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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 80

80 episodes


A faint tremor felt in Origin. After confirming that the succession ceremony was over, Miles looked at the golden sword that Jake was holding.

‘Is the retention rate around 90%? Compared to Aria… … No, it’s rude to compare them.’

Arya was the first in the family to maintain 100% of the swordsmanship of her predecessors. As for the talent of swordsmanship, it was right to leave it as an exception because it was actually a talent outside of the standard.

‘Anyway, this should be enough to aim for an S-class.’

A potential that is different from the self that is stagnant in A-class. Embarrassed by his talent, Miles looked at the Brightblade again.

‘And if that’s enough, there’s no need to make a dedicated sword.’

Contrary to worries, Miles was satisfied with the succession ceremony, where everything went smoothly.

“… … Well?”

A young man suddenly climbs up the dungeon.

After confirming that it was the friend who made Jake’s sword, Sehun Lee, Miles made a puzzled expression on his face.

‘Why all of a sudden?’

Did something urgent happen?

Miles, who was staring at him striding towards him, suddenly found an object held in Sehun Lee’s right hand.

‘Oh, hammer… … ?’

When Miles was perplexed by the fact that he couldn’t figure out his purpose. Lee Se-hoon, who climbed up the dagger, narrowed his eyes at the sight of the shining sword.

‘Also… … .’

Origin’s golden swordsmanship that permeated not only the blade but also the inside. On the surface, it may look like a phenomenon that is simply due to the fullness of the sword, but in reality it is a little different.

‘That’s stained with swords.’

A sword is an object that cuts through everything except itself.

Therefore, no matter what you put in or what you cut, you should never get stained with it.

If even slightly different things are mixed in, the sword becomes a completely different sword from the beginning.

‘Even if it is the sword of the ancestors.’

Sehun Lee, who had decided on how to fix it, turned to Jake’s back, and Miles’ eyes fell deeply at the sight.

‘I have no intention of killing… … .’

For whatever reason, if Jake was touched and the control of his sword was loosed, everyone could be injured.

The moment Miles decided to subdue Sehun Lee because it could be dangerous even with a protective device.

[Leave it alone.]

A quiet voice echoing in my ear.

Following the sound, Miles turned to look at Aria, who was watching from under the rosary, with a puzzled expression on her face.

‘Leave this alone… … ?’

If it was anyone else, I would have ignored it, but Arya, who had never said anything nonsense, was hesitant.

While Miles was thinking about it, Sehun Lee, standing right behind Jake, pushed back the hammer of black flame.


He slashed the blade of the dazzling dazzling sword with all his might.


A strong vibration that resounded as if it was going to explode.

Jake, who had been completely focused on accepting the sword, was startled, but reflexively grabbed the handle tightly.


A huge crack spread throughout the sword and the blue light that leaked through the crack.

Jake’s complexion turned pale at the precarious appearance that looked like it would break at any moment, but what actually happened was different.


Magical powers that sparkled like stars all over the blade of the Brilliant Sword were connected through cracks, and the light naturally started to shine brighter.

And the moment when that blue light pushed away all the golden swords that had colored the dazzling sword.


Origin’s sword began to turn blue.

“What… … .”

Origin, who passed on the swordsmanship of its predecessors to everyone.

Miles’ eyes widened as he saw that the sword, which could be said to be a milestone and symbol of the family, was dyed with a blue sword, the color of a distant future.

‘What’s going on… … .’

Miles hardened, not knowing what to do at the sight he had never imagined, and so was Jake, who was holding the flashing sword.

“Hey, this is… … .”

A sense of a different dimension from when he possessed the sword spirit of Origin.

Jake’s arms began to tremble with a feeling of fullness that seemed to burst from filling both hands.

It was because it felt as if the weight of the flashing sword, which was much lighter than a two-handed sword of a similar size, had suddenly increased hundreds of times.

‘for a moment… … .’

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No matter how strong the grip is, withstanding the weight is a different story.

