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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 24

Unknown knowledge (3)

Kirsey had a hard time accepting the situation.


It seems that the situation is not over because Kaden doesn’t hug him or tell him that he loves him.

However, it does not end there, and it is said that there will be no life in the future.

It was hard to believe such a sudden change.

Hugs or kisses. Not being able to do it itself is not a complaint. No, it was somewhat dissatisfying, but rather than that, it was a shock that he could not express the intimacy that the skinships symbolize.

He said lifelong. not for a lifetime.

Even if there are happy things Even if it’s sad even with old age.

A part that has always been a part of daily life is forcibly torn from oneself. It was hard to imagine. Even now, the future he spouted is not drawn.

for a lifetime? It’s always lacking. I still want his warm arms.

During the countless hours I’ve known him, I’ve never missed him. I’ve never been without a kiss on the cheek. Even when he was scolded, he hugged him and asked for forgiveness through kisses.

But now they say it’s over.

Maybe he’s joking?

As she always did when she was dissatisfied, or when she was afraid, Kirsi slowly raised her arms. Approach him to hug him. I wanted to quietly go into his arms.

“..you said no, Kirsi.”

Cayden’s hand stops Kirsi’s footsteps. Indeed, as if a curtain had arisen, he cut off all contact.

“…I smell.”

And the reason for blocking all of this was because of the word stinky. How painful it is for him to say that he smells.


Kirsey didn’t want to believe the current situation. Because the word smelly came out of his mouth for the first time.

Because it was a rumor spread because I didn’t want other people to wonder what it would be like to be in his arms.

I didn’t know it would turn out like this.

Kirsi never once thought he smelled. On the contrary, it was my taste so much that I wanted to keep it for the rest of my life, and there was never a time I didn’t like it.

Even if you sweat like this. Rather, I was drawn to that masculine scent.

To say it smells is a lie. I didn’t want this situation.

“I like the smell of oppa… Stop joking around and hug me soon…”

I begged him, but he didn’t waver.

“I’m not kidding, Kirsi.”

Cayden says, making eye contact. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Kaden like this.

He was eventually crushed by their struggles, but he doesn’t seem to be shaken no matter what he says.

“…Now, let’s go back. The story is over. Let’s go get some food, okay?”

Then Kaden turned his back.

Why are you doing this? Acting like this because you know something…


At that moment, Kirsi had the illusion that the floor was turning off.

what if.

What if Cayden knew he was talking behind the scenes?


What if he knew I said it stinks?

It explains why he keeps pushing him even when he says he’s fine. This explains why he looked directly into his eyes and said the words ‘I smell bad’. It explains why he is not swayed by any kind of aegyo or grumbling.


I can’t be sure, but I’m starting to doubt it.

Then he will know everything. To the point that he snores a lot, the point that he wasn’t that kind, the point that he smelled, and the point that he was incompetent.

These were words that did not contain a single word of sincerity.

But if he heard it.

Hugs aren’t the problem, and maybe you’ll end up hating yourself entirely?

Could it be that you are disappointed with the betrayal and never want to see each other again?

Such a crazy future was terrifying. A future with Kaden who doesn’t love her. A future that is not his first. Such a future is unacceptable.

Turning his back, he suddenly seemed to be moving too far away.

Kirsi ran quickly and blocked his path.


Kayden smiles a little. If he really knew, he felt an unfathomable amount of consideration.

I had to apologize. I had to let you know. That’s not true. that it wasn’t sincere.


But what if I’m mistaken? What if he doesn’t know? Apologizing can be like acknowledging your sins.

The fact that his reputation has taken a hit, and that it is ultimately because of him that he is tormenting someone even when they break into the room.

Also, he has to let him know that the words tormenting him are the first to come out of his mouth.

When he said he didn’t know, there was no way he could see the face of Caden’s disappointment by announcing this.

Besides, if he knows, wouldn’t it be his wish to not bring up the story yet? I don’t want to talk about this… I just want to keep quiet.

So I couldn’t say.

I stopped him, but nothing came out.

“Why Kirsi?”


Kirsi swallowed his saliva. turned his head Is there any way to calm this anxiety? Without talking about the gossip, how can I say that all of that wasn’t true?

“…Brother, you know that I really love you, right? really. You know what I love more than anyone else in the world?”

Kirsey showed her whole heart. He spoke with sincerity more than ever.


