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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 229

The conditions for manifesting authority are different for each master.

Sometimes you have to give up part of your body, you have to eat something, or you have to take a certain position.

And, like the conditions for the manifestation, the aftermath after the manifestation of the authority is all different.

Overloading the body, not using Aura for a certain period of time or not using powers, etc… .

Authority was not something that could be used arbitrarily.

In that respect, the patriarch was obviously strange.

The chief was wearing authority.

how the hell

From what I’ve seen while fighting him, he’s never canceled his powers.

It was impossible even if he gave up part of his body.

Authority is a power that breaks the balance of the world, so it cannot be used continuously forever.

It was clear that there must be a separate condition for the chieftain to continue using the power.

We had to find that condition.

Fortunately, there are two Masters on our side.

Only the same master knew the master, and Bane quickly grasped the power of the chieftain.

“Its authority seems to be strengthening the body. Super strength, blade-resistant skin, resistance to mana… .”

All the wonderful appearances the chieftain had seen so far were made up of authority.

Well, otherwise, it is impossible to do such a thing with pure physical ability.

I wouldn’t know if he used an aura, no, he did something impossible even if he used an aura, so it made sense if he said he used authority.

Because it was the power to make the impossible possible.

“Perhaps it is most likely that he retains his powers at the cost of giving up parts of his body.”

It is said that there is such a person among the Masters who fought him in the past.

A master who gives up parts of his body and uses authority.

However, unlike the chief, he lost both eyes and gained powers related to the senses.

The power to see and feel everything made even assassins reluctant.

It is said that even those skilled in assassination could not fool his senses.

It may look good just by looking at it this way, but it is said that his authority is a double-edged sword.

It’s definitely good in battle, but it’s said to be worse than nothing else.

He said that he couldn’t handle it because he felt something he shouldn’t have felt.

And the way to break it is simple, just hold on until he gets tired.

As much as the senses are sensitive, the battle cannot last long.

All powers have strengths and weaknesses.

It wouldn’t be any different than being a chieftain.

You cannot maintain your authority 24 hours a day, 44 hours a day.

“Something like that kind of authority has a duration, but that guy doesn’t seem to be that way.”

Bane watches the chief’s every move.

It wasn’t easy to spot, but his face wasn’t dark, it was just bright.

As long as he inferred the power of the chieftain, it was only a matter of time before he discovered the law to destroy it.


Whenever the chief approached, Arjuna’s arrows flew in and blocked him.


The chief who had been stopped dozens of times let out a fierce shout.

If you think you can reach it, you will be blocked, and if you think you can reach it, you will be pushed away, so you have reached the limit of your patience.

He screams in anger and runs away.

It’s threatening. No, it should be threatening.

‘what… ?’

It was strange to see the chieftain’s eyes widened and attacking.

It seemed that the strange air currents that had been standing in his body were lifted in an instant.

can it be It was the chieftain who madly pursued my provocation.

If it is an authority related to emotion, the ignorance at that time cannot be explained.

What is it, what the hell does it have to do with it?

The chieftain, who was rushing at him, was startled and avoided Arjuna’s arrow, which was aiming for his head.

why did you avoid it?

With his monstrous body, his arms would be enough to block it.

“Whoa… .”

The distant chieftain takes a deep breath.

I narrowed my eyes at his behavior for the first time.

“Sir Bane… .”

“Yeah, I saw it too.”

The corners of Bane’s mouth went up as he spoke.

I nodded my head at his distorted smile, crumpled like a demon.

There’s no way he didn’t see what I saw.

“It was very simple. I just had to mess with him.”

His body becomes light as he muttered that he thought it was too complicated.

Bane gave the chief a fishy smile.

“You guys are quite annoying.”

The chieftain clenched his fist and spoke to him repeatedly.

We shrugged our shoulders when he said that he was really annoyed.

It was normal to be irritable.

In dealing with the enemy, in order to create gaps in the enemy, touching emotions was the most effective.

However, I didn’t know that the power of the chieftain was related to emotions.

Well, without that, the power of the chieftain was a fraud itself.

The tenacity to withstand the master’s authority, the regenerative power to surpass that of a troll, and even greater strength than that of an ogre.

If I had just one of them, I would have very few enemies, but I have them all.

If there were no restrictions, how many beings could defeat him?

It would be difficult to kill him unless an adult dragon or several masters joined together.

‘How did Ahar kill such a monster?’

Saying that the barbarians were annihilated by Ahar is the same as saying that the chief was killed by Ahar.

In fact, looking at the original work, Ahar, who swept over the barbarians, became twice as strong as before, as if he received a buff.

I was puzzled because it didn’t come out exactly how he became so strong, but after meeting the chief, I thought that there must have been a background like this.

Having killed the chief, he was able to gain that much power.

