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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 228

Beatrice and Selina were among the soldiers ambushed on the cliff.

Beatrice came to use magic traps and magic to bind the chieftain, and Selina came with Beatrice to run away with Beatrice in case things go wrong.

And she is a member of the detached team.

Bane, the leader of the detached unit, came, but there was no reason why she wouldn’t come.

I was confident. After awakening her aura, she gained confidence that she could not be defeated.

In fact, that confidence was correct to some extent.

She was talented enough to match or beat veteran knights in swordsmanship.

Then she awakened her aura.

A low-ranking sword expert could no longer even compete with her.

Bane tried to stop him from following, but she said it was okay and followed.

She was confident in her skills, but one of the other reasons was hearing that Raymond acted as the chief’s bait.

‘He risked his own life, but I can’t rest alone in a safe place.’

At least Beatrice also jumped to the limb, thinking that she could not remain in the castle alone.

Let’s move, we’ll see for ourselves.

And if the opportunity arises, there is a willingness to step out.

The heart broke before long.

The chief who was lured into the canyon was a monster.

Magic and the power of spirits were useless to him.


The moment she saw the existence for herself, she was strongly shocked.

The saying that there are many strong people in the world seems to be used in this case.

How did I not know about such a monster until now?

Even if I knew, it wouldn’t have changed anything, but it’s amazing that such a strong person exists.

‘Raymond, you always go that far.’

I thought I had caught up, but now I thought I wouldn’t lose so easily.

But that thought disappeared in an instant.

Still, when I came here and sparred with him, I didn’t feel this way.

The moment he lured the chief and saw him fight against the chief, he realized that he was very wrong in his thoughts.

Her steps, which she thought were closer, had yet to reach him.

I just saw it faintly and thought it was getting closer.

It was when her face took on a strange light.

“father… .”

Bane went down at some point and aimed his sword at the chieftain.

Bane, who started to fight the chieftain, looked like a master’s name.

At first glance, he seemed to be overpowering.

“ah… !”

It was then.

Bane’s sword starts to slow down.

It was a side effect of overusing authority from the beginning.

The chief did not miss the chance. He deflected Bane’s attack and struck him in the stomach.

For the first time, the chief’s fist touched his body, which had never allowed an attack.

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Kwaaang- There was a roaring sound that made me doubt whether it was coming from a human body.

Bane flies backwards.

He didn’t even think about balancing, and his body, which flew all the way, crashed into a cliff.

cough up blood Judging from the pool of blood, it seems that the intestines have been damaged.

Darkness falls on Selina’s face.

it’s her father Even for a Master, that attack is dangerous.

What kind of child can just watch his father being beaten?

Beatrice catches her as she reflexively tries to descend the cliff.

“You must not go. Are you willing to lose the opportunity you have created?”

“But, my father… !”

“Do you not believe the name Millennium? Do you think your father would fall for something like this?”

“that’s… .”


She was the one who had been watching Bane the closest.

Bane is strong. As a daughter, she was a person she respected more than anyone else.

She barely calmed down and let out a big breath.

As she tried to express her gratitude to Beatrice for stopping her, her eyes widened.

“Hoo-wook… Whoop… !”

Beatrice’s condition was not so good.

Haven’t had a break recently. After working day and night, fatigue accumulated in her body.

And her face, which had been using magic to tie the chieftain’s feet, was pale without any blood.

“Beatrice… .”

“I’m fine, you do what you do.”

She chants the next spell while supporting herself on her staff.

She moved nonstop, looking tired and tired to anyone, but no one here could stop her.

Her magic was of great help.

She desperately needed her help to do what the soldiers couldn’t.

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Knowing that, Beatrice was also using magic steadfastly without any complaints.

Seeing that, Selina bit her lip and put her hand on the sword.

She suffers like that too. Everyone here is working hard.

But how can you stay still?

She moved toward the detached unit.


Bane allowed the attack, and there was no movement for a moment.

The chief immediately rushed at Bane as if he would not miss the opportunity.

I thought it would be dangerous to leave it there.

No matter how much Bane was, he could not be safe if he allowed the Chief’s attack in a defenseless state.

I think I was properly hit by the chief’s attack, but if I allow another attack… I don’t know what will happen then.

kicked the ground and ran

My actions like this, I myself did not understand.

Longing to live more than anyone else, he laughed at himself jumping into the flames like a moth.

“Liems, ask for a buff. You only need to be able to stop it once, only once.”

-I get it!

A fullness of power surrounds the body.

Three layers of translucent blue membrane encircled my body.

This should be able to block several attacks.

At least it will give me time to buy Bane until he comes to his senses.

“It’s over!”

The chieftain swings a clenched fist at Bane’s head.

