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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 104

Promise Keeper (2)

“…Pryster, please explain quickly.”

Judy, who had put down her original respectful words, pressed Asena, who was lying on the floor. Looking at Asena, who had already collapsed, Judy was gradually realizing everything she had been worried about, but nevertheless, she continued to ask without giving up hope.

A few days ago, a letter arrived from her. It was from the Benthrak family. Since the academy stole Kayden’s lips, I thought they would be close, so I’m contacting them.

And in the letter was the news of Cayden’s death.

Judy experienced a sensation as if the ground was going to go out. He definitely promised to see me again. I told you to trust me, I’ll come back.

To this day, I still believed it. If even the person he loves doesn’t believe him, no one will believe him.

But…it was also true that I felt anxious. It was information from Benthrak, not anyone else. That’s not to say they aren’t completely wrong, but the accuracy is quite high.

When I closed my eyes, the memory of receiving the letter was clear.

Judy couldn’t stay still, so she devised a plan to visit Pryster’s estate. To do so, he visited his father with a postcard that had been sent to him.

Rarely did she visit him. After returning to the estate, Judy stayed curled up like before. There was nothing good about being noticed by my older sister, Nera Ice.

But then it couldn’t be. Kayden, who thinks that he is the only one who understands. My first and best friend, Kayden. Hearing rumors that the man he loved had died, he could not stand still.

Her father, who came to hand out the postcards, was with their children. Judy felt as if she had broken their friendly time.

Again, I feel like an outsider. He seemed to be a different animal from them. Although it was half the size, there was a sense of distance even though the same blood was flowing.

They and I were like different races. So they have their own group. Like a pack of wolves, they live in their own way.

Judy seemed to have found her first kin at the academy. Cayden was very similar to himself. It was comfortable to be with him, and I could not feel lonely.

Either way, Judy broke into her father’s group. break their blissful time. Still, he acted boldly. I had to do that to get a permit to go out.

Then he delivered the news of Kayden to his father. He opened his eyes wide in surprise for a moment, then said.

“It’s been a while since I was kicked out of the family, but such an accident.”

Judy knew he had been deported. Maybe that’s why I didn’t know that this news made me feel more anxious. It seemed to add credibility to this nonsense.

Then there was a woman who opened her mouth while stopping the Ice Duke from nodding to give him permission to go out.

“He died well. After all, it was a family parasite.”

It was Nera Ice. Her insults were also directed at Judy. He even insulted his eldest daughter, Judy, by using Kaden, who was an adopted child, as an excuse.

As usual, Judy would have tolerated the insult against her.

If you go into the room and spend time, it will eventually become dull and forgotten.

But the moment Nera fell over Cayden, it was hard to bear.

In the past, he seemed to understand why Kaden was angry for him.

He, too, endured the insults against himself, pretending not to hear them.

When the twins gossip about him, they only come to her and complain about how difficult it is, but they don’t take any action.

The first time Kaden had a big conflict with his brothers was when Asena turned an arrow to Judy.

It was the day Kaden saved Daisy from a wasp. A fight between the twins and Kaden escalated, eventually leading to Asena telling Judy to get down on her knees.

And then Kayden exploded. For a long time, the conflict with the younger brothers continued, and in a way, he continued to fight for Judy.

He may have thought it was a light act, but Judy felt a great emotion at that time.

For himself, the eldest daughter of a hostile family, he fought without backing down with his brother, who was the head of the family and the duke. If it were me… I thought I wouldn’t have been able to.

Judy wondered where he had gathered that courage.

But now, Judy knew. It wasn’t the courage he had gathered that day. It was a sudden rage.

A strong force gathered in Judy’s arms.

And without even having time to reconsider the plan, he swung it towards Nera as hard as he could.


It was difficult for Nera, who grew up like a flower in a greenhouse, to withstand Judy’s blow.

Nera was struck by an accidental blow and fell from her chair and fell to the floor, red blood gushing out of her lips.

Confused, Nera grabbed the ball and looked up at Judy. But perhaps because of the momentum, he couldn’t open his mouth easily.

Judy felt great relief. It was surprising even to myself. Contrary to what I thought I would be restless after hitting, it was as if a lot of burden had been unloaded.

I felt as if I had escaped from Nera’s influence. Just like Kaden did from the Ice family…even if he was expelled. Even that seemed okay.

If so, obviously. obviously have to be alive. No, because I can be by your side as a commoner just like a living Kaden.

As everyone panicked, there was only one word left for Judy. I’m leaving.

She no longer needed her father’s permission. Just leave as it is and check the disposition given to you later. It would be good if it just passed, and if it’s my name… it’s okay to just wander around.

After that, Judy rode Goldie.

The thought of Nera was quickly dismissed.

She could feel that she was riding a famous horse. Goldie was faster than the other horses and never got tired. I was able to run to Pryster’s estate in one month.

