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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 108

Like a Priest (1)

I was able to rest in the wagon brought by Lawrence.

Looking at the size of the wagon and the food, combat equipment, medical supplies, etc. packed inside, I could tell how well prepared they were to come.

If they hadn’t found me, wouldn’t they have swept the surrounding area and eradicated all the criminals living in the forest?

In any case, when I quickly healed the wounds and laid myself down in the carriage, all the fatigue came at once, and the world went round and round, and I fell asleep.

It was late at night when I woke up.

I woke up to the hand that shook me to wake me up.

As soon as I opened my eyes, the sweet scent tickled my nose.

“…Kaden, eat and sleep.”

It was Judy. She, too, was sitting in the carriage next to me.

There was no sunlight, and we were out of the forest and settled on the plain.

The soldiers were resting on their own by lighting a fire near my carriage.

They sing, dance, and enjoy food, expressing the joy that the schedule is over and the joy of finding me.

They shout at me when I wake up, but they don’t touch me anymore so that I can calm down and enjoy the night together.

I got up and took the porridge from Judy.

“….thank you.”

“Eat quickly.”

Judy was crouching next to her, holding her bowl and filling her stomach. He raised his knees, held the bowl in his arms, and brought the spoon to his mouth with minimal movement. The dull eyes were a bonus.



When I called her, she looked at me, trembling, wondering what she was thinking.

“Why are you eating so pitifully?”


Judy slowly checked her posture at my words, and then loosened her crouched legs and adjusted her posture.

I waited for Judy’s response to the prank I had been playing for a long time. As usual, I thought I would make a perplexed expression or get angry.

But Judy didn’t respond for a long time, leaning to look at her face…she was smiling.

“…what, are you laughing?”


She keeps smiling and brings the spoon to her mouth.

I also fill her hungry stomach with soft food that is not burdensome.

In the meantime, Judy was not smiling anymore, but was shaking her body a little and laughing in earnest. It was hard to hold back the laughter that broke out once, but I laughed constantly.

“…what makes you laugh because it’s funny to say that you eat pitifully?”

I asked and put another spoonful of food in my mouth.

Interestingly, I thought I would want to fill my stomach without wanting because it was a meal I ate after a long time, but I was already full after a bite or two.

After laughing for a while, Judy wiped away her tears and looked at me.

The fire built by the soldiers flickered, beautifully illuminating Judy’s face. Their singing filled our silence.

Judy looked at me for a long time and said.

“…I’m happy to hear your pranks again.”


This time it was my turn to shut up. As soon as she couldn’t even respond and was only filling her stomach, Judy laughed again. Things turned around, and she was enjoying my reaction.

We didn’t talk any more. This silence was not uncomfortable either. They just rested on each other’s existence.

As time passed, the singing faded away. After all the food bowls have been removed, the soldiers in charge of the night shift take turns guarding the surroundings.

The rest of them, me and Judy, prepared to go to sleep.

I lay back down in the wagon that I was riding in… and it was the same for Judy.

No one questioned this situation. Like flowing water, we were lying next to each other.

As the night went on, as I was thinking about my younger sisters, my grandmother, and the imminent events that had just happened a few days ago, I heard Judy moving.

– Whoops, whoops.

That short sound came closer and took a seat next to me.

Before I could even think of what it was, Judy reached out to me.

Her soft and warm skin touched me.

My heart pounded in an instant. My body instinctively felt happy with this act.

She wraps her arms around me and places her head deep in my arms.

I did not reject her any longer, but gave her my arm to give her an arm pillow.

When I grabbed her by the shoulder with the arm that gave me the arm pillow, we were completely hugged.

Judy sighs and hugs me tighter. It was the first time for both of them to have this kind of attitude, but there was no reluctance or hesitation in coming like this.

Like I did hundreds of times, she and I shared warmth. Maybe it’s because I mix swords? Any act of using the body in this way was natural.

Psychological stability was also felt. There were so many similarities between her and I that I felt like we could even know each other’s thoughts without even having to say it.

