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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 106

Promise Keeper (4)

It’s cold, it’s scary… and it’s lonely.

These were the feelings I was feeling right now.

I don’t even know where I am now. Was it still in the Naita forest where it was attacked, or was it fleeing and moving to another forest?

There was no time to worry about anything. I just run away.

It may be the number of nights in this forest today. When you hear the sound of the chase, run away. Run away and put everything you can put in your mouth. When I found a place to hide, I slept in a nap, so I didn’t even pay attention to it because it didn’t matter whether it was day or night.

Fortunately, today I found a place I really wanted to be safe. A large tree located on a steep ascent. I lay down in the small space that came out when I climbed the tree.

If it was here, not only would I be able to grasp the approaching people from afar, but no matter who came…

The sun had not yet gone down.

I take off the equipment of my tired body one by one and examine my body.


Last time I was stabbed with a sword and it was full of holes like yesterday, but I was stabbed here and there again and it was a mess.

Fortunately, there were no major injuries that could be life-threatening… but the number is a bit of a problem. There are scars here and there, so I’m worried that there might not be enough blood. Fortunately, all the wounds had hardened and the blood had stopped, but in fact, they were injuries that could burst again with just a little bit of effort.

I loosened the bandage that had been tied to my leg a few days ago.


The one I’m most worried about is the injury to this leg. I’m not a doctor…but it was clear that I wasn’t in a very good condition. It’s starting to scorch and the sap is also flowing…. The color is very black.

It seemed like he had to see the senator quickly. The fortunate thing is that the wound is only the length of one finger, and it’s not that deep. I was still able to walk, so there was nothing more fortunate than that.

I slowly relaxed my body and began to relax.

As the heat of the battle cooled, the pain from the injury also got worse… but I had to rest anyway.

We don’t know how long this condition will last.

Escape from Sharon Payne’s pursuit and head out of the forest to a nearby city. This was my first goal.

How did going to the Hexter family come this far…

…..No, I should think I’m lucky that I’m alive.

It was a miracle that I survived that day.

Obviously, the battle went much easier than expected.

Shalon Payne ordered the attack, and the three guards were struck in an instant, but we were able to not be pushed through the strength of the rest of the guards, who were struggling afterward.

As I dealt with the three Paine family soldiers, the guards who began to respect me knowingly and unknowingly began to follow my words as well, and with better organization, the momentum was gradually leaning towards us.

The defeat was still dark, but the opponent was struggling.

But Sharon Payne. She intervened again.

I ordered my bodyguards, who were struggling to survive, to dedicate me, and they betrayed me without delay.

The change in his eyes is still ingrained in my mind. Especially… Yoren’s eyes.

We ate and talked about each other, and I thought we became quite close… In fact, everything was useless in the face of death.

Thinking like that, I can’t blame him. It doesn’t change that it was stupid.

All but me surrendered and lowered their swords, so they moved towards Pain. Shortly thereafter, Shalon, unable to keep his word, ordered them to be executed.

Shalon squeezed through the gap of anxiety in her heart and took their lives.

From then on, I thought that there was no chance of winning, so I tried to give up.

A few characters swept through their heads. I even remembered the conversations I had with them.

Promise to see Judy again.

A promise to come back to Daisy.

And the promise that I thought would be broken now that I would be the support for the twins.

Maybe everything is just an excuse. He may have just recalled those memories in order to wring out the power to devour his dying heart.

Anyway, my body started moving again when I thought of them. The pain was gone, and the fatigue was gone, as if I had drank any medicine.

After that, I started running away.

He quickly subdued Payne’s soldier in front of him and thrust his sword into his body.

The soldier grabbed my sword even after being stabbed and had to throw it away in the process.

From the standpoint of escaping, it was more convenient. Whether to fight or run away, it was better to decide on one thing.

That’s how it gets so far.

I’m still alive, but I’m not in very good health.

both mentally and physically.

As things progressed like this, I realized how important it is to have someone by my side.

I wondered if I was this kind of person.

I thought I would think about life first and how to get through this crisis, starting with that.

What I am drawing now are people who have stood by my side.

When you’re sick, he’ll be by your side to care for your wounds, and bring you food instead. Say strong words and worry.

I missed these

In fact, I realized that this was the first time I had suffered alone while possessing this worldview.

I haven’t been in a lot of pain, but whenever I got sick, the twins took great care of me… I was quite shaken by the difference.

If I close my eyes like this and can’t open them again, will someone find my body?

will you miss me

I think Judy and Daisy will miss you.

But twins…? I broke up with them badly, so maybe they think I’m sorry that I’m dead.

In the back of their head, I knew they would be very sad. Seeing you think of something.

It can also be regrettable. I never thought I’d feel this way already, but the threat of death changes everything.

If only I could really die like this. For example, if your leg hurts and you suddenly can’t open your eyes the next day.

Wouldn’t you regret breaking up with your twins like this? It’s true that our relationship was ruined, but in fact, we’ve been very close for 10 years. We were able to grow as healthy nutrients for each other.

It never changes that there was such a past. So the end of those beautiful memories ends like this…

Eyes gradually close body is too tired I began to fall into a deep sleep. In a sleep without any dreams.


I wake up to the sound of rustling.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt a deep chill. The forest was now entering the night, and at the same time it began to reveal its sharp claws.

It wasn’t just Payne’s soldiers that I had to watch out for in the forest. Wild animals and poisonous insects all had to be careful.

