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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 119

The essence does not change (2)

While Grandma was the first to sit in the restaurant. I caught my breath with Daisy and Judy.

“…are you ready?”


“Judy, are you?”

“I’m ready too.”

The two were wearing dresses tailored to them by the family servants. Neither of them brought pretty clothes from their hometown, so they all wore southern clothes.

Compared to other places, the dress of the Priest Territory, that is, the southern part, was not particularly different, but as it was a little hotter, the dress made of thinner material was recently fashionable.

As a result, both Judy and Daisy wore dresses made of sheer fabric, resulting in a more sculpted body.

Simply put, it looked prettier.

Suddenly, it felt unrealistic for the two of us to become my wives.

When they were all ready, I nodded to Helen, who was standing with us at the dining room door.

Helen nodded at me again, and opened the door at the same time as we informed the grandmother beyond the door.

Grandma was sitting at the round table.

There were chairs on the table in four directions.

Grandma was already sitting in the chair facing us.

Daisy followed me in, and Judy followed her.


When I said that, Daisy and Judy knelt down at the same time.

Daisy looked clean, but Judy was strangely awkward and had to hold back her laughter.

No matter how much Judy was a duke, there seemed to be some awkwardness in that part because she was devoted to the sword.

…Or maybe there’s something more complicated about this.

Thinking about it that way, I was so sorry that I was able to erase my laughter.

“Sit down.”

said the grandmother.

Following her hand, Daisy and Judy sat next to her, and I sat across from her.

After a brief moment of silence as we were all seated, Daisy said to break the awkwardness.

“Mrs. Liana, thank you for inviting me.”

Grandma nodded her head briefly.

Judy trembled as if realizing something as she looked at Daisy, then followed her to express her gratitude.

“Mrs. Lee.. Liana, I would like to thank you as well.”

“Of course it is, sweetheart.”

And Grandma responded with a kind smile to Judy, completely different from what she had done to Daisy.

The difference is breathtaking.

It was no different than blatantly ignoring Daisy.

I suppressed the desire to open my mouth. Looking at Daisy, she was still smiling.




…But her expression, like that, also hardened as time passed.

As the seat ripened, Grandma’s favoritism gradually became more explicit.

“Hey, try this too.”

She put her own food on Judy’s bowl.

It was surprising that a grandmother was usually so close to someone, but the way she expressed her inner anger was also surprising.

“..ga…thank you..”

Even though Judy said thank you, there was bewilderment on her face. I sneaked out and looked at Daisy’s eyes and put the food in my mouth.

Not seeing Daisy’s hardening expression, I act.

Grandma gave Judy’s bowl food, so I’ll just float it in Daisy’s bowl.

“Daisy, this is my favorite. Have some.”

Daisy smiles bashfully at my actions. It was bittersweet, but it was an expression of gratitude that I was there.

“Kayden? Take care of our new baby.”

But our brief peace was also broken by Grandma’s words.

Even though he took care of Judy, he tried to discriminate against Daisy once again.

I finally couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth.

“Grandma, now-”


And at that moment, I had no choice but to shut my mouth again at the sensation of being lightly placed on my thigh.

When I looked in the direction I felt the touch, Daisy was looking at me with straight eyes.

There was a tremor she had never seen before, but she shook her head very slightly without breaking it.

…the party didn’t want it, so my actions are solidified as it is.


“….okay. Then take care of the new baby.”

Our behavior showed no sign of improving.

Even at the end of the meal, Grandma didn’t even look at Daisy.

Once again, I felt that she was a Priest.

As hypothesized, her retaliation was fierce and merciless.

Daisy couldn’t raise her head anymore. Her face is slightly hidden between the flowing hair.

Still, Grandma didn’t stop.

Calling Judy so sweetly, I asked her.

“…so sweetheart. How many children are you planning to have?”

Judy blinked anxiously, signaling me, answering with difficulty.

“…that… if Daisy-sama gives birth first, then I’ll think about it…”

The grandmother’s gaze turned to Daisy after a long time.

Daisy hurriedly changed her expression and looked at her grandmother with a smile, but she didn’t pay much attention to her.

Grandma asks, looking at Judy again.

“I’m curious about your plans.”

And at that disregard, Daisy’s eyes fell sadly.

That expression finally made me move, who had been bystanders. If I waited, I decided that it wouldn’t get any better.

This time I put my hand on Daisy’s lap first.

He comforted her heart by stroking her clenched fist.

At the same time, as I stood still without making a sound, Grandma’s eyes shifted to me.

He looked at her with clearly angry eyes, and shook his head slowly.

It meant stop.

After she sees my expression, she looks back at Daisy. Daisy still couldn’t raise her head.

Grandma looked at Daisy for a long time and let out a long sigh.

“…Helen, pour the wine.”

In her changed mood, the servants moved one by one.

Red wine started to fill our wine glasses, which had not been poured yet.

“…..daisy. Do you have any drinks?”

Daisy’s name came out of Grandma’s mouth for the first time.

Daisy shook her head in surprise and smiled.


“I’m not going to force myself to do that.”



When Grandma spoke, even Judy and I raised our glasses.


A clean sound echoed in the dining room, and everyone handed over the sweet drink one by one.

Daisy closed her eyes tightly, as if she wanted to show something right now, and gulped more than three sips.

“…okay. I was childish.”

The grandmother admitted her mistake and started the conversation.

Daisy waved her hand in surprise.

“Oh, no…”

“What do you mean? I ignored you all the time.”


I still pat Daisy’s hand under the desk.

Then Daisy secretly turned the back of her hand and grabbed my hand.

“If you’re going to be angry, you have to pay your father.”


“You know, your father and I made a promise. You know what that promise was, so there’s no need to speak harshly.”

Daisy nodded her head.

“But when the situation broke out, it was your father who did not keep the promise. In addition to that, I ignored Kaden, who was on the verge of death just a day away.”


“I was wondering how you could even call this an alliance. the eldest son of our family. Also, how can I take so lightly the person who will be my eldest daughter’s husband…?”

Daisy’s hands began to gain strength. It was as if he was apologizing to me again.

“Yeah, at least… they say they are suffering from plague and famine, and they believe the news that Cayden is dead… Taking that fact into consideration, I am enduring. Your father’s behavior was quite… quite unpleasant.”

“…I apologize again. Don’t let that happen again-“

“It should not be.”

She said as if threatening.

“If something like this happens next time, it will be considered as touching us.”

I hold Daisy’s hand and tell Grandma.

“Don’t talk like that.”

Grandma snorts at my words and sips wine while talking.

“…under. I know who this is all for…”

I knew it came from love for me, but if it was really love, Daisy wouldn’t have been treated this badly.

I knew she was also dissolving her own anger.

As I continued to look at her with a firm expression, she sighed once more.

“….I get it. daisy.”

Daisy couldn’t answer anymore. Perhaps the conflict had been resolved, and she was in tears. Daisy’s tears shook me.

It was the same with Grandma, she said in a much softer voice.

“…Oh, I’m sorry.”

Power entered Daisy’s hands and lips again.

She opened her mouth…but she couldn’t say anything yet, so she shut her mouth again.

just nodded.

grandma says

“…Please take good care of Cayden from now on.”


Daisy was able to squeeze out her voice with difficulty only at the end.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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