Caden rolled his eyes for a moment with a smile on his face,

“..Is that so?”

while answering

Originally, the answer ‘I know’ should have come out without any hesitation.

The problem was that brief silence. It was as if he had spoken to himself in that momentary silence.

Why did you gossip behind the scenes while you loved so much?

Kirsey felt like his heart was being ripped out. Should have done well here.

“G.. it’s true. I really love you.”

Kirsi opened his arms once more and approached him. If I could hug him, I was thinking of kissing him. He continued to appeal to himself by proposing the greatest expression of affection he knew.

But Kayden waved his hand.

“You said stop, that’s it. Still, okay. Thank you for loving me.”

And Cayden slightly avoided her and walked forward again.

Kirsey’s heart was pounding.


Dinner was eaten with a smile.

We exchanged jokes and talked about it at the academy.

When we parted, we parted in a good mood. The next day we met, there seemed to be no problem.

But all because the twins were hiding their secrets.

The fact that I couldn’t hold him and the fact that I couldn’t kiss him darkened my chest.

Again, rather than the lack of skinship, it was the most difficult not to show the symbolism and intimacy of the skinship.

Kirsi wiped his empty forehead. Originally, when we parted like this, it was a place where you could feel the warmth as he kissed you,

It was so cold today.

– Kick, thump.

The twins didn’t say anything to each other until they entered the dorm.

They didn’t even say goodbye to each other. Now, even such a simple greeting, he couldn’t afford to smile.

Without a word, the two went into their respective rooms and spent sleepless nights chewing their lips, grabbing their hair, hugging themselves, and calling out Cayden.

They were both afraid of the future.


A few days passed, and I did not hug or kiss the twins as I had declared. Even stroking his hair was careful.

It was difficult for me too. I wanted to hug him when he had a depressed expression, and when we met in the morning or when we parted at night, I wanted to kiss him on the cheek, but I endured it all.

Also….to be honest, there are some things that are spooky. I took care of it so much, but it wasn’t convenient to be talking behind the scenes.

He said that he was expelling me, swearing at me…. All the love he poured out felt like a bubble.

So at first, they were twins who said they liked me in front of me and asked me to hug them.

Not sure if they like me or hate me, so I’m pushing their demands away.

If it’s true that you like me, you’ll pay the price.

If you don’t like me, well… there’s nothing wrong with that.

To be honest, my thoughts were focused on ‘You don’t like me that much’. That is why the backstory and the repeated blows of the expulsion were a big shock.

So I don’t think the path I’m taking is wrong. I will slowly prove myself worthwhile to join the Frysters and help the twins. At the same time, they seem to be uncomfortable with me, so I will keep a certain distance away one step at a time.

I headed to the training ground to take a class. Several of my classmates were warming up and getting ready.

I can definitely feel the impact of the competition. A few were beaten down by me, but friendship grew in the midst of it, and bad stories about me faded away.

And among them, there was one that caught my eye.

I saw Judy, who hadn’t been to class recently.


I was surprised and called her name. She glances at me and shakes her hand slightly.

As I got closer, my skin was flaky. dark under the snow It wasn’t a very good looking face.

I asked.

“Why haven’t you been here lately?”

“…I was hurt.”

I knocked her out… but this seemed like a lie for some reason. I didn’t mean to put it down, but even looking at it now, I didn’t have a splint anywhere, and it didn’t look uncomfortable.

“Where were you hurt?”

He looked at her body and asked. She looked into the distance without answering.


“…Judy, we were supposed to talk to each other if something happened.”


“Last time, my younger brothers talked to you even if they didn’t say anything to me to relieve their discomfort. You too, get my help this time. Or is it really because of me?”

“……It’s not like that.”

I raised my head and folded my arms. Looking at her, she sees a familiar face. Is it because he took care of his younger brothers for a long time? I knew there was something that I didn’t want to talk about.

So, really, I was like, ‘Oh, right? All right, then.’ It was something that had to be brushed off if not talked about.

“…stay after class. let’s talk.”

I declared


Throughout the class, Judy didn’t seem to be paying attention. As I said, it didn’t look like an injury, and I was just as numb as I was after hearing the gossip of the twins.

Since it was a class using a wooden sword, and even a single mistake was rewarded with bruises, Judy was now covered with bruises all over her arms and legs.

I approached Judy, who was sitting on the floor rubbing her sore body, and sat down next to her.

It was after all of the surrounding motives had left the training ground.

