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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 81

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Borsifa’s dormitory parking lot.

It was the weekend, and the golden sports car gently stopped inside the quieter interior, and Sehun Lee and Jake got off from the inside.

“Thanks for the ride.”

Miles, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, waved his hand at Sehun Lee’s thanks.

“No, no. I did such a stupid thing, but I have to do this. I’m really sorry about what happened.”

Miles repeatedly apologizes for grabbing her shoulder. Lee Se-hoon shook his head in amazement at the stern look that made him wonder if it was the lightsaber he knew.

“it’s okay. To be honest, it deserves to be seen as suspicious.”

“right? Also… … .”


Miles flinched at Jake’s soft call, then cleared his expression for a moment.

“Hmmm. no. Absolutely I was wrong If there’s anything wrong with your shoulder later on, tell Jake. I will take full responsibility.”

“All right.”

“Oh. And about the succession ceremony earlier… … .”

Seeing Miles taking a sneak peek, Sehun Lee opened his mouth first, noticing what kind of story it was going to be.

“I talked to Aria-senpai about joining the club, so you don’t have to worry.”

“okay? Well, Arya, she’s quick to handle things like that… … .”

Miles nodded his head as if he was convinced, and gave a puzzled expression.

“First of all, since this is unprecedented, the family will investigate, but depending on the situation, there may be a request for cooperation. The reward will be certain, so think positively.”

“If you give me a chance, I will do my best.”

Miles put on a satisfied expression on Lee Se-hoon’s sincere reply.

“Thank you. If only we had more time, we would have had a drink together, little brother… … No, because the headmaster told me to come quickly.”

Taking a deep breath as if it was bothering him, Miles held out his left hand to Sehun Lee.

“I’ll see you next time when I have time.”

“Yes. I wish you all the best.”

The moment Lee Se-hoon held hands. Naturally, a notification popped up in front of my eyes.

[The relationship with the grand prize ‘Miles Myers’ has been established.]

‘Five… … .’

A relationship that never existed before the return. Lee Se-hoon quickly extracted the relationship before letting go of the contents.

[Extract the relationship from the target ‘Miles Myers’.]

[The relationship with the producer ‘Sehun Lee’ is Lv.1.]

“Then go. Jake, see you next time!”

Boo Woong!

After shaking hands, Miles drove away in the sports car in an instant, and Jake, who looked at him, sighed deeply.

“Sorry. It got me caught up in something annoying.”

“That’s it.”

When I was talking with Arya, I thought it was just an unusual event, but after talking with Miles, I changed my mind a little.

‘The result of Arya’s succession ceremony was a secret even within the family.’

Come to think of it, Miles wouldn’t have been so surprised if he had known about the outcome of Arya’s succession ceremony.

‘It’s a secret that Ga-ju’s younger brother doesn’t know… … I think my feet went a little deeper than this.’

To put it bluntly, it is possible to create a deeper gap, and to put it bluntly, in some cases, the neck may be severed and severed.

‘Myers was relatively neat, but… … You should be careful.’

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Never be vigilant when dealing with any group as an individual. Even before his immediate return, he deeply felt that fact, so he did not cooperate with the Union.

‘To do that… … I’ll have to deal with this guy first.’

Sehun Lee asked calmly, looking at Jake who was making a playful expression.


“Uh, yes. why?”

“Do you know why I hammered the flashblade?”

“that… … .”

Jake hesitated for a moment to answer Lee Se-hun’s question, then sighed and answered.

“Maybe it’s because I can’t properly craft a Flashblade.”

“The reason is?”

“It’s because I’m not good at handling swordsmanship. The sword was broken at the end… … .”

An unsightly appearance that could not even withstand the swordsmanship he had created. When Jake remembered that moment, he was embarrassed.


Sehun Lee shook his head firmly.

“… … Wrong?”

“If you were inexperienced in handling swordsmanship, there would have been problems from the time you took over the swordsmanship of Origin. The real cause is something else.”

“It’s the real cause… … .”

