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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 22

Unknown knowledge (1)

Asena left her alone and couldn’t stand the words of Cayden who told another woman that she was the prettiest.

He’s always been the prettiest.

In fact, I didn’t care who was objectively more beautiful. It was just annoying that he was pushed back by his subjective standards.

He was upset that he had shared his interest with someone else. It was to the point that I couldn’t sleep at night.


So Asena, who had fallen asleep and entered the student council room, had no choice but to be amazed.

“Oh, Asena. I’m here?”

Daisy greeted her. But that wasn’t what caught Asena’s eyes.

It was a single flower on Daisy’s desk. It was placed in a cute bottle and showed off its subtle beauty.

It was the flower that Kayden gave her as a gift.


It was like putting salt on a wound. I didn’t like it for nothing, and my heart was twisted.

I didn’t understand how it was set up like that. I wish I could just take it and throw it away. He treats them with respect as if they were given a gift with a lot of meaning.

But Asena didn’t show any signs of it. It’s strange for the headmaster of Pryster to say something over trivial matters.

“…the president of the student council?”

Instead of saying hello, Asena asked.

The student council president said that yesterday, the jousting match will be settled, and we should gather before class starts.

Asena wanted to finish quickly and return to the classroom. Because that flower keeps bothering me.

“You went to the bathroom. You will be here soon.”


Asena’s eyes kept looking for flowers. Even if you don’t want to look at it, flowers keep attracting attention.

This is a flower that Kayden carefully nurtured. I didn’t pick up anything that was hanging on the grass, but it’s a flower I grew up with love and affection, but it’s not my own.

I was relieved to some extent when I said that I had originally prepared for them.

In the end, the reality is that it’s not yours.

Another woman is enjoying the flowers that his heart has accumulated.

Daisy followed Asena’s blank gaze and said.

“Oh, this?”

she asked with a shy smile.

“…Isn’t it pretty?”

It must have been an innocent question, but there was no more offensive question to Asena.

Even if I tried to ignore it without responding, it was difficult because of my bloated stomach.


She spoke as bluntly as possible. As if that would sound like the truth. Then, Daisy’s interest in the flower would fade.

“…ah… that… that’s right. Did Asena not like her brother very much?”

Daisy answered cautiously.

Whatever misunderstanding, Asena looked up coldly at Daisy’s mouth as she spoke freely.

“…I never said anything like that.”

“uh? But-”


Asena interrupted Daisy and said.

“Don’t pay attention. Don’t worry about our family.”

Asena was displeased. I didn’t want to have this conversation. I just wanted to pass.


Daisy said scratching her head.

“…well… there must be some complicated circumstances.”


“Still, say thank you to my brother.”

Daisy said and sat down at her desk.


Asena thought to herself. There was no intention of advancing their relationship, even if dirt got into their eyes.

After that, there was only silence.

Asena closed her eyes to suppress the unpleasant feeling. Recalling the good times with Kaden, I found peace of mind.

Then the door opened, and the rest of the student council entered. Asena was busy controlling her emotions and did not welcome them.

‘I want to see you.’

she thought Think of the conversations you will have with him.

‘I couldn’t even kiss you today-‘

In an instant, a voice that broke Asena’s thoughts rang out.

“Who is this? You’re the most beautiful person in the academy, aren’t you?”

A student council man joked with Daisy and laughed.

Asena opened her eyes without realizing it. I couldn’t help but see Daisy again.

The man continued to speak.

“Hey…I heard bad reviews, so I was curious about what kind of person he was… He said he was a pretty cool guy, Kayden-sama.”



Asena grinds her teeth. I just didn’t like Daisy’s answer so much.

The man did not know the extent. He continued to flutter his mouth.

“How could we be a little more intimate, Daisy?”

At those words, Daisy didn’t smile, but neither waved her hand nor drew a line with love.

…just blushing and smiling shyly.


Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the loud sound.

It was Asena.

However, the student council questioned whether Asena made this sound. She rarely showed emotion, so it was hard to believe that the annoying, slamming of the desk she had just heard was hers.

Asena got up with an expressionless expression, as always.


Everyone swallows saliva at Duke Pryster’s words. They knew it too. Who in this academy should not be offended the most. This is a fact that everyone should have heard and reminded of their parents.


