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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 224

The appearance of a being made the battlefield quiet.

chieftain of barbarians.

The rampaging savages looked back at the chief all at once.

I didn’t care even though there was an enemy right in front of me.

It didn’t seem to matter if arrows flew or something else attacked them.

Whiikwwiik- The Chief waved his hand at the savages.

Then the savages retreated behind the chieftain in unison.

three steps.

From three steps away from the chieftain, the savages watched the chieftain silently.

No sound was heard.

Only burning discontent tickled the ears.

“Hmm… .”

The Chief opens his mouth.

Maybe it’s not hot, the chief walks into the sea of fire.

He puts his hand into the fire and stirs once.

No matter how strong the body is, it can’t be helped in front of the fire.

His hand, which had gone in and out of the fire, was greatly swollen.

Those hands wrinkly from burns are disgusting.

The chieftain looked down at the hand.

It is a face full of interest rather than pain.

“It is hot.”

His limbs, which had been burned, quickly recovered.

Resilience equal to or better than that of a troll.

“It is possible.”

He pulls his right hand back.

He extends his fist as if to throw a punch.


Paaang! In an instant, with a tremendous roar, the flames that covered his face disappeared.

It was a fleeting moment, but it was an awe-inspiring sight.

Only the wind pressure of his fist extinguished the flames running through the oil.

Even he caught on to the embers next to him and burned again, but it was enough to give goosebumps.

“What a monster.”

When did it come up, Bane standing next to me spoke in a dejected voice.

It is impossible to put out that great flame with human power alone.

Even more so with one’s own strength.

Even if you are an Aura user with a superhuman body, there are things that are impossible.

“Is that possible for Lord Bane?”

“It is possible if it is simply pushed away. But that’s not pushing away, it’s annihilation. If you’re not using authority, it’s going to be difficult. What’s more, such a wide area… .”

he shakes his head.


Yes. The chieftain who led the barbarians was a monster.

He was so strong that even the sword master acknowledged it and shuddered.

Despite seeing only one move, Bane said he would lose in a match against him.

“I will lose six times out of 10, even if I don’t show Dongguieou.”

Not even five to five.

Six or more were assigned to the Chief.

It made no sense what the chief looked like.

“It will be dangerous.”

Bane grabs the handle of the sword.

His beloved sword ‘Sillace’, which he has been with for nearly 20 years, is wrapped around his hand.

Perhaps feeling that he was nervous, Sillace vibrated.

As if to not be nervous, Bane felt the vibration and looked at the chief.

“Hmm… .”

The chief looked again at the fire blocking his path and scratched his neck.

Then he raised his head and looked up at the castle wall.

Bane is nervous. what to do

Considering the power of the chieftain, you should be able to lightly climb up the wall just by jumping.

Even if it is difficult at once, step on the wall and climb up in two steps.

If he attacks, how many of those above will survive?

Even if Bane and Arjuna fought him, it was clear that the people around him would be caught up in the aftermath.

damage may occur.

While Bane was on high alert, I was looking down at the chief without saying anything.

Eyes meet.

I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but when he met my eyes, his eyes curved like half moons.

Smile. he smiled at me

“Two masters, one cross-legged one… I think this will be so much fun.”

After muttering something incomprehensible, he waved his hand at the savages.

A barbarian brings a spear to him.

No, can we call it a window?

It was a stake so thick and long that even one hand couldn’t hold it, like a pole used to make a fence.

The chieftain held it with one hand and pulled his arm back.

“… !”

He hurriedly drew Sillace, probably realizing what Bane was trying to do.

As soon as he kicks off the ground and jumps high, he throws the stake as if releasing a string that the chief pulled with all his might.

Tuquaang – The stakes fly at great speed with a roar.

Bane swung Sillace toward the stake.

Quadrupeduk – The stake is split in half.

I tried to twist the sillace and slide the stake down, but my strength wasn’t enough.

Two stakes split in half are driven into the wall.

Fortunately, there were no injuries or casualties.

“Go back.”

When the chief saw the stake driven into the wall, he turned around without hesitation.

With the power of the chieftain, he could put out all the flames, but he said he would not do that and went back.

Barbarians who are crazy about battle would probably rebel, but they turned their backs without complaint.

The chieftain led the barbarians back.

They return to camp, and the tension is completely relaxed.

“Sir Bane… !”

Marquis Easton hurriedly calls Bane, who has descended on the castle wall.

Bane said it was okay and said to Marquis Easton.

“I am okay. Come on, encourage the soldiers.”

The soldiers were agitated by the chief’s brute force.

In this case, what is needed is a commander.

An unshakable commander.

