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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 87

87 episodes

throwing method

It is a new technique created by Ma Gwang-soo based on the sword method of super-swordsmanship, and its structure is also simple as its simple name suggests that it fights and kills.

Observe the opponent and reflexively dig into attacks and gaps. A kind of automatic attack that unfolds attack and evasion unconsciously.

If you lack experience or lack the ability to observe, it was an odd skill that was perfect for shoveling and dying.


Sehun Lee, who has been obsessed with performing all movements efficiently, has never had such an appropriate technique.

‘The leftovers… … !’

Willy was embarrassed to see Lee Se-hun breaking through the net and running back to the lake, but he immediately changed his attack method.


Once again, the roots of trees soar up from the bottom of the water.

The trajectory itself was very simple, but the real attack was the ‘lotus stem’ that was tangled on the outside.


A lotus stem swaying in all directions like a whip.

Although the power itself is weaker than the root of a tree, the possibility of creating a footing or bumping into each other to create gaps is low, and above all, the power was appropriate.

‘No matter how great the breakthrough power, there must be a limit to your stamina.’

A lotus stem like this can be regenerated at once no matter how much it is cut, but Lee Se-hun had no choice but to change his posture or stiffen the moment he brushed it.

In fact, the situation in which you have to fight against dozens or hundreds of people alone. If you hold onto it like this and your stamina goes down and your physical ability returns to its original state, you will be able to subdue it very easily.

At that moment, Willy was convinced of his strategy.


Lee Se-hoon’s body broke through the lotus stem in the blink of an eye.

Every time he shook his head or moved his shoulder or body a little, the attack was missed by a single sheet of paper, and when it was unavoidable, he cuts off a few rather than hitting them all.


The lotus stems, cut in half or in a curved line, bend in the ‘direction’ Lee Se-Hoon wants and entangle with each other to create a path to pass.

Willy looked at him in shock at the sight he couldn’t believe even seeing with his own eyes.

‘My attack… … Did you predict everything?’

His movements are so precise that it seems as if he is matching his movements.

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Not only did he avoid the attack, but he completely predicted what would happen due to his own attack, but he could not even predict how many moves ahead.


Sehun Lee, who had broken through the lotus stem, cut off a tree root, climbed on top of it and started running.

And at the end of it, he leapt, spewing magical energy with the momentum to burst his feet.


Lee Se-hoon’s body was shot in the head like a single arrow.


A sword of five colors that penetrates lightly into the body of a divine tree that is harder than steel. Willy was surprised for a moment by the cutting power, but quickly grasped the situation and raised an eyebrow.

‘You idiot. what are you going to do with it… … .’

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No matter how sharp a sword is, it cannot escape the weight class difference. Sehun Lee’s sword was too short to cut down a tree spanning several tens of meters.


However, instead of backing down, Se-Hoon Lee clenched his teeth and forged a sword inside his body, holding the five-color sword embedded in the divine tree with the reverse.

Cheonchung Sword 淺充劍 White Light

A pure white flash of light bursting from the five colors.

After confirming that the tip of the blade, which had felt stiff, was freed, Sehun Lee started running as hard as he could.

Quad Duck!

Lee Se-hun, who climbs a divine tree as if running on a wall, and the trajectory engraved on the surface.

Willy was embarrassed by the incomprehensible behavior, but brought out a new attack method.

Doo doo doo!

The lotus stem spear that pierced the bark and soared toward Lee Se-hun.

It was difficult to dodge because it was shot right in front, but Lee Se-hun continued to run, trusting only the durability of the supply cloak he was wearing.

And I drew all the traces that crossed the divine tree in an oblique line, and the weak points that would cut the magic circuit with a single knife.


It sent a signal to Jake by exploding the flames of the five colors.


While Lee Se-hoon drew attention, Jake, who had approached with a hidden presence, ran out at once and poured all his magical energy into the dazzling sword.


A huge sword with a blade length of 3m alone.

Imagining the maximum power that he can produce now, Jake’s eyes turned to the wounds that Sehun had carved.

just once.

Even if you can’t kill it, if you interrupt the operation of magic for a while, the fog spread over the sea will be lifted.

If so, Professor Kasar and other faculty members will come to rescue them right away.

‘You must succeed.’

If there is a moment when you must be successful, it is now.

Jake clenched his teeth as his heart was beating like crazy, and gripped the handle of the glowing sword even more strongly.

blah blah

A sound that should not be heard rang in my ears.


Blue fragments scattered everywhere. The sword that contained all the magical power was shattered without even being able to wield it.

Jake’s eyes widened at the unbelievable sight, and time passed slowly in front of him.

‘why… … .’

You must succeed, but you must never fail, so why is it like this?

What the hell is that damn unconscious mind that can’t even draw its own power?

Jake was swept away by the countless thoughts that flooded in in a fleeting moment.


Jake’s body, which had been disorganized at the same time as the burning pain felt in his shoulder, moved reflexively.


A window with lotus flowers passing by right next to it.

Unwittingly reacting to the attack, Jake looked up at the attack, startled.

‘This… … .’

Sehun Lee, who threw a dagger at himself to avoid the attack.

In return, he was attacked and blood bled all over his body, but he continued to protect himself by silently hitting down the spears that shot down.

Seeing this, Jake remembered the role that Sehun Lee had entrusted to him.

