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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 223

The sticky blood flowed down the sword and soaked his hand.

This touch is always unpleasant. I just couldn’t seem to get used to it.

No, it would be different if it was Ahar. He was hostile to all who could be considered human.

Even though he was a savage, he did not deviate from that category.

After all the savages were swept away by Ahar.

If it goes according to the original story, it’s about time Ahar came down to the south and ran rampant without distinction between Eastern and Elf.

At that time, he was monopolizing Raymond’s talents in swordsmanship, obscurity, and various other talents.

Now, everything has gone to waste due to the variable called me… I honestly don’t know what will happen.

If you think of Ahar’s tenacity, he will become stronger in any way.

and I’ll pounce

I wish I could die in the North with an honest feeling… I know very well that it can’t be.

I am not the main character of the world for nothing.

Either way he gets up and runs again.

“Anyway, I think this will be enough… .”

Look around.

Corpse, corpse corpse corpse… from front to side and back.

The corpses of savages were all around me.

It was the result of wielding cotton in a trance, forgetting time, hunger, and fatigue.

This level is enough to create a hill of corpses even if the mountain is unreasonable.

‘It was easier to deal with because they were together.’

Clearly, a large population is a threat.

But now the savages were a rabble.

Without proper power or tactics, they just rushed at it.

Each one of them was weaker than me, so it was annoying, but it wasn’t difficult to deal with.

‘With the help of Arjuna, the operation of the Aura became even easier.’

Although it was a short time, he asked Arjuna to learn.

The red hawk has especially developed aspects related to aura.

Even Bane admired the way their aura was operated.

Although it was optimized for using a bow, there was still a lot to learn.

What a Master’s skill.

No wonder it doesn’t help.

“Ah, go away.”

At this point, the savages also felt a sense of crisis and began to sneak away.

I pushed through the numbers, but I realized that there was a limit.

Besides, this is our territory.

There are traps that only we know and others don’t.

And on top of the castle walls, masters of bows were helping.

It pierces the foreheads and necks of savages charging from behind at once.

Neither the strong body nor the ability to regenerate slightly inferior to that of a troll could neither prevent nor regenerate from destroying the brain and piercing the throat.

None of the knights who came with me died.

With adequate help and good use of the surrounding terrain, they cleared the barbarians out of their way.

However, only Lanos believed in his own physical ability and recklessly attacked.

‘How can that be a person, a bear, a bear?’

Putting down his greatsword, Lanos flew around the battlefield as a bear.

At first, I couldn’t throw away my attachment to the greatsword and brought it out, but while dealing with the savages, the greatsword was cumbersome, so I threw it away without saying anything.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

I shook my head involuntarily at the sight of Lanos bursting into laughter and attacking me.

obviously got stronger

Lanos, who had placed the great sword, had no barbarian to deal with him unless he was a warrior chief.

It’s definitely like that, but strangely, I thought I was going to get into trouble at least once.

The current Lanos was so overconfident that he didn’t even know the subject.

Well, it’s my job, and being confident is a good thing, so I didn’t bother touching it.

‘I’m anxious, but… He fights well. I just had to fight well.’

As a result, the morale of the allies also increased.

It beats enemies very coolly, but it’s harder when morale doesn’t rise.

“Now let’s go back soon.”

But that too now came to an end.

Stepping on the corpses that filled the pit, they were walking backwards.

Frightened and running away?

It’s not like that.

Even as they withdrew, they were burning with a sense of victory.

I wanted to run right away. However, there was one reason why they retreated.


A rough voice came from behind them.

A man was screaming for a hoarse voice.

No, it resembles a wolf’s howling rather than a scream.

The sound of calling an ally.

At the sound, the savages moved. One by one they started to withdraw, and by the time they were completely out of place, the sun had gone down.

The first day’s battle ended like this.

Fortunately, there was no damage to the allies.

The barbarians camped and settled not far from here.

I saw the savages busily moving and building huts.

It didn’t matter if they were attacked, so they didn’t build a separate barrier.

“Gather the body to one side and burn it. Collect arrows and useful things.”

Soldiers move diligently. The bodies were gathered in one place and set on fire.

A disgusting smell wafts around.

The smell of burning people was so bad that it made me nauseous.

The human corpse is a mass of disease. There was nothing good about having it.

The ash that was burned was buried in the ground by the elves using spirits.

In addition to that, the barbarians were carrying weapons.

It can be used on its own, but it can also be used to melt it down and create a new one, or it can also be used for repair.

The supply was not enough, so the arrows used in the war were quickly collected.

The day passed just like that.

Dang dang dang!

It was just when dawn was about to rise. A bell rang in the ears.

enemy attack.

Without even thinking about putting on my armor properly, I ran out with nothing but cotton.

-Sleepy… .

Liems leans on my shoulder and yawns.

There is no sense of tension at all.

