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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 118

The essence does not change (1)

After talking with Asena, I was walking down the hallway leading to the office.

Then, Kirsi’s pitiful laughter and Asena’s words came to mind and he stopped walking.


It was getting complicated from the head to the mind. It was difficult to describe.

Finally, as I was heading to the office, I turned around. It seemed to be able to clear up my dizzy mind by swinging my sword and sweating.

On the way to the training ground, I ran into Judy.


“Oh, Kayden.”

She was looking for me and ran to me as soon as she found me.

The way he decorated himself strangely was colorful and beautiful.

“…Did you decorate it?”

At my question, Judy covered her face by pretending to be touching her hair.

“…uh? Ah… that’s what… to see that Liana…”

“Have you met your grandmother?”

Astonished at the words coming out of Judy’s mouth, she asked, putting her hands away from her face and said with a bright expression.

“right…! Li… Mrs. Liana also gave permission…!”


“It’s ours. Permission… that you did.”

As my head was complicated, my reaction was slow, so Judy, who was excited about it, calmed herself down according to my mood. It was an expression that seemed to be feeling gloomy.

But I was late to respond, and I wasn’t unhappy.

As she accepted her words, a smile slowly began to form on her lips.

“Is that really true?”

When I smiled sincerely, Judy looked at me and started to smile again.

“yes. I didn’t like the last meeting, though. You said you’d talk to your father again. And Mrs. Liana said she agreed.”

Right after she said it, we looked into each other’s eyes and laughed.

I opened my arms naturally and Judy hugged me.

There was nothing better than this as the part I thought would be difficult was solved without any problems.

After a brief hug, Judy said as she pulled away from me.

“Ah, that’s why, Mrs. Liana invited me to dinner.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”



“…but Daisy-sama is also….”


Daisy too. Did my grandmother want to meet the people who will become my companions?

I did feel a little nauseous. Because Grandma hasn’t welcomed Daisy yet.

Maybe he was trying to brush it all off this time.

I nodded to Judy.

“okay. I’ll talk to Daisy.”



Daisy could be found in the garden. It was the garden that I could see through the window of my room.

She was quietly looking at the flowers and turned to me at my call.


She smiled at my appearance, but she could see the anguish inherent in it.

Unlike my grandmother, I didn’t have any bad feelings for her, so I felt sorry for her.

So, I have been taking good care of her every time I have a break recently, but in the end, if the underlying problem did not go away, she had no choice but to stay like this.

Daisy was still struggling to be accepted by Pryster.

Twins… even if they have complicated circumstances.

It seemed quite difficult to be hated even by Liana’s grandmother.

She was trying to be strong, but whenever she had time like this, coming to the garden and looking at flowers, she felt a lot of stress.

I approached her and sat down next to her.

“…Daisy, today is-”

“-What’s going on?”

As she opened her mouth to ask about her day, Daisy asked.


Rather, that was the question I had to ask. Until I looked at her from a distance, she looked pitiful for her with her shoulders slightly drooping.

“…you look bad.”

Daisy looks up at me worriedly.

It’s only after she asks that I realize I’ve still been keeping up with the twins.

She was worried about something I didn’t even notice.

This situation came to comfort and to be comforted.

I said with a small smile.

“…..I’m OK. Rather, I am worried about Daisy.”


“…Is it difficult?”


“…if there is anything you would like to ask me, please tell me.”

Knowing Daisy’s pain, I couldn’t go up to my grandmother and tell her not to do it.

The more I do it, the more I hate Daisy, and my grandmother was stubborn at times.

It was much better to let Grandma unravel naturally.

Knowing what Daisy was like, Grandma would eventually temper her anger.


If I had been like Daisy, I would have smiled and said thank you for my words, but not today.

It was a part that showed that she was having a harder time than expected.

She sat there for a long time with a depressed face, and calmly asked me.

“……Will you give me a hug…?”


