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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 103

Promise Keeper (1)

Time passed when they returned to the Pryster estate.

‘no! Sir Kirsey! calm down!’

‘Let it go!! AA AA AA!!! aah!!!’

Kirsi’s scream resounded again. Asena’s emotions didn’t even move. Nothing could break her vacant thoughts.

I can only hear the dry feeling that Kirsi has woken up. There was no more.

‘please…! Please anyone…! Bring me brother…! My brother couldn’t have died!!!!!’

the sound of something breaking. the sound of someone falling. Kirsi’s screams and the cry of the people trying to calm her down.

‘Until a few months ago, we were laughing and hugging…! I mean, you made me smile next to you..!! Why can’t I do that now, why?!’

Soon, the sound fades away. Again, this time, Kirsi must have lost his mind.

Asena covered her ears. I tried to put all my thoughts aside. If I start thinking about Kaden, I’m sure I’ll look like Kirsty myself.

However, Kirsi’s scream kept calling back memories. Even if I don’t want to think about it, every time I hear her words, the happy memories with Kayden come to mind. Memories that can no longer be continued.

I remember him gently stroking my cheek. I remember the warmth of his arms. Kind words and bright smiles. Polite jokes and mischievous actions.

The breath is shaky and inhales. I tried to hold it in, but the calm emotions made waves crashing and I was about to cry.


She forcibly holds back her tears. He didn’t even deserve it. I killed Kaden with my own hands.

He was killed because he kicked him out and told him not to help. Had it not been for either one, he would not have died.

Asena then suddenly shook her head. I just thought Kayden was dead.

It can’t be. Even if all the circumstances indicated that, she had no intention of accepting it.

She finds it difficult to calm her emotions. Otherwise, it was too painful.

Now, there was only one thing Asena was waiting for.

Waiting for Sir Lawrence to fetch the instigator.

If the mastermind is caught like that…

Once again, emotions were raging. Asena silences violent thoughts. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down, promising one thing.

I will do all the torture in the world. To give you a taste of all known tortures that are painful.


A knock was heard on the door.


Asena didn’t even tell me to come in. I no longer had the strength to face people. Even putting on a mask was difficult.

‘…I brought you a meal, Asena-sama.’

It was the butler who helped Helen, Max.

Asena answers.

“….I do not need.”

Max did not let Asena close her eyes again.

‘…You haven’t eaten anything for three days already, haven’t you? You must not do this.’

“…Max. Don’t say it twice.”


And then the sound subsided. Asena could be left alone again.

Is it because your body is tired? Asena’s eyes narrowed. My dizzy head gradually cleared up.

With her eyes closed, she was looking at many things.

Unforgettable dreams followed. These were all things that could not reach Asena’s chest.

Suddenly she was standing in the dark.

I couldn’t see or hear anything. Suddenly, she realized that she was comfortable in a place with nothing like this.


At that moment, a voice was heard. Asena looked back.

…Kaden was standing there.

“Asena. I’m back.”



Her upper body is lifted from the bed. Kaden’s appearance disappears like a mirage. My heart was pounding like crazy when I met Kaden.

Asena’s body was wet with sweat. As time had passed, no light was coming in through the window.

She looked around. His gaze wandered to find the missing Cayden. Of course, he was nowhere to be seen.

Where did the dream come from? Asena wanted everything to be a dream. When I got up from my seat and went to Kayden’s room, I hoped he would greet me with a smile.

As her mind becomes clearer and she wakes up, she knows it’s impossible, but her body gets out of bed.

When did I become so weak, my legs trembled on the ground.

Still, she twisted the door open.

Behind the door, several servants were waiting.

Everyone looked at Asena’s face and opened their rabbit eyes.

“Ah… Asena-sama.”

But Asena didn’t care. I moved my feet that couldn’t move properly and ran to Cayden’s room.

please let him be there It could be magic too. It’s okay to say no He just wanted to be there.

Asena twisted Cayden’s door open.

…there was a person inside.

Just as Asena’s heart is about to race again, the person turns around. I could see the face.

…it was Kirsi.

Kirshi, who became venomous, checked Asena. Kirsi, who had become emaciated, opened her mouth.

“…it’s because of your years.”


From her mouth came harsh words that had never come out.

“…Your brother was expelled from the family…and this is the result.”

It’s like he doesn’t want her to be part of the family. Kirsey, who lost the support of Cayden, was very unstable.

“…you killed your brother. You killed my brother…! Because of your anger..!! My brother was attacked by a thief or something and died!!”


However, Asena did not respond as much as this time. The hand that was holding the doorknob gradually loses strength and is knocked out.

I couldn’t be proud and shameless, like a housekeeper. Because Asena herself hated herself.

“Save my brother…! I mean, save my brother!”

Asena’s cold tears ran down her cheeks.

The servants who followed her entered the room and stopped Kirsi.

“Key.. Kirsi-sama! calm down…! It’s not the Duke’s fault…!”

“That bitch is wrong!! Because of that bitch, my brother…! Whoa…! My brother is like that…”

Kirsi kneels.

She also knew she was at fault.

I just couldn’t stand it if I didn’t blame others like this.

If I hadn’t been drinking at that time and pushing myself with my body.

In his words, if I hadn’t hit him like a whore.

Then, Cayden couldn’t have left him like that.

Kaden, who had always looked at a pure and cute creature, couldn’t have acted so quickly.

