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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 88

88 episodes

“Is it really over now?”

“I will. Since Yeon Chun-woo had fallen elsewhere, all the children held hostage must have been rescued.”

It is safe to say that the moment Kasar moved directly, all the battles were over. At Sehun Lee’s story, Jake breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m glad… … .”

It’s all over with this.

Jake was relieved of that fact, but his gaze suddenly turned to the giant tree he had cut. And as he pondered the battle that had just happened, he carefully opened his mouth.

“There is one thing I want to ask you.”


“Didn’t you think you would fail again?”

As a result, it succeeded, but if the second attack had also failed, it might have been really bad.

But why did he throw his own body to block the attack? Sehun Lee was troubled by Jake’s question.

‘I had the confidence to fix it… … That’s right.’

It is also a trump card, and above all, there is a high possibility of raising suspicion. So, Sehun Lee slightly changed the direction and answered.

“To be honest, I would be lying if I said I didn’t.”

“Then why would you do such a dangerous thing… … .”

“Well, it’s just a sense of duty.”

“… … sense of duty?”

“okay. A sense of duty as a blacksmith.”

Sehun Lee put his hand under the water and lifted up Jake’s right hand, which was drooping, with the palm of his hand.

A dazzling sword that glows blue in the sunlight. Jake stared blankly at the figure that didn’t break even after swinging it with all his might.

“Who would trust a blacksmith who doesn’t even believe in his own things? Then you just die.”

Lee Se-hoon smiled and pushed his arm to the side, placing the hand holding the dazzling sword on his chest.

“… … I see.”

The weight of the glowing sword felt heavy on the chest.

Jake realized his true heart belatedly at the feeling of being heavier than usual.

“I… … I couldn’t believe the flashlight.”

Even though he saw the sword of the dazzling sword, he unconsciously atrophied because he didn’t know when it might break, so he suppressed its power and used it in the middle.

“And only after seeing you believe in me to the point of risking your life… … I came to believe that the Brilliant Blade could withstand it.”

I wonder if he would think in vain if his life was at stake. Jake, who realized his inner self that he had not been aware of, put on a disappointed expression.

“I’m a real dog.”

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No matter how many years of distrust have been built up, it’s only after people’s lives are at stake that you can believe it.

When Jake feels a sense of humiliation at his self-portrait, which is snobbish and even disgusting.

“Isn’t that normal?”

Sehun Lee replied with a sullen expression.

“By the way, how long do you and I have known each other to believe that? Without proper evidence, it is natural to suspect.”

“However… … .”

“Of course, if you call me suspicious of something I made, I want to hit you in the head with a hammer… … This is my position anyway.”

A blacksmith has a blacksmith’s position, and a customer has a customer’s position.

“As the person who bought the item, you have the right to doubt and check it. That is your position and your right.”

“right… … .”

In Lee Se-hoon’s story, Jake remembered the craftsmen he had met in the past.

‘This boy seems to have no aptitude for swords.’

‘Why don’t you make use of your grip and switch to martial arts?’

‘Make a sword suitable for a guy with that kind of ability! to deceive me… … .’

Craftsmen who took pride in their skills and looked for the cause only elsewhere.

Jake slowly opened his mouth, remembering the scenes that he felt was abominable, even though he thought it could not be helped.

“then… … Can I have any doubts in the future?”

“I have to. Otherwise, it would break in the fight and blow off your neck.”

“Can I complain that I couldn’t make it better?”

“If I could live somewhere else, what would I do?”

“Fuch. That’s right.”

Jake burst into laughter at Lee Se-hoon’s witty answer and grabbed the flashing sword that was placed on his chest.

“Hey, Sehun Lee.”


“I just swung it around, and I know one thing.”

And he left a comment with a reassuring voice to his trusted blacksmith.

“Your sword is the best.”

[The bond level of the target ‘Jake Myers’ rises to Lv.2.]

[The relationship is established as the bond level rises. The relationship with the target ‘Jake Myers’ is ‘trust’.]

