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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 225

Even the moonlight was obscured by clouds, and the whole world became dark.

There was only one bonfire in the barbarian realm, in the darkness where you couldn’t see an inch if you didn’t light a fire.

Even that was only used for the chieftain.

The air, which was warm in the morning, is cold enough to make your bones ache at night.

Nevertheless, the savages showed no complaints about not being able to warm themselves with fire.

Rather, they lay down on the dirt floor with their bare skin exposed and went to sleep.

A night so deep that even savages fall asleep.

Basrak- Stepped on the grass and moved forward cautiously.

swish They did not speak, but only communicated with gestures and facial expressions.

Rangers dressed in black scatter in all directions.

They melted into darkness and entered the camp of barbarians.

It wasn’t too difficult to infiltrate, perhaps thanks to the fact that no additional torches or bonfires were lit.

“Um… .”

“Meat, meat is delicious… .”

Life hovers in the eyes of the rangers who scan the savages talking in their sleep.

want to kill

Their enemies are before their eyes.

If you pick up a sword, if you use memorization, if you just reach out, you can kill.

It was a great temptation.

There weren’t many opportunities to face these careless savages.

They were stupid, but they were good at fighting.

So it was difficult to deal with, but this can be said to be the advantage of war.

You can unintentionally call them off guard.

‘Where is the chieftain’s hut?’

Entering the barbarian realm with the rangers, I immediately looked for the chief.

The purpose of our coming here is entirely to serve the Chief, not to deal with other savages.

If you accidentally touch them and all the savages wake up, you will be in trouble.

The rangers knew that, so they suppressed their anger and moved to avoid the savages.

If they hadn’t been able to hold back their anger and rushed at it, things would have gone wrong.

Fortunately, they were well aware of the situation.

I can’t mess my hands with the time they’ve been longing for.

A little relieved, I quickly penetrated inside.

That’s why he is in the highest position among the savages, in an important position.

Of course, it was clear that the place where he was staying was also in the center.

And it didn’t deviate much from expectations.

‘The only place where there is light.’

I looked straight ahead in the darkness where the light of the bonfire could not reach.

The only bonfire lit was warming only one hut.

It was twice as big as the other huts, and was covered with monster hide.

It did not occur to me that there were other savages.

If my senses hadn’t gone wrong, this creepy feeling in the hut must have belonged to the chieftain.

‘I found it. There is a chieftain here.’

He summoned the rangers spread around him.

‘If you give a signal, you can attach them at the same time.’

‘All right.’

‘Have you sprayed enough?’

‘of course. It was very evenly distributed.’

‘If you start, they won’t even be able to chase you.’

‘okay. Thank you. And I hope you do a good job.’

‘Good luck.’

The Rangers all put their fists on their chests and bowed their heads.

they disperse

When everyone left, in front of the chief’s hut, I took a deep breath.

bait role.

It was my role in this mission.

It was a mission with the most dangerous difficulty than any other mission.

It’s because you have to bait the chief.

‘But the good thing is that I’m not alone.’

Reems is with me.

Rather, moving with the Rangers is a constraint for me.

If he was with the Rangers, Reems wouldn’t be able to play an active role.

But if that’s not the case, the words are different.

‘It’s hard not to be able to do something like this even though I’m assisted by the dragon.’

Grab the nameless and pull it out.

The blade sparkles in the campfire. I can feel the rangers watching me from their designated places.

When I give a signal, they will light the fire in unison.

Especially where there are necessities such as their food.

The savages won’t even bother with me to put out the fire.

Even if you pay attention, the rangers will draw your attention.

So I just do what I have to do.

Is it because he is holding cotton in his hand?

My thumping heart subsides.

– Enter?

Reems speaks.

I forgot to even answer and moved on.

‘I am Mahol. assassin king. I am the shadow and darkness.’

I can’t tell you how fortunate I am that I’m not the only one with swordsmanship.

The talent of acting that can perfectly reproduce a person played a big role in making me play the role of bait.

At least, I had the most potential to serve as bait more than anyone else here.

go inside the hut

The sound I make as I move is overshadowed by the sound of the wind.

It is a magic hall that deceives the master’s sense of humor.

Now that I’m perfectly reproducing him, it’s hard to feel myself, even if I’m the chief.

Of course, it will be different if it goes within a certain range.

“… .”

The chieftain is seen.

The patriarch sitting on a large chair as if to lie down.

I don’t know if it’s small or not sleeping.

He had his eyes closed, but he didn’t talk in his sleep.

Look around.

There was nothing that could be called a weapon.

Are you not using a weapon?

Well, considering his strength, the chieftain’s body itself was a weapon.

took a step

Without a sound or sign, he approached the chief.

What should I do now?

I have only one mission.

To lure the chief to a designated place, the canyon.

I have to do something now to do that.

‘I’m shaking.’

Even with my eyes closed, I feel a sense of intimidation.