It was a large place, but only the two of us could sit as if we were talking about a secret.

“So why?”


“Even though you’ve been wearing your body, aren’t you feeling well?”

When you exercise, your head feels refreshed. The reason for waiting for the class to be over is, of course, a story that needs to be postponed in order to attend the class, but there was also a reason I wanted to talk about it with a light heart after sweating like this.

“…Is it a family thing? right?”

Judy put her head on her lap and reacted for the first time. Since I’m also an adopted child, I quickly figured out what was the story that I couldn’t tell.

“Well… I haven’t seen you since the tournament, so what must have happened in the tournament?”


Since she didn’t speak, I started reasoning one by one. If you don’t say no, it looks like you haven’t said anything wrong so far.

“Then it seems that people from the family came to the tournament. I wanted to look good. right?”

“…It’s not like that.”

“Obviously… didn’t you have an older brother? in the political science department. The eldest son of the Ice family.”

“…..I don’t know. I told you we didn’t get along.”



Judy shook her head and sighed. In that state, she was speechless. I felt like I was holding back my emotions.

“…I got a letter saying that I hope to win.”

“…from whom?”



The story was enough. I soon understand why she is doing this.

Judy Ice, who can quickly recognize that she is a maiden far away from her family without even saying a few words, knew that she had no choice but to be like this.

In the end, she was the only family. No matter how unfriendly she is with her family, even if she is ignored for being a maiden, Judy will want their approval and love.

It’s not that she’s stupid, it’s just that.

I could understand There must be some reason why I can’t give up twins so easily.

The Fryster family has become an inseparable part of me to the extent that I can say that the Fryster family is the only relationship given to me by falling into this world. Just because they push me out doesn’t mean I can be pushed away so easily or I can get tired of it.

So I could understand Judy.


I said quietly. She’s like this because I won. That said, I had to give it up, and it’s not like this… I could offer an apology from a humanitarian point of view.

It’s a little bit embarrassing In the end, we won the championship for the twins, because after that we only fought.

Maybe it was just better for Judy to win.

“…heh… heh heh heh…”

Suddenly I hear a sobbing sound next to me. Judy still had her head buried in her lap and began to weep.

“What, are you crying?”

I quickly turned around and headed in front of her. He bowed his head to see his face, but he was hiding his face safely.

“Child…don’t cry…! This isn’t the last contest…! There are many opportunities to prove it, but what if you lose one and despair like this? Judy, and second place is great too!”

“Hmm… heh heh heh heh…”

“Are you okay? uh? Next time, next time we can win..!”

“How can I win with you..! Ugh…”

Judy suddenly bursts into tears. I was confused and couldn’t figure it out. It was the first time I saw a woman crying other than my brothers.

I have a sweet mouth, I say hard.

“practice..! Just practice more. And I’ll help too. Oh, and…! It’s not just that we’re hostile..! There might be a grouping contest… Then I’ll definitely help, huh?”


“Then stop crying. Understand.”

She continued to bury her face in her lap no matter what I said.

I quickly shook my head.

What would Kirsina Asena do if she was like this?

I think Kirshi is crying right now. He doesn’t listen to anything he says and doesn’t stop crying. then…


I put my hand on Judy’s head. and gently stroked it. Judy’s body was startled, and she raised her head slightly and looked at me. I guess this was the correct answer.

“it’s okay. You can do better next time.”

Judy’s eyes stare at me, looking back at me.

For some reason, it felt like a large shadow was being caught behind me.

I looked back.

A woman was approaching from afar.

silver haired beauty. no laughter

It was Kirsey. As always, she came after class.

Her eyes were fixed on my hands. I feel a strange sense of pressure.

As she got closer, she opened her mouth.


“Kirsi, when did you come?”

She ignored me.

“…why are you petting him?”

“…yes? Ah… I was crying to comfort him…”

She said.

“When I cried a few days ago… I didn’t hug you.”


Kirsey kept coming to me. I got up slowly. She was getting too close.

Suddenly, she raised her arms. It was as if he was trying to hug me.

I raised one hand and stopped her. Then, Kirsi’s face became even colder.

…Perhaps the characters in the novel saw the face of the villainous Kirsi like this.

Her eyes put on Judy Ice once, and then they stick to my face again.

He bit his lip slightly, then squeezed the hem of his shirt to his chest.

She whispered in a barely audible voice.

“…Is that woman more precious than me?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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