Jake reflexively relaxed his hands before falling over at the weight that weighed on his whole body.


The sword blade of the Brilliant Sword was shattered.

“ah… … .”

Particles of blue light scattered in the air.

Jake noticed what had happened as the weight he had just felt from the gleaming was gone like a lie.

‘I couldn’t stand my sword… … ?’

He couldn’t stand the sword he created himself, who had naturally accepted the swordsmanship of his predecessors, who were said to be close to the perfect scorer.

When Jake looked blankly at the absurd fact, looking at the gleaming sword that had only the hilt left.

“Write… … .”

Sehun Lee, who was standing next to him, made an ambiguous expression.

“weird… … I can’t do this… … .”

Lee Se-hoon mumbles with a mysterious expression. Just when Jake was about to ask what he was talking about.


Miles, who woke up late, approached Sehun Lee and grabbed his shoulder with an empty hand.

“What did you just do with Jake’s sword? Did you create that blue sword? How the hell… … .”

Miles talks excitedly, probably because he hasn’t been able to organize his thoughts yet. Naturally, strength also entered the hand holding the shoulder, but the pressure distorted Lee Se-hoon’s eyes.

‘This gentleman needs to control his strength… … .’

Did you forget that you are an A-class hero and your opponent is a cadet? The moment when Lee Se-hoon was about to move due to the gradually increasing pressure rather than decreasing.


Miles’ hand slid out and Lee Se-hoon’s body was pulled back.

“Are you okay?”

Aria standing in front of her with her hand gently supporting her waist and looking at her. Lee Se-hoon made a trembling expression when he saw Arya standing like a knight who saved her from a crisis.

“Yes. What… … It doesn’t look like it’s broken.”

“okay. I’m glad.”

Arya, who smiled softly, removed her hand and looked at Miles, who still had not understood the situation.

“I hope you calm down a little.”

“What? what is that… … ah.”

Miles, who looked at the hand that was struck and Sehun Lee’s shoulder alternately, understood the situation and put on a bewildered expression.

“Mi, I’m sorry. I’m so excited… … .”

“It could be. I’ll take care of the guests until all my thoughts are sorted out. Jake?”

“Yes, yes!”

Watching the conversation between the two, Jake quickly answered Arya’s call.

Because he knew better than anyone that his sister’s smile now comes from a time when it is quite uncomfortable to plant.

“Come up with me when your uncle calms down.”

Jake, who understood the meaning of Arya’s intention to talk alone with Sehun Lee, quickly nodded.

“Oh, I see.”

There are a lot of things I want to ask about the work I just did, but if I take it out right now without noticing it, my life becomes hard.

At the sight of his younger brother, Aria smiled satisfactorily and looked at Lee Se-hun.

“Then shall we go up and talk?”

Arya wants to clear up the situation at once and lead herself. Lee Se-hun, who found out who is the tallest here, answered with a bitter smile.

“Let’s go.”


Lee Se-hun came out to the courtyard behind the villa and sat down opposite Aria with a round table in between.

“Hmm… … .”

Aria stares intently with one hand on her chin.

Her long hair gleamed with gold in the sunlight, and her darkly sunken eyes gleamed as if she had carved out gold.

An appearance that makes the viewer feel admiration and intimidation.

However, every time Sehun Lee looked at him, the scene before his return seemed to be overlaid.

‘This was also a sword with nothing to see.’

Aria looked down at herself with tired eyes while muttering with a voice tired of boredom. And his blood-stained hands.

The moment when Lee Se-hoon’s eyes frowned slightly at that unpleasant sight.

[The awakening dream has been activated.]


A chilling sensation that sweeps away the clutter in your head.

Seeing that all the memories that had been overlaid before his eyes had disappeared, Sehun Lee sighed inwardly.

‘This is also a disease.’

The work before the regression should be viewed separately as much as possible, but some parts are not easy.

When Sehun Lee is organizing his slightly messy head.

