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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 89

89 episodes

After returning from the black lotus flood.

All cadets were transferred to the Ascus ward for treatment, and Lee Se-hoon, who was not seriously injured, was also briefly examined.

“If this is the case, hospitalization is not necessary. You can leave the hospital today.”

“thank you!”

The fact that he didn’t have to go to the boring ward came out teasing Jake, who had been displaced for two weeks, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that it was an illusion.

“I discovered a puppet fragment of a puppeteer in a lotus tree and noticed an abnormality. Was there anything else besides that?”

“Before that new monster appeared, there were no omens? Did you notice that the inside of the floodwaters were different from usual? … .”

“Lee Se-hoon cadet! Just one word about what happened that day… … Ahh!”

Babel, who investigated the situation, and an investigator from the Hero’s Association. And even reporters who came in to cover the story without permission.

After a long time, there was a real uproar in the barbell or outside, and naturally, interest was drawn to two witnesses, among them, Lee Se-hoon, who was discharged.

‘Jake, I wondered why this bastard was laughing… … .’

I wanted to go to the hospital and beat him with a hammer, but unfortunately, as the situation was an emergency, Lee Se-hun was not easily released from all sides.

[The continuing heinous crimes of demons. Is it okay like this!]

[An unidentified monster that appeared in the Black Lotus Water Sea. The habitat is estimated to be at least 15 years… … .]

[UD Group head Jurgen Kruger, ‘Heroes’ Association does not have the ability to completely manage dangerous areas’]

It was not just a magician, but a puppeteer of ten evils attacked the cadets of Babel by controlling the monsters hidden in the danger area.

Even if only one happened, it was a huge event, but since both happened at the same time, the aftermath was enormous, and many groups slandered each other for their own interests.

And Babel, too, could not escape from the battle and was dragged along with him.

[Babel, who escaped from the artificial island, its reality is revealed to the world.]

[Curriculum of loose Babel. It should be reformed now.]

[Evan Flynn, principal of Chiron Military Academy, ‘This case is only the beginning.’]

All kinds of provocative knights that undercut Babel’s ability.

Considering the circumstances one by one, the fact that no one died in the emergency is a great thing, but criticism is inevitable in that it did not respond in advance.

Therefore, Babel did not have to explain the controversy, but neatly acknowledged it and then responded differently.

[The second son of the Myers family. Defeating a B+-class variant monster and saving a classmate!]

[A genius of misfortune that many craftsmen gave up. Who gave him the sword?]

A B+-class monster that appeared in the floodwaters, Jake defeated a divine tree. And Sehun Lee, who made a sword for Jake and assisted him.

Babel turned his attention to the public by presenting the performance of the two people, and naturally the interest began to return.

Unlike the Hero Association, which oversees and manages dangerous areas, Babel is an educational institution. Although there was regret in this response, there was nothing wrong with it.

“Thanks to you, how did you manage it? It’s been a lot of hard work.”

After the situation has been settled to some extent. Lee Se-hun, who was invited to a famous Japanese restaurant by Kasar, made a mocking expression at the compliment.

“The hard work was done by the professor. Aren’t you very busy with this press conference and the association’s investigation?”

“It is not. I mean, talking about useless things afterward is more tiring than fighting back then and now.”

Cassar talks as if he’s fed up with it. Even so, the situation was over and he seemed relieved, but when he saw that, Sehun Lee looked at the atmosphere and asked.

“professor. There is one thing I want to ask you.”


“What the hell are you doing in there? … ?”

To the question of Sehun Lee, who was sitting at the counter, Cassar, who was cleaning the fish from the other side, answered calmly.

“What are you doing? I am preparing to make sushi.”

Cassar replied sarcastically as if he didn’t even know.

Seeing that she was dressed neatly even in a white chef’s uniform that did not fit her size, Sehun Lee read the name of the restaurant on the menu again.


‘I thought you were the owner of the store… … He must have been a chef at all.’

When Lee Se-hoon was looking at the shocking sight in many ways. After finishing the fish, Kassar answered, washing his hands.

“Since I put my supervisor on the S-class, I was a professor and a cadet, and they were busy just looking at my eyes. I got annoyed when I saw that, so I made this as a hobby and to talk about it comfortably.”

“Five… … So, are you comfortable with it?”

“no. They say that after eating, they pretend to be everything and buy digestive medicine. It seems like it’s too much of a burden to talk about work.”

“… … .”

So what the hell does it mean here? As if recognizing Lee Se-hoon’s gaze, Kasar smiled.

“Anyway, I feel better than before, so it’s good.”

In an uncomfortable situation for both sides, only one became uncomfortable. In a way, when Sehun Lee is making a shaky expression on the right words.

“… … uh?”

Both eyes widened at the knife that Kasar had pulled out.

‘That’s… … .’

