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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 105

Promise Keeper (3)

Judy stopped by the stable to set off. Goldie was resting as much as she had been running hard during that time.

Perhaps the stable keeper poured water on it, or Goldie’s body was wet and washed, and he was chewing on the given trough.

Judy smiled a little as she looked at her colleague and asked the stable keeper.

“Lend me a horse. It’s something we talked about with the Duke.”

The stable keeper wasn’t black enough to see the ice mark on Judy’s shoulder.

“of course. Since you are entrusting the horse in the first place, it is not a matter of lending one.”

Judy nodded and entered the stable. The stable keeper followed and began to introduce the horses to her.

Judy didn’t care about the horses’ names or introductions. I just needed a horse that could run to Naita Forest without getting tired.

“-This friend calls him Red Lightning. As the name suggests, it runs fast, but the disadvantage is that it gets tired easily-”

As the stable keeper continued to speak, he saw a familiar horse in Judy’s eyes.

A huge black horse. He shook his head violently, attracting his attention.


With that happy face, Judy headed straight for it.

…..Kayden’s words. it was rush

The stable keeper came and looked at the horse and Judy alternately, and said in a slightly bitter tone.

“…this friend is-”


Judy speaks the name first. In fact, with these words, Judy could be proud that she knew a lot better than the stable keeper.

“…that’s what Kaden said.”

“…you’re right. You know. Then you know it’s hard to deal with-“

“- I’ll do it with these words.”

Judy gently stroked Rush’s face. Rush stopped shaking her head and felt Judy’s touch.

Rush has always been like this. He and Cayden quarreled and continued to joke with each other, but he was kind to himself.

“…it must be difficult to deal with…”

The stable keeper looked at Judy with a genuinely worried expression.

Judy shook her head.

“…I’m more comfortable with this one than the other.”

And as if proving that his words were not lies, he grabbed the reins lightly and dragged them. Rush meekly followed Judy’s lead.

The Stable Keeper’s eyes widened at the sight, but there was no more time to waste on Judy.

After thanking the stable keeper, she gets on Rush.

Rush snorted and snorted, and started pounding the floor with his feet as if he wanted to run now.

Leaving the stable, Judy leans over and strokes Rush’s neck and face, saying:


Rush responds by licking her lips.

Judy stroked Rush for a while. As Rush was also Cayden’s friend, he seemed to need to be careful when he said this.

It was Judy who did not let go of her mouth easily. There were people who thought he was Yunan at last, but… Judy treated him as if he was his own horse, Goldie, kindly and really like a friend.

After muttering for a while, Judy finally whispers.

“…Kaden is gone. I need help finding it. Can you help me…?”

Rush puffed his nose and unwrapped hard, and then again rolled his leg on the floor.

Judy accepted that as an answer and raised her upper body again.

“…let’s go, then.”

Shortly thereafter, Judy gave a strong rein.


“Please, Father.”

Even today, persistently, Daisy pleaded with Earl Hexter.

Earl Hexter raised his hand expressionlessly.

“…Didn’t you say no?”

“Father…it’s only a day’s drive away…Kaden disappeared right next door…! You could send some soldiers…!”

Earl Hexter sighed and made a sad expression on his face.

“…Isn’t it called death, not disappearance?”


Daisy exclaimed like a swarm. After holding back the tears once, she said.

“…I couldn’t have died. At least that way…!”

Earl Hexter stood up. He holds his daughter in shock and speaks quietly.

“…I know that swallowing is bittersweet. I can’t fathom the shock you’ve suffered. But a leader cannot fall for such personal feelings. As you know, we are plagued by pestilence and famine. Wasting manpower and resources in useless places to find dead bodies-”

Daisy pushed Earl Hexter hard. For her, it was the first hand sword she tried with her father.

Earl Hexter staggered over in bewilderment and sat down in his chair.

Even when he saw his father like that, there was anger in Daisy’s eyes.

“…how can you say it’s useless…?”


“Kaden was going to be a member of our family! You should have been my husband! How can he be the most important person in the family and treat him this way!”

Earl Hexter soon hid the expression of embarrassment and disappointment. Then he pointed the truth to Daisy.

“That’s all, it was about when Kaden was alive.”


“Accept it. Don’t talk about the future. It must have happened, it should have been… it’s all meaningless. Cayden did not marry you, and now that he is dead, he has nothing to do with us.”

Daisy rolls her eyes and looks for something. It looked like he was about to break something out of anger. Count Hexter hurriedly spoke to the action.

“furthermore…! Even if we don’t go, the forest he has already been attacked is full of soldiers. Pryster’s men are searching the place. Well… for sure. Seeing that, even if he had been expelled… he would know that Kaden wasn’t completely unrelated to Pryster. If I had been alive… I wouldn’t have had any problems marrying you.”

Earl Hexter rose from his seat once more. This time, he grabs Daisy’s shoulder.

“I know it sounds cold. But you have to calm down. Rather than a man named Kayden… think of our Youngji people. Sending soldiers is no help now. We have our own business. People are dying of disease in real time right now, so where do you get the power to turn your attention elsewhere?”


“Right now, Priest cannot accept the fact that he is dead, so he is just doing it, and soon the moment will come when he will accept the truth. You even found the body. I don’t even understand what the hell they’re looking for more. A corpse was also found holding his sword, what the hell-”

“-Stop it, please..!”

Daisy covered her ears. I couldn’t stand the terrible sound any longer.

attack of thieves.

Cayden’s death.

cremated body…

It was a voice that was difficult to bear. Maybe she didn’t even know she was being forced, as her father said. Maybe he didn’t make a proper judgment on the shocking news. He disappeared so suddenly I couldn’t let him go.

But there was one more reason besides that.