I raised my upper body and turned around to look around.

Unsurprisingly, I saw soldiers carrying torches everywhere, like goblin fires.

Even if I didn’t need to confirm that they were Pain’s soldiers, I could tell.

Again a squeaking sound is heard.

I took a breath. Because this sound came from a surprisingly close place.

This time, he moved his body slowly and looked at the other side.

Two soldiers were passing by in close proximity.

Their voices were heard.

“…After… Shouldn’t this be enough to say that I missed it? You’ve been searching for four days already.”

“… you bastard, do you still not understand the seriousness? We have to catch him to live…!”

“…I know dude…! But…why…why did it happen this way… Isn’t that guy, Kaden Pryster?”

“okay…! Because it’s Kaden Pryster, Pryster! Don’t you know Pryster?”

“No, that’s not what you’re saying. He’s not a Priest anymore.. No matter where he goes, he hears that he has been expelled from his family. Why did Pryster’s soldiers come all the way here? Isn’t it irrelevant now…?”

I doubted my ears.

Pryster’s soldiers. Did you hear from my hometown? So fast..?

“I don’t know. Looking at the situation, I don’t think that’s the problem. Anyway…we’re going to die if we get caught by Freister’s soldiers, and if Kaden Pryster lives we’ll die. He must be dead somewhere in this forest, or we should get our hands on him… haha, if I had known it was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have touched him…”

“…Girl. Was that your choice? What could we have done differently? If it’s black, it’s cracked. If you’re going to resent it, you should blame Shalon Payne.

“If we had cleared it in one shot, this wouldn’t have happened. Besides, did Shallon-sama know that Priest would react like this? Hearing the news that he was expelled from everywhere, he said that Cayden was also from a commoner… Now that I know that he abandoned it, how do you think differently?”

“…you wrap up Shalon Payne right before she goes back? Hey, what do you mean if you do that, you spread your legs?”

“What am I looking for? Find him, kill him, and get out of there. Then you gave up and put your neck out. If Pryster finds out that the Payne is behind him… he knows how to react.”

“…what use is it? Let’s find it quickly. When the Pryster soldiers are scouring Naita Forest.”

They quickly passed me by.

In addition to them, soldiers carrying torches for a long time passed by, and I had to hide and hold my breath.


The eyes that had been closed were suddenly opened. I didn’t even know I was asleep. I looked up in amazement at the fact that I had fallen asleep without realizing it, but surprisingly, compared to before I fell asleep, my whole body was weaker.

Drag your body as if crawling and look around. At dawn, when the blue light began to drift, there was no one around.

First of all, my throat was very dry. It would be a job to run away, but I felt like I had to wet my neck first. After surviving the day, the moment has come to leave this nest.

I started going down the tree with difficulty.

Then the world turned around, and the power drained from his grasp. Last night the soldiers said it was 4 days… Now it’s 5 days. Five days of fighting, running, and not eating properly, at this point, my body was hitting its limits.


I came down like falling from a tree.

And then, a creepy sound is heard.


Before I could judge who it was, I stood dizzy. Giving up here means death.

In an instant, I saw people who would believe my promise.

As soon as I start moving my stiff body, my body relaxes. The body, which had been creaking and motionless, became soft again.

I started running through the woods as always.





how far did you run

The front of the eyes blink, and the legs gradually loosen. The pain all over my body started coming back again.

I wanted to run away, but one pursuer persisted and did not fall.


I immediately stopped running. In fact, it could be said that he has stopped walking.

I couldn’t move any more.

Sitting on the floor, I looked at the man following me.

He looked at me as I sat down, and didn’t rush anymore.

Lie on your knees and hold your breath for a while.

how long has it been

Without a word, he drew his sword and started walking towards me. My relationship with them was just like this. I don’t know the man’s name or story, but I didn’t need a conversation. It was a relationship that cost each other’s lives.

Just because I sat down didn’t mean I gave up. I just can’t squeeze any more power to run.

I shake my head as to what to do.

The first time he wields his sword, he will have one chance.

Can you predict the direction you’re swinging? No, I can’t stop and wield the power to counterattack.

The soldier was still panting and walking towards me.

He raised his sword high.

– Doo doo doo doo…

At the same time, the floor rings.

It was a sound he and I couldn’t hear.

“…bye. Don’t blame me.”

Whether he was also conscious of our strange relationship, he said bluntly.

And at that moment, a cry that tears the forest.


The moment I turned my head, a huge black horse appeared in front of me and kicked the soldier in front of me.

The shocked soldier flew away in an instant, and fell to the ground in a tree. But the black horse didn’t stop there.

Stepping on the fallen soldier, he did not stop until he lost consciousness.

Gradually, I was able to understand the true nature of those violent words.


While watching Rush, someone jumps off the horse.

In an instant, she knelt in front of me as I fell, and grabbed my cheeks.


Then he put his lips on mine.


For a long time we shared a breath. Her soft tongue wet my dry mouth.


After a long kiss, she pulls away from me and spits our breath into my face.

And then he whispered in a muffled voice.

“…I thought you were alive, Kaden…I thought you were alive…”

The voice was full of relief. Contrary to what she said, it was a voice full of concern.

I doubted my eyes. Because there was a face in front of me that I didn’t expect to see the most here.


As I called her name, tears began to flow from her eyes. She held my face in her arms.

“…why make me keep my promise!!”

she exclaimed as if in a whim.

Promise that we will meet again. It was Judy who saved it.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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