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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 226

Rather than being straight, it has a winding shape with many corners, so you can see a place called the Serpent’s Canyon.

It was also a place where soldiers were ambushed on the cliff.

“Stay there! If caught, I will kill you!”

“If you get caught, you die, but would you stand like you?”

“I will kill you!”

I couldn’t communicate properly with the blinded chieftain.

I am not in a state of being able to speak.

My provocation must have been a bit severe, but my eyes widened and I ran like a bull who saw red.

‘This is quite scary.’

It was my provocation, but the feeling of being chased by the chief was like being a rabbit being chased by a tiger.

At least it was a nimble rabbit, so it somehow managed to escape the tiger.

– Run! It is interesting!

Unlike me, who was nervous, Reems was enjoying this race risking his life to the fullest.

He even hummed a song with his eyes closed, as if he liked to feel the wind blowing while running at full speed.

Even if it is a dragon that has no one to deal with except God, can it be so carefree when its master is in danger?

Isn’t it, in a way, it seemed that his carefreeness made his mind more comfortable.

Yes, there is a dragon next to me and two masters watching over me, so what should I worry about?

I need to have the confidence that I can get rid of my body alone.

It would have been difficult without it.

As I ran, I glanced back.

I saw the chief, who had been chasing after me at terrifying speed, glance back to where the camp was.

The time he followed me wasn’t short, and since I ran for about an hour, I should have come to my senses.

Behind them, black smoke from their burning camp filled the sky.

Perhaps it was at night, but the fire was more visible than during the day.

It smells like meke even here, but it’s strange that I don’t come to my senses.

But he shouldn’t come to his senses.

“Where are you looking? Why, since I can’t seem to catch you, why are you giving up? I have no tenacity as much as you do.”

“I will kill you!”

I heard that one of the common factors that can provoke men is related to self-confidence.

Provocation works well once.

But if you see how provocative he is, it could be that he’s really not confident.

I hope what I said is not true.

‘… What does it matter?’

Whether that was true or not, I didn’t care.

It was just a matter of being provocative like now.

Even if it’s a provocation thanks to that, I rather like it.

Because it was more stimulating.

-Almost there! speed up more!

Reems urges me on.

Saying that he wants to feel more speed than now, he taps my shoulder with his dainty paw.

I’d love to live up to that, but alas, this was top speed.

I was running at the maximum speed I could, even using my aura.

I had no choice but to do my best.

How can I think of leaving my strength when a monster that is big enough to follow my foot, which was buffed by Liems, is chasing after me.

I have no choice but to use my best efforts not to get caught.

The canyon that had begun to appear was getting closer and closer.

All you have to do is get inside me.

After that, others will take care of it.

“Hurry up and see! Ugh, how could a chieftain not catch me!”

“I will kill you!”

I didn’t forget the occasional provocation.

The closer they got to the gorge, the more often they provoked it.

He came this far, but he feels something strange and he shouldn’t go back.

Then the hardships I went through become meaningless life and hardships.

That much is a specification.

You never know when an opportunity like this will come again.

They can do this because they are careless, and if this fails and the chief returns safely, I will not be able to aim for an opportunity like this again.

From then on, I won’t be careless.

Perhaps, angry to the end, he would advance to the castle without having to deal with the damage of his allies.

‘That is an absolute specification!’

Why am I doing such a dangerous thing?

It was all to reduce the damage of allies.

If that meant nothing, I felt really futile, unfair, and annoyed.

“Hey, X-man! Where are you looking! This way!”


As soon as I saw him turn his head back, I didn’t stop provoking him.

The chieftain, whose eyes were so blinded that his pure white pupils could be seen, did not intend to look back any longer.

Only to kill me, they chased after me, giving off a miasma that they would catch me and tear me apart.

After running for a while, I was able to enter the canyon.

I looked behind me and the chief was still chasing me with his eyes closed.

Mission accomplished.

The chieftain was surely dragged into the Serpent’s Gorge.

There were no other savages behind the chieftain.

They are busy putting out the fire.

And because he was the chief, he was not worried.

Who can threaten the chief who is the master?

The savages do not know that their pride will return as poison.

For them, where strength was everything, the chief was like a god, so it seemed like they had no enemies.

Thanks to that, things went more smoothly.

“Whoa… .”

Perhaps because he had entered the canyon, his tension was momentarily relieved.

I did what I had to do perfectly.

From now on it was time for others to do their work.


The chieftain swings his fist.

It’s a human fist, but it felt like a 2.5t truck was coming.

I was afraid to duck down to avoid the attack, and the roots that came out of the ground tied the chieftain’s arms.


The chieftain’s fist struck the air with a sound as if he had popped a bunch of balloons all at once.


The chief shrieked, ripping out the roots of his power.

