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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 26

Third Prom (1)

Kirsey’s heart was pounding, but she couldn’t take her eyes off her.

When I looked at the pictures, my imagination unfolded.

Not only was he thinking about the act itself, but it seemed as if he could see everything before and after.

Kirsi’s eyes searched for an explanation.

This act of kissing each other and mixing the tongue seemed to be called a ‘kiss’.

the most special relationship.

Therefore, it is said that it is one of the most intimate expressions of affection that only lovers or couples can do.

Kirsi knew that kissing mouth-to-mouth was not a light act, but the moment he saw this kiss, he began to understand why.

so naughty

I’m so excited.

Swallowing his saliva, Kirsi turned the page.

His face was flushed with astonishment.

There were more radical actions.

She quickly closes the book and checks the cover.

‘The Kiss Primer.’

My head was confused.

She thought, cooling the cheek with the back of her hand.

“…is this a primer?”

It wasn’t until the moment when Cayden and Asena found her that she finally came to her senses and was able to put the book back into the bookshelf.

The book had already been read.


After lunch, we sat down on the grass.

As always, when I sit on this cool grass and look at the open plain, I think of Pryster Estate.

When you think of Priest Youngji, you feel comfortable, and when you feel comfortable, you laugh.

Not only me, but Kirsi and even Asena were showing a small smile.

In particular, Asena seemed to be humming to see if she was feeling well, but it wasn’t exactly what she was doing, so I wasn’t sure.

Been like that for a while

The day was not so warm. It was a cloudless sky, but the wind from the north was blowing and it was cool.

Kirsi says while shaking her body next to her.

“..Ugh. It must be cold here.”

“Compared to home?”


As Kirsi said, he naturally drew his body towards me. It looked like it was going to dig under my arm at any moment.

She starts to look at me with a single ‘Ah…’

Through those eyes, everything I wanted to say was conveyed.

To be honest, I still didn’t want to hug them.

The twins like it, but the scars haven’t healed yet.

If the desire to be held in my arms right now is not acting, then I hoped they would feel the weight of their words.


Kirsi poked my hand with her finger and called out to me.

Since it was obvious why this was happening, I also had a harsh voice. I was thinking of rejecting it.


“…Oppa, I’m cold. Can’t I give you a hug?”

But it’s really hard to refuse when she’s aegyo with a clear voice. Besides, it’s cold, and even the words that stimulate my need for protection.

Is this really acting?

I can’t help but think that this voice really wants to be embraced by me.

Seeing me and smelling Is that Kirsi who said incompetent another Kirsi?

“…can you stop hugging me now..? I really don’t want to hug you for the rest of my life…? I really like the smell of you..”


“…I don’t know who said…that you smell like you…I think it’s a lie.”

She showed aegyo as she used her characteristic respectful words when she had something she wanted.


It’s tempting to hear that it’s a lie from her mouth.

“…Yes, brother.”

I have no choice but to I also want to believe in a way that makes my heart more comfortable. It’s not that she really wanted to swear at me, I want to believe that she happened to lie like that.

I want to believe that Kirsi, who spit out my cursing, is not what she saw, but what Kirsi saw in front of her right now.

Suddenly, he came to Asena and grabbed the hem of my robe.

“…Oppa, we don’t hate you.”

she asks

can’t hate The reason I suffer is the opposite.

I love them because they don’t seem to love me.

Otherwise, there would be no way to make a short story about being expelled from the family, various gossips, or a weapon for the tournament.

But seeing it like this from the front… It’s so confusing.


I didn’t even respond to their aegyo. Like I said, I didn’t want to hug them yet.

My childish mind caught my ankle.


Liana’s grandmother’s words I hear whenever I’m worried like this.

It reminds me of her asking to take care of her younger sisters, holding hands.

that i am the first Please take care of the children who are still lacking.


okay. I can’t keep going like this. Especially in an academy like this.

It’s a difficult place to get along. As I am the eldest, I may have to put up with it.

“okay. I get it. Do whatever you feel like.”

As soon as the horse fell, Kirsi came under my arms holding my waist, and Asena rested her head on my shoulder.

“Ha ha…”

“…thank god.”

They both showed different reactions and stuck to me.

But my words are not over.

I don’t intend to just skip this one.

In fact, this was also conceded. My mind wasn’t relaxed.

“…just one question, guys.”

I said.

“Yeah, say anything. Hehe. Oh, it’s so good that I don’t hug you.”


To the younger siblings with happy smiles, I asked like a child longing for love.

