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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 30

Dream (1)

I had a dream.

The novel I read unfolds before my eyes.

What the world would have looked like if I hadn’t possessed it.

“Forgive me just once!”

The head of the Benthrak family was kneeling and praying. He was full of dignity, but in the end, he had no choice but to be subservient to the life of his children.

His son, Kyle Benthrock. As he was digging up rumors and secrets of the Academy, he was discovered by Kirsi.

The person who told me about Kirsi’s backstory.

He followed the twins in the novel, giving useful information to the protagonist, Eric Endra, but… his tail was long.

Kyle Benthrack had already been tortured and lost consciousness.

Count Benthrak glanced at him and clasped him to Kirsi.

“I will make sure this never happens again. no! House Benthrak will swear allegiance to House Pryster…! please..! As much as my son’s life, please!”

A few days after Kyle’s following was discovered.

The Freisters’ soldiers came and took him away.

Of course, it was against the rules of the Academy, but the Frysters made the impossible possible.

In the original case, the Academy would arbitrate and come up with an appropriate negotiation plan.

Kirsi captured him and sent him to the Freister estates where he was imprisoned, so the rules of the academy became irrelevant.

From the Benthrak family’s point of view, they had no choice but to pray to the Fryster family or retake their son through war, but both sides had little chance of fighting.

“…do you know what your son did to me?”

Kirsi asks coldly.

It was a dream, but the very heterogeneous figure of Kirsi is drawn.

There was a big difference from the woman who always smiled at me.

“..I know! I heard you’re behind me..! really..! I’m really sorry..! It will never happen again…!”

The head of the Benthrak family banged his head on the floor, begging for forgiveness.

However, Kirsi looks at her nails with a gloomy face.

“…if I did what you said, I might have forgiven you.”


And Kirsi spat out in an unpleasant tone, as if spitting abusive language.

“…he touched my hand.”


Count Benthrack doubted his ears.

But Kirsi speaks again.

“You dared to touch my hand.”

“…No…I mean…”

Count Benthrack couldn’t hide his confused expression. He couldn’t understand Kirsi, who took his life for touching him.

“…don’t you like the way you look?”


Kirsey lets out a smirk.


“…no…! no..! I’ll pay attention…!”

“No one can touch me. Even now, when I think of that lowly touch, I get nausea.”


Benthrak Gaju bit his teeth.

Not many would be able to stand it when they hear that their son is dirty. But for the sake of his son’s life, he endured all the disgrace.

“…Then let’s do this.”

Kirsey said.

“…I will forgive you if you bring me the wrist of my son who touched me.”


Benthrak Gaju asks.

As Kirsi snapped his finger, the soldier holding Kyle threw an axe.

With a terrifying sound, the ax fell in front of the benthracks.

“…which hand it was, you guessed it. If you bring it right, I will spare your life.”

Kirsi threatened him.

At that moment, another person ran into the space.

“Kircy Pryster!!”

the protagonist of the novel.

It was Eric Endra.

Kirsi sits down and asks.

“….ah. This is Eric. How did you get in?”

“Kirsi. What is this?”

“I was chasing one of the rats who was digging behind me.”

“…this is too much. Forgive me, and release Kyle.”

Kirsey laughed.

“…it would be too much from your point of view. I am not good enough.”

“Kirsi…! I’m sure you’ll regret-“

Kirsi cut off Eric Endra.

“Don’t touch us.”

she whispered Immediately after, he speaks coldly.

“Earl Benthrac. I definitely gave you a chance.”

In an instant, the soldier behind Kyle Benthrack raised his ax high.




As I moaned, the dream changed.

This time it was Asena.

She was slowly walking into the Hector’s auditorium.

It was a spacious and beautiful space, but all members of the Hexter family were on their knees, giving their heads to the soldiers of the Freister family.

It was the act Asena had ordered. He told me to prepare an environment that could take a life with a single word.

Only Earl Hexter did not touch anyone.

But he was on his knees waiting for Asena.

“…it’s ready.”

Without even looking at the kneeling Count Hexter, Asena passed him. She says as she sits in the empty seat of Count Hexter.

“Kill them all.”

There were no other words. It was the last will, or if I swore allegiance, I would take care of it, or any other procedure.

Dozens of Priest soldiers raised their swords one by one.