I am fed up with his strength as he casually plucks dozens of strands the size of an adult man’s forearm.

-come. Raymond, let’s avoid it.

Liems patted my cheek saying that I had to move.

He suddenly regained his composure and moved on.

“Where are you going!”

The Chief glares at me and runs at me.

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Kwa-kwa-kwa-a high-rise earthen wall blocked the way in front of them.

“Remnants of tricks!”

The chief chases after me, smashing the earthen wall with a fist.

Countless attacks and traps tried to block it, but the chief inadvertently pierced it with his monstrous body.

“That ignorant bastard!”

As someone who was being chased, my teeth were trembling.

I get goosebumps seeing him rushing to kill me to catch me, perhaps because I was provocative.

I should have done less provocation, but I regretted it.

However, it would be too late to regret it now, and if he hadn’t provoked him then, he might not have been able to lure him into the canyon like this.

Whatever it was, I was just doing my job reliably, but the current situation happened because the chieftain’s body was more like a monster than I could have imagined.

‘Common sense, if you get hit that much, it’s normal to have something to stop!’

Roots pierced the ground and entwined around his ankles, the spirits created storms and flames, and made the ground soar, and even as arrows flew ferociously, he was running with integrity.

Neither the tough and strong roots nor the obstacles of the spirits were of any use to him.

Without a moment’s gap, he broke through the obstacle.

“I won’t miss it!”

I got goosebumps.

I felt strongly that if I was caught, I would either die or be paralyzed.

don’t get caught I had to run away from him somehow.

‘But how… ?’

Even the power of the spirits is useless, so what can I do to stop him?

I’ve been trying to find a way

scary. That tenacity, the venom that would tear me to death.

“Way… I need to find a way… .”

Look around.

Then he hurriedly crossed his arms.

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Kwadeuk, with the sound of bones breaking, the body floats in the air.

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Kwaaang – what is it? why am i here

Consciousness seemed to disappear momentarily.

I was sure to block the chief’s attack, but before I knew it, my body was pinned to the cliff.

sick. I thought my regenerative power wasn’t too bad, but the bones in my arm were shattered to such an extent that the regenerative power couldn’t easily keep up with one punch.

It takes time for bones that have turned to powder to recover.

‘I think I broke my ribs too.’


I collapsed like this and didn’t want anything.

While my mind was confused, I hurriedly moved my body.

I ran away with my legs busy.


The chief was following.

Once I block my fist, I know. That monster was not the kind of human I could deal with.

‘I don’t think we’ll be able to guarantee victory or defeat even if we put him and Ahar together.’

Even if you make Ahar fight with him, which goes beyond the middle of the original story and reaches the second half, it seems that the chief will never be pushed back.

Of course, the final winner would be Ahar, but the chieftain was strong enough.

‘It’s dangerous… I could really die.’

Even the best prepared traps are useless, so it’s quite scary.

The sense of danger that I could die haunts me.

-Can I help you?

Reems asks me.

I almost immediately asked for help, but I hurriedly shook my head.

It was dangerous, but not yet enough for him to step out.

Above all, there were too many eyes to see here.

It was the same with the soldiers shooting arrows from above and the red hawk right away.

still… It’s stupid to not use what’s there.

“Buff it so it doesn’t show, and use some recovery magic.”

Could you please ask for this?

-I get it! Trust me!

Maybe he’s happy that he finally has something to do, Liems says in a bright voice.

“Five… !”

The warm air seemed to wrap around my body, and the throbbing pain began to dissipate.

strength arises Fatigue went away, and dynamic visual acuity improved.

If I had known this was going to happen, I would have asked for it in the first place.

I thought I had nothing to do with the chief, so my carelessness became poison and came back.

Picked up nameless.

In order to live, I had to attack.

You can’t survive by just defending and dodging.

“flaw… .”

The chieftain, who had recklessly rushed at me, stopped at a distance, perhaps feeling my will to fight.

With a strange noise, he lowered his arms and swayed.

He didn’t even have time to prepare, he approached me in an instant and swung his fist.

I raised my name and let go of his attack.

Unlike the first time he failed in the hut, this time he was shocked but succeeded in spilling it out.

“… ?”

He makes a strange face as if he is wondering.

Not knowing that Liems’ buff was with me, he must have thought that I had suddenly improved or that I had been hiding my skills.

“It will be fun.”

Wherever he went in his excitement, a battle-crazed savage was there.

He moves, rolling his eyes here and there as if examining my body.

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Kwak-kwang! – Despite the collision of iron and soft flesh, it sounds like gunpowder exploding.

I didn’t feel like my job was over anymore.

Right now, the thought that I just had to deal with him was strong.

and felt That this battle is an opportunity to strengthen my swordsmanship, which has been stagnant.

He stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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