He said he would come back. I decided to bring myself back to myself, holding myself in my arms. He might leave the academy, but even if he and the twins broke up, he decided to come back.

She was so confused about what to believe. Should I trust Benthrak’s information? He couldn’t decide whether to trust Cayden’s promise.

In the end, Daisy turned around today with her broken body. I knew that if I continued talking with my father like this, I would get hurt and suffer.

She resented herself for being powerless. How can you say that you are married? He’s the one who can’t even help his danger.

Before becoming fiancée, Cayden helped out by giving him food for the locals.

Today she backed away, writhing in pain.


Helen was trying to focus on the cluttered family.

It was the first such crisis in 10 years.

Ten years ago, when former Californian head James Pryster and his wife passed away, Lyana Pryster was forced to reenter politics and adopt a child named Cayden for her devastating twins.

At that time, I was shaken a lot.

But fortunately, bringing Cayden was the right answer, and the family was able to refocus the family after a year.

Centered on a wooden stick called Cayden, the twins climbed up on him like a vine and grew, becoming beautiful, strong, and strong.

Helen was proud that the twins and Kayden were the faces of her family.

But just a few days ago, Cayden left the family. Helen also helped a young man named Kayden and spent time together, so that fact came as a shock, but he tried not to show it.

Even if it wasn’t me, there was someone else who was shocked.

The twins, who should now be able to stand alone without him, fell apart as he left. Was the stem still not strong enough? Or maybe he didn’t create the strength to stand alone in the first place, believing that he wouldn’t leave.

Or, leaving all these metaphors aside, has he become so important to life?

They both broke down quickly.

He learned that the headmaster, Asena, expelled him all because of anger. Even without asking, the twins still needed Kayden.

But that wasn’t the end.

Since he left… in a fleeting time, less than 10 days.

…the news of his death came.

Many servants were shocked by the news and wept.

Some were angry, some were weeping, and some were in denial.

Helen also shed tears as she recalled the time she had secretly with Kaden.

Plus, meeting with Benthrak and listening to detailed explanations…she had to admit it even though she didn’t want to. that Cayden passed away.

Kirsi and Asena did not accept it, though.

In fact, by her age, death is not so new. Thousands of people she loved have passed away, and many more shocking deaths.

The death of James Pryster, for example. Thinking back on that time, this day wouldn’t have happened either.

…but this time…unlike that time, my heart ached more.

For Helen, who had seen how a young man named Cayden grew up, it was sad that he passed away at the time he had blossomed as a human being.

Knowing how much the twins loved him, the thought of those left behind broke my heart equally.

Even the recently heard scream of Kirsi is the same.

…. was not the sound of this world. There were many emotions in her scream.

It was such a scream and cry that made my heart pound just by hearing it.

When I heard that, I felt like I was about to burst into tears just like Kirsi.

She seemed to have a vague sense of how much pain she was immersed in.

How about Asena?

In the beginning, she was rarely able to express her emotions.

Because she endures everything on her own, I was rather anxious.

It’s because she can’t even express the pain she feels like Kirsi and suppresses everything inside.

Then I finally saw it.

The figure of Asena hanging one leg outside the window and trying to turn her back on the world.

I stopped her by surprise, but this time I was lucky enough to stop her.

If she tries to commit suicide again on another occasion… can it be stopped?


Had it ended here, Helen might have been struggling.

Even now, she was struggling to keep her focus, but now she was also exhausted.

…Liana Pryster is also down.

The owner, whom he had served since he was young, fell, and it felt as if Helen was dragged along with him.

Unknowingly, Helen was relying on Liana.

Liana and her concubine, Aiden Freister, who have led the Fryster family in their heyday.

The respect that had been built up at that time was still not fading.

However, even Liana, who was so strong, fell ill over the loss of Cayden, so Helen had no choice but to feel helpless.

I didn’t even think she could do anything.

All he could do was get the cluttered servants together.

But now she too is hoping for a miracle.

I know it’s a dream that won’t come true, but I still hope for it.


hope he comes back

Thought he was no longer of this world… but with a glimmer of hope, Lawrence went to Naita Forest to find him.

Even his close friend, Judy Ice, the eldest daughter of a hostile family, went to find him.

….and hoped he was miraculously alive.

If not…really. This time, Pryster might have collapsed.

I felt it from the incident 10 years ago.

Forces outside the family are not afraid. There is no reason to be afraid.

What you should be afraid of is that the door will rot from the inside out. self-destroying.

That is the enemy to watch out for the most.

And now, it was falling down from the inside, Helen knew.

Cayden had to come.

“Helen Maid Master..!”

A servant ran up to her and called her. Helen greeted her with a hard expression on her face.

“…why do you do that?”

“..Key…Kirshi-sama is strange..! I think you should come quickly..!”

Helen felt her heart drop. I nod my head and walk away.

The more he worried about Kirsi, the faster he walked.

Then he entered Kirsi’s room. Numerous servants surrounded her lying on the bed.

Kirsi was very emaciated. Her shiny silver hair had lost its shine, and her cute smile was nowhere to be seen. Her always overflowing energy and her sparkling eyes also lost their color.

But other than that, not much has changed. Helen squeezed her servants and approached Kirsi.



The moment Kirsi opened her mouth, Helen had to feel a strange feeling.

“…Kirsi-sama..Where are you uncomfortable?”

Helen asked.

Kirsey shook her head. And then open your mouth.




Helen’s eyebrows deepened. My heart started trembling.

In the end, Max, who was next to Kirsi, explained.

“…understand everything we say. But…but you can’t talk.”


“…I’m not a doctor…but I thought it might be aphasia…”

Helen turned her gaze back to Kirsi.

Kirsi spoke helplessly… No, he muttered helplessly.


Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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