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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 23

Unknown knowledge (2)

“…you thought you didn’t hear me?”

I asked.

I didn’t mean to bring up the essential gossip.

What I said was Fryster’s adopted child. I never thought of him as my brother. that I smell. Being incompetent…

If I touched those parts, I was afraid that this relationship would break down. If it was meant to be brought out in the first place, I had already brought it out before. That’s something you’ve decided to hide. Now and I do not intend to say that I know.

However, the back story that it doesn’t seem like it would be any good to get close to me… I could argue with this.

It didn’t seem like it would be a problem, even if I showed my sadness.

It wasn’t a bad gossip.

“Brother… that’s not…”

Kirsey reached out to me. It’s a hand that shouldn’t be caught. I’m sure my heart will weaken again.

“Uh-huh. hand.”

I pointed to her approaching hand. Signals me not to touch.

Kirsi’s lost hands fluttered in the air three or four times and then trembled helplessly. It was like seeing a fern-like hand twitching like it was holding the air.

But I win my heart. I had to be more faithful to my feelings.

“…I have to…”

Kirsi lowered her head and muttered.


I repeated her words so that I could see for myself how strange her words sounded.

Kirsi’s face began to turn red. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Instead of Kirsi, who was bewildered, Asena took over the conversation.

“brother. You must be really wrong.”


I asked.

“To say that it is not good to be close to my brother was only speaking from a political point of view. As Daisy said, it was really just advice.”


I was silent for once.

Asena explained in a logical manner without any hesitation with a stiff face.

“As you know, Daisy Hexter is the eldest daughter of the Hector family. Of course, Daisy’s marriage is also important to her family.”


“Especially, the Hexter family is expected to experience a famine from this year to the next year as the plague begins to spread in the estate. In such a situation, the easiest way to get support is through marriage and alliance with other families.”


I do remember There was such a story in the novel as well.

“But, with my brother… if you show your side like that, you don’t even get to talk about marriage. So I meant to distance myself from my brother. It was nothing else.”


Asena approached me one step at a time.

He slowly reached for my hand.

“So don’t get me wrong. brother.”

Asena gently grabbed my hand. It felt soft to the touch.



she replied

“…do you think I’m a fool?”

I asked.

Asena’s mask shatters rapidly. His expression darkened with embarrassment.

“…I don’t know what I learned in the political science department…but do you only learn how to deceive others in this way?”

“Ah… no…”

Asena stuttered and swallowed. Kirsi hides behind her, holding Asena’s collar tightly next to her.

“…I make a lot of mistakes today. bullying my friends too. Behind the scenes, he tells me not to be friends with my brother. I wanted an apology.”


I shook Asena’s hand away. Her expression darkened even more.

“I said I heard. What are you talking about?”

A word used in an ambiguous sense. If this was the first gossip I heard, I might have believed her.

But this is the second time. Knowing what the twins had to say about me, I couldn’t be fooled.

I quietly called her name.



My voice echoed through the hallway before Asena answered.

tight mouth. eyes filled with tears. An expression that tries to contain emotions. As if she had returned to her childhood, she swallowed her tears according to her habit.

“You can’t keep telling your brother to deceive you like this.”

“…Brother…that’s not…”

“Now that you’ve learned how to write, did you think that I could just cheat with a sword?”

“…it’s not… how can I…”

“Are you trying to make it difficult for what could have been easy?”

Asena was so anxious for a long time, she immediately reached out and grabbed my collar.

It was too fast to react.

“uh. don’t you? I said don’t touch it, I didn’t.”

Asena shook her head.

At that moment, even Kirsi was hanging on my arm. Put your arms in and hug them with all your might. Kirsi’s whole body wrapped around my left arm.

Asena said.

“…I can’t let it go. I won’t let go until my brother forgives me. Oppa, listen first. I’m sorry. Wrong. I was too scared to get angry, so I started making excuses.”


Only then did her sincere apologies begin to appear.

“I should have apologized first… it’s true… I’ll reflect on it…”

He showed words that would not normally come out of her mouth and nervousness that he would not reveal at the same time.

Kirsi sniffs and sticks to my arm, takes a big nose and wraps her arms around my neck.

Then, he kept kissing me on the cheek and showed his aegyo. He made a kongkong jump and fired his lips at my cheek.


“Brother, I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

Kirshi, who still pretends to be bright with a tearful expression, clings to her.