‘Swipe it with all your might.’

Whether the sword is broken or lack of magical power, that’s all he has to do now.

Realizing this again, Jake clenched his teeth and ran forward again.

Doo doo doo!

Ignoring the spears that barely pass by, he pushes all the magic remaining in his body into the dazzling sword, creating the foundation of the sword god.


However, compared to the previous one, the size is absurdly small. It was absurdly insufficient to cut down a divine tree and to contain all of his power.

‘Something different… … .’

Is there anything else that he can compress other than the crystal water he generates with his magical powers?


Then he heard the sound of something falling in Jake’s ear, and his gaze turned downward.

Blood dripping from his shoulders and scattering in the water of the lake. Jake’s eyes widened at the sight of becoming ‘one’.

“Ugh… … !”

He ran as hard as he could while putting the tip of the dazzling sword with crystal water under the surface of the water.


An incomplete sword that cuts through the current. Staring at the twinkling blue light below, Jake put all his power into his hands.

thump thump-

Even if my heart explodes, even if my body is shattered, even if my dazzling sword breaks, I don’t care anymore.

For the first time, all the power that made up Jake was compressed into two hands.


Blue stars shining under the water surface. I drew the newly created dazzling sword blade from the bottom of the lake with all my might.

Qinghui Fortress

The blue light spanning several tens of meters cut through everything.

A flash that seemed to blind my eyes. Jake turned his gaze towards his sword rather than the enemy he had cut off with a sense of satisfaction at his fingertips.


A huge sword made by sucking even the water of the lake. And the clear blue-colored sword that was formed on the outside.

“… … done.”

Jake smiled tiredly at the sight.


Along the trajectory, the tree split in half slowly displaced and collapsed.


As the broken tree fell down, the lake created huge waves and smashed all around.

The current was so great that all the trees nearby were washed away. And just as the aftermath subsided, two shadows rose above the water at the same time.

“Pooh! Whoo… … Whoo… … .”

“Collock! Cologne!”

Lee Se-hoon takes a rough breath and Jake coughs up water. Both of them were swept away by the current, not having the strength to stand on the water.

“Are you alive?”

“The feeling of being alive… … .”

It was hard to move because of the strain on my heart, and my chest felt like it was being squeezed.

I felt so dazed that I couldn’t even think about it properly, but it was as if all of my power had been poured out.

‘Is this power? … .’

The feeling of lethargy was so severe that I was thrilled to think that I would die like this, but on the other hand, I also felt a sense of relief that I had poured out that much.

Floating over the lake, Jake stares blankly at the misty sky.

“Hey. Wake. Because it’s not over yet.”

Sehun Lee, who was next to him, slapped Jake on the cheek.

“It’s not over… … ?”

“Because what you just cut off are like limbs. Will the nukes be okay?”

“What… … .”

When Jake, who he thought would have defeated him, was looking at him with a puzzled expression.

Quad Duck!

The wreckage of a broken god. A gigantic lotus bud rose from it along with the stem.

And the half-black leaves unfolded wide, and the huge eyes located in the center stared at the two of them.

[Damage rate 95%… … Flood damage is out of control… … Unable to use spatial abilities… … Nutrients needed… … .]

A heterogeneous voice resounding directly in my head. Jake’s eyes widened when he realized that it was coming from the lotus.

‘Can you use the language?’

Even monsters of the same grade have different risks depending on their abilities and intelligence.

When Jake realized that the monster in front of him was unusual, he was forced to move while accelerating the blood flow.

“What are you doing?

Sehun Lee, who was floating next to him, tapped Jake’s body, forcing the blood flow to go down.

“I’m staring at you like that, but I don’t have to attack or defend!”

“You don’t have the strength to do that. Don’t overdo it, just be still. Because the fog is gone.”

“… … The fog is gone?”

Jake looked up at the sky with a bewildered look at Lee Se-hoon talking insignificantly.

A thick fog covered the sky. The moment I realized that the color was a little more muddy than I had seen at first.


A gigantic bayonet came out of the smoke and pierced the lotus body.


The screams ringing in my ears and the stems of lotus flowers writhing in pain. Seeing that, Jake widened his eyes and looked at the sword that fell from the sky.

A turbid gray colored rectangular sword and a black handle with cracks in various places like charcoal.

“Hoeyeon 灰煙… … .”

A legendary-grade sword that was made by Kense Lee, the ‘Songhwagong (星火工)’, who was a successful person in recognition of Kasar’s talent and personality.

When Jake was bewildered by that sudden appearance. Sehun Lee smiled and looked up at the sky.

“He’s an S-class hero with a good name, but maybe he was just playing around.”


The smoke that covered the sky fluctuated greatly, and soon it changed into the shape of a sword resembling a smoke and began to fall all over the sea.


Yeongun’s sword Kasar’s main skill, ‘Yeoncheonwoo (煙天雨)’.

It was to spread the smoke through the smoke and adjust its shape to bomb a wide area, and it was a technique with great precision as well as scale.

[An–… … life… … Then– … .]


Dozens of great swords fell on the core of the god tree, which had been revived and resisted until the very end, completely subduing it, and Jake, seeing it, murmured a little.

“Did you do it… … .?”

A spell to resurrect the dead.

But, contrary to its fame, there was no more ringing in my ears.

“I messed it up.”

The god has completely collapsed.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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