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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 102

Weight of Vengeance(6)

Pryster and Benthrak met in the open meadow.

It happened one day after the twins received the letter.

Everything was done hastily. A tent was erected in the middle of the meadow, and a cheap table was prepared, and Asena, Kirsi, Helen, Thane, and Lawrence waited for the coming Count Benthrac.

Count Benthrac also entered the tent with his family.

Asena couldn’t even find time to say hello.

As soon as he sees his face, he says.


On the other hand, Benthrac was calmer than Asena. He first bowed his head to show courtesy, then slowly sat down in his seat.

His first words did not answer Asena’s question.

“…before I explain, I have to tell you how surprised I am. I know you’re here because of Kayden’s death…but I didn’t expect such a reaction. I only knew that Asena-sama hated Kaden-sama.”

Asena wasn’t the only one being pushed to the limit. Kirsi also pressured him.

“Explain…before I run out of patience. If you lie to me… I will not forgive you.”

Earl Benthrac shrugged, wiping away the sweat.

“It literally means. You’ve been attacked by thieves. An informant named Yoren who was next to Kayden knows the full story, but… he’s also dead. So we don’t know the details. I just heard the news that Sang Sang had been attacked by thieves in the forest outside the village, and when I checked, it was Kaden-sama’s party.”

Count Benthrak took the glass of water in front of him and drank it.

With a brief cough, he covered his mouth and continued speaking casually.

“When I went back, I found that all the goods had been looted, and the bodies had been gathered and burned in one place. It was annihilated.”

Asena saw hope in it.

“Then you couldn’t confirm your brother’s death.”

relief and anger. expectations and despair. As she was in deep despair, a single loach-like hope raged, and her heart became muddy with countless emotions.

These hopes were blocking the sinking emotions. I was suppressing my heart that was about to go crazy with this.

Benthrock snapped his finger at that moment.

A servant standing behind him came out with something hidden in a white cloth on the pedestal.

As he tried to put it on the table, he shuddered as he could not get the glasses of water from Count Benthrak, Kirsi, and Asena.

Kirshi, impatient, swings her arms and puts away the glasses of water for herself and Asena.

– Clap!

The glass of water flew off the table and crashed into the floor, but they didn’t even pay attention to it.

All eyes were focused on this ominous thing Benthrak had brought out.

As the servant set the plate down on the table, Benthrak Gaju took another short cough and removed the cloth.

A blackened sword appeared.

“The bodies were found where they were cremated.”

Asena and Kirsi were shocked the moment they saw it, as if they had been hit in the head with a hammer.

…too much. It was a very familiar sword.

The handle was all burned out, and the blade was broken and looked like a saw, but only one trace remained very clear.

Count Benthrack also pointed his finger at it.

Fryster’s snake embedded in the center of the specimen.

It was undoubtedly Cayden’s sword.

Asena’s fingertips began to tremble.

Count Benthrack’s explanation continued.

“This text. It’s Kayden’s sword, right? A cremated corpse was holding the sword firmly.”


“…I’m sorry.”

Asena’s eyes scanned the sword from end to end. To deny the fact, he was trying to somehow find traces that it wasn’t Cayden’s sword. However, I couldn’t find anything like that.

It was definitely Cayden’s sword. If you look closely, you can see that the sword-only actor was jealous of Cayden, and even the traces of the stirrups he had carved with stones as a child remained.

Kayden is back. only this remains

In the end, it was Kirsi who collapsed first.

“Ahhh…!!! Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

Her terrible screams filled the tent, as if vomiting out all the emotions she had been holding back.

Still, he couldn’t take his eyes off Cayden’s burnt sword, and he was in pain with his eyes wide open in shock.

“no!! aah..!! no..!!”

Asena tried to deny it, but the evidence was too clear. She couldn’t afford to care about Kirsi.

Nevertheless, she could not accept this fact, and the reaction that erupted from her body was anger again.

The sparks hit Benthrak in front of him first.

“Why…why didn’t you save me?”

She herself didn’t know what she was talking about.

“If I had known that I was being attacked…! You could have saved me…!”

Benthrak understands her going crazy, but at the same time makes a face of resentment.

“…Kaden-sama is not a Priest.”

And his excuses crush Asena’s heart.

“Because we can’t just watch our soldiers risk their lives to fight for the common people. The merchants were not even the inhabitants of Benthrak. Besides, didn’t the Duke tell you not to treat Kaden-sama as a Priest? Wasn’t it because I was banished because of your hatred? You have been favored by my judgment, do you know what disadvantage I will face you?”

The deeper he got to know the situation, the more Asena could see the blood of Cayden on her hand more clearly.

The more Asena did, the more disgusted she became, and she couldn’t stand it. He was angered by the person he loved and drove him to death.

I never imagined it would all come back like this.

Kirsi lifted the charred sword and held it in her arms.

Thein and Helen standing behind her tried to stop her, but nothing could stop Kirsi from crying.

She screams as she holds in her arms a blade that is easily scratched.

“Ah ah ah ah ah….!!! Brother!”

Asena saw her like that and her heart began to rip. The heart that had been refusing to see her began to catch up.

She couldn’t hide her expression. Count Benthrak and many of his servants were watching, but a suffocating cry erupted all at once.

There was no sound, but the breath was split with the cry and flowed out of the mouth.

The strength is released, and she falls on the table.

Her hair was loose and flowing.

She was now dealing with the fear of the unknown. Even now, when I can’t feel it, my heart aches like this.

How much more painful it will be when the fact that he has really left is settled.

Benthrak says quietly.

“…there are eyewitnesses. I haven’t watched everything, so I don’t know everything, but would you like to meet me anyway?”