After all, this is the best way to wake people up.

Raise nameless and live.

“… Well.”

If you’re an Aura user, or even an ordinary knight, if you feel alive, you will wake up reflexively.

No, even if you are not a knight, if you are a person who walks the path of nothingness, you have no choice but to be sensitive to live.

They were like walking on a knife edge.

Because they are on the edge of a cliff, they respond sensitively to live.

But the chieftain had none of that.

It is a face that is calm whether it feels alive or not.

“They are very bold.”

With a calm face, he scratches his stomach.

He yawned, as if I were no threat to him.

“Aren’t you going to attack?”

He pointed his name at the man who was waving his hand.

He looked up at the nameless and his eyes twinkled.

“Five… It’s a good sword, I covet it.”

Glancing at the cotton, he licks his lips.

Greed shines in his eyes as if looking at a coveted treasure.

“Tom? Then take it.”

provoked the guy

The only way I could lure him in was provocation.

“what? If I leave, you die. Because you are weaker than me.”

“How do you know if I am weak? What are your eyes a combat power meter? Can you tell just by looking at it?”

“You better not provoke me too much.”

“What is provocation, what are you doing provocation against such a thing? And what’s wrong with those clothes? It is too ugly to see.”

“under… It looks like you want to die.”

Shrug your shoulders.

The chief sits on his back, slapping his waist and glaring at me.

asked for bait

“Then why are you covering your upper lip? Others do it too, but I don’t understand it. It’s like you’re trying to hide your shame from others. Oh, maybe that’s it Aren’t you standing? Or is it small? Is that why you turn your attention to the body?”

“… You crazy bastard.”

The chief growls.

The life of the chief fills the hut.

If it was someone else, I would have shrunk at the murder, but I, who had felt the death more than that, opened my mouth casually.

“If the exposure was that good, it was like that even underneath. Oh right. You said you don’t have one that’s pitiful Well, that’s why there’s not a single woman around even though I’m a chieftain.”

It was a sign that he clicked his tongue and shook his head in pity.

Like a tiger, the red-faced chieftain crouched down and ran away, and I rushed at him.

His fists pass my face like a tiger’s claws.

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Kwajangchang! The thin film surrounding my body shatters.

“her… F*ck.”

face is sore It seems that the skin of the face has been torn by the wind pressure of the fist.

I feel a sense of crisis. An alarm bell rings in my head.

It screams that it is dangerous, that it can die.

-Dangerous! run away!

Reems shouts.

Obviously, Reems put a protective shield on her before entering this place.

However, that protective shield shattered in one punch.

It was a protective shield that the dragon gave.

Even hatchlings are dragons.

Even if I couldn’t do it, it would be equivalent to the strength of the 6th circle mage’s barrier, but to break it casually.

How the hell do you mean freaky power?

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but you die!”

At the feeling of the broken shield on my hand, he twisted his face and lunged at me, swinging his fist.

He raised his name and let go of his fist.

I was trying to spill

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Kwaaang! I thought I had spilled it, but before I knew it, my body tore through the hut and bounced out.

sick. I think I broke my wrist and ribs.

I spilled my power, but this kind of destructive power?

After all, the Master is a monster that I don’t want to deal with.

I see the chief chasing after me.

I turned around and ran away.

“If caught, I will kill you!”

The Chief chases after me with terrifying speed.

He was following my speed with Liems’ Haste enchantment.

I gritted my teeth and ran out, pointing the cotton down.

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Kagagak- He drew the ground. Sparks fly.

The chief from behind shouts what a trick.

Ignoring it, I swung the cotton ball upward.

The sparks that bounced in all directions fell where the poisonous water was.

it’s not water

It was oil, which I thought was water, and when the oil caught fire, it burned and spread the fire in all directions.

The Rangers had done their job properly.

Normal oil has a disgusting smell, but the oil used here is odorless.

Even the savages didn’t notice it because it had no smell.

It is an expensive oil that costs 10 gold per liter, but what kind of sacrifices can you make to win the war?


“hot! It’s on fire!”

The savages wake up in amazement and shout.

Barbarians approach the fire.

It was obviously a big fire, but it didn’t burn the whole camp, and considering the number of them, it could be extinguished enough.

if i was alone


Rangers shoot arrows.

The arrowhead was surrounded by fire.

The rangers’ arrows fly all over the barbarians’ camp and stick.

The fire, the flames grew bigger and bigger.

The chief chasing me stopped for a moment.

I didn’t aim for that gap and put an aura on the cotton and swung it at the chief.

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Kwadeuk- There was not a single scratch. Even though I blocked the sword with my bare hands, I was not taken aback.

Because it was expected. The Chief turns to me.

“What are you doing little boy? Since it is small, is the liver small? why can’t you catch me So you lost your confidence.”

“This bastard… !!”

The blindfolded chieftain chases after me.

Feeling threatened for my life, I ran a close race with the chieftain.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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