Kaden said, ‘Oh.’ He thought of something, and said with a serious face.

“…..right. I mean, just in case.”


“Hey guys. Don’t be silly….don’t do it. I said I won’t change my mind Let’s not get into trouble.”

Cayden couldn’t leave them alone until the moment he decided to leave. I just hoped they wouldn’t become villains again.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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