As she went, many thoughts flooded her. Maybe it’s because I’m alone while traveling.

I acted confidently, but I was nervous inside. He didn’t believe that Cayden was dead, and that was the only way he would be alive. A stream of tears ran down his cheeks without realizing it.

Judy was bewildered by the tears, and after wiping her tears away, drove the horse again.

I replayed the promise I made with Kaden hundreds of times.

She finally mumbled.

“…I promised you, Kayden.”

In the distance, Freister’s castle looked like a dot.

“…you promised to meet again.”

Tears flowed again.


Looking at Asena, Judy was also gradually shocked. It was the first time Asena had collapsed like this. Even when escorting, she, who was always lofty and dignified, was lying on the floor with a broken face.

It was my first shock that she could fall down like this. No, I was surprised that people themselves can be so ruined.

Of course, his heart was throbbing to the point that he could not bear it, but… was it because he did not let go of the belief that he would be alive like a lifeline? It wasn’t to the point of losing consciousness like Asena.

I was able to confirm Asena’s love for Cayden in a way that I didn’t want to know again. He knew that the twins’ love for him wasn’t a lie either.

She was broken and falling apart so that she felt pity for her lying face down in front of her. Hahaha, even knowing Kaden for half a year is like this. Are there fewer people who have seen him for more than 10 years?

Why she felt sad, Judy didn’t know.

But now those feelings don’t matter. Asena, who fell face down and murmured all her questions, heard everything she wanted to know.

And the more she listened, the more Judy tried to be convinced. It wasn’t that he died suddenly, or that he died suddenly.

It was news that he died fighting with a sword and bayonet.

He’d never die from it, Judy forced. In a dark room, Kaden survived a bloody battle with numerous thugs.

It’s Kaden, who sharpened his sword by sweating together. Seeing his efforts and feeling his skills, I could think that he would not have been attacked by thieves at all.

“…where did it happen?”

Judy asks coldly.

“…Naita Forest.”

And again, Asena responded like a doll. It was like the desperate struggle of someone who was hoping for salvation and asking for help.

Judy nodded, and Asena asked.

“….I’m going?”

At that, Judy nodded her head resolutely.

Asena called for Helen slowly.


“…your girl?”

“Give Judy the Mark of Pryster. There’s… Lawrence in the woods.”

“All right.”

After disappearing for a while, Helen returned with a coin with Freister’s snake on it.

He explained that if he showed up to the soldiers in the forest, he wouldn’t do any harm.

Asena looked like all the poison had escaped. Maybe he doesn’t even care about raising his head.

Judy doesn’t know why she’s like this all the time…. The figure of Asena, who was dying, was unfamiliar, but she was still sad. I thought it was better to be more vicious.

Anyway, I didn’t know that I sympathized with her as much as I shared the same pain of losing Kaden.

In her eyes, Asena, who had collapsed, did not look like a younger sister who had lost her brother, but only a woman who had lost a loved one.

“…I’ll lend you just one horse. I mean… take good care of me. I’m tired of coming all the way here.”

Judy started getting ready to leave because it felt like her heart was getting weird for nothing.

Asena slumped up from her seat, sat down on the bed, and nodded her head.

Judy turned and started to leave.

Then, he stopped walking and shook his head slightly.

“…Kaden is definitely alive.”

she says

At those words, Asena’s head was raised. A faint glimmer of hope flashed in her eyes.

“…I’m not talking for you. Kayden is alive…I’ll get her.”

Then he turned around.

Judy looking straight at Asena.

The news about Kaden, or the slap of Nera Ice, made her act unstoppable. It was a change brought by the news of Cayden’s death, knowingly or unknowingly.

“If you bring me… please listen to me.”

said Judy. There was only one thing she wanted. However, it seemed that Asena would not be able to refuse her proposal if she had to say this.

Asena imagined Cayden coming back to life. Now, really, she was the one who believed that it would be a complete breakup with him. Enough to think of throwing yourself out the window. I thought I would never meet him, even if I lived or died.

It had been three days since Lawrence began searching the Naita Forest. I didn’t get any news from him.

Had Kaden been alive… it wouldn’t have taken this long.


If Judy really gets him.

Asena’s eyes widened.


she clearly conveys

“…I’ll do whatever you want. If only I could bring my brother.”

“…what I want is to marry Cayden.”

Judy has now pricked her conscience to make such an offer at the expense of his life, but there has never been a better chance.


Asena’s lips trembled. As much as I had been obsessed with him, even at this moment, my mouth did not fall off easily.

But I think again soon. Really, there was nothing he couldn’t do if he returned.

“…I can’t decide…no-“

Asena muttered with her last groan.

“…if you like Kaden. Will you marry me?”

Asena finally stopped…. She nodded slowly.

“……Bring only my brother.”

Judy didn’t answer that. As if he had heard everything he wanted to hear, he turned around.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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