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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 25

Unknown knowledge (4)

“…Is that woman more precious than me?”

The expression on Kirsi’s face when he said that looks so painful, even I frown.

I looked at Judy once, then Kirsi again.

I tried to be patient, but now I can’t.

Did you last 4 days? This too has endured a lot.

I put my hand on Kirsi’s cheek.

It’s been a while since I touched her body.

“Kirsi, it can’t be.”

There were no words to hurt Judy at all. It is always difficult to answer the question of which of the two do you like more… but if you compare family and friends, who will choose your family?

Kirsey trembled at my hand.


Kirsi, who moaned through her teeth, relaxed her expression and rubbed her cheeks with my hands like a cat.

Soft to the touch like bread. I feel silky hair on the back of my hand.

Kirsi, who suddenly grabbed the back of my hand, prevented my hand from going out.

I said.

“You are more important. Do I have to ask?”

“…Yeah.. I have to tell you to know..”

His eyes were still moist.

She rubs my cheek like that for a while, then pauses, then opens her eyes coldly.

“…the smell…”


I doubted my ears.

“Your hand smells like that woman.”


“Stroke it with the other hand, brother. I hate this smell.”

Kirsey threw up.

I sighed.

“Are you pretty sensitive to smells?”

asked in an ambiguous sense.

They said my body smells, now even Judy.

Maybe it was really right to give up hugs or any kind of touch.

As if he had made a mistake, Kirsey released his cold expression and turned into startled eyes.

“Ah…! No…!”

I remove my hand from her.

After that, he did not stroke her cheek again.

“I’ll be careful.”

I said.

It’s been a long time since I had a skinship, but I feel like I did it for nothing.

Even though he hadn’t said a word to me, it felt like my wounds were stinging.

“Oppa…! It’s not that…!”

Her excuses were not heard.

I was just more worried about how to solve this situation.

Kirsi gets angry when he sees Judy.

This cannot go on.

No matter how old Liana told me to be careful about the Ice family, it’s very difficult to fight like a dog and a monkey every time they meet.

In particular, Kirsey says it is, but as Judy becomes more and more close friends, this relationship is only uncomfortable.

Even though I told Kirsi to be careful while walking on horseback, nothing has changed.

I try not to come up with a solution that didn’t work twice. I believe that if Kirsi were to be reprimanded here, something similar would happen.


In the end, I thought it was all because there were a lot of complaints recently.

These days, I realize that I haven’t been spending time with my twins. I didn’t have time to settle my complaints.

Just as I have grievances that they don’t know, twins will also have some inconvenient points that I’m not aware of.

In the end, this is up to me. Even though I am an adopted child, I am the eldest. It is right for me to take the lead and lead them in the right direction.

…..but again.

I feel that I have been relying on skinship to easily resolve their dissatisfaction.

I was at a loss as to how to relieve Kirsi’s anger without touching her in her current state.


“Oppa, that..it’s okay with just your hands, right?”


I slapped a chestnut on her forehead.


Kirsi covers her forehead.

At my prank that came out of nowhere, she put on an expression that she didn’t understand.

I just chuckled.

“Okay. Let’s move on. Wrestling with trivial things gives me a headache. Even though we are hostile families… As I told Judy, it’s hard to fight every time we meet. Every time I see you, don’t flirt.”


“It’s bitter. No, no. It smells like a human body, and there’s a name, that girl, that girl, etc. That’s rude.”


“Don’t keep doing that to your brother. I’m in trouble.”


Kirsch nodded slowly.

I flinched, trying to grab her by the shoulder.

This habit is so scary.

I almost inadvertently turned her around with my hand.

Instead, I twirled my fingers and told her.

“Come on, turn around. Let’s go eat.”

Kirsey looked at me, and her eyes carefully shifted to Judy.


Judy felt that gaze and told me.

“…Eat. I’m fine.”

“…Yeah. See you later.”


The holiday has come again.

It was early in the morning, but I was already dressed and walking outside.

The goal was towards the twins.

When I think about it, I think there was quite a bit of time apart from the twins, unlike when I was in the Freister estate. Even now, we don’t meet less often, but compared to when we were in the territory, it’s not enough.

As a result, I thought that there might be several problems. I never found them.

So today, I came to find them early.

That’s not to say I didn’t plan to play.

I was going to go to the library, but I came to suggest that we go together.