“You can’t give him time to calm down. You have to keep confusing it.”


All you have to do with the chief is make him rage at nothing.

Come to think of it, it was. Even when I put my hand into the fire and when I sneaked into his hut, he remained expressionless.

Little interest and numbness.

Other than that, I didn’t feel any emotions.

“If it is a provocation, I am confident. It can even strip you of your soul.”

“great. I believe it. Because there is something that has lured me all the way here.”

Bane agreed without the slightest hesitation.

I was confident.

I figured out what the chief is sensitive to.

What the chief gave up for the sake of power was the most important ‘it’ for men.

It’s not very necessary in battle, but it’s bound to be a complex for him.

Although strength is everything, fertility was the second most important thing to them after strength.

The driving force that allowed them to retain strong forces in the south.

Because he is the chieftain, because he is stronger than any of the barbarians, the barbarians do not say much to him, otherwise he could have been an outcast within the barbarians.

I decided to attack the chief with that, knowing full well that I had no choice but to be sensitive.

“Hey, half a penny!”

“Half a penny… Are you telling me that?”

“Then, who else is half a penny here other than you? If it’s strong, what’s the point, otherwise it’s useless at all. That’s half a penny.”

“under… I will definitely tear you to death!”

It’s the same trick that lured me to this place, but I was immediately caught in provocation because I didn’t have the ability to learn.

“There is no real speed, no real speed. He said he was alone at night for some reason.”

“shut up!”

“why me? If you don’t want to hear that, then you’ll come and shut me up.”

“If caught, I will kill you!”

“Then you shouldn’t be caught. Oh right. can’t you catch me? Well, it’s strange that someone with no substance catches me.”


The chief runs in indignation.

I narrowly dodged his hand and said every stimulating thing I could say.

‘It works!’

As if it is linked to the chieftain’s emotions, the airflow surrounding the chieftain’s body disappears as he rushes in with great rage.

“Huh… !”

At such times, Bane rushed forward and swung his sword.

Because it was a sword attack with the power to cut anything, not just an aura, the chief shuddered and fled every time.

“Damn it!”

Chief Akmun tried to calm this down somehow, but… .

“How about Goja with a nickname! Do you think it suits you well?”

“I will tear you to death!”

Stumbled upon my provocation.

He is a person who really likes to provoke.

“What, you look tired? Is that normal? Go. I’m sleeping.”

“… !”

The chief shouted something, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

I get excited and start to run amok, but I wonder how a guy who stumbled over so easily could have endured all this time.

With a bit of exaggeration, this was as easy to provoke as poking a full balloon with a needle.

‘Or maybe I’m quite good at provocation.’

The latter was more likely.

Living in modern times, I have no choice but to do well in this way.

Compared to the place where parents ask after their parents just by playing games, this place was like clean water in that direction.

Aside from asking how they are doing, even saying hello could make their eyes roll.

“you… Isn’t that what you usually think when you see me?”

“Oh, no.”

“… .”

“Not really.”

If it had been so sad, even Bane would have been surprised and sold his eyes.

“If it’s like that… You deserve to lose your temper.”

Bane raised his sword in pure admiration and blocked the chief’s attack.

Quaaang – A green aura arrow strikes the Achilles heel of a chieftain trying to spur the ground.

With the sound of a bomb exploding, the chieftain tumbles down.

Even though he was hit by an arrow made of aura, the chieftain’s ankle was pierced but not completely cut off.

Even that was quickly restored with quick recovery.

I was able to breathe a sigh very, very briefly, running around avoiding the overturned chieftain.

No matter how monstrous the body of a chieftain is, it will take time to rise from a fallen state.

I thought so… I didn’t think I’d lost my eye, but the chief disappeared from sight.

-Raymond, back!

He bowed his head. The chief’s legs brushed through his hair as he jumped on all fours like a beast.

Dodging almost reflexively, I turned to Reems with a surprised look.

I, who raised my senses to the limit with an aura, was so fast that the sword master, Bane, momentarily missed his movements.

Arjuna created an arrow, or even if there was a term to bet on the demonstration, it was, but Bane and I did not react.

Reems clearly saw such an attack.

Is it a dragon or something else? I don’t know exactly, but strangely, I agreed.

As it is called the strongest creature on earth, it has no choice but to be superior in all aspects.

‘If you do this well… .’

Reems tells me Where does the attack come from?

With Liems’ warning, I was able to avoid and block the attacks that came from a place I could neither see nor feel.

Come to think of it, I should have used this method a long time ago.

My senses are also sensitive, but I can’t beat the dragon’s senses.

– Head, neck! comes from the back!

He moved and his eyes lit up at the words of Liems, who was strangely excited and shouting.

If you do well, you will be able to deal with the chief without the help of Bane, even if you can’t defeat it.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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