“Duke Freister!”

Daisy Hexter interrupted at that moment, raising her voice.

All the soldiers stopped at the voice.

“No… Asena. do not be like this.”


Asena, who was cooler than usual, rolled her eyes and looked at Daisy Hexter.

“…I am doing this because of what I did. kill me only Leave our family alone.”


No one could tell what was going on under Asena’s hardened face.

“I lost. Stop it now. There are many Youngji people who depend on our family. If you kill them all…they won’t survive either. I can only punish you. torture or whatever. We’re not the only ones dying with this order…! Even small children will die a lot. please.”

Daisy asked Asena with a firm expression. Daisy, who is famous for not being broken, finally surrendered.

“I lost…because I lost…”

Asena looked at the Academy’s old motives, and turned her head.

She was not agitated.

Speak in the same mechanical voice.

“Execute them all. Leave no survivors.”




“Ugh…! Ugh…!”

I wake up with a burning thirst.

My throat hurts and my mouth is stuffy.

I even had nightmares, so the bed was rough.

I got out of bed with a maddening thirst, grabbed the kettle that had been holding water, and poured it into my mouth.

It was only after a series of cold water soaked my neck that I was able to come to my senses.


He wiped his mouth and sat down at the desk.

He tried to reproduce the dream, but he shook his head.

Thinking about a future that will never come true is meaningless.

But there were thoughts that came thanks to the dream.

It’s a future I’ve prevented.

Are the two really reincarnated?


“Judy, hello.”

I said hello to Judy, who was standing at the training ground in the same way today.


But she didn’t respond.

Maybe something bad happened, his expression was very hard.

“….What’s going on?”

Judy sighed, exhaled, and spoke in a voice that seemed to give up.

“…just. I feel like you’re only talking.”


“It’s a hostile family, but don’t blush and let’s be friends.”

He bowed his head and looked more carefully at Judy’s expression.

“I don’t know because it’s your first time… If it’s your friend who doesn’t even say hello at such an event, what’s the use?”

“…Ah. At the prom?”


As she said, at the prom, I didn’t even say hello to Judy.

Come to think of it, it was a sad thing to do.

But I had my own circumstances.

“There’s something going on, Judy. If you’ve been watching, you’d know, but after Daisy Hexter, I’m looking for you.”

“….by the way?”

“But the twins took me.”

Judy turned and turned to me.

“…Yeah, both of the twins looked angry back then, what was that?”

“I was going to stay quiet and come out, but my plan was ruined when I asked Daisy to dance.”

“…Why did you try to stay quiet and come out?”

It wasn’t very pleasant to explain, but I had to tell Judy.

He always approached me as a friend, and I couldn’t even wave his hand asking if I was having fun. Besides, it wasn’t the first time I got help, so there was a debt of my heart.

Judy was also able to tell for the first time how she was being treated by the twins, who couldn’t tell anyone else.

“…Tell me. Why did you try to stay quiet and come out? So, you were sitting behind the twins drinking alcohol all the way through the prom?”

A worried look began to appear in her eyes. She, too, seemed to realize instinctively that it was a matter of descent within the family that we had in common.

“….okay. The twins wanted to hide me. At first, it was a strategy for the family, whatever…. I heard it later. He said he’d just leave me at the Freister estate.”

Perhaps he was angry for me instead, Judy gave a short snort.

“…So I said. The fryers are dirty.”

“…even if you swear, I said that you swear.”

“…do you still have them? Aren’t you stupid?”

“Complex. But, Judy.”

I look at Judy.

And for the first time, I revealed my true intentions.

“……I want to leave the family.”


Judy looked at me in disbelief. Compassion for me, or worries, blessings, etc… they put on complicated expressions.

“What if I tell you to throw it away and am surprised?”


She opened her mouth but couldn’t speak.

I know. So far, she has only spoken.

If I really wanted to, she would too.

But she and I know, the choice to leave the family is not an easy one.

I made up my mind now.

“…I don’t think there’s any reason to stick with the twins. I still like them, but it’s hard to stick with them. Even the twins are ashamed of me anyway.”


“You just have to be strong from afar. So, Judy.”


Judy didn’t seem to be able to follow what I said now. Perhaps he is feeling complicated by substituting himself for me.

I asked.

“Is the Ice family a vassal?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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