Asena nodded her head as she buried her head in the desk.

In her ears, she hears someone entering the tent.

Kirsi was still screaming and crying, and Asena did not move in that position.

Benthrak spoke on their behalf.

“Come on, explain what you saw.”

“…I…so…are you okay…”

“Don’t worry about these people, just tell them what you see.”

“Oh, yes. Okay. I was just riding up the mountain to gather herbs. But on the way, I heard screams and the sound of metal hitting, so I went there secretly. …there was no riot. Combat… No, should I call it a massacre? All the thieves were attacking the merchants.”

“Besides that, tell me about the man you explained to me.”

“Oh, if it was him… yes. Fortunately, there were people who were making progress. Even though I was the youngest, there were people who did not give up in hopeless situations. He was directing others while dealing with three people at the same time.”

The more Asena listened, the more her heart grew darker that it could only be Kayden.

I wanted to scream at him if possible. tell me to run away what are you doing there However, all of this has already happened in the past and cannot be changed.

She wanted to cover her ears. I couldn’t accept that the end of this story was Cayden’s death.

Kirsi was still crying, but she also told the story of a stranger. So maybe he wanted to hear Kayden’s last words, so he was holding his breath and sobbing.

“…the thieves struggled because of that man. Did you say that person’s name was… Kaden-sama? Yes. Thanks to Kaden, there seemed to be hope at the top, where there were only six people left.”

Then the stranger stopped talking and looked around cautiously.

“…that…but even if I tell you this, as promised, my life won’t be harmed…”

Benthrock warns.

“As long as you’re not lying, there’s no problem. Now stop talking nonsense and talk about what you witnessed. I mean, you’re not the kind of person you can waste your time recklessly.”

“ah..! yes..! All right..! Then, the captain of the thieves came out.”

Asena’s anger was directed at the target.


It was clear who had taken Cayden’s life. It was the first time she had felt such a raging rage. When Caden left, I thought he was at the peak of his anger, but it wasn’t.

“yes…! I couldn’t see her face properly because I was far away, but it was definitely a woman.”

“…that was a woman…?”

“yes. The man came out and said to the fighting guard. That… if I give up and put down my sword, and if I sacrifice Kaden-sama, I will spare their lives…”

Power enters the body of Kirsi who was sobbing. The still sharp blade of the sword pierced through her fragile body. Blood began to flow all over her cheeks, shoulders, stomach, arms, and wherever the blade touched.


Asena asks, holding back her tears, suppressing her anger.


The stranger read the anger and hesitated again.


But on the second press, he confessed.

“…I put down all my swords and betrayed that man—No, Kaden-sama. Without hesitation… It was immediately after that Caden-sama’s momentum was broken. The sword, which was held upright, began to point toward the ground. It’s as if all my strength has run out.”

Asena, without realizing it, began to cry again.

how scared he was what was your mind Was he desperate enough to let go of his sword?

I felt sorry for Cayden that his last was like that.

It was Asena who had dreamed of his last many times. After tasting all the happiness in the world, he had to die comfortably when he grew old and had no energy anymore, surrounded by his beloved family. Leaving him from his arms so that he can think of a good life. As I left, I tried to make the smile that I loved so much.

However, he is betrayed and died while escorting a cheap top.

How did you feel?

He must have had the impression that he had been abandoned all his life.

He was abandoned by his parents and lived in an orphanage.

Abandoned by his younger siblings, who only gave them love for the rest of his life, he was expelled from Pryster.

And I was abandoned in front of the last battle of death… and died alone.

It didn’t bring him any happiness.

There was no reply whatsoever to him.

Rather, it only bothered him. It only gave him pain. expelled him and betrayed him.

Since he passed away, this fact cannot be changed.

how lonely i was How skeptical of the world did you feel? Was he so disappointed in the world that he lowered his sword in front of his opponent with a sword, and gave up his lust for life?

How hard it must have been when you knew that the price of your hard work was being abandoned.

Thinking of him made Asena go crazy.

The traveler continued.

“…After that, I couldn’t see properly. Except that all those who surrendered have died. As the bandits moved little by little, I also ran away. That’s it.”

– Loud.

Asena’s back becomes noisy.

“Kirshi?! Kirsey!”

Looking back, Kirsey had lost his mind.

At last, the Priest servants, who were able to free her from Cayden’s sword, carried her.

Asena was confused by a sense of weakness that went beyond her level.

It completely pushes the emotions away. If I didn’t do this now, I thought it would be completely ruined.

recovery was needed.

There were only two places where she could recover.

In his room, in Cayden’s…

A second wave of emotions occurred. She suppressed those feelings and endured the nausea.

It looked like she had to leave.

“….forest. Where?”

Asena rose from her seat and, barely keeping her voice, asked Count Benthrac.

“…Naita Forest, northwest of Benthrak Estate.”

“…who’s estate is it?”

“It is a land that no one is managing.”

Asena nodded and turned around.



Lawrence, who was listening to all this from behind, also had a gloomy expression on her face. He could not easily accept the death of his disciple.

“….Find the mastermind at Naita Forest.”


Asena’s eyes flashed in an instant.

“With live vegetables. catch it never this time. I will never tolerate mistakes. Catch them alive.”

“…All right.”

“…I still don’t believe in my brother’s death.”

She said as if using a forceful swarm.


Lawrence bows his head to Asena.

“I know. Do not worry. I will find a trace somehow.”

This time Asena calls Helen.

Asena nods her head. Unable to hide her tears, she eventually scrambled and left the tent. I couldn’t stand in front of others anymore.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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