Just as we can fully empathize with each other only if we suffer from the same disease, because she and I are similar… we can share the pain as well.

So, if you stick around like this, it’s as if you’re receiving unspoken comfort. Maybe this is the reason that existence alone gives you strength.

Besides, I had already made up my mind. I didn’t want to be separated from Judy in the future.

Then, she speaks.

“…Kaden, I have a promise from Asena.”

When she brings out Asena’s name, it becomes a bit difficult to breathe. I keep getting news that they are broken. It was just so comfortable up until recently, so maybe that’s why I felt sorry for it again.

“…with Asena?”

“…I said that if I bring you in, I’ll close my eyes from you marrying me.”


“The reason we broke up is because of the circumstances of the family… but I’ll try to put it back together. My father and I had a bit of a problem, but I’ll try to fix it again. Your family has already accepted the promise, so it will be fine.”

“…….. Judy.”

“…I know that Daisy may dislike it. Like I said, it doesn’t matter if it’s not being courteous. If Daisy is bothering you, I won’t even notice it. Because… Kaden.

She hugged me tighter. There was a strong conviction in her words and actions.

“…you can feel it, too. you’re like me We have so many similarities. Even if we stay together like this… we can comfort each other. it’s strength don’t give up on me All I’m saying is… you’re the only one.”

Her earnest and honest feelings are conveyed to me.

“You are at fault too. If you didn’t like a troublesome woman like me, you shouldn’t have approached me in the first place. I didn’t tell you to be friends from the beginning. It’s your fault for not knowing anything about me.”

This time, I felt that it was the words she uttered while in a crowd.

“…that…but if I don’t like it… if that’s the case, then I’ll give up. If I’m forgetting the topic and crossing the line… I won’t do it in the future. You’re the only friend I have… I’m not good at even these things. So Kayden, so…”

This time, I felt that I was afraid of being hated.

this is what she saw At first, she was rough and she just did not want to get hurt, and she only sharpened her blade…

I wrapped my other arm around her and held her in my arms. One hand grabbed her by the shoulder and the other grabbed her waist.

Judy’s body stiffened once, then clamped into my arms.

It was different from twins. When I hugged the twins, they felt like liquid, like a cat, fitting into my body and squeezing every part of me, Judy felt like a big, firm puppy.

Even though it didn’t feel like a cat, it felt good to be held in my arms.

“…Judy. I was before… now. The reason I can’t make promises recklessly is because I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you.”


“okay. I’ll be honest. I don’t want to be with you either. What comfort you felt in me… I know because I felt it through you. But Judy. I have a kite with Daisy. I like you, but that doesn’t mean I want to hurt Daisy.”

“…you said it would be okay as a concubine.”

Perhaps she thought that the words I was going to utter were words of refusal, she said, wet her voice with water.

“…and you don’t even need a promise to hold me tight, Kayden. Just…just promise me this one thing. will try To accept me as a concubine… I will try my best. yes…?”

I brushed her hair once.

She murmured as if uneasy about my movements.

Before she could say anything, I nodded.

In fact, from the moment I held her in my arms like this, I was already making a decision.

“…Listen to everything. I’ve never been greedy in my entire life… I’m going to live my life with some greed in the future. I’ll try. really. That’s what I was trying to say.”


“…do you believe me?”

The last words were asked with a smile on his words. The last time I said this, I made a clear promise that we would meet again.

Considering that it was a promise that would have been difficult to keep if it hadn’t been for Judy, it wasn’t something I could brazenly say again, though I didn’t give it the slightest bit of trust.

Judy sniffled at my words, releasing the serious atmosphere, and starting to smile brightly.

Then, without even hiding his smiling eyes, he kept his mouth shut crookedly. It was cute to see her showing off her angry tea.

“It’s really a joke. But, Kaden…”

Our close distance grows even closer.

She leans over and kisses me. It was a light but warm kiss.

He loosened his angry expression for a moment and said while looking at me tiredly.

“…believe. I will believe you.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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Guys, didn’t I reincarnate you?


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