When Jake looked at the content he couldn’t even guess with a puzzled expression, Sehun Lee spoke calmly.

“Power Control.”

“… … power control?”

“okay. When crafting the blade of the Brilliant Sword. It came out in an incomplete state because I unconsciously let go of the power in my hand.”

“Well, it can’t be… … .”

Surely he grabbed the handle with all his might, but unconsciously took it away? It was hard to believe, but I couldn’t deny it completely.

In any case, the dazzling sword was made incompletely, and Sehun Lee noticed it right away and didn’t fix it.

‘If it really is because of me… … .’

Jake looked down at his hand and looked at Sehun Lee as if he had decided something.

“Is there any way to solve this?”

“There are a few.”

It seems difficult to say that it is unconscious, but in the end it is a habit that the body has become accustomed to.

Therefore, if you erase the habit with a ‘simple’ shock and build it up again, you could solve it anyway.

“Let’s see. Maximize the senses by putting them into a state of housework for a week, shutting off the five senses and putting them in a cave, temporarily reversing all their magical powers… … .”

“Come on, wait!”

Jake put on a bewildered expression at the terrifying ways that came out of Sehun Lee’s mouth.

“Are they really all possible?”

“Really. i do… … I haven’t seen it, but I’ve seen the effect.”

Since it was information he had heard directly from the high-ranking heroes he had traded with before the return, one effect was certain regardless of the risk.

‘I tried everything.’

In the first place, they are dangerous enough to cause death if they make a mistake, but if properly adjusted, it will be possible to proceed ‘relatively’ safely.

Seeing the confident Lee Se-hoon, Jake looked at him quietly and asked.

“Where did you see it?”

“… … A video site?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

A sudden awkward silence.

Seeing Jake looking at him with strange eyes, Sehun narrowed his eyes.

‘I’m just going to tell you the know-how that I can’t learn even with money, but I’m hungry… … .’

In the past, I would have beaten him to just do it on his own, but even if it was him, the situation would be a little suspicious, so Sehun Lee decided to show more consideration.

‘I wouldn’t have refused because this guy looks difficult due to his personality… … It must be important to look plausible.’

At that time, I was picking out the countless ways that came to my mind one by one. Suddenly, a memory of the past flashed past Sehun Lee’s ear.

‘If your body isn’t working the way you think it’s fine, it means you’re not using it properly. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you understand everything from head to toe.’

The first class I took when I went under the master. Just thinking about it made Qi shiver, but there was no other suitable way for Jake now.

“Then I will teach you a technique that will be useful in this situation.”

“Isn’t that what you learned through video too?”

“No, mam. And I don’t have to worry about it because it’s a technique I use often.”

“… … okay?”

At Sehun Lee’s explanation, Jake cleared his doubts and looked at him with a curious expression.

It is impossible not to be interested in saying that it is Lee Se-hoon’s main technique, which always creates situations that exceed expectations.

“But it’s never easier than the methods I just mentioned. There will be moments when you wonder if this is right. Can you trust me and learn from me?”

“… … Sure.”

As long as he can properly spread his sword and that blue sword, he can do anything.

“Teach me anything. I will definitely learn.”

Jake responds with a sad expression on his face. Sehun Lee, who was looking at that figure, suddenly saw the past himself overlapping.

‘indeed… … Was it?’

A master who showed a strange smile as he looked at himself who had made up his mind.

At the time, I didn’t know why he was laughing so badly, but now I can understand his feelings.

‘How long will that determination last… … It was the expression I was expecting.’

I think he was a really bad-tempered yangban, but Lee Se-hun decided not to criticize his master too much.


Because he was also looking forward to it.


The Hall of the Martial Arts Department.

Ma Gwang-soo, who had been to the academy president’s office for a long time, blew a bottle of vodka in his hand and poured it out.

“Ugh… … .”

The reverberation of alcohol and magical power in your mouth. Ma Gwang-soo muttered with his eyes twisted as the drunkenness rose little by little.

“Ludwig you bastard… … .”