[Relationship: trust and trust]

It is not easy to convince people who do not even believe in themselves to believe in others.

It’s not always easy to repay your trust, but if you can give me the belief that even if I fail, it will happen again, this relationship will last forever.

*When you repay the trust of the target, a bond stone is created.

*When the target is trusted, the maturation speed of the edge stone increases.

*Currently created edge stones: None.

‘This guy… … .’

Lee Se-hun, who looked at the notification window that appeared in front of him, made a happy expression involuntarily.

Some people say they’re full of telling them to make something better, but you know how grateful they are.

Sehun Lee looked at Jake because he seemed to have met an excellent customer with good manners in a long time.

“I will continue to be grateful… … what. Are you sleeping?”

“… … .”

Jake is floating on the lake with his eyes closed. His face was pale and he looked like he was dead, but his heart was beating well.

‘It seems that he used excessive blood alcohol.’

It was a problem that could be solved with some rest, so Sehun Lee fixed it with the Black Spirit Temple so that Jake would not be pushed away.

Then he turned his gaze toward the remnant of the divine tree, feeling the pretense of popularity that had begun to approach him.

‘By the way, all these puppets must have run away.’

‘Puppet’ was originally a human or a demon, but swore allegiance to the puppeteer and was remodeled.

They are quite annoying among the subordinates of the ten evils, because as the owner is the master, they can change their bodies continuously without breaking the core of the main body.

‘If you see that he doesn’t appear in person and uses a divine tree, he must have used a temporary body made of mana monsters.’

By now, he must have returned to the main body hidden outside of the Black Lotus Sea, and was preparing to escape.

‘If I had time, I would have found a hiding place and killed them all… … .’

I could still do it if I wanted to, but Lee Se-hun decided to just skip it just in case.

It should be good because the amount of information passed to the puppeteer is reduced if he finds and kills them all, but if he misses even one, it only gives information that he can pursue the puppet.

‘Before the regression, both dogs and cows were used, but not now.’

Although the puppeteer is a dangerous person, he responds only to the extent that he has ‘interest’. I didn’t show anything special this time, so it would be better to take a step back here.

The moment Lee Sehun was thinking like that.


A familiar cry from the remnants of a divine tree. There, Sehun Lee turned his gaze again.


A crow vanished over the forest in an instant.


A wild mountain several tens of kilometers from the Black Lotus Water Sea.

In the forest where there was nothing but wild animals, the ground shook faintly, and a hand rose from below.


Three Inyeongs walking through the dirt. Among them, Willy, a pale-looking Western man who came out first, distorted his eyes.

“These guys are freshmen… … Babel is going crazy.”

You would have thought it would be great if you just stood there until Yeongungeom came, but I’m sure you’ll defeat yourself from the front.

Recalling the pain that had split his body in half, Willy made a face that he couldn’t comprehend.

‘Myers’ sword power was also absurd… … The most ridiculous thing is that guy Lee Se-hoon.’

The regenerative power of a divine tree that has taken root throughout the floodwaters is at least B+ grade. Although he was cut by the sword, he had enough strength to endure.

But the moment when the sword passes the trajectory that Sehun Lee has carved. The magic circuits got tangled without any time to use their hands, and the regeneration power was lost.

‘Even I, who is controlling my body, couldn’t figure out all the magical circuits of the divine tree… … .’

An unusual talent that goes beyond just saying excellent.

Willy, realizing why his owner was paying attention to Lee Se-hun as a material, looked at his subordinates.

“rest of it?”

“There was no response, so I cleaned it up.”

The puppet did not feel any pain by removing all sensory organs, but for a moment, when the body is forcibly destroyed and the mind returns to the body, the pain is vividly felt.

If you endure the pain, you can return to the body or change your body to survive, otherwise you will become an idiot and become unable to respond at all.

“Seven people… … What did you eat cheaply?”

The place the S-class hero was guarding was temporarily invaded, but it was only beneficial to come back alive without being annihilated.

‘Anyway, we have information to report.’