However, only Daisy looked at Asena with unbroken eyes unlike others.

If there was a sway in her eyes, it was her eyes that cared about Asena’s feelings from a humane level and cared for them, not fear.

“Take that flower.”

Asena said, unable to bear it any longer.

“…the smell gives me a headache.”


After today’s class was over, Kirsi called Daisy.

Asena was also there.

“Kirsi, why?”

Daisy, being led by Kirsi’s hand, could not understand the English language.

The three women were walking to a secluded place as everyone left for dinner.

After reaching the bottom of the stairs in the long empty hallway, Asena and Kirsi locked Daisy against the wall and faced each other.

In a way, it was a scary situation, so Kirsi smiled shyly and started the conversation.

“…Ahaha…I’m sorry Daisy. Give me some time.”

“yes. However much.”

Asena interrupted their conversation.

“Before we begin. daisy. I apologize for what happened this morning.”

She said with her back straight. There was no change in expression.

But Daisy was fine. He was just surprised that he had apologized.

And if the family was as strong as the Frysters, they had to be careful about bowing their heads no matter how wrong they were.

To Daisy, who understands everything, the Priest’s majesty seemed to be the reason why.

“it’s okay. It’s my fault for not thinking about the scent of flowers.”

The conversation that started with an apology eases the mood a bit. When the morning was over, Kirsi began to speak again.

“There’s one thing I don’t want you to misunderstand…”

Kirsi had been thinking about how to say this since the day before. It seemed like I had to explain it step by step so that she could fully understand.


“Yesterday, my brother… I think I misunderstood you a little.”


Daisy tilted her head. Blonde hair ran down her shoulder.

“That… you said you were the prettiest. ah! It’s not that you’re not pretty, but actually, you didn’t mean much…”

Although Kirsi was gibberish, he said what he wanted to convey directly without hesitation.

Kirsey didn’t even think that he was saying something wrong. After all, flowers were originally meant to come to them.

I just missed it because I couldn’t cheer for the people around me.

“So… you shouldn’t be disappointed if you have strange expectations, so I’ll tell you first.”

“…what to expect?”

Kirsty didn’t think Daisy didn’t understand what he was saying.

Daisy’s face, which gradually hardened, was proof of that.

He didn’t say it, but for some reason the hardening expression on his face was annoying to Kirsi.

It was like he was really looking forward to it. I don’t even know the fountain.

“…So. I hope your brother will like you.”


Kirsey swallowed his saliva. If there’s one thing she’s been bothered with the most lately, it’s Daisy. I wanted her to leave completely.

…so, I draw out a card that I haven’t done recently… although it was risky but effective.

“…don’t… you told me. My brother is not that kind.”


Daisy was silent for a long time. Kirsey didn’t like this situation either.

If she could, just like Kaden did, she wanted to say good things. I thought that coming to the academy would bring laughter and happiness. I was expecting that as well.

But when I came here… now it has turned into a little scary place. It was crowded with people who seemed to take away their most precious person.

It was fun and also happy.

At the same time, I felt fear and nervousness here.

If this was the case, Pryster’s estate would be better, she thought.

As Daisy paused with her head bowed slightly, Kirsey placed a hand on her shoulder to clear the situation.

“…I’m sorry to say this-“


And at that moment, Daisy’s head lifted straight up.

He looked into Kirsi’s eyes with a dazzlingly straight look.

“I will judge people by what I see. Your brother, you didn’t seem like such a bad person.”

Kirsey liked this part of Daisy. I thought he was a really cool friend. He is not swayed by the opinions of others with his own firm beliefs.

If it wasn’t for Kaden. Then it would be perfect.

Kirsi’s expression hardened without realizing it.

colder than ever.

There was nothing to laugh about. It wasn’t fun.

Daisy continued.

“I don’t know why you hate your brother so much. I think you’re really nice… You only did that to your brother? Cursing behind my back…”


It was heartbreaking, but Kirsi decided to ignore her words. There was only one warning to tell her.

“…daisy. There’s nothing good about being close to my brother.”

At that time, a man’s voice resounded in the place where they thought they would be alone.

