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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 110

Like a Priest (3)

It took a while for the situation to calm down.

In the meantime, Kirsi’s eyes did not let me go.

Helen, Thane, the other attendants, no matter what Grandma or I had to say, Kirsi was looking at me.

It was as if I couldn’t believe I was alive. Even though she must have known my appearance in every corner, she seemed to want to engrave me on her head.

Now she didn’t even open her mouth. As she also knew that opening it would only produce the same sound as a babble, she didn’t bother to make her look pitiful.

I still couldn’t get over the shock that Kirsi had aphasia.

Helen said that the senator could be better. It’s a disease that gets better with time, but the important thing is that the shock factor should disappear.

Now that I’m alive, the shock factor has disappeared, so it will naturally heal.

In other words, if I were really dead, she could have lost her ability to speak for the rest of her life.

Even though the senator said it would get better, I kept getting scared.

Perhaps because the anxiety is so great, families heading for the worst fill their heads.

If she doesn’t recover for the rest of her life… I may not be able to have a proper conversation with her anymore.

It is said that the woman who used to follow me over and over again like a parrot, called my brother, could no longer exist.

Of course, I once left her and gave up on it all, but that didn’t mean I wanted to lose it in this way.

“…for now, I need to calm down.”

Collecting the stories of all the servants, Helen and Thane, and the grandmother, Kirsi’s case was roughly finished.

I moved my eyes and looked at Kirsi.

She was still glaring at me.

She looked weak and hard to even lift her eyelids, but her eyes were staring at me with open eyes.

“…Kirsi, I’m alive… Now, stop looking at me and rest.”

Kirsi blinked slightly, but he didn’t seem to want to listen to me. He looked at me as if reading a book.

Still no one else paid attention.

….even if she doesn’t say anything, her sticky love is conveyed just by looking at her like this. It was like being weighed down by the weight of love.

But that didn’t mean I had to avoid this moment or get out of her sight.

how did you leave There is a younger brother in front of me who even lost his language.


With a heavy sigh, I faced the next problem this time.

Despite this series of tumultuous events, Asena did not open her eyes.


Helen understood and answered the unfinished question.

“…don’t eat. Even if you try to put a thin porridge in your mouth, it doesn’t open as if your mouth is stiff…. No matter how you open it and put food in, you can’t pass it up with coughing.”

“…I can’t eat at all.”

“….yes. If it’s water, how do you pass it over… but no food…”

3 days without water. 3 weeks without food.

Apparently she hadn’t eaten properly since I left. Even if I ate, I passed it like I was eating a bite or two, and from the time I heard the news that I was dead, I didn’t eat at all.

He said he was locked up in his room and didn’t see all the meals and people.

Then, one day, she came out of the room and went into my bed… and fell asleep, and it is said that she has never woken up since then.

Nearly a fortnight has passed since I left the Freisters on my own feet. The raid was about 8 days ago… She hasn’t eaten properly for 7 days since I left. It has been about 7 or 8 days since I stopped eating altogether.

My chest gets heavy.

I want to be angry, but I can’t.

The reason she refused to eat like this was because it wasn’t a protest against me. You must have thought I was dead, but who the hell did you refuse to eat just to show it to me?

She had withered alone to the fact that I was dead…it was just heartbreaking.

Da took another deep breath.

Shake your head and clear your thoughts.

First of all, if you think about it, nothing will change.

“…Helen, prepare Mieum. Let Asena and Kirsi eat.”


Helen was silent for a moment. She must have felt the same way I did. You may have felt old memories.

When I first came to the Frysters, it was the taste that I first fed to the twins who refused to eat.

“…Yes, Kaden-sama.”

“…ah. The kids hated it because it was so blatant… How, I’ll ask you for that part too.”

“All right.”

Helen told Asena several times that it was impossible to feed her, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t.

The only good thing is that Kirsi is awake.

I tell Kirsi.

“…I have to eat.”

Kirsey was still looking at me with boredom.



She nodded her head weakly.

As Helen gave orders to the servants, the cluttered atmosphere began to settle gradually.

The grandmother, who was watching us, moved with the support of Tane and Max.

After everyone left, only one appeared from the crowd.


– Crash.

At the word Judy, Kirsi flinched.

As I looked at Kirsi, her eyes fell from me for the first time and looked at Judy.

Judy asked me.

“…Kaden, can I help you?”

There was a look of regret on her face. Perhaps she, too, had a similar shock to me.

Seeing the twins, whom we could have talked to before coming to find me, collapsed like this, must be shaken.

Everyone leave, maybe he’s just worried about my brothers falling.

I smiled so that she could be reassured.

“….it’s okay.”

In an instant, Kirsi’s hand touched the back of my hand.



