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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 227

wield nameless

I didn’t think of aiming for the enemy’s neck.

No matter how much I aim, it is not an opponent who will allow me to attack, and it is impossible to aim.

“You think you can beat me!”

It was because he was in a hurry to avoid the chief’s mighty fist.

There’s no way I could have thought I could defeat the Chief.

I knew my fountain better than anyone else.

Even if Liems shows his strength in earnest, it will be difficult to win completely.

The chieftain was so strong that it was surprising how he could not spread rumors with his skills.

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Kwaadduk- The arm bone that blocked the chief’s fist is broken again.

the pain haunts me Even though he frowned, he didn’t express it even in battle.

The situation wasn’t good enough to react to that one by one.

Rather, even that small action can be directly related to death.

And there was no reason to care.

-I’ll treat you!

As his bones were broken and his flesh burst, Reems restored him.

He recovered without even feeling pain, so he couldn’t even show his pain.

Not all recovery magic is flashy.

The divine magic used by the priests emits pure white light.

Unlike divine magic with flashy effects, normal recovery magic was surprisingly simple.

In the case of high-ranking magicians, there were cases where there was no impact enough to question whether or not they were recovering.

Such was the case with Reems.

He was clearly using recovery magic.

It is also a high-level recovery magic that restores bones that have been pulverized to powder at once.

But it didn’t show anything.

Liems’ magic had no effect on the outside.

At first glance, it looks like it’s just holding on.

“You’re holding up better than I thought.”

The chief was just puzzled, but he didn’t look at it strangely.

The chief was ignorant of magic.

Although I may have seen the mana wrapped around my body, I don’t know exactly what it does.

Above all, since the place where he and I were now was full of spirits, the aura of the red hawks, and the magic of Beatrice, it was difficult to find anything strange about the mana that wrapped around my body.

You just think of it as strengthening your body, you won’t think that I’m recovering in real time.

‘But when the hell is he coming to help?’

I think it’s been about an hour since I fought the chief.

While blocking the chief’s attack, it seemed that my skills had improved, but that too was about to reach its limit.

Each shot of the chieftain had enough strength to pulverize a rock.

Barely blocking or spilling.

It would be nice if someone came to help soon.

In the first place, my mission is over.

From now on, it was someone else’s.

I wondered why I was doing this.

After breaking and recovering my bones dozens of times, I got used to the pain.

“Now stop dying.”

As if he was tired of arguing with me, great momentum rose from the chieftain’s whole body.

I can see the will to kill me in this single shot.

‘What, did you not use the aura until now?’

I groaned unconsciously.

A red haze rose above the chieftain’s fist.

Come to think of it, I don’t think the chieftain used an aura.

So, all the crises I’ve felt so far have been driven by pure physical abilities.


A fist filled with an aura aims at my head.

This is unavoidable.

– I block… !

Feeling the crisis, Liems tried to step out.

When trying to properly spread magic.

“That doesn’t work.”

A man suddenly appeared in front of me.

Use the side of the sword to lightly let go of the fist that extends toward the head.

“Sir Bane!”

“sorry. It’s a little late.”

He apologizes to me without looking back.

Originally, after I lured the chief, the plan was for Bane to deal with the chief.

But somehow he was quite late.

It was an apology for that.

“it’s okay. Because you are here now.”

It’s not like I’m dead, but I can understand that I’m a little late on the battlefield with many variables.

oh, isn’t it If you die, you won’t even think about it.

Anyway, I’m glad you showed up just in time.

“I’ll take over from here, so you can go back to your seat.”

“All right.”

The Sillace in his hand was aiming at the chief with a sharp edge.

As I tried to pull myself away, the chief glared at me fiercely and tried to chase me.

“I won’t miss it!”

In an instant, he moves in front of me and swings his fist.

“Where… !”

In front of him, Bane lifted Sillace and blocked it.

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Kwaaang- Bane and the chief were pushed in opposite directions with a rough gong sound.

“You guys… .”

The chieftain glares at Bane. Bane waved Sillace in the air and nodded with a puzzled expression.

“I’ll have to do it.”

“You are that guy then.”

It was only then that the chieftain remembered that he was the one who blocked his attack on the wall and began to laugh fiercely.

he looks around

Looking around with a face that has regained his reason, he smiles dejectedly.

“Right. It was what lured me in.”

“Isn’t it too late to figure it out now?”

Bane, who had moved before he knew it, swung Sillace behind the chief, who was muttering as if he was bewildered.

Whoo! Sillace cuts through the air.

“Well. That’s something else I don’t know.”

The chief lowers his head and swings his leg to avoid it.

Like a giraffe doing a hind kick, his foot attacks Bane’s belly.

Quaang- His foot is blocked by Sillace. Bane’s body floats in the air.

After balancing on somersaults, he pushed an aura into Sillace.

“You die here.”

At Bane’s words, the chieftain grabs the boat and starts laughing.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! dying who? I? I’m dying?”

