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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 222

its sillent.

The surroundings were very quiet, as if not a single rat was roaming around.

There were hundreds of huts. And inside and outside, savages were wandering around or lying down to rest.

There were so many savages, but the strange thing was that they were so quiet.

The reason was one.


The chief lived in a particularly large and splendid hut in the middle of hundreds of huts.

Now is the time when the chief is sleeping.

The savage stayed quiet because none of them wanted to offend him.

how much time has passed like that

As the sun began to rise, the four warriors headed for the chieftain’s hut.

“Did you call?”

“What is going on?”

“It’s surprising that the chief calls us. Tomorrow is the starting date for that, too, so this is the first time.”

“There must be a reason for everything. He is the chief.”

“but… .”

This Warchief was the most powerful and greatest of all the previous Chieftains.

He opened the master’s door, which the former chieftains had not been able to achieve, and even swallowed the red hawk, which was like a thorn in the eye, riding on that momentum.

great chieftain.

The savages respected him, and threw themselves into the fiery pits of his horses.

It is rare for great warriors to gather. Unless it had an impact on the entire tribe, they did not come together easily.

Especially now that the war had begun, the warriors had to be with the barbarians who were with them.

to raise a scam? Do you want to read it?

No, it was the other way around.

When war begins, the savages become extremely agitated.

It’s good if you delete it by yourself, but problems arise because they run into each other.

If done wrong, they can kill each other.

If it’s one or two, it doesn’t matter much, but if it’s hundreds or more, there’s a problem.

If it was a warrior commander, it would be strong enough to block it, but the warrior commander was no different.

excited to fight

That is why a warrior is needed. If you don’t properly prevent it, you may get a bad reputation for not being able to properly govern your own clan members.

For those who value honor, such stigma is the worst.

There should never be.

That’s why they rarely leave their seats.

“Chief, we have come.”

“What did you call me for?”

Because they were called by the chief, they came running in one month.

Neither the former chiefs nor the former chiefs could summon the Great Warrior so easily.

That means that the warriors gathered here acknowledged the chief.

“Here you are.”

The chief was lying in front of the warriors with a languid expression.

He yawns on a huge chair made of bear and tiger skins.

A lazy look that can’t be seen as having summoned everyone.

But no one here blamed the chieftain for his actions.

what is a chieftain

is the head of everyone The boss just needs to be strong.


What the chieftain needed was the conviction that he could win, and the current chieftain was doing it perfectly.

Above all, this level of indolence was no fault for him as a master.

“I didn’t call you for any particular reason.”

There was no savage younger than the chieftain among them.

Rather, it was more than that.

The oldest of the great warriors was over half a hundred years old.

Considering that the current chief is in his twenties, it is a huge difference.

But nobody pointed it out.

In the first place, there was no difference between savages and savages.

Everyone is equal, but respect for the strong.

It was a society of savages.

“I guess I should advance the time.”

He continued with a languid expression.

“We will arrive at their castle by tomorrow morning.”

At the chief’s words, the great warriors were agitated.

It would take at least two days to get to Easton from here.

Of course, if you run on your own, you should be able to arrive within a day.

However, if that happens, you will lose your strength even before the war, and you will not be able to fight properly.

There’s no way the chief didn’t know that, so it was strange that he said such a thing.

“May I ask why?”

“I don’t understand why you have to move to the point of breaking the plan.”

“Even the chief cannot agree to this.”

The warriors speak one word at a time.

Apart from respect, they do not agree if it seems to impede the war.

The chief scratches his stomach indifferently to the opposition of the warriors.

“If you have any complaints, go for it, I will deal with you anytime.”

At that, the warriors shut their mouths.

Can you beat the chief by attacking?

I wonder if all the great warriors in this place will be able to do it.

When I think of the inaction he showed when dealing with the red hawk, even that seems difficult.

“And do I have to explain everything? Have my choices and decisions ever been wrong? I don’t remember.”

He wasn’t wrong.

There have been many occasions when I have been amazed to find that a decision that seemed somewhat incomprehensible turned out to be an excellent one.

With that said, the great warriors had nothing to say.

But even so, I didn’t think it was this decision.

Although they liked battle, they went further and wanted victory.

He wants to soak his entire body in the blood of his enemies and extort everything from the defeated.

“Well, even so, I have no intention of fighting you guys. Regardless of what you don’t like, you guys are great warriors who are respected by everyone.”

“… .”

It’s an insult.

It simply means that they are leaving them alone because they are great warriors.

They were proud of themselves as they reached their place.

The confidence to crush any foe.

The chief trampled that pride with words.

“decomposition? If you’re angry, go for it.”