I passed through the gaps between the busy soldiers and climbed up the wall.

“under… .”

I saw a scenery that was not very different from yesterday.

Savages coming in droves.

If there was anything different from yesterday, it was that they were not trampling on each other like before, but they were running in line.

Well, even if they think about it, they’ll know that yesterday was too messy.

But what should I do?

I prepared properly this time.

Yesterday I came earlier than expected and was just surprised, but I have means to deal with them.

“How ready are you?”

“It’s almost done. If you give me a command, I can use it right now.”

“Good. What about the trap?”

“The pit is no longer usable, but with the help of the elves, the ground has been turned into mud. And released poisonous insects and poisonous snakes.”

“That’s not enough. Anything else?”

“What Miss Beatrice prepared has been completed. Fortunately, he said it was not too late.”

“That went well.”

Soldiers move diligently under the command of Marquis Easton.

“Sir Raymond, help them from coming over from the top of the castle wall.”

“All right.”

It seems that there will be no assault troops this time.

No matter how much you operate your aura, it’s hard to run around in the mud where venomous snakes and venomous insects infest.

Easton’s venomous insects and poisonous snakes are particularly poisonous enough to send an elephant away with one shot.

There is also a limit to pushing out poison by operating an aura.

There is no need to lose strength and no reason to suffer damage,

The savages who ran bravely step into the mud field.

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Kwajik, Woodeuk – A creepy sound is heard. I never thought I would hear the sound of poisonous insects biting and poisonous snakes biting so vividly.

It may sound like my senses have become more sensitive, but apart from that, the mud field showed a great effect.

“Keep it off!”

“It’s a poisonous snake!”

“Paralysis, my legs are paralyzed!”

Barbarians fall.

On top of them, the savages behind them collapsed and overlapped.

Not much different from yesterday.

“Use the corpse as a stepping stone!”

“Don’t just get poisoned!”

The pit took a while to fill in with the corpses, but the mudfield didn’t.

Using the poisoned savages as a stepping stone, savages come over.

faster than yesterday.

“The savages are coming up!”

“Those monsters!”

The savages did not deviate much from expectations.

Rather than a ladder-like sculpture, he believed in the body he had trained.

Their thick hands grasp the rugged parts of the wall and climb up.

Like a swarm of ants, a swarm of barbarians climbs the wall.


Marquis Easton’s shrill voice.

The soldiers raise their bows and aim down.

Arrows aimed at the savages climbing up at high speed.

The red hawks followed and aimed at them.

“Arjuna, please do not let the savages come any further.”

“All right.”

Arjuna went to the highest point of the city wall.

Soon after, a huge explosion is heard.

Looking that way, Arjuna was firing arrows to come to his heart’s content.

A crater appeared where her arrows landed.

Naturally, the savages there were torn to shreds beyond recognition.



Arrows rain down.

Having shaken off the barbarians once, Marquis Easton prepared for the next attack.

“I am ready!”

Huge cauldrons lined up on the walls.

It was filled with boiling oil.

The barbarians climbed again, and when they were almost at the end, Marquis Easton gave a signal.

Chow ah ah – Oil pours down like a waterfall and attacks the savages.

A savory yet terrible scream is heard as the smell of fried meat is heard.


“It’s hot, it’s hot!”


The head of the barbarian at the top melted, and the barbarians below could not stand the heat and fell from the wall.



Subsequently, the soldiers hang arrows on the strings. However, the shape of the arrow was rather unusual.

Instead of a sharp nib, a blunt yellow paper was tied.

The soldiers lit the arrowheads with torches nearby.



Soldiers deflect protests. Fiery arrows rain down on the savages.

Fire – The place where the oil is spilled catches fire.

The fire spread quickly. Maybe because of the oil, the front of the castle became a sea of fire in an instant.

No matter how strong a savage is, it seems that he cannot penetrate the fire.

Barbarians hesitate in front of a sea of fire.

The scorching heat rises through the walls of the castle.

It would take at least a day to put out the fire. It would be easy to put out the fire with the help of the spirit, but there was no reason to do so.

That fire is our barrier.

A hot wall that protects us from barbarians.

The savages must have known that the fire could not come in unless it went out, and they stopped in front of the fire and stared blankly at it without doing anything.

I wanted today’s battle to end like this.

“Everyone get ready!”

“They can’t cross fire!”

“Is it over… .”

No, it’s not over yet.

Everyone thought it was over, but I didn’t feel like it was over at all.

A strange feeling came over the savages.

dangerous feeling.

That hunch was sadly not wrong.

Buuu – the sound of a horn. At the sound, the savages step aside.

And a savage came out.

“under… F*ck.”

Involuntarily, a curse comes out.

Just by appearing, the whole body gets chills and swear words come out.

“It’s the chieftain!”

“It’s the chieftain, the chieftain!”

The chieftain of the savages appeared.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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