Arriving on the first floor of the girls’ dormitory, I approached the receptionist who was sitting and waiting.


she greets I said hello and asked.

“I’m here to meet Asena Freister and Kirsey Freister. Can I call you?”

The dormitory had surprisingly strict restrictions on entry.

The reason Asena was able to come to my room easily was because she was Duke of Freister and a student council member, but in the first place, she should be like me.

The guide nodded, spoke to someone next to him, and asked me to wait for a while.

After sitting and waiting for a while, Kirsi appeared from the stairway with a loud bang.


With a bright smile she hasn’t seen in a long time, she runs with her untidy silver hair fluttering.

She opened her arms and flew away, but I raised my hands and carefully grabbed her shoulders.

For a moment, her expression darkened, then came back bright again.

“That…so what’s going on? Isn’t this the first time you’ve been here?”

Instead, I gently touched her hair and cleaned it up.

“I did my hair and came out.”

“No, I was surprised because I came with my brother…”


“It’s coming. That… so why did you come?”

“Ah, I’m going to the library, so I came to go with you.”

Kirsi stiffened as it was, and only his eyes slowly rolled from left to right. My plan didn’t seem to like it that much.

I laughed.

As you already know, Kirsi hates reading. I like to go out and play.

Asena likes to read.

But today, I didn’t come here for someone like this, but because I came here with the intention of joining me while I was studying, so I had no intention of changing my words just because Kirsi reacted like that.

“Why don’t you go?”

If she is what I think Kirsi is, then the answer is fixed.

Kirsch shook her head.

“Oh, no. Shall we go.”

Asena and I are going, but Kirsi is not the one who will not follow.

Soon Asena came down.

Unlike Kirsi, he was perfectly prepared. The black academy uniform was off, and she was wearing a fluttering dress. If you are going for a walk, you should dress appropriately.

She also rarely came to me with a smile.

“…What’s up?”

I also smiled looking at Asena.

“…let’s go to the library, Asena.”


Asena filled her heart with excitement until they heard that Cayden had come to visit them… but now it’s a little sad.

To be honest, I thought I was going for a walk.

Or I thought I could do something a little more special.

As a result, we arrived at a quiet library with the smell of old papers.

Kirsi was already running around the library.

Asena likes to read, but it wasn’t as fun as today.

She couldn’t concentrate on the book, and let out Kayden, who was sitting right next to her.

Anyone who hears that Priest’s headteacher sheds others will not believe it.

If I had looked straight at it, I would have seen it, because it’s not like her to stare like this.

But… it’s impossible.


Complaints kept piling up.

At the very least, if I could lean on his arm and read the book, there would be no problem.

Or I’d rather pick up a book and go out to the park, lying on his lap and reading a book.

Of course, I would not be able to do it even if I was given the situation of Asenara not showing affection to Kayden in front of others, but I wanted to build memories of that level anyway.

Recently, the ban on hugs and kisses with him has led to further dissatisfaction.

Slow but step by step.

I could feel the complaints build up.

Sometimes I feel like crazy, and when I think about the reason, I can’t hug him. I could tell that the fact that I couldn’t kiss her was putting pressure on her chest.

Even now, his eyes were constantly on his hand.

While he was concentrating on the book, he pretended to be a mistake.

Or can I just be sure and grab it?

I feel that way, but in the end, the reason I can’t act is probably because I know the bitterness to come.

Even if I hold his hand, if Kaden is so passionate and tells him to let go, there is nothing left.

If he wants it too, he will do it with a happy heart.

Cayden, who left Asena alone and focused on the book, was savage.

‘What is a knight?’

‘Quality of a leader.’

‘Hammer and Anvil Tactics.’

What was so funny, his eyes didn’t want to fall from the piles of books.

Asena just sighed and closed her eyes again to her book.

The letters weren’t easy to read, but at least I made an effort.

Like the political science department, she was looking at a book that explained various human figures.

As much as Cayden concentrates for a long time,

Asena also yawned inwardly and read the book.

How long have you been reading that?

One catchy phrase caught my eye.

The people to be most careful with in negotiating.

Asena began to read the text carefully.

The people to be most careful with in negotiations are the generous people.

They are always considerate, kind, and unlike others, they do not get angry. Negotiations are usually easy. The attitude of yielding is etched into the body, and even if there is a loss, try to lead the atmosphere in a good way.

