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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 33

Dream (4)

Asena fell into a situation where she couldn’t do anything.

I wanted to turn everything upside down and catch Caden and return to the estate.

I didn’t learn anything from the academy anyway, and I’ve met all the people I need to meet, so there’s no reason to stay here.

Asena accurately grasped her social position. She was someone who didn’t have to go out.

The weak or the weak try to decorate themselves, form groups, and make connections, but Asena Priest doesn’t have to do that.

However, she also becomes a weakling in front of only one person.

Kayden Pryster.

In front of him, Asena decorates herself, tries to make a kite, and commits stupid things.

Emotions kept grabbing her and shaking her, preventing her from thinking properly.

As a result, there was a tug-of-war between reason and the desire to explode with anger.

She couldn’t believe the situation now.

Was this all a situation that was created by one’s own mistakes?

…to regret it.

He just wished that no woman coveted him.

He just wanted others not to think of him and Kaden as siblings.

These two goals, which, summed up in writing, are very simple, he is moving away from them.


Cayden slowly began to kneel on one knee. Then, his hand, which only they had touched, grabbed Daisy’s hand.

Asena unwittingly entered her fists. I even trembled.

The appearance of Kaden swearing allegiance to another woman was not something she could stand.

Afterwards, as Kaden kissed Daisy’s lips, Asena just closed her eyes.

‘Wait a minute.’

she thinks

‘Until we have a plan, hold on.’



Kirsi spoke to Asena walking down the hallway with her expression hidden.

“…why is that person behind…?”

Kirsi frowned and looked at Judy Ice. Kirsi’s hostility towards Judy was quite high because she was a woman I saw every time I went to visit Kayden.

Judy gave Kirsi a brief bow, and Kirsi also awkwardly accepted her greeting.

“…This is the student council escort training for the Knights Department. For the next few weeks.”

Asena says:

Kirsi showed hostility to Judy and responded to the word ‘Knights Department’.

“…uh? If it’s a knight department… how about your brother?”

Asena didn’t have to answer. I didn’t even want to. When he spoke out that he became Daisy’s knight instead of his own, it felt like losing.

Besides, he didn’t want to admit that he was the cause of it all.

Kirsey’s curiosity did not last long.

Kirsi’s eyes, looking at Asena, turned over her shoulder, and Kirsi’s expression began to turn blue.



“…Sister…isn’t it?”


“….Brother, you must have become a knight of Daisy Hexter?”


As Asena did not respond, Kirsi did not wait.

He started walking closer to Daisy. I was thinking of finding out what kind of English it was with my own strength.

“brother! daisy-“

But before she could finish speaking, Cayden stopped between Daisy and Kirsi.


Kirsey is perplexed by the act of protecting Daisy from herself.


And then I started to feel sad. You can’t protect yourself, but you’re protecting another woman. It was as if he had been tormenting Daisy.

I grew up looking only for his broad back. For the first time, his back was passed on to another woman.

But Kirsi endured the injustice and asked him.

“….What happened?”

“I have escort training.”

“…Isn’t it right to become your brother’s knight?”

Kirsi actually didn’t want him to be anyone else’s escort if he wasn’t his own, but Asena was able to bear it.

And that’s right.

Cayden is from his own family, and Asena goes.

Rather, I was more curious about how Cayden became Daisy’s escort while Asena was in the student council.

Could it be that he applied?

A suffocating frustration found Kirsi.

And just as anger was about to rise in this frustration, Kaden said.

“Ah, Kirsty. I have something to tell you tonight.”


“I’ll see you off to Daisy-sama’s dormitory, so wait.”

Kirsi hesitated for a moment at his voice, then came to his senses.

“…Brother, don’t talk back. What happened now-”


One hand grabbed Kirsi’s shoulder.

It was Asena.

She advised Kirsi with a look she had never seen before.

“…Kirsi. Now… listen to me.”


Kirsi didn’t understand a single thing about this ridiculous situation. But instinctively, I knew something was wrong. That anxiety stops her.


“…you did a great job today.”

said Daisy.

“…what, it’s my job.”

I fixed my posture and answered.

She was standing in front of the dorm door, looking at me.

Occasionally a few interesting little girls watched us, but we were getting used to it.

It was the first time I had come to the women’s dormitory. It was not originally possible, but it was allowed for a while in the name of practice.

“…Then have a good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Breaking the awkward air that flowed as they looked at each other, Daisy said her final goodbye.

But I had something to say to her.

“…Oh, Daisy?”

“…Call me Daisy. It’s just a practice, you didn’t really become my knight, did you?”

“…Then Daisy…I’m sorry. It was uncomfortable being involved in my family today.”

Daisy turned around, gave a small smile and looked straight at me.

“…I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. But, Kaden-sama.”