He is simply disappointed. At the appearance of himself trying to connect with him in an ugly way.

He had been trying to nurture him for the rest of his life, but she betrayed his favor with her body.

Kirsey’s breathing became steep.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…! Damn…!”

He took a deep breath, but it didn’t seem like he was breathing. It felt like I had been running for a long time and it was painful and short of breath.

The attendants, who were watching her, were surprised and called a lawmaker.

Kirsi beat the servants who tried to take care of her body, but they persistently tried to catch her.

Soon Kirsi’s head is dizzy. I was starting to feel dizzy. Suddenly, she was carried on the servant’s back and left Caden’s room.

Alone Asena walked over to Cayden’s bed as if nothing had happened. She was already ruined to the point of being ruined.

After a brief commotion, all she could think of was Kayden.

It was hopeless that seeing Kaden before was just a dream. It was a pity I couldn’t see him longer. It was painful to see him as only a dream now.

She took a step and headed towards the window.

Unknowingly, he looked outside.

If I jump off here, maybe I can see him.

In an instant, the thought crossed my head.

Her body immediately acts. I put one leg out the window.

He thought that Cayden could never have died, but he seemed to believe that he was gone in the end.

Then Asena showed her hand.

Cayden’s bloody sinful hands.

Jumping off of here raises doubts about the plan that he’ll be able to see Kayden.

can i really see Not sure.

It was clear that Cayden was going to heaven. He treated himself with more love than his family, and brought all happiness to him. There was no reason not to want someone with such a shining personality in heaven.

….. On the other hand, himself. He was the one who drove the benefactor to death because he tried to covet Cayden, but he couldn’t overcome his greed and anger. No matter how much he thought about it… it was clear that he was going to go to hell. There were too many sins to pay the price. I knew better than anyone that there would be no place in heaven for the crazy bitch who killed the benefactor.

Uncontrollable tears began to flow again.

I wasn’t afraid to go to hell. I was afraid I couldn’t meet him.

It felt like my heart was being ripped apart by the fact that I would never see him again, alive or dead.

Indeed, it is a complete farewell.

Hell, this was Hell.

Thinking like that, she started to understand. Heaven’s punishment has already begun.

He is now paying the price for all the crimes he has committed against Cayden.

…But why did Cayden have to pay the same punishment? He is happy to be alive…happy…

Suddenly, Asena realized that all these thoughts could be done now that he had left. If he had been alive, she still rages against him, realizing that here and there Caden would have been promoting, not Priest.

Asena shrugged her shoulders and wept. He sat on the window sill and leaned back. One leg swayed out of the castle and the other had not yet left Cayden’s room.

Even if I want to throw myself away and end this pain.

If this was a punishment that was inflicted on him, he had to endure it as an apology to Cayden.


Helen appeared through the open door and called her.

And the moment I lifted my head and checked Asena,

“Ah.. Asena-sama!”

Helen is startled and runs to Asena. He grabbed her arm and led her into the room.

Asena was dragged in helplessly and fell on the floor of the room.

“Asena-sama!! This… you mustn’t do this…!”

Helen was startled and started talking to Asena.

Asena listens to her rebuke and speaks quietly.

“……Helen. I want to die.”

He closed the door and didn’t show his feelings out. Everyone knew how she felt, but it was the first time she had expressed her thoughts so directly.

He shared the thought that had been holding her chest for a long time to Helen.

“…in this world without my brother…there’s no meaning anymore.”

Helen says wandering.

“…Lee…Liana’s grandmother is also there…! There’s also Kirsi…! Me too, and Fryster’s kitchen staff…!”

Even though Asena knew it was too much, she let out an honest impression.

“……Not enough.”


“…if there is no brother… nothing is lacking…”

Joy didn’t feel like joy, and emotion couldn’t feel like emotion, and nothing could take his place.

He disappears and she is broken. All emotions were no longer what they were before.

“…I want to die, Helen. Only that thief who attacked my brother…how do I kill him…then I’ll die too.”

“Ah… Asena-sama…!”

Helen closed her eyes and opened them slowly, changing her tone.

“That… there’s nothing good about thinking about that now. Don’t think negatively, we. yes?”


“The … and a guest came. guests…”

“…I don’t want to see you. Tell me to go back.”

“He came to help after hearing what happened to Kaden-sama. Do I still want you to go back…?”

Asena paused at those words.

Helen did not let go of that momentary worry. I had to let Asena think otherwise.

She got up, left the room and hurriedly headed somewhere.

Before Asena can take any other action, she returns.

“Come on in.”

Helen guided the guest.

Footsteps approaching.

Asena fell on the floor and greeted the guests in that state.

The footsteps came without stopping and stopped straight in front of Asena. The feet of the guests wearing armor were visible.

The customer was being rude looking down at the Duke of Priest. In the meantime, Asena wanted to look up at the person standing in front of her.

The only person who could stand before him on his knees was Kayden.

If he looked up and it was a man, Asena immediately promised to cut off the head of whoever the guest was. The attitude itself was impure. If he raises his head, his lower body is clearly in front of his face.

She shook her head.

… was not a man.

“…Explain, Pryster.”

She said to Asena, suppressing her trembling voice.

Gradually, his face began to come into my eyes.

Blue-gray hair. Big stature with strong muscles.

It was Judy Ice.

No matter how hard he ran, his hair was messy and his face was covered in dirt.

“…Kaden…what happened…?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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