“I thought it was a little vague at the exchange meeting.”

Aria looked at him and smiled softly.

“Do you really hate me?”

“… … .”

I tried to hide my emotions as much as possible, but in front of a sensitive person like Arya, where would it be easier?

Because it was a somewhat expected situation, Sehun Lee brought out the answer he had prepared in advance.

“As a blacksmith, I have something to be proud of.”


“I am a person who treats my sword the same as a branch, how would you like it?”

“… … .”

Aria’s eyes widened slightly at Lee Se-hun’s answer, and then she covered her mouth and burst into a small smile.

“I see. I overlooked that part.”

Arya looked at Lee Se-hoon with a satisfied smile for the reason she had no choice but to admit it.

“Then I will have to work harder. I don’t want to be hated by the person I like.”

“… … That’s it.”

Seeing Arya openly pointing out that she lacks skills, Sehun snorted inside.

‘If you really liked it, a relationship would have been established. Lies are… … .’

Like the first time he saw Jake’s sword and praised him, Arya’s reaction should never be judged solely on the outside.

‘That’s why I didn’t want to show you anything.’

When Lee Se-hoon was thinking about whether what he just showed was a minus.

“The sword I made earlier.”

Arya, who was observing the reaction, smiled softly.

“It was quite interesting.”

Compared to the startled Miles, the reaction was lukewarm. However, Sehun Lee realized that it was real, unlike just before, and put on a surprised expression.

‘That’s about it?’

I just touched it because I saw a part to fix while looking at it, but I’m sure it’ll get this much favorable review as a hero grade weapon.

As Sehun Lee shook his head, Aria continued the story.

“The ‘fragments’ contained in Origin are quite fluid forces. When the other person is empty, they fill in the inside, and on the contrary, when they are full, they try to fill in their own blanks.”

Aria that explains the source of the power that created it, the swordsmanship of its predecessors.

Sehun Lee thought about it for a while and then asked.

“Then the first blade that Jake created had an empty part.”

“right. Of course, the cause is our stupid little brother… … .”

“It must be the skill of a craftsman who can complement that part.”

Aria looked at Aria with interest as Sehun Lee completely intercepted what he was trying to say.

“It’s amazing. Even though we haven’t met a few times, it feels familiar. Do you think this is usually a good match?”

“I guess it’s because I’m used to dealing with people.”

Lee Se-hoon does not agree even with empty words when he says that he has a good match.

It looked like a wild dog that was tied to a leash and roaring, showing its teeth until the end, and Arya grinned involuntarily.

‘It’s really fun.’

How many times have you had these thoughts while talking to someone? Arya, wanting to know more about Lee Se-hoon, brought up a topic that seemed most appropriate.

“Anyway, I want to make a suggestion to you.”

“Are you suggesting?”

“I got a good sword after a long time, but I think Jake will continue to use it stupidly. Can you help me?”

“Hmm… … .”

Sehun Lee, who had been thinking about Aria’s proposal for a while, asked calmly.

“What is the pay?”

“Anything I can do within reasonable limits.”

It was a fairly vague answer, but if Arya spoke like that, it really meant that she would give everything right.

“Then I will.”

Arya was satisfied with Lee Se-hoon’s acceptance without saying a word and smiled.

“I’m not good enough, but I’ll take care of you.”

“Do not worry. Then I’ll just get up.”

“okay. Go in carefully.”

Sehun Lee, who was nodding his head as he walked into the villa, suddenly remembered one thing, turned his back and asked.

“How was your senior at the succession ceremony?”

How did the fragments contained in Origin react to Arya’s talent? There was silence for a moment at the question.

“Great-grandfather’s sword.”

Arya’s reply was filled with boredom.

“It was a little brighter than it is now.”

The swordsmanship of the predecessors had long since been replaced by that of a better swordsman. At the answer that exceeded his expectations, Sehun Lee muttered to himself.

‘It’s unfortunate.’

Also, he and Arya don’t match.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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