Gently focus on her and ask her intentions.

Kirsi’s eyes opened and looked at Judy in turn.

Like her grandmother, she seemed confused by Judy’s appearance.

Asena, who we had talked to, would know why Judy was here, but Kirsi probably didn’t understand English.

“….ah. Judy…?”

Kirsi nodded her head slightly.

“…It was Judy who saved you.”

Kirsey took a breath. Her mouth opens, her eyes tremble and widen.

Kirsi was confused, and tried to get up.

Judy, who was outside the door, hurriedly entered.

I also put Kirsi, who is moving, to sit again and calm her down.

“Kirsi, don’t wake up. You need to calm down.”

Suddenly, Judy stood next to me and said to Kirsi.

“…for now, please rest.”

Kirsi turns to look at me and Judy next to me.

He looked at us slowly with bewildered expressions for a moment, then shook his head and began to bow his head deeply. Thank you Judy.

Judy said while raising her leaning body upright.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to thank me. I did it because I wanted to.”

“…Kirsi, take it easy for now. Let’s not overdo it any more today.”

When Kirsi’s body stood up, she looked at me and nodded her head.

Now we could only communicate like this. As she nods or shakes her head.

It was a real blow to us, who usually talked about various things.

“…Judy, thank you. There will be a room where you can rest, so take a rest there after being guided by the attendants. I will find you later.”

“…yes. Kayden, come slow.”

“okay. See you later.”

Judy greeted Kirsi once more, paid her respects to Asena who was sleeping, and turned around.

Now, there were only three of us left in the room, me and the twins.

I adjusted my posture and looked at Kirsi.

The expression on her face, which had previously looked at me blankly, was now showing various emotions.

Judy’s coming and going was a big change for her.

“…wow… ahhhh…”

As if she had something to say, she, who had been keeping her mouth shut since the time she burst into tears, raised a voice.

But at the incomprehensible words that came out soon after, Kirsi frowned sadly.

Seeing her like that, I called out the servant who would be outside, and asked to bring me paper, quills, and ink.

After waiting for a while, Kirsey, who had a writing implement, approached the table next to the bed with a weakened body and began to write.

I had to hold her by the waist and shoulders and support her as she fell.

Soon after she had finished writing, she handed me a piece of paper.

Say thank you again to Judy, brother. Really, tell me that the favor will be repaid.

I read the article and nodded to her.

“….Okay. But is this what you wanted to say?”

Kirsey shakes her head. She blinked anxiously, and began to write again.

But… I only knew that things got worse after the breakup. are you okay now?

I pondered how to answer her, and answered her cautiously.

Knowing her love affair, it wouldn’t be a good idea to say that she had plans to accept Judy now.

If there’s anything I can say, it’s…

“…Judy and…get along fine.”

And I saw that moment.

Kirsi trembled like a fragile animal at my words, and then bit his lips slightly, so small that they could not be seen.

…Now it was so easy to know.

was jealous


Even in this situation.

Seeing her slightly jealous even at this moment when her body became so weak… Ironically, everything she did so far began to make sense. Because it was such a deep love, it must have been such a shocking thing.

What I had to understand wasn’t why they acted like that, but the depth of their love.

While he was looking at Kirsi in thought, Kirsi loosened his bitten lips and softened his expression.

Then he looked very sad and sad.

What emotions are you feeling? I don’t know because I don’t speak. Of course, even if she could, she probably wouldn’t have said it.

She got up again and moved towards the paper.

“…Kirsi, stop overdoing it and rest.”

I naturally supported her, but now I want her to rest.

Kirsi didn’t care about him, he tapped the quill on the inkwell, moved it to the paper, and started writing.

She held the last piece of paper in front of me.

congratulation. I’m glad we got along.


I couldn’t understand her writing. After hearing about her love, she knew why she was so harsh and sensitive to Judy and Daisy.

Every time I got closer to them, Kirsey would tell me that she was sad, play aegyo, and get angry.

But now that I say congratulations… I couldn’t help but feel the awkwardness.

I looked at Kirsey.

He covered his mouth with paper, but his eyes looked so sad.

It was obvious that he wasn’t happy with the situation at all, and he wasn’t even celebrating.

Perhaps he read my expression, Kirsi corrected his expression.

She smiles with difficulty and difficulty.

It was a pity for the trembling eyes.


She even forced a laugh. Maybe it wasn’t a word, but she was able to imitate the sound of laughter.

“……Just until dinner comes, take a break, Kirsi.”

Realizing that I was pushing her in a way I didn’t want to, I ended the situation.

Kirsi no longer resisted me.

After nodding her head, she lay helplessly on the bed.

Even so, Kirsi pulled the duvet all the way to his head and turned it over.

She didn’t move that long.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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