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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 29

Third Prom (4)

Breathless shouts and gazes are focused.

Some will feel the pressure,

I felt liberated.

I am fully aware of myself to people.

Not in twin words.

It’s not about standing still.

Not the abandoned adopted children of the Prysters.

As Cayden, I am letting you know that I am this kind of person.

I’ve never been ashamed of myself.

I didn’t even want to be fooled because I was a commoner.

After all, ‘Eric Endra’, the protagonist of this novel, also showed a story of overcoming the pressure of his native place within the academy.

I don’t think it will be me.

Yes, this is a ballroom, and this is a social church.

The twins wanted to hold me down, but…

I realized now that I don’t have to press down anymore.

Daisy always wanted to come this way.

She looked at me slowly.

couldn’t forget me

I made sure to put a snow stamp during the jousting match.

If there was anyone in the academy that I looked up affectionately after twins, it was Daisy.

I’ve never told a story, but I’ve seen her through novels.

Until I got possessed, she was my favorite.

We’ve never approached each other like this because we have each other’s positions, but now I’ve decided not to hide.

I wanted to leave and talk about it.


I waited for her slowly.

Daisy got up from her seat… and took my hand.

The music changes.


One hand grabbed her hand and the other grabbed her waist.

She also puts her remaining hand on my shoulder.

Several gazes were felt, but we melted among the other men and women who were already dancing.

I could feel the twins’ gaze in one corner, but I ignored it.


It was the first word I gave.

“I don’t think it drew any attention.”

“Do you know?”

As expected, at the blunt reply that came back like her, I smiled.

You have something to say, but you are very considerate.

In the end, there was absolutely no need to hold my hand, but I think he accepted it because he thought it would ruin my reputation.

Of course, we don’t know the exact details.

However, I had the illusion that the distance between the two of us became quite close even in our hearts. So it doesn’t seem like I’m very wrong.

“Yes. I know.”

Follow the steps to the music.

Daisy frowned slightly.

“…I’m confused right now. I’m embarrassed by the kindness Kaden-sama is showing me. It’s not like anything happened between us.”


“I was grateful for the flowers during the jousting, but you didn’t even tell me about it after that. I want to do this to use me in front of people.”


“So today, I’m holding your hand to understand your intentions, it doesn’t mean anything else.”

I nodded and listened to her.

“…You must have felt that way. But, I have no desire to take advantage of you or anything like that.

“…Then what is the purpose of this?”

I don’t know about Daisy, but I had quite a bit of inner intimacy with her.

“Isn’t there a reason why you like it?”

“…we both know that’s not the case.”

As I danced, I burst into laughter.

It’s not a lie that I have a crush…but, as she thought, I had one more motive.

“How did you know there was another reason?”

“…not shy. You are proud.”


When the music stops for a moment, we stop together.

I asked face to face.

“Let me ask you one question. What do you think my childhood was like?”


She pondered, said cautiously.

“…it must have been difficult.”


It was a completely unexpected answer. Why did she think so?

“…it looks like the twins hate you.”


I quickly nodded.

When Asena was talking behind the scenes, there was definitely Daisy.

After that, I called Dai, but the fact that the twins got closer to me and said there was nothing good was an added bonus.

But that wasn’t the intent of my question, so I asked her again.

“…I ask before that.”

“Haha… I still don’t understand the intention.”

“If you answer the questions, you will know the intent.”


The second music starts.

We started moving again.

But this time, Daisy’s body stiffened slightly. As I got closer, I could feel all of her reactions.

She looks at me suspiciously, and stumbles.


I pulled her back to balance her, and moved her body naturally again.

Daisy unnaturally loosened her throat, feeling ashamed of her mistake.

I gave a little hint.

“So, before I met the twins.”

“…At that time…because you were adopted…to an orphanage…”

“…that’s right. I was in an orphanage until I was adopted by the Frysters.”

She seemed to have already realized.

“….no way..”

“It was run and sponsored by the Hectors. I grew up there. Until I was 10.”

Daisy Hexter’s expression softened subtly. I could see the vigilance towards me getting lower.

“…you’re not lying, are you?”

She says she paused for a while.

“What can I do with lying like this? I just wanted to say thank you. So it came like this.”

The poison in her eyes disappears, and her expression softens.

For a moment, I had the illusion that it was just the two of us at the ballroom.

“…you have nothing to thank me for. I didn’t do it.”

I shook my head.

“Still, thank you. Daisy Hexter. Because of your family, I have grown so much.”

She blinked and lowered her gaze. I avoided my eyes. A small smile appeared on his lips.

After that, we had a sloppy talk.

He had finished all the stories he had been wanting to do, so he was just waiting for the music to end.

Soon, the second music ends.

When the business was over, I released my arms.

The distance between the two widens.

I just wanted to say that one word, so I was still struggling.

I couldn’t even do this because of the twins I was shy and tried to control.

“It was fun.”

After saying my last respectful greeting, I turned around.

At that moment, Daisy grabbed my wrist.

“…I don’t think I even said thank you.”


I inquired. What could Daisy have to thank me for?

“…flowers at the jousting match. It was pretty. Still… well kept.”

I put a smile on my lips.

It seemed that all the stress I had received throughout the day melted away.