Lee Se-hoon is a material worth looking at, even apart from the quest. Willy recalled the information and looked at the two remaining men.

“Let’s get out of here before the search starts.”


Since it was a deserted place, the remaining three immediately kicked off the floor and started running through the forest.

Trees that have grown luxuriantly, though not as much as the black lotus. It was cloudy, so he couldn’t see the sun very well, but Willy’s eyes frowned at the dark vision.

‘Is the aftereffects worse than I thought?’

Even if it’s a temporary body, this B-level body wouldn’t even be able to see through the darkness like this.

That’s when Willy felt both reluctance and wonder at the same time.


A crow’s cry echoes from somewhere. Naturally, Willy’s eyes followed the sound and looked around.

However, it was difficult to see the crow because of the darkened vision, and Willy’s eyes frowned at the sight.

‘Why is the crow so unlucky? … .’

It’s annoying, but there’s no need to worry about it since you can’t feel the magic. Willy looked around nervously and looked forward again.


In the distance, in front of the only sunny tree, a girl walked out.

Two eyes with dark hair and a soft purple hue. Willie’s eyes widened at the defenseless figure, wearing only a cloak over a cadet uniform without armor.

‘Inoue… … ?’

Why is the guy who should have been in the flood waters in front of them?

When Willy was startled by the unrealistic sight. Suddenly, that gaze turned to the cage held in the right hand of the girl, Erica.


A crow standing upright in a silver cage.

And Willie quickly understood the situation when she saw the fragments of the puppet used for the temporary body stuck to her lips.

‘They said they chased us back with a broken terminal… … ?’

Can a freshman who just entered this year do something that even S-class heroes can’t easily do?

At the ridiculous situation, Willy quickly shouted at his subordinates who were following him, even though he was embarrassed.

“There may be others. Get it right now!”


I couldn’t have come this far alone. Willy and his men, who made such a rational decision, rushed in.


The cage held in Erica’s hand was pushed forward.



The crow’s neck, which was crying while spreading its wings, bends 180 degrees and falls to the bottom of the cage helplessly.


Black blood flowing from its droopy beak and ragged neck.

The blood, which was dripping at first, started to increase gradually, and soon the door of the cage opened and it poured down endlessly, covering the surrounding ground.


It is neither blood nor water, but a liquid that feels ominous and filthy.

The black swamp spread endlessly around Erika, and the surface immediately boiled up.


Crows soaring from the bottom of the muddy swamp, flapping their sticky bodies, into the sky.

At that bizarre and horrifying sight, Willy stared blankly, forgetting the purpose of capturing Erica.

Ohon Escape

Black crows soaring high in the sky fell on the three dolls.


Willy and his men swung their weapons and desperately stopped the offensive as the crows rushed incessantly.

However, the crows that fall to the ground only seep into the swamp and be reborn. There was no way to stop the crows soaring from the swamp that spread right below it.


“Oh, no… … !”

“Inside the body… … Whoops… … !”

The crows that dug inward devoured the body and ‘assimilated’ it with themselves, and the body gradually began to be dragged to the bottom of the swamp.

Whoa! Whoa!

“under… … haha… … .”

Willie laughed in disappointment at the crows’ cries that echoed inside her body.

As a head of department, after all, you are a freshman. I thought he was a little guy who couldn’t even enter the Tower of Heroes.

But Willy, who had seen the two of them before, and even Erica in front of him, had an absurd expression on his face.

“A monster… … .”

The body was sucked into the depths of the swamp.

“… … .”

Seeing that the three dolls had disappeared without a trace, Erica indifferently lowered the cage she had pushed forward.


The swamp that had been scattered in all directions was quickly sucked into the inside of the cage, and the forest returned to its original landscape as if nothing had happened.

“… … It’s difficult to know already.”

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No matter what the ten evils, we cannot hand over Lee Se-Hoon’s potential until he has confirmed all his potential.

Having dealt with the witness, Erica turned and disappeared into the shade of the forest.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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