A swear word that will make you cry in a cold sweat if the rest of Babel hears it. However, Ma Kwang-soo, the party involved, shouted in the hallway as if to listen.

“You can just listen with your friends… … If a rich bastard is narrow inside… … !”

Ma Gwang-soo, who had been struggling for the past few days to make Lee Se-hun a disciple, eventually went to Ludwig, an old friend and co-worker, for help.

It was because it was possible to get a promise of support and try to negotiate with it, or to use the position of the head of the academy to force him to put him under him.

‘That’s how you learn properly. I’ll try to convince you.’

However, contrary to expectations, Ludwig refused with a smile, and as a result, he came back empty-handed with only a lot of disappointment.

‘The guy who advised me to teach the Cheonchung Sword to nonsensical people before… … Now, even if you want to teach, it’s a mess.’

Also, shouldn’t I have said that Lee Se-Hoon learned the Cheonchung Sword in the public eye?

Ma Kwang-soo, who remembered Ludwig’s demure figure, spit out swear words and drank vodka again.

“Ugh… … What the hell are you trying to convince? … .”

He was able to obtain enough materials without having to go through it himself, and he did not seem to be able to attract a person whom the Cheonchung Sword would refuse by saying that he would pass it on to another technique.

I wanted to threaten to give him a failing point, but due to the nature of what I saw in front of me, if I threw it away and left, I wouldn’t bow my head.

‘If it’s of interest to you… … Is it wild?’

Ma Gwang-soo, who remembered his beloved sword ‘Yacheon 夜天’, was seriously troubled.

It is a legendary weapon that is famous all over the world, and a famous sword that many craftsmen hoped to take a look at at least once.

If it was a blacksmith, Gumi had no choice but to pull, but at the same time, I was worried.

‘I don’t know if it’s another guy, but he might steal the vision of the Cheonchunggeom just by looking at the night sky.’

Yacheon is a sword, but at the same time, it is an object that is the secret of the Tenchung sword.

Of course, it’s not something you can easily recognize just by looking at it, but if you’ve learned to steal the Cheonchung Sword, you wouldn’t know it again.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ma Gwang-soo frowned as he recalled his attitude.

“No. Why do I have to do this?”

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No matter how talented you are, is there any reason to beg for you to learn the Cheonchung Sword even if you have to expose the bottom line?

Ma Kwang-soo, realizing that he had gone too low-key, resolutely made up his mind.

‘I can’t learn this skill, but I feel sorry for him, am I sorry?’

How many people in the world begged to teach you the Cheonchung Sword? Ma Kwang-soo raised his lips to see Lee Se-hoon, who seemed not to know the value of it.

‘It seems like he doesn’t know yet how much fortune he has kicked, so that’s probably why such nonsense is coming out. If you teach me a few applied techniques, I want you to teach me… … Damn it.’

If he wants to roll his hair a little, he thinks about how to seduce Lee Se-hoon. Ma Gwang-soo sighed at that pathetic look.

“This guy’s alcohol is the problem… … .”

If I had been sane, I wouldn’t have said such nonsense.

The moment Ma Kwang-soo entered the classroom with a new vodka despite feeling skeptical about alcohol.

“──Give me!”

A faint voice could be heard from the dungeon.

Ma Gwang-soo’s eyes sharpened at the scream of sincerity, and at the same time, his body kicked the door of the dinning hall and went inside.


The door opened wide with a loud roar.

Ma Gwang-soo, who had his hands raised and his posture, quickly looked up at the dungeon where the sound was heard.

“Die for this! I’m going to die!!”

Jake is standing with his upper body stained with blood.

“If you keep doing that, you will die! Draw blood quickly! If you keep doing this, you will break it down and never make it again?!”

Se-hun Lee poses as if he will break the blue cross with a hammer at any moment and threatens him.

Ma Gwang-su stared blankly at the unusual sight.

‘… … I’ll have to cut down on drinking.’

Feeling the fear of alcohol that makes you look empty, you put vodka into your subspace pocket.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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