Asena smiled inwardly.


However, there is a word to be careful, so I read it more carefully.

These people don’t get angry easily, but that doesn’t mean there’s no limit to their patience. When people are generous, many overlook this.

As they are human too, they know how to get angry and can get scared. However, the moment he starts to put excessive demands and pressures on his smiling face, the person changes terribly.


Asena felt that the more she read, the more uncomfortable her heart was for some reason. She adjusted her posture and sat down to examine the text more closely.

A generous person can also be described as a cliff. It is not shaken by any stimulus, but the moment it crosses the line, the relationship falls endlessly.

They don’t look back twice. As much as you were very considerate, there are a lot of people around, so you can quickly find someone to replace you.

Don’t ignore warnings from such people. If you’ve been warned, don’t even try to fight for power. It may be a last chance.

Be careful if you have a close relationship. The more important that person is to you, the more damage he will take when he turns around.


For some reason, Asena couldn’t take her eyes off this short article.

She shed Kayden again.

He was quietly flipping through books and enjoying reading.

Every time he fluttered the paper, the sunlight reflected off the book and his face brightened and darkened repeatedly.

It was an innocent face that knew nothing.

Nothing has changed.

He didn’t turn around or anything.

Asena looks at the words again.

For some reason it was uncomfortable, and for some reason my heart was pounding.






Kirsi wandered around and explored the library.


Quietly humming at a sound that is inaudible to others

went around

The Academy’s library was spacious.

As it was said that it was a place where the knowledge of the whole kingdom was gathered, there were books made of strange materials, and there were books written in unknown characters.

When Kirsey saw a cover she liked, she climbed a high ladder, took out a book, turned a few pages, put it back in, and repeated the search for the next book.

It’s been quite some time since Kaden had moved away from where he was. It was like going on an adventure. That’s how big the library was.

When a book with a lot of pictures came out, she looked a little more closely. Anyway, it was much easier to access than writing, and less boring.

One book caught her eye as she looked around.

‘The Kiss Primer.’


Kirsi smiled softly and walked towards the book.

She could be called an expert in her own way.

It was only recently banned, so I couldn’t, because I always kissed Kayden.

When I think of the kisses I shared with him, my heart warms.

It was the first time Kirsi had found a book that drew his interest more than this.

Still, she didn’t forget to look around before taking out the book.

For some reason, I didn’t want Kaden to find out.

It was impossible for him to see himself like this since he had already gone far away, but he is preparing for Hana.


The book slid gently off the shelf.

As many people have seen, unlike the books around it, it has a lot of burns and is a bit messy.

After all, I heard that noble girls are interested in things like this by pretending they don’t know anything, but I guess it wasn’t wrong.

Kirsey opened the book. Fortunately, it was a picture book.

The first photo shows a woman kissing a man on the cheek.

For Kirsi, this scene is more familiar than anything else.


It was familiar enough to make me laugh. I can’t do this anymore… but my heart is heavy.

Kirsey had no intention of giving up.

Common sense seemed to make no sense to do it for the rest of my life.

If misunderstandings about gossip are resolved someday, it will be okay. I never really thought he stinks.

– Palang.

She moved on to the next page.

Still a familiar scene.

A man is kissing a woman’s forehead.

Kayden had done a lot for him.

Kirsi is now stroking his cold forehead. Remembering the day she will receive it again, and being satisfied with the book, she carefully examined the picture.

Nothing surprising came out.

It was a sweeter book than I expected.

Turning to the next page, there is only a picture of a man kissing the back of a woman’s hand.

It didn’t turn out to be very interesting.

In the end, Kirsi couldn’t stand it and turned dozens of pages at once.


And at that moment, she swallowed saliva.

The cheeks turn red in an instant, and the eyes wander.

I never imagined that something like this would exist. In an instant, I began to feel that I was reading a book I shouldn’t have read.

…Isn’t the highest level of kissing kissing a kiss? Just like princesses and knights do.

But what caught Kirsi’s eyes were two men and women greedy for each other’s tongues.

In the story of Snow White, Cinderella, and the Little Mermaid that Cayden told, such a beastly kiss did not appear.

“…to tongue…tongue…”


Once again she swallowed.

The figure of the man depicted in the book began to be overlaid with someone’s face.

I don’t know…but it felt better than doing it on the cheek.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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