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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 79

79 episodes

Since the artificial island where Babel is located is large, various buildings are provided in each area.

Research institutes of companies or guilds that have partnered with resorts or Babel for recreation. And the ‘village’ of influential families was also one of those buildings.

“This is it.”

“Hmm… … .”

Sehun Lee, who came to the beach with Jake in a car, looked at the Myers family villa.

‘Are you more frugal than you think?’

It was a large and luxurious building that could comfortably accommodate 10 people, but compared to other villas I saw on the way, it was less than average in size.

When Sehun Lee followed Jake’s back into the hallway at an unexpected appearance.


A feeling of popularity in the living room. And as if the other party felt it, a man suddenly popped out from the end of the hallway.

Long blonde hair tied in a ponytail. A thin white shirt and crumpled suit pants. The tired-looking man found Jake and his eyes twinkled.


“Sa, uncle?!”

“You bastard!!”

The man crosses the hallway in the blink of an eye and grabs Jake’s armpits and lifts them up.

Because of his height of over 190cm, Jake, who is in his early 170cm, sounded like a child.

“Sah, uncle. friend next to me… … .”

“How is your friend? Isn’t it the first thing to greet the uncle whom I met after half a year?!”


While he smiled cheerfully, shaking Jake like a toy, Sehun Lee, seeing Miles Myers, made a curious expression.

‘The lightsaber must have looked like this… … It’s surprising.’

A-class hero who was called ‘Lightsword 狂劍’ by swinging his sword non-stop until the battle was over when he saw blood on the battlefield.

Unlike his reckless fighting style, he had survived for quite a while, but in his later years he was an excellent swordsman to be recognized as a semi-S-class.

‘The problem was that people who didn’t belong to their own family were ignored… … .’

Because of his eccentric nature, he had a few clashes before returning, but after he started trading with Arya, it had noticeably decreased.

‘If you think about it that way, this time… … .’

When Sehun Lee is silently watching how he will react. After playing with it for a while, Miles lowered Jake and turned his head.

“I had so much fun in front of the guests. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.”

“If we met after half a year, it would be okay. Don’t worry about me, you can enjoy a little more.”

Miles looked at Lee Se-hoon’s calm answer with a curious expression, then smiled and held out his hand.

“Jake made a good friend. This guy’s uncle is Miles Myers. Feel free to call me Mr. Miles.”

“My name is Sehun Lee. I wish you all the best.”

When two people are shaking hands friendly. In the blink of an eye, the messy Jake ruffled his messy hair.

“Besides, what happened to you all of a sudden? You’ve been very busy these days… … .”

“Why are you here? My nephew was finally having a succession ceremony, so I immediately applied and ran.”

“… … So, is your uncle doing it?”

“right. why? Are you disappointed that you are not the younger brother?”

Jake flinched at Miles’ question, then quickly cleared his face and answered.

“Your father is busier than your uncle. I didn’t even expect it.”

“It’s disappointing and bluffing… … Let’s talk about the rest inside. Come along with your friends.”

With Sehun Lee and Jake sitting next to each other on the sofa in the living room, Miles asked as he headed towards the kitchen.

“Are you both going to drink? Everything is there.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m fine too.”

“okay? Then why don’t I just drink?”

Miles grabbed a glass of wine adorned in the cupboard, and sat down on the sofa opposite him, flicking the lid lightly with his thumb.


The cork comes out lightly and Miles starts drinking naturally from the bottle.

Lee Se-hoon made a strange expression on his natural appearance as if anyone could see him drinking water.

‘Have you been an alcoholic since then?’

I knew that he was a person who used to drink alcohol instead of water as much as Ma Kwang-soo, but he must have been like this at this time as well.

When Se-Hoon Lee feels once again how strong the livers of high-ranking heroes are. Jake, who was sitting next to him, closed his eyes tightly in embarrassment and said.

“uncle… … Can’t you eat that later?”

“Whew… … No no. If you don’t drink these days, your head will never go back.”

Miles, who drank half of the liquor at once, looked at Jake with a smirk.