A retired professor of the smelting department at a hardware store in Akalkuf, a knife sharpened with Helena’s special whetstone.

When Se-hun Lee made a surprised expression at the fact that his hand was still there, Kasar glanced at him.

“This knife. Did you say you grinded before?”

“Oh, yes. Did you know?”

“I heard from you. At that time, I thought it was nonsense because a freshman had changed… … .”

If you think about what you’ve done this time, it may have been a foreshadowing of that. Cassar, who cut the fish flesh in one breath, continued the story while skillfully making sushi.

“Once, the subjugation practice score was decided with a perfect score for both you and Jake. I have even caught the variant, so there must be a gap like this.”

“thank you.”

“And there will be a certificate of appreciation ceremony about this weekend, and the head of the academy says that he will give you a separate reward, so think about what you will get.”

Had it been somewhere else, I might have finished it with just one letter of appreciation, but you dared to give me another reward. When Sehun Lee is pleased with his Babel-like usage.

“And the investigation of the variant monster, the divine tree will be completed soon.”

At the most important story, Sehun Lee changed his seat right away.

“There is nothing wrong with it, so it will be distributed according to the contribution to the battle… … Jake said he would hand over the stake to you.”

“Yes. I had a promise before.”

A reward for making a Brilliant Sword. Jake paid the price as a by-product of the divine tree obtained this time.

“Then you are 80%. And I will be set at 20%.”

“… … .”

A divine tree that many companies and heroes in the past had divided into hundreds of. Sehun Lee felt his heart pounding at the fact that he took up 80% of it.

‘No, I don’t know yet. Let’s calm down.’

Unlike before the return, the divine tree subjugated this time is incomplete enough to barely reach the B+ grade.

As it is in an inexperienced state, there may be various trials and errors to use it as before regression, so it was important to secure as many as possible.

‘And it is also important which part to take.’

Sehun Lee, who calmed his excited heart, looked at Kasar.

“Are you sure you don’t want to sell your share to me, professor?”

“Hoo… … Do you want to monopolize it?”

“The more ingredients, the better. I don’t think it’s something you can go back to and get it again.”

Kasar, who had completed a piece of sushi, responded to Lee Se-hun’s suggestion by placing it on the plate.

“Then there are two conditions.”

“You tell me.”

“The schedule is not yet exact, but there will be a large-scale subjugation on the ‘pilgrimage route’ on the Indonesian side soon. If you don’t have a special schedule then, follow me.”

“The pilgrimage… … .”

A kind of boundary line that Karl Andersen, one of the top climbers, spread out a holy barrier to block the swamp of Manma.

On this pilgrimage, he regularly organizes a subjugation squad that will weaken the strength of the swamp of Manma from eroding the holy wall, and Kasar suggested participating in the war there.

‘If it’s Indonesia’s side, it’s a level C~B risk area… … There’s no way I’m going to be slaughtered.’

Of course, you can’t be completely relieved, but there’s no need to worry too much, as Kassar will be with you.

Lee Se-hun, who was thinking while eating the sushi on the plate, made a decision and nodded.

“All right. What about the second?”

“Among the guys I know, there are guys who have good skills but can’t use their weapons properly. Later, when the time is right, I want you to take a look at them.”

Sehun Lee made an interesting expression at the unexpected suggestion.

“Are people like Jake?”

“It’s not like him, but it’s pretty similar. I’m not asking you to make it unconditionally, you just have to meet and take a look.”

They are not other people, but they are talented enough to be recognized by Kassar.

They could be people they knew before returning, and there was nothing wrong with using them as a network, so Sehun Lee nodded.

“There is nothing difficult about just looking at it. I will do it.”

“great. Then I’ll contact you when we both have an appointment. Don’t worry about it, I’ll tell you generously a couple of weeks in advance, just do what you have to do and wait.”

“All right.”

After finishing the story, Cassar glanced at the empty plate.

“Can you make more?”

“If you make it, I will eat it.”

When would you like to eat sushi made by Yeongungeom again? Kasar looked at Lee Se-hun without hesitation, asking for a refill, rather curiously.

‘How come this guy looks like I’m not okay… … .’

As well as fighting the puppeteer’s subordinates, he’s also a guy with distribution. As we talked, Kassar, who became more likable, smiled and took out a new fish.

“great. Please don’t feed me today.”

While watching Kassar happily grooming fish. Sehun Lee suddenly remembered one thing and asked.

“By the way, where did the headmaster go? You don’t seem to be coming to the press conference.”

“ah. Headmaster?”

Kasar, who had peeled off the scales of the fish and beheaded him, spoke calmly.

“You must have gone to look after someone you don’t even know about.”


An old-fashioned warehouse built on the outskirts of France.

A man with a hood pressed into the interior, which had been neglected for a long time, was rusty and dusty everywhere.

