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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 90

90 episodes

Maduruk Mansion used as the former main building of Babel and the principal’s office.

In the banquet room provided inside, two cadets stood side by side in front of the mansion’s owner, Dean Ludwig.

“—He risked his life to save his comrades and set an example as a hero. I will present a certificate of appreciation to the above cadets.”

Ludwig, who recited all the listings, called the names of the two people in front of them.

“Jake Myers, a freshman in the Swordsmanship Faculty of Akalkuf.”


“Lee Se-hun, a freshman in the smelting department of Borsippa.”


Certificates are handed to two people in order, and then the three people stand side by side and take a picture together.

So simply after the event. Ludwig, who summoned the two of them to the principal’s office, smiled softly.

“I’m sorry for making you troubled because it’s the weekend. If it’s not today, I will hardly have time.”

“Oh, no! It is something to be thankful for just that the head of the academy took the time for himself!”

Ludwig smiled kindly at Jake’s nervous response.

“Thank you for thinking that way. How is your body?”

“Thanks to the professors in the ward, I’m fine!”

“Good luck. It’s good to have the mindset of a hero, but don’t overwork your body. A cadet like you is a treasure to mankind.”

“The principal… … .”

A story full of truth, not empty words. Jake’s eyes twinkled at that compliment, and he looked at Ludwig.

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No one else, but the first complete human being. He was praised by a hero who was respected by many people, so any cadets had no choice but to rejoice.

‘I’m tired of dying… … .’

Except for Lee Se-hoon, who has seen everything.

‘I’ll just take a picture and finish it, what’s so long?’

Originally, I didn’t like this kind of event very much, and lately I’ve been dragged around with research and everything, so I’m even more annoyed.

“this. I wasn’t going to tell you this, but it leaked a bit.”

Ludwig, noticing such a hint of Lee Se-hun, smiled slightly and continued the story again.

“As the head of the academy, I want to give thanks as the head of the academy has been able to save many cadets through your efforts. Do you need anything?”

A presentation ceremony similar to the entrance ceremony.

Finally, when we got to the main point, Lee Se-hoon’s eyes lit up as if when he was annoyed.

‘Will I be able to get a decent one if I use what I left behind?’

While praying for Ludwig’s spending, Sehun Lee was just about to open his mouth.

“The principal.”

Jake opened his mouth as if he was waiting.

“I want you to hand over all my share to Sehun.”


Sehun Lee looked at the sudden story with a surprised expression, and Ludwig made an interesting expression.

“Are you still okay? I heard that you passed all the divine trees.”

“Yes. I don’t even need anything right now… … I made a promise to Sehun before.”

Jake glanced at Lee Se-hun and smiled.

“I’ll give you as much as you think the pay is excessive.”

I wouldn’t say that this wasn’t enough, but at Jake’s gaze looking at him like that, Sehun Lee smirked.

‘Look at this guy.’

I thought it ended with a divine tree, but I’m sure it’ll come out like this. Lee Se-hun looked at the unexpected additional reward, and Ludwig nodded.

“If you think so, then let it be. I’m also looking forward to his activities in the Swordsmanship Faculty.”

“thank you!”

“Then go back carefully.”

Jake nodded and went out of the principal’s office, and Ludwig, who was looking at the back, spoke calmly.

“The potential is deeper than before. It seems that the sword you made for me was just right.”

“It’s not that great of a thing.”

“haha. Isn’t that great? If you say that, the craftsmen who have suffered in the past will not be able to carry their faces.”

As the story of the Brilliant Sword became known to the outside world, there was a fierce reaction from the heroes, especially the craftsmen who tried to make Jake’s sword.

‘Babel is now using false agitation to make a hero! It’s enough to make fun of us!’

‘Time tells us the value of armor. There is nothing more pointless than saying who is better now.’

It’s surprising that a first-year cadet who had only been in school for less than half a year and had nothing to do with a family made a hero-grade weapon, but that’s the sword they failed?

So the artisans claimed it was an exaggeration, and in fact, most people trusted it more.

It was because the story was just too absurd.

‘Even if you’re like me, you can’t believe it until you see it for yourself.’

But what to do? In fact, such a thing was made.

“It’s more of an idea than a skill. I believe you will understand everything later.”

“It is too. Don’t worry too much. Dean Ryu met in person and said that he would come and organize it.”

“… … okay.”

For a moment, I thought it was okay not to worry, but Sehun Lee decided not to think deeply.

It is because he sometimes moves radically, so if you look at the results, Ryu Eun-ha is also a good person with a clean job.

‘Should I call it a smart rabbi… … That’s how it feels.’

Although aggressive, he understands the situation properly and commits it. So, if Ryu Eun-ha came out, that noise would be cleared up soon.

“Then let’s talk about compensation… … Before that, I have something to show you.”

As Ludwig swung his hand lightly in the air, a golden keyhole appeared and opened and an object fell down.

A dark red fruit the size of a fist. Lee Se-hoon narrowed his eyes at the object with a strange haze flowing.

“that… … .”

“Let’s see.”