“So the sword you got this time?”

“ha… … Here you go.”

Jake sighed and pulled a flashblade out of his subspace pocket, and Miles handed it to an empty hand.

“It looks pretty odd. Let’s see… … .”

As he glanced at the flashlight with one hand, doubts appeared on Miles’ face, and then his movements stopped.

“… … .”

Miles put Yangju on the other side of the table and started examining the flashing sword with a serious face.

After a while, I looked at Sehun Lee, who was sitting next to Jake.

“I heard from Arya that it was the sword you made. Really?”

“Yes. I made it.”

“Did you even use Jake Pyrone to make this?”

Miles was able to figure out the ingredients in the sword just by looking at it for a moment. Lee Se-hoon nodded his head brightly at the appearance that he was quite knowledgeable about the weapon.

“you’re right. I think using Jake’s blood will prevent the weapon from breaking.”

“That’s right. I certainly hadn’t thought of this… … No, it’s a method I wouldn’t have even tried if I had done it.”

The idea is possible, but there are too many things needed to make it happen. But to finish it after meeting Jake not long ago.

‘I heard that aria was interesting, so I asked what kind of special it was… … He was a crazy guy.’

Miles looked at the flashlight in his hand again and asked, placing it on the table.

“There is no problem in using it for succession ceremonies… … You know this was a very risky way, right?

“I know if it has anything to do with biological weapons. Arya-senpai also took notice.”

Miles nodded in response to Sehun Lee’s answer.

“okay. It’s fine enough, but it’s better not to use it anyway. It’s an area that is especially wary of because of that puppeteer.”

A puppeteer who uses the corpse of a hero as a material and even creates a tool that can reproduce the abilities of a lifetime.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the field of biological weapons, which was allowed to some extent in the early days, was strictly managed because of one maniac, the puppeteer.

“I can’t help but have already made it… … If you don’t want to be supported by the demons, don’t even tell me about the process of making the Bright Sword.”

Horses are patrons, but they may be used as tools to create weapons after kidnapping them and putting all kinds of gold on them.

Sehun Lee nodded at Miles’ sincere advice.

“I will keep that in mind.”

“great. Then let’s get up soon.”

After pouring out the remaining liquor at once, Miles got up from his seat and looked at the two of them and shook his head.


As I went down the stairs leading to the basement with Miles, the ceiling lights came on and a neatly decorated training ground appeared.

The interior is even equipped with the latest training equipment and protective equipment. Among them, Miles, who went straight up to the dungeon, beckoned to Lee Se-hoon.

“Let’s stay away from friends, just in case you don’t know. It has protection, but it’s not as strong as being in a barbell.”

“All right.”

“Jake, you come up with a sword.”

“… … Yes.”

As Jake climbed up the dungeon with a flashing sword, Miles, standing opposite him, tapped the subspace pocket on his waist.


A golden sword that is lightly pulled out from the waist.

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No matter how long he hadn’t trimmed it, the teeth of the blade all came out and were sharp like a saw, but apart from the shriveled appearance, the energy flowing out of the sword was unusual.


A golden energy that drips down like blood flowing and pierces the floor of the dungeon. Lee Se-hoon’s eyes narrowed at the bizarre phenomenon.

‘Rather than magic… … Is it a sword?’

The dark energy accumulated in the sword appeared to flow outward, but it is worth noting that Miles is not using his magic at all.

‘That means it’s a sword that someone else has blown in advance… … Who the hell are you?’

When Sehun Lee is looking with interest in a strange weapon he has never seen before returning.

“It’s a sword that has been passed down from my great-grandfather.”

Arya, who appeared next to him without a trace, calmly explained.

“It is something that can be said to be the direction of our family.”

“… … I would like you to give me some popularity.”

When Lee Se-hoon, who had almost attacked him reflexively, caught his breath, Aria smiled as if it was fun.

“You reacted right away, but you sound weak. Is it your stomach?”

He does not miss even the murderous intent that subsided as soon as he heard the voice.

