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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 82

82 episodes

“Humans are like complex machines.”

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Numerous devices such as skin and nerves, muscles and skeleton, internal organs and blood are intricately intertwined to form a single body.

So, what should we do to handle this complex machine well?

Although everyone has a different opinion, Sehun Lee focused on ‘blood’.

“Blood is basically a fuel and more of a lubricant, but now that magic has been created, it can also be used as a separate power source.”

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Normally, the body moves through nerves and muscles, but if you put magical energy in blood, it can stimulate the muscles to move.

Of course, it was not easy to reproduce the complex process with blood, so I had to completely ‘understand’ my own body.

“You can’t just let the blood flow. You have to be fully aware of where it’s going and how it’s moving. It’s like doing it completely consciously of your blinking and breathing.”

It does things that are done unconsciously, consciously.

Sehun Lee, who once again told me the basic method of handling the body, looked at Jake, who was standing in front of him, to be more precise, in a handstand posture.

“Ouch… … 👅… … .”


Standing for several hours, his face was dyed red, and one hand that was on the ground was clenched and dug into the floor of the dinning hall.

Originally, considering Jake’s physical abilities, this posture would have been relaxed even after 10 hours of training, but now the situation is a little different.


A wound so thin that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Blood splattered through the dozens of wounds carved throughout his upper body, and then dripped down.

“Ugh… … !”

Jake, who felt the touch, hurriedly tightened his whole body and tried to stop the blood, but once the blood flowed, he couldn’t control it anymore.

As if a clogged dam had burst, Jake looked at Lee Se-hoon standing in front of him, panicking at the blood that began to flow everywhere.

“It’s gone again. 1 cm shorter.”

The hammer of black flame came close to just 1cm above the dazzling sword lying on the floor.

“Now I have 3 cm left. If you shed it three more times, it will be a crumb that was not a flashing sword at that time, but a flashing sword.”

“Ugh… … !”

“I’ll make it again~ Throw away the soft thoughts like that. If it breaks this time, I won’t make it until next year.”

The moment you make a mistake here, not only will the flashing sword be shattered, but you may not be able to hold the sword again until next year.

‘That’s not allowed… … !’

In a grim future where the hope he had gained after years was taken away overnight, Jake clenched his teeth and recognized the blood pulsing through his body.


The flow of blood that rotates from your fingertips to your toes is drawn in your head, and the magical energy penetrates into your blood vessels and solidifies its shape.


Blood vessels spurted from all over his upper body, and the blood that was dripping came to a stop as if he had shut off a faucet.

Seeing Jake’s ability to control the movement of blood at once, Sehun Lee smiled with satisfaction.

‘It’s also a mutant constitution.’

In order to control blood that much originally, it took several months to understand, and at least a year or more to control.

However, Jake passed this process in just one day, and he had a high level of understanding of his own body, and in some cases it was easier to control blood due to his mutant constitution.

‘Because the fact that magic is naturally permeated into the blood means that it is 90% complete.’

Is the term “prepared talent” used at this time?

When Sehun Lee is satisfied with the way Jake learns quickly.


Jake’s cell phone lying next to him rang out loudly.



At the same time as Lee Se-hoon’s declaration, Jake could not even spread his fall properly and fell to the floor.

Mental and magical powers that were exhausted from controlling blood. The blood vessels all over the body were tingling, and the whole body was aching, and anemia came rushing in, probably because of the excessive blood flow.

“Ugh… … .”

Jake is on the verge of exhaustion. Seeing this, Sehun turned his body upside down and put a potion in his mouth.

Knock Knock Knock Kick

At the same time as the potion flows into the throat, the blood vessels that have stood out all over the upper body sink, and the heart beats like crazy, producing insufficient blood.

Sehun Lee smiled and looked down at Jake, who was quickly recovering from his youth or talent.

“I’m going to bleed a lot right now, so you’ll feel it. Take a good look during your break.”

“That, yes… … .”

“and… … .”

Sehun Lee, who is constantly talking next to Jake, who wants to rest. Ma Gwang-soo, who was watching him from a distance, made a strange expression.

‘Where the hell did he learn that kind of blood magic?’

The technique of manipulating blood.

It sounds like a cruel and evil technique when you hear the name, but in reality it’s completely different.

‘If you want to use other people’s blood, it’s inefficient because the magic power is multiplied, and using your own blood is also structurally dangerous.’

Miscellaneous techniques that were only treated as a technique in the past, but are now treated as folk remedies. That was the universal blood technique, but what Sehun Lee taught Jake was different from him.

‘Through blood, we grasp the body and control the body… … It’s a crazy idea, but if you master it, it’s fine.’