At the words of her that she spit out after thinking hard, I also hugged her without saying anything with a serious expression.

Then he patted her on the back and said.

“…..Sorry. Everything will be fine.”

“…Kaden has nothing to be sorry about. All…it’s my fault…”

“…What could Daisy have done wrong? Knowing that I was dead…the choice of the Hectors was natural.”

“…But still. Still, the Freisters and Judy went looking for you. I, who will be your wife… my family was quiet.”

“…If it hadn’t been for the plague, Daisy would have come to find me. it’s okay.”

As she continued to pat her with warm words, Daisy began to calm down.

I’m holding her like that… My eyes found someone.

Through the window in my room, Asena was looking down at us.


For a brief moment, we exchanged glances, but Asena raised the corners of her lips with difficulty and gave a sad smile.

After making a gesture as if sorry for disturbing her, she disappears from the window.

Again this time, seeing her like that, my heart darkened.

It didn’t look like Asena had any plans.

‘……..I actually gave up on my feelings for my brother.’

her voice lingers It was his heart towards me, but that resigned voice kept getting caught.

Several reasons for the change could be predicted. In the end, the incident that almost killed me this time had something to do with Asena, so she seemed to blame herself.

Just by looking at Kirsi, he was not showing any of his usual aegyo or grumbling, and when he saw me with Judy or Daisy, he was busy turning around and running away.

Unpleasant things happened as they approached me, and they changed.

No love is bound to kneel in front of this level of obstacle.

But what they had to go through…

The obstacles called siblings, and the obstacles that I reject their hearts. The closer you get, the more things happen.

It was practically acceptable to hold on to it now.

this is how it should have been

But… why don’t I feel so relieved?


At Daisy’s call, I let go of my thoughts.

He fell off her and met her face.

“…as expected today, what is Kaden having to worry about?”

Daisy asked.


I smiled and shook my head. It wasn’t something to talk about with her.

“no. No worries.”


Seeing her not with a concerned look at my words, I turned the subject.

“By the way, Daisy. Today, Grandma invited Daisy to dinner.”


Daisy covered her mouth in surprise.

“yes. Judy is with you. Maybe… I just want to see all the people who will be my wives.”


It was slightly different from what he had expected, Daisy showed a subtle reaction.

Even then, he quickly changed his expression and spoke with a determined look.

“I will go.”

“Daisy, I’m just saying this just in case, but if you don’t have an idea, don’t-”

“- How are you? Mrs. Liana invited me, how can I refuse?”


That was it. Had I been in her position, it would have been the same.

“Don’t worry, Kayden. Kaden’s comfort gave me courage today. Mrs. Liana… I will definitely get the approval again.”

“….I know. Please give me a little strength You know, but…if I intervene…it’ll make things worse…”

“Yes, I know. Kayden stay still. I will try.”

Saying so, she got up from her seat.


Feeling that dinner time was approaching, I began to organize the paperwork.

After meeting Daisy, I continued to lock myself in the office.

As there were quite a lot of things to deal with today, I also entrusted the attendants to take care of the twins’ meals.

They were stronger than before, so they believed it would be okay.

“Kaden, let’s get ready to go to dinner.”

My grandmother, who was by my side helping me, says:

I nodded to her and got up.

– Tick Tick.

At that moment, a knock is heard.

‘It’s Liana, Kaden, and Helen. Kirsi-nim has come to visit.’


I looked at my grandmother in doubt. She didn’t show many facial expressions.

Did Kirsi come to see me for dinner? I haven’t fed her for a long time, was it because of that? She hadn’t been fussing lately. I wondered if he’d wanted to complain to me for a long time.

“It’s okay to open the door.”

When I signaled, Helen opened the door.

Kirsi crouched and came into the room with her back luggage.

“Kirsi, why?”

‘ he asked, and he immediately shook his head. The fact that Kirsi has aphasia doesn’t take long to get used to.

To communicate with her, I had to ask only questions that could be answered with ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

“…are you here for food?”