“Call me Kaden.”

At my words, she smiled shyly.

“Then Kayden. I’m not worried. It’s more rewarding than uncomfortable.”


it’s rewarding

In which part do you feel happy?

I tried to understand what she was saying, but I couldn’t figure it out.

And for me squeezing my hair like this, says Daisy.

“…Kayden. I feel sorry for you.”


“…because of the fact that he was adopted, he was hated by the twins. Despite your great abilities, you treat it like a burden to hide… Maybe that’s why your bad reviews are circulating. It’s not that uncomfortable to see.”


“Because I respect talented people. I understand the times when you had to endure to get that ability.”

All I could do was laugh out loud.

The more I listened, the more I thought I would cry if I made a mistake.

It was hard to be treated like that by twins. I understand, but it wasn’t difficult. But in the novel, the character I liked the most is the person who recognizes me. I couldn’t help but be impressed.

“Winning a jousting match wasn’t easy. It was a win that was achieved by dropping all horses in one match.”

In fact, in addition to that, the lance was also short. As she said, I’ve been working hard for this skill.

“…but you are such a wonderful person. The person who worked hard to be recognized by others….Twins..So the younger brothers ignored him…I didn’t like that. So I’m enjoying myself. If you’re by my side… at least I won’t ignore you. If you’re by my side, you might be able to avoid the twins’ ignorance even a little bit.”


Then, Daisy said to me with an ‘Oops’ expression.

“ah…! What are you doing standing in front of you and swearing at your younger siblings… Of course it’s a secret to the twins?”

“…haha…don’t worry.”

Daisy put her hand on my arm.

“…Have you been having a hard time?”

I bit my lip.

took a deep breath.

“…you have suffered. Today, too.”

Daisy smiled again.

Yeah, that’s the part I liked about her.

She is strong, yet kind.

It was a look that I liked when I read it, but when this favor goes directly to me, my heart sympathizes even more.


I called her name.


“…I swear again, I will be loyal to you while I am your escort.”

Daisy smiles and turns around.

Then he opened the door to the dormitory and entered quietly.

“…I believe. Sleep well…?”

“Sleep well.”


Immediately after, I headed to the twins’ room.

Judy didn’t run into them as they headed to their room. Since the dormitory is a dormitory, I thought she might have returned to her room soon.

But on the way, my heart was strangely light. Was it because I made up my mind, or did the words I heard from Daisy comfort me?

I didn’t feel uncomfortable, afraid, or stuffy so much that I couldn’t understand.

It felt like a cool breeze was blowing in my chest.

Arriving at the twins’ room, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.


And before the third knock, the door burst open.

Unsurprisingly, Kirsi was still standing in front of the door.

As soon as she saw me, she ran to me with tears in her eyes.

It was a momentum that was difficult to stop, so I just surrendered my arms.

She hung up on me and started to cry.

“brother…! From my sister.. uhh.. I heard…! no…! Oppa, I mean I don’t hate you…!”

I hung her up and walked inside.


I ordered her to stop crying and pulled her thighs up around my waist.

Whether Asena was real or not, she was waiting for me with a hardened face again.

My throat was dripping with Kirsi’s tears.

“Come on, get off. i feel bad My throat gets wet.”

“Ugh…! Suck…!”

I looked at Asena.

“Asena, what did you say?”

“…just that. My brother knows everything.”


I stroked Kirsi’s back and calmed her down.

“Come on, get down now. You can’t talk like this.”

Kirsi shook her head and clinged to me, but this time I grabbed her under her armpits and pushed her away with a slight force.

With that power, Kirsi was forced to come down from me.

The nose on the neck hangs down.


He smiled slightly and cleaned up Kirsi’s messed up face and said to her.

“…Kirsi. I told Asena, but… Oppa, it’s okay.”


She looked up at me while she was crying.

His eyes were sparkling with excellence.

“I understand. okay. i was forgot How strict the class system is in this world. And what a symbolic position of aristocrat Pryster is.”

“…I was wrong too..I won’t do it again. This time, it’s a real promise.”

Kirsi sat down on the floor and reached out a hand and grabbed my sleeve.

But I’m not finished talking.

Asena also began to clench her fists as if she had expected my words to come soon.

“So I mean. My brother is going to leave the family now.”


Kirsi stopped crying for a moment and looked at me with both eyes blinking. The swaying eyes looked at my left face, then my right cheek, then my left eye and then my right ear.

She continues to blink, she says.

“…Oppa, I heard the wrong thing…”

“It may be painful, but…we shouldn’t have been a family.”

Bitterly, he tells her the truth.

Bend your legs and make eye contact with Kirsi.

Her eyes were still wandering.

“Oh my gosh… all your pretty faces will be damaged.”

I wiped her tears away and gave her a small smile.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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