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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 109

Like a Priest (2)

Unlike the laid-back night, the mornings of the Freister soldiers were rough and early.

Lawrence, realizing that I was getting better, ordered the men to speed up, and they all obeyed their orders.

The carriage rattled and shook, but it wasn’t my body that made it more uncomfortable. it was the mind

We still don’t know exactly what happened to the twins.

Was it because I was worried about my body, or was it difficult enough to say… or was it just a ruse. Lawrence didn’t tell the twins what had happened to the end.

Anyway, I didn’t have to ask because I was on my way back to the territory. You can go and see it.

Perhaps there was an inner fear. You may not be ready to accept the shocking facts.

Occasionally, when my worries about them deepened, I couldn’t breathe well and my heart was stuffy.

I hope things go wrong only as far as I can predict.

May everything be resolved just by letting me know that I am alive.

Again, I hope that I can squeeze the strength to leave my brothers.

While praying in the fast-moving wagon, I looked at my hometown, which looked like a dot in the distance.



Lawrence’s servant flapped his cloak on his horse and blew Freister’s trumpet.

The people and merchants entering the territory made their way out one by one, and the gatekeepers opened the gates wide.

We rushed into the castle without hesitation.

Many raised their voices as they saw the return of Sir Lawrence’s face, and the more they did, the more the road split.

My heart was beating fast now.

As if I had spoken, my fingertips tingled and my lips were dry.

I couldn’t understand why the closer I got, the greater my fear was than when I first heard the news. Is it because I can feel it now?


I took a deep breath and spread my shoulders. First of all, I think the first thing to tell is that I am healthy.

As we entered the small square in front of the gate, a large number of Freister’s attendants flocked to it.

Helen’s voice was heard calling Lawrence’s name from the carriage.

“Sir Lawrence! That…so any news? You found the mastermind-“

When the carriage stopped, I hurriedly got off as long as it did not put any strain on my body.

Upon my appearance, a great commotion began to arise.


“Uh…! Uh…! It’s really Kaden-sama…!”

“You’re alive!”

It was a reaction similar to when he faced Freister’s soldiers. They scream and cover their mouths in surprise.

Maybe it was because I was starting to recover, or maybe it was because I was out of danger, it was burdensome to put my weight on my legs.

Slowly limping, I approached Helen.

Then Judy digs under my arm and supports me.

“….thank you.”

“…Of course.”

Helen looked at me and opened her mouth. His eyes wandered, and his breathing was irregular.

I walked up to her and said,



A tear fell from her eyes.



“…Why are you here now…”

It was a word with many meanings. The situation was… not as light as I thought it would be. It’s so hard for me to predict.

I could understand her tears. With her twins and her grandmother in trouble, Helen must have endured hardship. There is the butler, Thein, but… Actually, it must have been a burden because all the servants looked up at Helen Bay and waited for orders.

“…Helen. Good job.”

“Kayden. I’m so glad you’re still alive.”

“…I’ll go see Grandma first.”

I declared

Helen nodded her head.

Upon entering the mansion, the familiar air is inhaled. It was the scent of the house. Everything is familiar…but if there is one thing different.

Asenana Kirsi did not appear.

They might have heard the commotion outside, but they were nowhere to be seen.

I was getting more and more anxious. I thought I should just say hello to my grandmother and go see the younger brothers quickly.


At that moment, Grandma’s voice resounded.

She appeared at the top of the stairs and on the second floor railing with numerous attendants.

“Ah!! Kayden!!”

She hurried down the stairs.

“Lee, Liana-sama!”

The attendants followed to assist her, but Grandma was faster.

Suddenly she stood in front of me and grabbed my cheeks.

For a long time, he looked at me with tears in his eyes, slapped my arm and started scolding me.

“Kaden, you filthy bastard…! Uh, how are you!”

It was the most emotional grandmother I’ve ever seen.

Tane and Helen stopped her by her side, but she didn’t stop.

“Do you know how afraid I was! I only knew that I would lose my child!”

“Liana-sama…! It’s not Kaden-sama’s fault…!”

“Yes, Liana-sama…! Calm down…! Cayden-sama is also not in normal condition!”

Helen and Thein said.

“Ah…! Kayden…! This grandmother is a favor…! Please stop doing this now…! Don’t risk sacrificing yourself any longer…! Don’t let me leave the family. Why didn’t you…! Why didn’t you listen to me back then, and you broke the heart of this old grandmother…! I really… only knew you were dead…!”

My grandmother beat me, and, tired of the weeds, she collapsed. It must have been that he had collapsed in shock for several days, and he looked thinner and weaker.

Tane and Helen supported her from both sides.

I knelt down on one knee and looked up at her. Judy has been away from me ever since.

He said holding her right hand with both hands.

“…Grandma…you worried a lot. I’m sorry. But I’m fine…”

“Oh my, oh my…”

“Because I’m fine… Calm down and take care of your health. You were very skinny…”

She cried and hugged me on her knees.

“…I’m glad…I’m really glad…”

After she vomited her emotions out once, Grandma quickly regains stability.

He caressed me for a while, wiping away my tears, standing up straight, and shifting his gaze to Judy, who was behind me.

“…Judy Ice…is that right?”

“…yes. Caden’s… ex-fiancée Judy Ice.”

“Why are you here?”

There was no malice in Grandma’s question. Now she met me and seemed to blow away all the negative energy.

It was her pure question.

Judy glances at me and says straight.

“…I’m here because I saved Kaden.”


Judy is not the type of person who usually talks about her ball. He was as blunt as he was to set a point for others, so he did not dare to tell his story.

Previously, when I rescued common children and the academy awarded the prize, Judy said to the end that she had done nothing.