From the moment Caden left her and asked Daisy to dance, Kirsey began to hear a beautiful melody as a noise.

Kayden, who said he would not dance with him, reached out to another woman.

I wore a pretty dress and practiced dancing hard. He abandoned himself and went to someone else.

All the time he had been waiting for so much was in vain.


She called for him, but the sound was silenced by the growing roar.

At first I had a disbelief that all of this could never have happened.

Immediately after accepting the reality, I wanted to separate them, but for some reason my feet did not move.

The space seemed too heterogeneous, and I didn’t know what to say when I intervened in it.

Kirsey had no choice but to watch.

An endless wave of negative emotions hit her.

when he puts out his hand.

When Daisy takes her hand.

When the two stand in the center of the ballroom.

When Caden’s hand touched Daisy’s waist.

When the two bodies are close together.

Kirsey couldn’t stand it any longer.

She closed her eyes tightly and turned away from her seat.


And at that moment, things caught her eye.

In Cayden’s place, several empty drinking glasses were placed.

I had no idea when I drank so much. Evidence of the anger expressed from the balcony seemed to be visible now.

I only knew he didn’t enjoy the ball. They suppressed him… In a way, it was natural.

But I thought he would understand this time too. I thought you would be patient.

I never thought I would commit such a deviance.


Did Asena see this?

She looks up at Asena, who was next to her.

And with her eyes open, she could find her older sister staring at Caden and Daisy with her eyes fixed.


When the dance with Daisy was over, Asena silently grabbed my wrist and headed out of the ballroom.

It was the same with Kirsi making the same firm expression on his face.

I was going to pass it on quietly, but I’m just angry because I turned the plan upside down.

But that’s not to say I don’t have anything to say. I said it was for my family… but in the end it was just trying to control me.

I’m not a dog on a leash. A person who deserves to be treated as a person.

As if to punish, the whole academy can’t just watch that I’m not a member of the Frysters, or that they’re trying to hide me.

I’ve never been so ashamed to hide.

As I went into a rather dark road and people became out of sight, Asena put her wrist down and looked at me.

“brother. Why?”

I can feel the heat of her burning anger.

It was like seeing Asena so angry for the first time.

“You were supposed to be quiet and come back! Why all the attention-”

As Asena was speaking, I flew away and hugged her tightly.

Then she leans back and lifts her off the ground.


Asena is embarrassed and screams like a girl, not like her blunt woman.

I said.

“Ashena… are you mad?”

Asena put her hand on my shoulder and looked down at me, her face hardened again.

“…I wish I could have been a little more patient..! Next time I’ll take you to a nice place outside-“

Again, I interrupted her words.

Gently let her go and lower her.

Under Asena’s chin, who had come so close, I kissed her.


“Don’t be angry, Asena. my lovely little brother I’m sorry, brother.”

There were no lies.

Sorry. I didn’t regret it though.

I understand she’s upset that things don’t go her way. That’s why I couldn’t stand it.

Rather, it seemed that it would be better for me to do what I was comfortable with and ask for forgiveness.

I’ve given it several times. that I can’t stand it Since you didn’t listen, I’ll do what I want.

It was embarrassing too. Why do I have to lose every fight? I have something I want to do too.


Asena could not speak as if stiff.

He looks at me from a close distance with a complex and subtle expression.

It seemed that the anger had not yet been resolved.

I rubbed my cheeks against hers.

“calm down. yes?”


Power drained from Asena’s hand that was on my shoulder.

She slowly released her hand and wrapped her arms around my neck.


To me, her blunt voice rings in my ears.

“…not twice, brother.”

“Ahaha. Thank you, Asena.”

Also, this one is more comfortable. It seemed like the wrong choice.

Putting down Asena, this time she turned her head to Kirsi.

Her eyes wandered between Asena and I.

Just looking at Asena, she seemed to know what was going to happen to her.

“…I…I won’t be angry. I was looking forward to… dancing with my brother… at the prom…! I mean, I wanted to try it with my brother for the first time…! Even my brother… for the first time with a woman like that…”

Gently gliding towards her, she grabbed Kirshi’s face with both hands.

I hold her tight so she doesn’t turn her head away from my gaze.

I felt a little resistance, but it didn’t seem like he really meant to shake my hand.

“…why aren’t you with me…! If you’re not going to do it, don’t do it at all..! Do you know that I really hate you right now?”



“Look at my eyes.”

Kirsi’s eyes, who had both eyes down with a frown, began to look at me, shaking.

“Are you very angry?”

“…you said you were angry…!”


He put his lips on her forehead and lifted them off.

“…are you never going to get angry?”



“Even like this?”


Kirsi looks at me, looks at my lips.

She gulped as if swallowing in anger,

replied with a crawling sound.

“…I was very angry…”

“…Sorry. Let’s get angry, Kirsi.”


“If you get angry, I’ll take you for a walk next time in a rush.”


“Like last time. walk.”

Kirsi paused for a moment, then closed her eyes.

Then he pinched my forearm.


As soon as she missed Kirsi’s face in that stimulus, she dug into her arms.


As she hugged me, she stopped.

I asked, stroking her silver hair.

“…Is it okay to say that I accepted it?”

She nodded slowly.

“Then are you upset?”

This time he shook his head.

But I knew.

She was already angered.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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