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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 31

Dream (2)

“Are you going to join our family as a vassal?”

Judy’s voice seemed to tell how surprised she was.


I covered her mouth with my hand and looked around her.

It was attracting attention, but everyone quickly finished what they were doing.

“…I still want to keep it a secret. I couldn’t quite decide which family to go to. Just asking first.”

Judy removed my hand and spoke in a lower voice.

“..you seem to forget it sometimes, but it’s our hostility…! I’m not talking about… isn’t it humiliating to come into our family and obey orders?”

“It’s meaningful because it’s the Ice Family, Judy.”


“Because we’re hostile… If there’s a problem, I can help. It serves as a dialogue between the Frysters and the Ices.”


“To exaggerate, I might be able to prevent future wars. No matter how… the twins are shy of me and don’t like to think of me as a Freister, but they get along. Either convince the twins or convince the Ice Duke. Can we come forward when the conflict intensifies?”


“And when it comes to humiliation… it’s pretty obvious that my efforts were ignored by my younger brothers now…”

Judy squats down. He put his elbows on his knees and sighed.

“Even if you say that, doesn’t it mean that you live for twins in the end?”

“…well, it’s because I can’t hate kids. But again, I keep getting hurt when I try to stick with it. I feel bad.”

“…hogu doesn’t have a hogu like this.”

“…Think of your own way.”

Judy frowned at the bright sunlight and looked up at me.

“…will you do it to everyone you like?”

“Well? What.”

“…will you love me like twins?”


I scratched my head.

“I don’t know either.”

Judy also said she was scratching her head like me.

“…Our family always receives vassals. But… you are a Priest. I am not sure.”


“yes. So I’m going to write a letter to my father.”

I was surprised by her choice.

It was said that he hoped that something like this would happen to some extent, but it was impressive that he was so willing to send a letter to the Duke of Ice.

“…are you okay?”

politely asked once.

Judy said with a very subtle smile.

“…if it’s your father, it’s fine.”


I didn’t say anything else.

I just said thank you and patted her on the shoulder.


After class, Sir Hoslow stopped the class.

When he did this kind of thing, mainly big things happened.

when I first got the word.

when the jousting tournament is held.

In my experience, another event was approaching.

Sir Horslow stood on the podium and was handed a list to a worker who helped with the class.

He looked at the list carefully, and glanced at each of his mates.

We didn’t know the English language, so we just looked at each other nervously.

“What is that?”

I, too, was at the moment when Sir Hoslow’s eyes were skimmed and my curiosity was growing.

When I asked Judy, she shook her head as if she didn’t know either.

Sir Horslow remains so silent for a while, then lowers the list and says:

“ruler! It’s been a few weeks since we started training. As you can see, there are still a lot of immature guys, but there are also a lot of good guys.”

The comrades stood firm at the sound of his voice.

Not everyone even looked at him. That much, he was showing respect for Lord Hoslow.

“The good guys must have mastered the basics through hard work. And they don’t have to waste time in a place like this.”


I listened to him, thinking that maybe it wasn’t a crazy story about leaving the class.

“Don’t be nervous. In most cases, it’s still not enough, so it’ll still be here. But I will name two of them. These two will start practicing in the future.”

With a strange feeling, I looked at Judy.

Judy was also looking at me.

We instinctively felt who the two were to be called.

Because the two of us were the best in this class.

“Kaden Pryster! Judy Ice! Come forward!”

At Sir Hoslow’s call, we walked forward to the podium.

He reassured us again.

“…don’t be nervous. I said it was a practice, but your body will feel more comfortable.”

As we step onto the podium, Sir Horslow tells me and Judy, one hand on each shoulder.

“You are going to practice escort in the future.”

“The escort?”

“One of the important roles of a knight. Any more training here would be a waste of time. It is much better to gain experience.”

Judy gave me another questionable look.

I knew what she would be curious about. Because I also had a question.

“…by escort, who are you escorting?”

Sir Horslow said it was obvious.

“I’m a member of the student council, who is it?”


A day has passed, but Asena still hasn’t calmed down.

The image of Cayden dancing with Daisy couldn’t be erased from her head. That momentum got deeper as the night went on, and it came to a situation where anger was burning in my heart again.

It was a fire that Cayden had put out for a while. I wanted to say something to Cayden on the same day, but in the end, I collapsed in front of his aegyo.

He hugged him and said he was sorry, kissed him and asked him to forgive him… As Asena, he couldn’t help but forgive.

But in this case, it was the fault of two people.

Kayden is Kayden, and Daisy is Daisy.

She opened the student council room and entered.

The door opened with a loud noise and attention was focused.

“Asena, the next time you come in, be a little more careful-”

The student council president, Lucille Hover, speaks out, but Asena ignores her.

He approached the woman who was his older brother and who had stolen the man he loved at the ball in a straight line.