After receiving the fruit from Ludwig, Sehun Lee looked at the information window.

[The Seed of the Divine Tree]

[Rank: Heroic] [Quality: Lowest]

The seed of a giant tree that was about to devour the entire forest.

All powers are incompletely mixed because it is a seed that was created hastily before being completely killed.

When held in hand, it can have resistance to spatial ability, and its properties change according to the nutrients it absorbs.

*Gives resistance to spatial abilities.

*The properties change according to the nutrients absorbed.

“… … .”

Seeing the fruit in his hand, the seed of the divine tree, Sehun Lee put a blank expression on his face.

‘Is there such a thing?’

A material I had never heard of before returning.

At that time, I don’t know if it was because I was subjugated in a state where I had already finished growing up, or maybe it was because someone stole it from the middle, but when I read the information, it was truly a huge thing.

‘Hopefully, you will be able to grow the divine tree again, even in the form you want.’

Of course, it won’t be easy, but it’s well worth the challenge. Sehun Lee, who had reached that point, suddenly thought about why Ludwig had shown this to him.

“Looking at the name, it is a by-product of the new monster variant.”

“That’s right. It was discovered inside a giant lotus flower while analyzing the collected rubble.”

Ludwig looked at Lee Se-hun and spoke in a serious voice.

“As you know, among the by-products of monsters, items with the possibility of ‘resurrection’ have strict management standards. Besides, the doll’s cube and remnants of biological weapons are still there.”

“That is… … .”

“According to the Hero Special Act, you have no choice but to substitute another reward.”

At the expected Ludwig’s story, Sehun Lee felt his backbone stiffen.

‘It’s like losing these materials… … !’

If I had caught it by myself, at the very least, if I had any power left right after the battle, I would have secretly stole it.

The moment when Lee Se-hoon was about to pour swear words into his heart with injustice.

“If it’s normal, that’s okay.”

Ludwig smiled softly.

“… … Yes?”

“It’s a material I’ve worked so hard for, but it’s a bit of a loss, isn’t it? And above all… … I wondered how you would grow this.”

Lee Se-hun gave a strange expression to the answer that was different from what he expected.

“Then you’re giving me this seed?”

“right. However, as I said before, as it is a dangerous item, there are conditions that must be observed.”

Ludwig made two conditions.

The first is to publicly treat the ownership of the seeds as your own, and then grow them in a designated place in Babel in case of emergency.

Second, when you start to grow seeds in the future, you should write a report on the growth status on a regular basis and show it to yourself.

‘Let’s study secretly so that it doesn’t bother you.’

It was cumbersome to write a report every time, but it was quite attractive in that it provided a place and materials.

‘There is a great risk of being raised outside because you can’t watch them 24 hours a day… … Most of all, I like to increase contact with Ludwig.’

Getting Ludwig’s attention means increasing support and benefits from Babel.

Se-hoon Lee, who confirmed that he had nothing to lose, asked.

“When can I start growing?”

“Tell me when you decide how to grow it. Then we will pick a place that is right for you and pick it up.”

How to grow a god

Lee Se-hoon nodded his head as he decided to contemplate the new concerns.

“All right.”

“great. Then we should move on to the story of compensation.”

Ludwig, who had put the seed of the divine tree back into the white hole, looked at him with anticipation.

“You have a share you left behind. Let me know if you need anything.”

Ludwig’s reward came back after Mount Eunwol. To that question, Sehun Lee brought out a pre-set answer.

“I need something to save my life in case of an emergency.”

“If this is the case, how much do you mean?”

“Enough to spend all the rewards I can get.”

At Sehun Lee’s answer, Ludwig made an interesting expression.

“Usually, when something like this happens, I think I’ll be careful… … You are preparing yourself so that it will be okay if you go around.”

“Maybe that could be the enemy’s target. So you have to make them avoid me over there.”

The experience of being dragged around is enough just before the return.

At the story of Sehun Lee’s determination, Ludwig looked at him with slightly startled eyes and then smiled.

“That’s a good attitude.”


A white hole came in front of Sehun Lee and a small ring fell off.


Sehun Lee, who reflexively grabbed it, looked at the ring in his hand.

A ring with a pattern similar to the golden keyhole that Ludwig often made in the air.

I looked at the information window of the seemingly ordinary ring.

[Ring of Ascension]

[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Best]

A ring made by ‘Ludwig Schubert’, the first Absolute who succeeded in climbing the ladder.

The power of the Ascendant that manipulates space resides, and you can use that power by consuming mana.

*You can use the power of space by consuming magical power.

A description that is too shabby to be called a hero grade. However, when Sehun read the contents inside, his eyes widened.

‘The weapon of the space series… … ?’

It is also a structure that can be manipulated freely by consuming mana rather than using only specific skills.

Ludwig smiled and asked, as Sehun Lee was surprised by the great weapon that was not only convenient but also versatile.

“How is it?”

Words are questions, but questions already filled with conviction. There, Sehun Lee raised his head and looked at Ludwig.

“The principal is the treasure of mankind.”

The true hero of this age was in front of us.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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