His fist turned into a hammer and hit Bane’s head.

I was trying to price.

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Kwajangchang! A blue membrane blocked the fist.

‘Tsk, it’s insane strength.’

I only blocked one attack, but the three layers of barriers were broken.

Still, I just wanted to block the attack.

“Neonom… !”

Sparks flew in his eyes, as if he didn’t like the way I interrupted him again.

I replied by brandishing cotton at him.

Perhaps because he squeezed out all his auras and swung them around, the chief stepped back without even thinking about repelling the attack.

No matter how he said it, he must have judged that it would be difficult to block this attack without proper preparation.

A long mark was left on his arm as he pulled back.

It couldn’t cut through his skin like Bane did.

The reason Bane was able to cut through the chieftain’s skin, which was harder than iron, was because he used his authority.

‘But the authority I saw was so thick that it cut through the air… Are you saying that the chief’s skin is hard enough to withstand the power?’

that was odd

Bane’s authority made it possible to cut anything.

That authority is enough to break the world’s rules for a moment.

The patriarch ended up splitting his skin.

Is it possible?

The surrounding scenery created by the battle between the chieftain and Bane was devastating.

Dozens of huge cuts were made on the cliff, and several craters were made on the floor.

The surroundings were smashed this far, but the chief’s body could be okay.

‘Something is strange.’

It was definitely strange to think so.

In order to block or break an authority, you had to deal with it with the same authority.

However, the chief did not show any signs of using the power.

The air around him shook, but that was a phenomenon that would occur even with an aura.

Isn’t it, am I thinking too simplistically?

– Human, something is strange.

While I was thinking that, Reems spoke to me.

He says that the chief’s body is strange, and that it is not an ordinary body.

The dragon’s eyes are said to penetrate the reason of things.

Reems wasn’t going to talk nonsense to me, and to confirm what he saw, he focused the aura that was wrapped around his body into his eyes.

then it appeared things you haven’t seen before.

Around the chieftain’s body was shaking.

It wasn’t the kind of appearance that was created by the wind blowing, or simply by using an aura.


There was no sign of an aura, but the mana in the air couldn’t reach his skin.

He hadn’t been able to focus his aura on just the sword and limbs to simply deal with the chieftain.

If I had seen it earlier, things would have been a little different.

‘It’s not that I didn’t use the authority, I was using it from the beginning.’

That’s right, it’s hard to do that with only pure physical ability.

Unless the real body jumped over the steel, that was impossible.

In the first place, it is the power of Bane to split even steel like tofu.

It is correct that you are using authority.

‘By the way, what is authority? shield? No, I don’t think it’s that kind of power considering that superpower.’

Aside from authority, there was something strange.

Power had side effects. The side effect of the mercenary king is powerlessness.

After using the power, he feels terrible pain and becomes powerless.

Also, depending on the condition of Bane, the amount of power that can be used varies.

He also becomes powerless after using his authority.

But what about the chieftain? Are there any side effects?

It seems that he has never failed to use his powers since coming here.

No, it seems that the reason why the assassination failed was all that authority, but it seems that it is usually surrounded by authority.

‘Ah, I can’t believe that.’

I carefully guessed that I might have traded a part of my body for power.

Seeing that I was easily caught when provoking something related to a man’s symbol, I think it’s that way for some reason, but I don’t know what people do.

“I’ll turn. How do you break that?”

If it was to give up a part of my body and get the strongest body, I was confident that I would dare to give up.

Even if I lose a bit of confidence, I can become stronger and survive, so what is there to not give up on?

The problem was that I didn’t know how to destroy that authority.

The simplest way is what to do with the body you gave up.

“Sir Bane. Are you out of your mind?”

“… yes. I’m sorry.”

Bane rustled behind his back and stood up.

I spit out the blood stuck in my neck and pick up the Sillace.

“There is something I want to ask you.”


“How do you destroy authority?”

“… ?”

Questions come to his face.

Suddenly, the power… He was about to ask what he was talking about, but he suddenly thought of something. Ah! and burst into a sigh.

“I see, it was like that. That’s why I was able to stop it.”

Whatever I was trying to say, he quickly grasped the current situation.

And he looked at the chief as if he was a little bewildered.

“You seem to know roughly what authority it is. great job. Thanks to you, I can learn how to break the law.”

Bane said with a much lighter face.

What is it, I don’t remember saying anything properly yet, but I already figured it out.

I’m not kidding. Because there’s no way to joke about something like this.

He asks me to step aside.

with a confident face.


he shouts over the cliff. No answer came. But he didn’t care and continued.

“From now on, attack when I give a signal!”

signal? Did the two of you have a separate conversation?

As I was wondering, Bane lunged at the chieftain.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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