My cheeks were covered with her tears and saliva.

– page.

“yes? brother. Wrong. Don’t be angry. yes?”

“…you’re about to jump over again, you.”

But even then, a smile began to appear on his face. I want to be angry, but I can’t.

It’s all my fault as a hogu.

that’s why it’s painful If only I loved twins a little less. This is not a normal fight.

They are brothers who have grown up with breasts. If you cry, you will laugh at me for hours. If it’s scary, we often go together. If there’s something wrong with Liana’s grandmother, scold her instead. These are the children who fell in love as much as they loved them.

So, even though Kirsi’s kiss offensive was ridiculous, laughter came out.

Actually, saying that you don’t get too close to me is not something to get so angry about.

Considering what I’ve done in the past, it might be the last drop of water to cross the threshold.

I decided to bury that part in my chest. A story that I decided not to take out.


I held back my laughter and brushed off the twins with a hardened face.

From their point of view, they would have only seen my face that was still hardened.

When I push them away, Asena’s tears run down her cheeks, and Kirsi turns into a cry again.

The anger has been resolved a lot.






Kirsi endured the irregular breathing, and Asena wiped her eyes.

So I didn’t want to just skip this one.

They stretched out their arms as usual.

Asena, who hid her skinship even in front of Kirsi’s eyes, prepared to embrace me.

After scolding twins for a long time, I hugged them.

Carrots and sticks were properly mixed.

After scolding them, they said that they loved them, so they calmed their hearts.

And I’m not doing this because I hate you, but because I love you. He patted him not to get hurt.

But not today. Decided to give a warning.

This is the second time I’ve heard the back story.

It’s not okay for me to keep getting hurt like this. I love you so much I just have to be patient.

Smart people might understand what I’m talking about. maybe it will make your heart flutter. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go behind the scenes.



When I didn’t hug him as usual, the twins called me powerlessly.


Slowly they began to approach. He seemed to be hugging himself.

I raise my hand and stop them.


They closed their eyes. Kirsi muttered.

“…Now you have to comfort me and tell me you love me.”

It was as if he was reminding me of something I had forgotten.

But after ignoring her words with difficulty, I picked up the clothes and sniffed them.

and say

“…Now let’s stop hugging, guys.”


Slowly, their expressions wrinkle.

“People say, I must smell.”

One of the gossips that Kirsi told me. Talk about the smell of my body.

Seeing that Kirsi has been holding me well since then, it didn’t really seem like my body smelled… but it was she who spoke up anyway. So no hugs.

Kirsi asked with a frown.


I answered without hesitation.

“I didn’t know… now I know. So the hug is over. Let’s not do it in the future.”

Their outstretched arms began to lower slowly and helplessly. As if time had slowed down, Kirsi slowly opened her pink lips, and Asena tilted her head as if she had heard something strange.


Kirsi, who had been silent for a long time, asked.

“yes. Now we are all grown up.”

“….forever…? Are you saying you won’t do it for the rest of your life?”

Asena reached out and tried to touch my cheek. I gently avoided my head.

“okay. forever.”

Not for a lifetime, of course.

I say so now.

Asena said urgently. It was like I had never seen her act so quickly.

It was a very different voice than before. It seemed much more desperate now.

“..brother. I… I don’t understand right now…?”

Kirsi also made excuses with a clumsy smile.

“Ahaha… the smell… I… I don’t care…!”

I look at Kirsey with boredom. This should be enough to be a warning.

“…I was concerned.”

“no no…”

Kirsi starts to panic. Thousands of thoughts seemed to run through her. Then he stopped breathing and looked at me.

“…that..so is it okay for a kiss…?”

“…and that too.”

I can’t hug, I can’t kiss

“Good night kiss. The morning kiss is over. won’t even get it Don’t kiss me anymore.”

He also breaks the routine he has been doing for 10 years.

Asena’s kiss in the morning.

The kiss I gave Kirsi at night.

all draw a line


In the hallway where silence fell, the sound of Asena’s footsteps echoed.

She slowly approached me. head was down.

As I approached a distance of about a span, she looked up at me.

The expression on his face suddenly subsided. It seemed that only the pupils gave off a sad light…but that’s not accurate. Asena, who was restless earlier, was nowhere to be found. He had a terrifying expression on his face that left others intimidated.

She said.

“…Where is that?”

but i don’t push There is no older brother who is afraid of his younger brother.


Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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