At the still superhuman sense of Arya, Sehun Lee calmly answered, sticking out his tongue inwardly.

“Then if you attack, it won’t be a big deal.”

“you do not need to focus on this. If you have a habit of hesitating because of me, I’m sorry.”

Aria tells her to just attack because she can easily receive her own attack level. Lee Se-hoon looked at the absurd answer with a puzzled expression.

“Can’t you just come and show yourself properly?”

“It can’t be. I might have a bad habit.”

“… … .”

Lee Se-hoon sighed and changed the topic at the sight of Arya, who was still unable to speak before and now.

“So, how is the succession ceremony going?”

“Simple. Jake should be able to take over the sword energy that flows out after he puts his sword against that sword, ‘Origin’.”

“Are you going to take over the sword?”

Aria nodded when Lee Se-hoon made a puzzled expression in a very strange way.

“It means to feel the swordsmanship of your great-grandfather, who was close to the perfect man, and to devote himself to it. It is also a process to check how well you have mastered the family’s swordsmanship.”

At Arya’s explanation, Sehun Lee looked back at the Origin in Miles’ hand.

‘Take over the sword… … The method itself is fine.’

The Myers family may have changed their swordsmanship from generation to generation, but their origins will still be preserved.

And if you can directly feel the swordsmanship of a hero who has risen to a higher level by sharing the same source, geniuses like Jake will be able to realize many things.

“Originally, referring to the results of the succession ceremony, I made a special sword that fits the body perfectly, but for Jake, the order is reversed.”

At Arya’s story, Sehun Lee looked at Jake.

‘It’s a special sword… … .’

Can it be said that the Brilliant Sword fits Jake’s body ‘perfectly’?

While Sehun Lee watched, the succession ceremony began in earnest even on the dagger.

“ruler. Then take it out once in a while.”


Hearing Miles’ story, Jake immediately energized the flashblade and clutched the handle.


A bluish blade made by compressing the flowed crystal water. Miles gave an interesting expression to the mysterious form that seemed to contain starlight.

‘Words are swords, but in fact, they are no different than swords.’

The magical powers that were compressed and shining inside the blade. The cutting power was lowered because the ejection was not done properly, but the strength was strong enough to withstand even a colliding with the sword.

‘I thought I was rated as a hero because of my speciality… … It’s very well made.’

Miles, who once again revised his assessment of the Lightsaber, held out the Origin in his hand.

“You know how?”


“Don’t be nervous, take it naturally.”

Jake nodded at Miles’s story and slowly brought the gleaming blade’s blade to Origin.


The golden sword energy that flowed down naturally moved to the blade of the shining sword and took its place on the blade.

‘this… … sword… … .’

A sense of fidelity that fills the inside of the sword and the confidence that it can cut through anything.

Jake, who felt the swordsmanship of his predecessors, pursued it as if possessed, and Miles gazed at it happily from the other side.

‘How can a guy who’s never wielded a sword properly maintain it like this… … .’

After all, is it that talent doesn’t lie? Seeing his nephew seeing the light of day, Miles continued to hand over Origin’s swordsmanship, hoping to realize even a little more.

When the two people on the dagger are concentrating on the succession ceremony.


Aria looked at him and smiled softly.

“Not bad. It was made better than I thought.”

“… … Is that so?”

“Sure. Jake, who hasn’t been able to properly train swordsmanship, is receiving swordsmanship as stably as I did. It’s a great sword.”

Aria, who spoke with a bright smile, looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“He’s also the head of the department.”

Acknowledgment of Arya Myers, who is praised as the strongest among all cadets. It was a compliment that anyone could not help but shrug their shoulders, but Lee Se-hun felt something uneasy.

‘Something to say… … .’

Contrary to its bright appearance, it feels empty inside. Sehun Lee looked at the flashing sword in Jake’s hand again.

A blue-colored swordsman who naturally accepts and maintains the golden sword. And the borderline between the two colors was very slightly blurred, and Sehun Lee caught his eye.

“Next time… … .”


After cutting off Arya’s words, he headed for the dungeon.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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