The Marquis of Easton knows this, so he shouts at the soldiers while looking at him worriedly.

At his call to wake up and move, the soldiers suddenly come to their senses and move.

“Are you okay?”

approached him and asked

I saw him tell Marquis Easton that he was okay, but it didn’t look okay to me.

His arm that held the stake trembled faintly.

It was so small that you wouldn’t notice it unless you looked closely.

“Does it look okay?”

“It doesn’t look like much.”

At my words, he laughs bitterly.

He spread the hand holding Sillace.

The flesh was bursting.

The calluses of the prosecutor are very tough.

It is because he has adapted to withstand the slightest shock as he wields the sword every day.

Moreover, it was rare for his Master to burst the flesh on his palms.

Master was a superman who could catch even a rock falling from a waterfall with his bare hands.

His hand was torn to the point of frowning.

blood flows

Just looking at it, it looks terribly painful.

“They pushed the aura in that moment. It’s a monster.”

Bane took a bandage from his bosom and wrapped it around his hand.

I was slightly injured, but with the master’s resilience, it healed enough to be able to move my hands in a day.

“The wall has no meaning against him. Rather, the wall may collapse.”

It looks like it.

It was clear that part of the wall would collapse even if only a few stakes were blown off with such ignorant strength.

Isn’t the evidence right in front of your eyes?

Two stakes penetrated half of the wall even though Vane blocked it.

The soldiers tried to pull it out somehow, but the stake, which was driven deep, did not try to be pulled out.

-It’s weaker than me, but it smells dangerous.

Liems, perhaps feeling a sense of danger, clung to my shoulder and muttered throughout the day.

I patted Liems on the head and came down the wall.

As darkness fell, the atmosphere in the command barracks was very heavy.

“Sir Bane, is that true?”


“under… That’s a big deal. Is it that strong?”

Bane told the chief everything he felt.

No lies were added.

Saying comforting lies can create irreversible results.

To be honest, I had to come up with a better plan.

Chiefs are monsters.

That’s a fact that doesn’t change.

Then what should we do?

It was a monster hunt.

We must not let him into our base.

In fact, the chief did nothing in front of the sea of fire, and rather tried to destroy the wall.

Will there be a next chance?

If the chief comes tomorrow, the wall that has been keeping Easton strong might collapse.

That shouldn’t happen.

“First, ask the elves to repair the walls… Can’t you change the surrounding terrain?”

“It’s not impossible, but they say it will take time.”

“how much?”

“It takes a week… .”

“Well, even if you are an elf, it must be difficult to move nature itself. Even if it’s just a little bit, ask for help.”

“All right.”

“That’s not what’s important right now. Sir Bain. What should I do to deal with him, no, to kill him?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Bane.

the chieftain’s death.

It was what everyone here longed for.

Since such a monster is the opponent, morale is inevitably lowered.

“… It’s hard, but it’s not without a way.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up at those words.

Bane unfolds the map.

“First of all, it’s important to get him away from the castle. I think everyone will know what will happen to the area around it once I start fighting him in earnest.”

The aftermath of the Masters’ fight is also enormous.

In the past, Bane had come down to the South and played an active part in the war.

And there were those who participated in the war here.

Their faces turn pale as if they recalled what they were like back then.

“But you can’t fight in their camp. Even if they are weak, they can get in the way when there are too many of them. Get away from the castle and free him from the savages, so we can do something about it.”

“But it won’t be easy.”

“So we have to plan for it from now on.”

Bane had the commanders gather in front of the map.

I watched them from a corner.

I’m not the type to step out and do something like this.

And since I’m not familiar with tactics or strategies, it was comfortable to watch and do what they told me to do.

So I thought I’d stay quiet.

“Sir Raymond, don’t you have any opinions?”

Bane calls me

When I am puzzled by his sudden words, the people around me start talking one by one.

“Yes, Sir Raymond was there.”

“Elfre, too, is the protagonist of this war.”

“The person who played the biggest role in obtaining the cooperation of the elves was here.”

not really. It wasn’t something I did on purpose.

“Then he must be thinking of a good strategy.”

“Because he always showed an activity beyond our expectations.”

No, it just happened that way.

I would have known In particular, things related to savages were unintentionally caught.

It was something I did to live, so you misunderstood it like this.

“I am… I think this one will be fine.”

He sighed and pointed to an area on the map.

A canyon several kilometers from Easton.

It is a place where the realm of elves and barbarians straddled.

It is a place where the elves can play their part and use the power of the spirits to their heart’s content.

“Oh, yes. It would definitely be nice here.”

“Surely Sir Raymond.”

I just designated the place, and they start making plans on their own without any further explanation from me.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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