But the fact that she was not afraid of her grandmother and brought up such a story… meant that she had an intention.

It wasn’t hard for me to guess what it was.

Judy was trying to impress her grandmother.

“…I found Kaden. I escaped him from being pursued. So, naturally, I followed him all the way here.”

Grandma immediately responded to that.

Without answering, I walked over to Judy.

Judy looked nervous, but didn’t avert her eyes.

Grandma hugged Judy like that.

“…Thank you…Thank you…”

Judy nodded her head slightly, then looked back at me.

It was not difficult to recognize the desire for me in his eyes.


The story was not over, but I quickly finished the situation and moved on.

I’ve been in love with it since before, but I didn’t want to show it.

Asenana Kirsi… doesn’t show up.

I wish they were just mad at me.

It would be nice if Asena, who said she would never see my face again, was keeping her word.

It would be nice if I could hear her from the door-to-door, saying that she treats me well and doesn’t want to see my face.

If I can do that, I will know that they are healthy, I will let her know that I am alive, and I will have no trouble leaving them again.

“…it’s this way.”

In the hallway leading to Asena and Kirsi’s room, Helen led me in a different direction.

“…this way?”

“Follow me, Kaden.”

The place I followed Helen with my doubts was… my room.

The other servants standing in front of him looked at my face and were surprised in their own way.

I just wonder why Helen had brought me to my room.

If I wait in the room, will the twins come?

“…Kaden, you shouldn’t be surprised.”


When Helen signals, my door opens.

The first thing I noticed was the change in the room.

But the second change that I noticed without even having to worry about it was… In my bed, two women were lying.

I also forget to breathe.

It was like going back 10 years ago.

When I first met the twins.

They were dying, refusing food in the pain of losing their parents.

I walked away blankly.

The more I did it, the more I was choked up, and the sense of reality diminished.

The shocking sight was engraved more clearly in both eyes.

If you look at it this way, they are just two beautiful women sleeping.

But I knew it wasn’t true.

Suddenly, I stood at the bedside and looked down at them.

It’s been a long time since I’ve called your name.


Even when my name was called, Asena, who woke up with a small smile, did not even move.


Kirsey also did not respond.

Helen comes over and speaks from behind me.

“…Asena-sama is the third day since she collapsed. Kirsi-sama…waking up and falling over again… After hearing the news that Kayden-sama passed away, both of you haven’t eaten at all. Because you didn’t…”

Helen’s explanation did not sound like a curtain.

The only thing that is clear to me is the weak breathing of the younger brothers.

I didn’t expect to see this face I saw when I was young, even when I grow up like this again.

how much you miss me What a shock it must have been for me to die.

That strong Asena. Did that active Kirsi fall down like this?

With what heart, even this moment when I collapsed, was I lying in my bed? Did you want to feel my warmth through this bed?

It was as if their lives were intertwined with mine. If I die, are they going to follow me?

I don’t know how you love me so much.

Seeing this, the wall they had built against them collapsed too easily.

“Asena… Wake up. Oppa is here.”

He placed a hand on her cheek and called out her name.

“…Oppa isn’t dead. Because he’s not dead…”

He clenched his teeth, and then swept the cheeks of Kirsi.

Kirsi sweeps her silver hair and calls out to her.

“…Kirsi, you need to wake up… It’s still broad day… If you’re already sleeping… Didn’t your brother tell you not to…?”

A heavy silence descends.

No one opened their mouth. I eventually lost my strength and knelt before them.

He rested his head on the bed, unable to move for a while.

– Crash.

At that moment, I lifted my head at the sound I heard from the bed.

Kirsi flinched and opened her eyes.

“Ki…Kirsi. Yeah, come to your senses…”


Kirsi’s body was so weak that he couldn’t see me even when he opened his eyes.

He bit his lip at that appearance, gently swiping Kirshi’s cheek again, calling out his name.

“Kirsi…oppa is here.”

She is startled by the touch of my cheek.

After blinking three or four times, Lee Chae returned.

Her pupils eventually find me and they start to shake.


“…Kirsi… I mean come to my senses…”


She forced her feeble body to stand up and hugged my neck tightly. Her cracking cries began to fill the room.

She groped me in disbelief, pulled away from me to check my face, and then again hugged me in tears. In the meantime, the loud cry did not stop.

“Kirsi….it’s too much, this…”

As I hugged Kirsi in my arms, I began to feel the same anger as my grandmother.

“I’m gone…! If you act like this…! What should I do if I become so weak…!”

But Kirsi didn’t have time to listen to me.


She was crying and unable to speak.

The more I looked at her like that, the more frustrated I became, and eventually I removed her and scolded her.

“I taught you this…? What are you both doing…! Like this-“

“Ah… uh… ah…”

For a moment, a strange feeling surrounds me. Kirsi was holding his neck as if he wanted to say something and making a desperate expression.

It was as if there were so many things I wanted to say, but I couldn’t.



It was like a child babbling.

Tears flow again from her eyes.

He shook his head as if frustrated, hitting his mouth and neck with small fists.

I grabbed her wrist so she wouldn’t hit herself.

Then she looked up with a desperate expression and cried. The frustration of not being able to speak has been transmitted.

“Ah!! Ugh…! Ugh…! Ahhh…! Ahh…!”

With great shock at the sight, I slowly look at Helen.

Behind her, all the attendants only had sad expressions on their faces, but no one was surprised.


She spoke with difficulty.

“…to hear the news that Cayden-sama passed away…from shock…to aphasia…”

Kirsi jumped into my body.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her eyes in my neck.

Get on my legs and hug me tight

“…Ah…! Aww…!”

Kirsi’s tears couldn’t stop.

He cried out loud as if he was screaming at my chest.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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