If you can completely control the blood of your body, you can continue the battle even if you get a critical point like the carotid artery, and you can finely strengthen the blood vessels to make it like armor.

A very useful ability in a battle where one minor injury can lead to death.

‘Besides, the training method is also systematic, unlike what seems odd.’

Standing on the hand tree and making the blood flow downward is an easy way to learn a sense of control by correcting the abnormal flow.

The wounds engraved throughout the upper body looked like they were engraved at random, but they made it so that the disheveled blood was drained outside without running out of control.

When Ma Kwang-soo is paying attention to Lee Se-hoon’s unusual blood skills.

“Are you waiting?”

After one training session, Sehun Lee approached.

“Who did you learn that blood art from?”

“Oh, that one? I made it myself.”

“… … What?”

When Ma Kwang-soo asked with a surprised expression at the unexpected answer, Lee Se-hoon answered calmly.

“I made it by editing a cheap non-medical book sold at the market, but it’s better than I thought, so I’ve been practicing all the time.”

To be precise, he had learned what the master had made before his return, but of course he couldn’t explain the situation, so he went around roughly.

It was difficult to find out because it was before he entered Babel, and above all, he was sure that Ma Kwang-soo would understand.

‘Hmm… … It’s not an impossible story, since he’s a learner who steals and learns Cheonchunggeom.’

Well, that’s enough, so he stole his arcane sword method.

Ma Kwang-soo, who had dispelled his doubts about Lee Se-hoon with pride in his skills, looked at Jake who stretched out in the distance.

“But why are you teaching him that?”

“ah. I’m teaching Jake P. because he’s a mutant, so I might be able to help. It’s a subjugation practice soon, isn’t it?”

Since he couldn’t talk about the succession ceremony, Se-Hoon Lee turned around moderately, and Gwang-Soo Ma nodded his head as if it was the same.

“but. That guy would be number one if he could block variables with his catch-all skills. It’s a pretty good choice.”

“… … Does it look better than you think? I thought you were not very good at it because you gave your classes too much.”

According to Jake, Ma Kwang-soo’s class was once a week or not, and all he did was call him and be beaten in the name of Dalian.

Of course, the experience stabilized his posture and sharpened his skills, but he did not create and teach special skills like Tuan like he did.

“Well, you can do it roughly, so I taught you roughly. Does this guy lack physical ability or lack of skill? He has no flaws except for not being able to use a sword.”

“… … I think so.”

“The only thing I lacked is experience, so I beat it up first. If I had only known how to use a sword, I think I would have been able to do S-class… … Well, it can’t be helped.”

Ma Kwang-soo has a clear understanding of Jake, even though he talks bluntly. Seeing that, Sehun Lee made an unexpected expression.

‘Hmm. Ludwig, there was a reason the gentleman made him a professor.’

He complains that he does not want to do it, but once he does it, he fulfills his duty as an educator.

If Ma Kwang-soo had devoted himself to education properly, he might have been the head of the Akalkuf department.

‘If it’s like this… … .’

Se-hun Lee pondered for a while at the new look of Ma Kwang-soo, which he had never seen before returning, and then opened his mouth.

“Professor, there is one thing I would like to ask you.”


“Actually, Jake can wield a sword.”

“… … ?”

Ma Gwang-soo, who had been listening intently, turned around as if it was nonsense, and at that sight, he held out the flashing sword that Se-hoon Lee had been carrying.

“This is the sword I made. Let’s see.”

“This… … .”

Recognizing that it was the object he used to intimidate Jake, Ma Kwang-soo was handed the flashing sword and looked at the information window.

“… … her.”

How can you complete a sword that so many craftsmen have failed so easily? Se-hun Lee continued to explain to Ma Kwang-soo’s ridiculous appearance.

“If you want to use that sword properly, you have to get used to the art of blood… … I think I’ll be a little busy preparing for subjugation training. So could you take a look at Jake’s training for me?”

“… … i get it.”

“Don’t do that… … Yes?”

When Se-hun Lee opened his eyes wide and looked at the answer that was different from what he expected, Ma Kwang-soo answered bluntly.

“I will. What’s wrong?”

“no. No problem… … .”

I thought they would offer strange conditions such as rejection or becoming a disciple, but they accepted it so readily.

Se-hun Lee looked at Ma Kwang-soo, who was so different from what he knew.

‘Did this gentleman have a daytime drink?’

He may be a little senile because he drank a lot before the strange smell of alcohol came on.

Ma Kwang-soo’s eyes frowned slightly at Lee Se-hoon’s suspicious look, but he quickly opened up his expression and answered.

“There are only a few days left. Go quickly.”

“Ah, yes… … But can you not listen to me how to teach?”

In response to Lee Se-hun’s question, Ma Kwang-soo drew the tip of his index finger with the blade of his hand instead of explaining.