I asked.

She nodded slowly.

I sighed. It wasn’t because she was bothered. Because I already had dinner plans. I wanted to take care of it, but I couldn’t, so I sighed.

“…I’m sorry, what do I do? I think it will be difficult to feed them today.”

Then Kirsey shook her head vigorously.


I wondered what she was trying to say, and pulled something out from behind.

There were a lot of sandwiches on the bowl. Whoever it is, it was made by Kirsi.

She says something in a small voice.


I looked at the sandwiches and asked.

“…to eat?”

Kirsey nodded her head.




I felt my heart start pounding and I didn’t know what to do.

My heart tightened more. Lately, whenever I see her, my heart aches at the saltiness. The problem was that the pain was becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

Daisy and Judy laugh every time I tell them, sometimes she sees us when I’m with Judy, and she runs away, still waiting for me to feed her, worrying about me and making meals like this. Salty…and at the same time…

At the same time…….

….it was lovely.

Not as a woman, but as a person.

As a human being, I had no choice but to feel this way.

But even that wasn’t good.

The more I felt like that, the more my heart ached.

how can i hate you I can never hate you It was no longer difficult to keep hurting and pushing Kirsi like this. power is getting scarce.

All the harsh words I had said to her in the past were still engulfed in my heart. I didn’t want to make any more memories like that.

Suddenly, listening to Asena’s words, I was able to grasp why my heart wasn’t so relieved… even a little.

Probably because I don’t hate them.


When I looked at my grandmother, she couldn’t even speak.

After they confessed their feelings for me to my grandmother. She had become sensitive to all the twins’ affection, but now she didn’t say anything.

She, too, thought things got complicated when she saw the twins breaking down after the news of my death spread.

“…Thank you, I’ll eat well.”

In the end, I couldn’t refuse Kirsi’s favor, so I got a bowl from her.

I felt like I had to do one of the two, either for a late-night snack or after dinner.

Kirsi nodded and left the room… and stopped in place.

As if I was about to eat now, I returned to my seat with a sandwich and sat down again, but I look at Kirsey, who pauses.

Kirsi looked at the grandmother’s eyes for a moment, then turned again and entered the room.

Then he sat down next to me, took a sandwich and carefully brought it to my mouth.

Feeding each other something like this was something we had done often, but it’s something we’ve never done since we got to know each other’s feelings.

Grandma still didn’t say anything.

I ended up having to tell the truth.

“……Kirsi, it’s true… I have an appointment for dinner with you.”

Kirsi stiffened for a moment, then blinked.

“…with Daisy and Judy and Grandma.”

Kirsi looked at my eyes, mouth, and sandwich alternately, then jumped up from her seat.

She blushed, blinked her eyes, opened and closed her mouth, as if she was sorry for doing something wrong, as if she was ashamed of being in the way, and started cleaning out the sandwich.

“Kirsi, leave me alone…! You can put it away..!”

I spoke hastily, but Kirsi shook her head vigorously. Then, with the remaining hand, he pretended to eat something with a fork.

It seemed to me that you should not eat sandwiches like this, but eat a lot at dinner.

….why is it that it’s harder to see her now that she’s trying to concede everything than when she longed for my affection through evil deeds?

I remember the effort she must have put in making that sandwich for me and the feelings she must have felt, and it bothered me even more.

Once again, she frowned at the salty look, and she smiled as she looked at my expression like this.


Then, as if to hide my expression, I drew a smile on my mouth using my thumb and index finger.

Kirsi, who had reached that point, was no longer left in the room. Turn around quickly and disappear.


I lost my strength, loosened my strength in the chair and stretched out.

Grandma, who was watching us from the side, said in a low voice.

“…Kayden. In my opinion…there is no change.”

“…what are you talking about?”

She started walking slowly in the direction Kirsi had left.

Before crossing the threshold, she looks back at me once.

“…that you will respect whatever choice you make….”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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