Seeing the chief exploding madly in madness, Bane did not react much.

He was not soft enough to be shaken by these things.

“What’s so funny?”

“Of course it’s not funny. They say it kills me.”

“You think that is funny?”

“of course. you know that there is a tiger The tiger is the owner of the mountain range. However, herbivores living in the mountains gathered to catch the tiger. Deer, rabbits, and elk.”

“… .”

“Dozens of herbivores gathered to attract the tiger. Trapped the tiger. And run at the tiger and try to kill it. But you know what? No matter how many herbivores gather together, they cannot kill the tiger.”

The chief calls himself the tiger and laughs that you can’t kill me.

Bane, who had been listening to those words with an expressionless expression, opened his mouth.

“If it were animals, it would be. But we are human. And there’s something you don’t know. Herbivores are obviously weak. That’s why they have defenses to protect themselves. Even if it’s a tiger, it’s hard to break through its defenses and kill it.”

“Anyway, they are herbivores. The prey has never triumphed over the predator.”

“I admit that you are strong. But, there’s something you don’t know. If you are a tiger, there are other predators in the mountains, such as bears and hawks.”

Bane raises his sword and strikes a pose.


A posture in which the handle of the sword is pulled back to point the blade upward.

One of the basic stances of swordsmanship.


Bane calls me who is far away.

He opened his mouth without looking back at me.

“From now on, watch this fight carefully. Because the true battle of Masters cannot be seen even with gold and silver treasures. Take a good look at my movements and imprint them on your head. It will be your strength.”

“All right.”

In response to my reply, he heard Sillace. His upper body was exposed, and the blade of the Sillace sword he held was raised diagonally.

Chief runs first. He threw his fist like thunder at the gap that had been revealed.

Bane glared at him with sharp eyes and vigorously swung Sillace.

John Howe.

A large transversal action.

It is the most basic movement in swordsmanship.

from left to right.

With that simple action, the chief hurriedly stepped back.


A mark was engraved on the chieftain’s chest.

What happened?

I thought I had avoided it, but a long stab wound appeared on the chieftain’s chest, and red blood gushed out like a fountain.

“under! You mean to come with all your might from the start!”

The chief was not taken aback.

He shouts cheerfully, as if he knew what the attack meant.

The aura on his hand dissipates in an instant.

The atmosphere changes.

Like a hurricane, a ferocious force raged around him.

Among them, Bane was standing precariously on the sea like a wooden boat caught in a typhoon.

No, it wasn’t dangerous.

Who can say that this look is endangered?

The chief’s momentum was very ferocious, like a typhoon.

To the point where I thought it would destroy everything around me.

But Bane was different.

It was upright and firm.

Like a giant tree that endures any adversity, he stood unconcerned in front of the typhoon.

It’s still.

The Sillace he carries aims for the chief’s neck.

The Chief strikes Sillace with a fist.

Puhak – The chieftain who defeated Sillace had cuts on the back of his hand, and blood flowed down.

That was the beginning. Bane’s attack got faster and faster.

Cuts began to appear all over the chief’s body, like a torrential rain.


Even though his whole body was covered with knife marks, the chieftain did not stop laughing.

This situation is a very happy face.

The chief ran at Bane regardless of whether he was wounded or not.

Bane was calm.

He threw his fist and cut his shoulder. He avoided his shoulder, stabbed him in the back, let go of his leg, and cut his thigh.

It was the appearance of the textbook itself.


The most basic and most important aspect of swordsmanship is the balance between defense and attack.

Even the sharpest teeth can break.

Even a sword that attacks fiercely was useless if there was no body that could withstand it.

Bane calmly dealt with the chief with proper defense and attack.

That’s it. That look is exactly what I wanted.

I watched Bane’s every move as if imprinting them in my head.

The position of the fingers holding the sillace, the movement of the muscles, and the breathing and foot movements when swinging the sillace.

I caught it all in my eyes.

You can’t do that just by acting.

Bane’s appearance was like a perfect swordsmanship.

I won’t be able to fully bring that swordsmanship.

His swordsmanship is a swordsmanship specialized for his body.

So I had to take that sword and make it my own.

Is it possible? It is possible.

If it’s Raymond’s talent, if it’s my talent admired by the Masters and coveted by Ahar, I can make it possible even if it takes time.

“quite… You’re doing it!”

The chieftain’s fist grazed Bane’s face.

Part of Bane’s cheek was ripped off as if it had been bitten by a beast.

Even the wind pressure from the chief’s fist was a weapon itself.

Bane, who had been showing a perfect unity of defense and defense, began to crumble little by little.

Since he used the power from the beginning, his stamina was consumed quickly.

Bane bites his lip. Lips crack and blood oozes out.

Bane, who was gradually getting pushed back, eventually knelt down.

awesome The chief’s fist lodged in Bane’s abdomen.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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