“hey! What are you doing there!”


Kirsi’s stiff expression loosened.

Cayden was walking from a distance.

“Why is your brother here…?”


I was on my way to find Sir Horslow on a contest award-related matter.

I have crossed a place I would not have come to before.

I’m not really proud that I won, and I think I did my best in today’s class.

I was sweating a lot and felt uncomfortable…but I can’t do anything about it.

If anything happened today, Judy was on my mind.

She didn’t come to class today. I lost the jousting championship because I lost… I think it has something to do with it.

I thought we should talk later.

“…Oppa said……”

A familiar voice echoes in my ears as I walk, paying attention to my work.

There are things that can be heard as clearly as the sound of calling me from anywhere. Did I mention the cocktail party effect?

That’s exactly how things are now. I heard my brother calling me.

why are they here

I walked towards it.

As I turned towards the sound, I saw my younger brothers standing under the stairs in the distance.


And Daisy caught my eye.

She was facing the twins with unshakable eyes, as she did in the novel.

When I first saw it, my feelings were complicated.

I don’t know if I should like it or not.

I could tell it was bullying just by looking at it…. The ‘bullying’ of the twins I read as a novel is not like that.

It was their way to take them to the family business. If he didn’t like it, he smashed the family and didn’t even give him a chance.

On the other hand, to say something like that against a wall… it was kind of cute for me.

To what extent have I been able to suppress their aggression?


But that didn’t change what I was doing. had to dry It doesn’t change that it’s a bad thing.

The funny thing is, in this situation, I wasn’t afraid of twins. I have to scold them. When you go down the wrong path, you have to lead it in the right direction.

Maybe it’s because it’s my brother’s job. Or is it because I’ve been watching it for a long time? When it comes to scolding, they are not afraid.

Just when he was about to speak, Kirsi’s voice was heard.

“…it won’t be good to be close to you.”


…this is the second time I’ve heard it in person.

Like sparks, a small fire lit up in my chest in an instant.

I took a breath and cried.

“hey! What are you guys doing there!”

I called them for the first time by a name that didn’t feel affection.

Kirsi is startled by my voice.

The three women looked at me.

I sandwiched it between the twins and Daisy, and put Daisy on my back.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”


Kirsey blinked her eyes with a lost expression on her face.

“Oh..why is he here…no…that…that’s why he called me ‘Hey’?”

“Answer any questions. What are you doing now?”

“..oh..oppa..what is ‘ya’…you are Kirsi…”

“Kirsi I know doesn’t bully others.”

Of course… it’s false. Kirsi and Asena, whom I read as novels, are very good at harassing others. It was just uttered out of a desire to feel guilty.

“…I didn’t bother you.”

Asena said next to her. It wasn’t my favorite answer.


She lowered her eyes. It was something Asena would always do if there was something she didn’t want me to know.

“…if you keep lying, you will get angry.”


She clenched both fists of her clothes. Once the momentum of the twins was pressed down.

What is this ideal to show others, so I turned to Daisy.

“Are you okay?”

“Ah yes..”

She replied with embarrassment. She seemed to feel that she was going to have to leave.

it’s so beautiful it’s beautiful She seems to be as beautiful as twins. Maybe it’s because she’s been my favorite ever since… Maybe more.

“..I’ll tell the twins well, so if you ever bother me again, tell me. This is Kayden Pryster.”

Daisy waved her hand.

“ah..! But really… they didn’t bother me.”



Even in this situation, Daisy seemed to give for the twins. It’s really sincere

“He just gave me…advice.”

I felt something wriggling inside me. It’s like she wants to relieve her feelings for the twins.

“…you mean there’s nothing good about being close to me?”

Behind me, I could hear Kirsi, even Asena, startling.

Turning around, they rolled their eyes and blinked, not knowing what to do.

Surprisingly, Daisy was the same. I tapped her shoulder.

“….anyway. Please take a moment. I have something to talk about with my brothers.”

“That… yep.”

Daisy was perplexed and eventually gave up. Soon, only me and the twins were left here.

Previously, the two had driven Daisy into a situation, but now I have driven them into a situation.

I loosened my tie slightly and dragged it down.

“…you thought you didn’t hear me?”

I asked.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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