Drops of blood that almost fell from the tip of your finger and then seeped back inside. Se-hun Lee was slightly impressed by the appearance of Ma Kwang-soo, who controls blood more neatly than Jake.

“I can do what I watch and learn. Don’t worry, I’ll make you do as much as I do.”

“Yes. Then I wish you all the best.”

When Se-Hoon Lee, with his head nodded, got up from his seat and went down the dinning hall.

“ah. And take this with you.”


A book that flies precisely in the palm of your hand. Sehun Lee, who snatched it, read the name written in front of it.

“The killing method… … ?”

How to fight and kill. When Se-hun Lee looked at the simple and clear title, Ma Kwang-soo pointed to it with a chin.

“It’s a technique I made based on the bizarre sword technique I showed you in the beginning. It’s cumbersome to explain, so if there’s something difficult to see, come see me.”

It seems really annoying, and on the other hand, it seems that he has been considerate to make the use of time a little more comfortable.

Lee Se-hoon looked at him with a strange expression in his gentle attitude, which he thought was Ma Kwang-soo, and then nodded again.

“thank you.”

“If you know how to say thank you… … No, it happened. Just go.”

Lee Se-hoon was puzzled by the way he turned his head, but left the dungeon, and Ma Gwang-su, who glanced behind him, sighed.

“Do I really have to do this… … .”

Do you have to go this far in order to somehow accept a freshman as a disciple?

I let out a sigh, but I changed my mind again as I looked at the blood magic that Sehun Lee showed me and the dazzling sword in my hand.

‘As well as Habaekyeon, I don’t know when someone else will leave. It is better to teach and get rid of it as soon as possible during this time of worry.’

Once it is passed down and the legacy of the Cheonchung Sword is passed on, it is up to him to do the rest. Ma Gwang-soo, who was prepared, looked at Jake.

“Kuruk… … .”

Instead of concentrating, Jake is already asleep. Ma Gwang-soo approached him, picked up the flashing sword lying next to him, and lightly tapped the floor with his feet.

“Oh, I haven’t slept… … professor?”

Jake gets up and looks around with a puzzled expression. Ma Gwang-soo looked at the dazzling sword and said calmly.

“Lee Se-hun entrusted me with education.”

“Yes? what is that… … .”

“Isn’t he supposed to prepare for subjugation training too? I learned the basics to some extent, so they asked me to take a look.”

“ah. That’s it too.”

He’s self-conscious, and he doesn’t want to learn while affecting his preparation for subjugation training.

‘Besides, it was very difficult… … .’

The learning speed is fast, but since it is a subjugation practice, conditioning is also important. That’s when Jake sighed in relief.

“I saw earlier that the training method was very soft.”

“… … Yes?”

“Where the hell are you going?” came up to his throat, but Jake couldn’t utter it.

“When you learn something, you have to increase the intensity when you have momentum. In my opinion, 1.5 times the current amount will be enough.”

A fist pointing at a flashing sword. Ma Gwang-soo, who took the hostage, looked at him with flaming eyes.

“From now on, it rotates in a standing state and controls blood for 30 minutes. 5 lives. If you bleed any more… … Do you know?”

tuk tuk

Ma Gwang-soo, who appears to be pounding the dazzling sword with his fist.

Jake stared blankly at the sight, then slowly closed his eyes.

‘I really hate it… … .’

A drop of clear blood formed from the corners of his eyes and then flowed down.


“Come back faster!!”

“Save me… … Kek!”

A mournful scream from the dungeon. Sehun Lee smiled at the obvious sight.

‘okay. That should be enough.’

I’ve learned fast enough now, but there’s nothing wrong with learning faster.

However, in the position of a classmate, if he taught too harshly, he could be resentful, so Lee Se-hun passed it on to Ma Kwang-soo, who would squeeze it more neatly than he did.

‘If that’s enough, I’ll get the basics off right away.’

Only if you are familiar with the basic skills and blood techniques taught to Jake, you can learn the ‘Spiritual Reinforcement Magic’ that allows you to completely control your own body.

Of course, what Jake will learn is only a few parts from it, but if he learns it well, he will be able to correct his unconsciousness very simply.

‘Leave Jake alone… … Shall I prepare myself?’

There is nothing to prepare for the subjugation practice itself, but there are many things necessary to find the target you are aiming for.

‘Sacred Tree’, the hidden monster and material of the Black Lotus.

His main purpose was to find the gnome that he had never used before returning to and monopolize all the by-products.

‘This time, I use it all up.’

He also makes spears for Seongha Yeom, and if there is anything that attracts him, such as a bow or a staff, he makes them. For a new purpose, Sehun Lee went to the studio with his eyes shining.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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