The dust scatters and the light of the sunset coming through the cracks in the broken windows. The person who entered the darkening scene of the warehouse, Vier Barmut, opened his mouth.

“Come out.”

A word echoing through the warehouse.

At the same time, something shook in the shady corner, and a shadow that looked like a human moved.

lick wiggle wiggle

A shadow that moves bizarrely and cuts apart. The body flopped down on a chair in the shade.

“Our customers. You seem very angry?”

Unlike the bizarre movements, the voice of a woman that flows naturally. At that clever question, Bier distorted his eyes.

“Are you saying that right now even though you know the situation?”

“Of course you know. No, don’t you know? Because I didn’t hear the report from my subordinates… … .”

Seeing the shadow stroking his chin, Vier clenched his fists involuntarily and shouted.

“The handsome dolls you sent didn’t even kill Lee Se-hoon, they didn’t even cause serious injuries!!”

when I first placed the request. Bier also did not think that he would be unconditionally successful.

It was because Babel knew how thoroughly he prepared for the training of the cadets, and there was also S-class hero Yeongun sword Kasar on the field.

So half of what I expected. Even if he inflicted only serious injuries that required medical attention for a long time, he was able to make the magic circuit ineffective by working with 『Dawn』.

But the return result was disastrous. Far from being injured, Lee Se-hun ascended to a higher position and everything was twisted.

“This has made people all over the world know about him. If you get the protection of the Ascension Festival because of this, it’s all over! What the hell are you going to do with this situation?”

Being a simply outstanding cadet is different from being a cadet who receives the ‘guardian’ of Babel’s principal, Ludwig, the ascendant.

A person who exerts a huge influence on society as the head of Babel and the perfect person. There will be more and more people who distance themselves from them just by being hostile to the person he protects.

‘It is highly likely that everyone involved in Babel, including his father, will change, and that external business will also shrink… … .’

In order to survive, it is necessary to join the UD group led by Jürgen Kruger, an unknown and equally influential person.

However, at that moment, the subject of the Barmut family will disappear and become their affiliates and parts, and they will never be able to enjoy the status and freedom they have now.

When Vier clenched his fists in anger and fear as his failures were getting worse and worse.


Hearing the story, the shadow puppeteer burst into laughter.

Contrary to the cheerful sound of laughter, the shadows are bizarrely shaking. The puppeteer waved his hand as Bier looked at him with a firm expression at the eerie feeling of his twisted appearance.

“You don’t know what kind of person that young man is.”

“… … What?”

“The inspiration likes talented guys, but the standards aren’t that simple. It’s never been enough to receive anything worthy of being called Biho yet.”

The puppeteer who spoke as if affirmingly stroked his chin.

“However… … That’s right. You guys tend to have a lot of lines here and there, so if it bothers you a little, prune it right away.”

A voice that cuts without a harbinger. At the reaction that seemed to have broken the line, Bier looked at the shadow with a bewildered look.

And when the strange silence continued inside the warehouse.

“ah. sorry. One of the relay points just flew and was cut off for a while. It looks like he was a bit annoyed.”

“That means… … .”

“It means that our great Ascendant is directly overturning my base like a mouse- If I tell you more, will you come here too?”

Vier’s complexion became pale at the story of the skillful puppeteer. It was because he did not know what would happen after the fact that he was making a deal with the family and the ten evils.

‘But if we go back like this… … .’

If you don’t get the next opportunity by negotiating with the puppeteer somehow, you and your father could be really cut off.

When Vier was hesitating without being able to leave.

“Anyway, Sehun Lee, don’t worry about that guy. I’ll make sure to take care of it next time.”

The puppeteer leaned on the chair and spoke calmly.


“The owner of the tree I brought this time was very angry. In exchange for keeping my mouth shut, I agreed to help out… … Then I think I can handle it both side by side.”

Are you planning to work together with other groups? Bier frowned at the figure of the puppeteer who did not explain properly.

“If it ends like this next time… … .”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

The puppeteer, who cut off Bier’s words, leaned forward on the chair and leaned forward.

A face out of the shadows.

The doll’s face, which was covered with human skins all over except for the sullen mouth, whispered softly.

“Then I will help you even by turning you into dolls.”

“… … .”

Vier’s body trembled faintly at the sight of the puppeteer who spoke with such kindness that he would erase his family.

A monster that even S-class heroes hunt and use as materials, and no one knows what they saw as they crossed thousands and tens of thousands of dolls.

Realizing once again what the Ten Evil Puppeteer is, Bier clenched his fists and answered.

“It would be… … There will be none.”

With those words, Bier left the warehouse, and the puppeteer who was looking at the back looked at the window where the sunset was coming in.

“It’s Babel… … .”

The Garden of the Ascension, where he once stayed. The puppeteer smiled at the thought of a flower that would be blooming in it.

“I wish you well.”

And as if a thread had been cut, the doll’s body drooped helplessly over the chair.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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