A word that does not know honor. It was a tone that did not contain any respect for the warriors.

Insult, the warriors respected by the savages were speechless despite being insulted.

why can’t i do anything?


It was because he was the strongest of all the savages gathered here.

For the savages, whose culture fit perfectly with the word strong-armed, anything strong was accepted.

“But since I am a generous chieftain, I will tell you why I am doing this.”

The chief raises himself. Leaning back on the backrest, he snapped his fingers.

The cloth covering the entrance to the hut is removed and a savage enters.

“… !”

The eyes of the warriors who watched the barbarian widened.

A savage, covered in blood at the hands of a savage, was caught and dragged along.

The torture was so severe that the shape of the face made it difficult to understand whether it was muscle or meat paste.

At least it was a tattoo and a human shape, so it was possible to know that it was a savage like them.

How did this happen?

Not even a battle-crazed savage would beat a comrade in this way.

To be precise, he killed if he killed him, but he didn’t let him live in such a miserable way.

A warrior either wins or dies, but both.

But what does that mean?

No matter how much a chieftain is, he cannot observe the behavior of ignoring the warrior’s will.

With that in mind, before they could say anything, the chief raised a hand to cover their mouths.

‘I’m still watching.’

The chieftain’s sharp eyes said so.

Shut up and watch.

Seeing the chieftain’s sudden change of mood in an instant, the warriors could not speak any more.

How can I get the word out?

Wherever the patriarch with a languid and indolent atmosphere went, there was a king who overpowered anything, no, a tyrant.

No one would be able to talk to him unless Gan came out of the ship.

Much less in the society of barbarians, the great warriors took a step back.

It wasn’t that he ran away in fear of the momentum.

The act of not questioning the chieftain’s actions.

The chief looked away from them and looked down at the bloodied savage the savage had brought.

Then he nodded at the savage standing next to him.

Chow ah- the savage poured what was in the leather pouch he was holding in his other hand into the bloody body.


The bloodied screams.

What the savage poured was none other than bloodstone powdered water.

Bloodstone is broken, and even if it is diluted with water, when it encounters something like blood, it tries to take it away somehow.

However, since there is no body that can contain the blood and vitality, it returns to its original place.

The blood drains out and repeats the cycle.

Not the normal route, the blood vessels are torn and the blood escapes through the skin and the return pain is like the pain of piercing each pore with a long needle.

Even a savage who trained his body and did not fear death could not help the endless pain.

It was a form of torture often used by barbarians for captives and a ritual for disposing of traitors.

“Um… .”

The great warriors drool and watch it.

I don’t know why the ritual for traitors is being performed here.

He just waited for the Chief to resolve his questions.

“You must be curious. Who is he and why is he doing that?”

The great warriors did not answer, but that was also an affirmation.

The chief’s mood changes again.

From tyrant to mischievous child.

He says with a mischievous smile on his lips.

“It’s my in-law.”

At the chief’s words, the faces of the warriors hardened.

No matter how stupid you are, you know what the word inner pain means.

No, because they were crazy about battles, they knew more about my pain.

Traitors who exchange information with the enemy and sell the information of allies.

Barbarians despise traitors.

Because that is unwarranted behavior.


“The traitor must be killed!”

The two warriors shouted as they glared at the bloodied one.

Just hearing the word “introvert” makes me feel like my eyes went round.

“My pain… It’s definitely serious. However, if there is evidence, or if you are doing this only with your personal thoughts without evidence, it will be difficult even if you are a chieftain.”

“This is sensitive. Chief. Is it accurate?”

The other two warriors were cautious.

I didn’t believe it was simply the chief’s words.

I was trying to verify if that was true.

That was the right decision. It was too big a problem to believe and follow just because it was the words of the chieftain.

“Know. Of course there is evidence.”

The chief extends his hand forward. The bloodied savage next to him hurriedly ran over and handed the chief something. It was yellow leather.

Barbarians do not have the skills to make paper, so they used to write by scratching the leather with a sharp object.

The chief unfolded the hide, examined the writing inside, and threw the hide in the direction of the great warriors.

One warrior received the skin.

The chief gestures to read.

Daejeonsa reads the text slowly. By the end, his voice began to tremble with anger.

The contents of the leather note were as follows.

[Arrives in two days.]

Announcing the time of arrival of the savages.

The chieftain turns his head to look at the great warrior in the corner.

Looking at him with a serious face, the chief said what he was thinking.

“What do you think?”

The Great Warrior could not easily answer that question.

Because the bloody thing there is none other than the savage beneath him.

For the first time, the Great Warrior felt what it was like to break out in a cold sweat.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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