“Look at me for a moment.”




Asena looked at Daisy with a stiff face.

The two were looking at each other in the bathroom.

Daisy, who did not know English, only looked at Asena’s mood.

“Ashena, that’s a bad thing—”


As if she didn’t want to hear her voice, Daisy opened her mouth and Asena intervened as if it was natural.


“I don’t think you understand from the last conversation we had, so I’ll tell you for sure.”


“My brother. Don’t be friends with Kaden Pryster.”


Daisy blinked.

“I think I said before that it wouldn’t be good to be friends.”

And after slowly digesting Asena’s words, she pondered for a moment, then expressed her doubts.

“…Asena, why do you hate your brother so much?”


Asena asked the question coldly, but she felt her composure shattered.

“…even at the prom, stop talking to other people. cursing from behind I try to stop making friends with people. Why are you tormenting Kaden-sama so much?”

“…I came to warn you, not to talk.”

Asena took a step closer to Daisy.

But Daisy did not give in to the pressure, and continued to share her thoughts.

“…you seem like a good person. It looks like you’re putting in a lot of effort when you look at the jousting match. You look great in my eyes, why do you hate me so much-”

“-daisy. shut up.”

The atmosphere becomes colder.

Daisy felt the air change with the words that just came out of Asena’s mouth.

She didn’t bother to stimulate Asena, but this time she kept her mouth shut.

“…don’t wonder why. Just don’t be friends anymore. It was a warning.”

“…Asena, I see. This time, I’m not approaching Kaden.”

Daisy didn’t want to talk about whose fault it was, but it wasn’t that she didn’t have her own resentment.

It was Kayden who asked to dance. It was also Kayden who came.

But Asena did not accept it.

“When you put out your hand, you could hit it.”

“…Then your brother’s reputation will be ruined?”

“It’s not your concern.”


Daisy, without realizing it, began to think to herself that Kaden was very pitiful. Looking at him, it seems so easy that he likes his younger siblings, but they don’t seem to like him.

Fortunately, Kirsi had been shown hugging Cayden a few times, but in the end, Kirsi was also beating Cayden from behind.

Suddenly, Daisy thought that Asena really suited the snake, the symbol of Freister’s family, very well.

“….daisy. I don’t want to say that anymore.”


“…if I ignore it, it will bother me. I know that.”

Asena spoke with a light word, a weight that was hard to ignore, and then turned around.


Cayden opened the door to the student council room with Sir Horslow and Judy and saw Asena and Daisy coming in.

Asena enters with a firm expression and is surprised to see Kayden.



He smiled and waved his hand. He even waved a hand to Daisy, who was right next to him, but Daisy only gave a light bow.

Asena stepped forward and stood in front of Cayden.

“…why are you here…?”

“..for awhile.”

Cayden looked at Sir Horslow and asked him to keep his body for a while.

Now was not the time to have a sibling conversation.

I had to bring a little more rigid atmosphere.

said Lucille Hover, who was the student body president.

“Asena. I meant to tell you earlier, but from now on, there will be escort training for excellent students in the Knights Department.”

“A escort training…?”

“okay. From now on, one of these two knights will be with you in every move.”

Asena’s heart began to race at the unexpected words.

“…Oppa will protect me from now on?”

“okay. As an escort, from the moment you leave the dormitory until you go back inside. The knights will protect you. We got escorts last year, so this year you get them. To be honest, getting an escort is not very convenient.”

Sir Hoselo intervenes.

“It’s just like that. Being escorted will not make you comfortable. Even if these two are good at the task given to them, they are still young knights. You may actually make it difficult for the student council through your foolish actions. I will ask for your pardon in that regard.”

Showing his knightly courtesy to the student council, Sir Horslow said:

But Asena couldn’t focus on his words from the middle.

I had no idea that such a gift would come.

In the future, I was able to continue working with Kaden.

Except for the small advantage of being able to get into his dormitory, the student council was only dissatisfied with having to be away from Cayden the whole time.

This opportunity came because it was the student council.

She had to resist trying to smile.

I knew a lot of things would become easier in the future.

I knew I wouldn’t have to panic or swear at him when he wasn’t there.

The warning he gave Daisy today has become unnecessary now that Kaden is close to him.

“Come on, Kayden. Say hello to your lord first.”

Lord Horslow ordered, and Cayden moved on.

He slowly approached Asena and stood there.

Asena flinched as she wanted to give him a hand.

He said.



Kayden’s head turns for a moment.

There was no one in the direction.

There was a desk in the direction he was looking at.


Asena followed his gaze, a moment of anxiety exploded. What he was looking at was because Daisy was a single flower that someone had given him and now withered.

said kayden.

“…I’ll take care of Daisy Hexter’s escort.”

For a moment, Asena seemed to stop breathing.


Cayden was thinking that not only the Ice House, but the Hexter House could also be a good choice.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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