“…do you love my brother?”

The twins answered without a single thought. Kirsey was even snoring as if it was ridiculous.

“Ask for the obvious, brother!”


I nod, then pull them apart for a moment. And looked straight into their eyes.

“Should I continue to love you?”

I don’t want to get hurt. It has already been torn apart from a few shocks. Enough to give a present to give to another woman. far away from the body. Obviously, I think I gave the signal several times. It’s not easy being betrayed.

Still, I reached out to them.

They couldn’t stand it.

He even invited me today to spend the day together.

“Do you know when you didn’t?”

“What do you want me to do, brother?”

The twins said


Once more. cast a stern gaze

“Keep loving me bro. got it.”

This is a signal to them.

don’t hurt me any more

don’t let me down

There is no need to tell me not to swear at me.

If you love me, it’s something you don’t do.

“Can I ask you one more time…?”

I smile hard and tell them.





Asena is on my lap.

Kirsi under my arms.

The twins, so attached to me as never before, didn’t know they were going to fall.

I went out to this place after having lunch, and now it’s time for dinner.

My back hurt, and my legs were numb.

“Guys, we have to go back now.”

Some goals have been achieved today.

Since we haven’t been able to spend time like this lately, there have been thoughts that our relationship might have been strained.

We had a nice time today, and the atmosphere itself was good, so maybe we can go around greeting each other for a few days.

“Oh right.”

At my words, Asena naturally speaks out.

I couldn’t help but doubt that I spoke at this moment in part to thwart my proposal.

I looked at Nuwon Asena on my lap.

He was stroking her hair naturally.

“brother. You know the ball is coming soon.”

She feels my hand and says.


Kirsi, not me, reacted in surprise.

Asena frowned slightly.

“…Kirsi. maybe you forgot? It’s political science.”

“Ah, hehe..de..I think I heard it.”

“I still have to memorize these schedules.”

Before Kirsi could get even more scolded, I intervened.

“So why the prom?”

As if Kirsi felt my consideration, he smiled and hugged me tighter.

Asena closed her eyes and sighed.

“…Now I think we have to decide how we’re going to act.”


A ball is, after all, the best place to get to know people. Many allies, many ties. The ball is a place where even enemies are made.

It was not a place for peasants like us to visit lightly.

Several families under our control will also come, and we are not on good terms… For example, the Ice family will appear, so we had to prepare to some extent.

I wasn’t ignorant of those things either, but I’ve already left everything to the twins.

There is no need for me to suggest any method. Just follow the strategy they set up.

“therefore. How?”

“Let’s not do anything.”

My hand that was stroking Asena’s hair stopped.

Even though I don’t know… it’s a fairly unfamiliar method.

Even so, it would be appropriate to say hello to allies and hostile families…?

The counts below the Count are so diverse, and you have to wait because you don’t even know the faces of the members unless you’re in the political science department, but maybe you should meet the second son, third son, or second daughter, three daughters of the duke who didn’t enter the political science department.

As I looked at Asena with a confused expression, she added an explanation.

“If you just wait this time, the other families will take care of it. We don’t have to move. I’m the head of the Frysters. His position is different from other nobles.”

An understandable answer came quickly.

“ah. That’s right.”


At the moment of Kirsei, he opened his eyes a little wide and looked into Asena’s eyes with the sound of ‘Ummm…’.

Asena sighs at the sound and asks.


“…that…sister. So are we really going to just sit there and come back?”

Kirsi’s eyes scan me once.

“…you don’t even dance?”

Asena, who was lying on my lap, also looked up at me. She pondered for a moment at Kirsi’s words, then shrugged.

“…if I have time, I can come and dance just one song with my brother.”


This time it was my turn to tilt my head.


“Then do you dance with your brother or anyone else?”

Asena asked with a firm expression whether she knew that her legs were slowly numb.

“No, can I be with you for now?”

Asena frowned slightly and stood up.

The moment blood begins to flow through the legs… Kirsi fills the space.

“What do you mean, brother?”

answered Asena.

“Is it okay to be with you, the enemies of Freister? Still, I have a story to tell without me-”


Asena interrupted me.

And as if as a warning, she said, getting close enough to feel the breath.

“…don’t think about breaking up with me at the ball.”

At that moment, Kirsi also relaxed his expression with an ‘ah’ as if he had realized something, and then nodded with an expression as serious as Asena.

“…that’s right. brother. stick with us.”

….I tried not to put meaning in these words.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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