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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 78

78 episodes

Barmut, who was defeated for the first time in the armament industry, and a new small and medium-sized workshop association.

And the pilgrims who declared themselves to be their patrons.

The entire hero industry was in turmoil at the emergence of a new group with extraordinary potential.

However, Babel, a step away from him, was busy with other things, because of the ‘subjugation practice’ that was less than a week away.

“Did you hear where we are going this time?”

“They say they go to the black lotus sea. I really hate it.”

“Make sure you have a detection tool or something. Among my former seniors, I am not the only one who lost their way and ruined their practice.”

When it was revealed that the designated place for this training site was the Black Lotus Flood, freshmen from Akalkuf and Ur, who had to participate, sighed deeply.

The most difficult danger zone among the candidates.

As the difficulty level is difficult, it meant that even a small amount of activity could score points, but conversely, even a small mistake could ruin the practice.

“What are you going to do with this practice?”

“I was going to go to a place that was easy, but I wanted to fall in love with it. If I get hurt and ruin another exam, I will go to the ward right away.”

“but. I just have to get out.”

On the other hand, the freshmen of Borsippa, who participated by their own choice, comfortably declared their absence when a difficult place appeared.

For those who are technical workers, subjugation training is an additional part. Because there was no reason to go as far as taking risks.

When the cadets are busy studying, preparing their own practice and assignments.

“more! Squeeze the blood!”


Sehun Lee was squeezing blood from Jake’s index finger.

Push Wook!

The spilled blood falls into the manastone liquid in the basin and is quickly sucked into the submerged core of the water golem.


The water golem’s core shines more dark red than before.

Seeing the magic liquid in the basin fluttering in accordance with the light, Se-hun Lee looked at Jake, whose face turned white.

“little bit more! You really just need to pick a little more!”

“I’ve said that word 10 times already… … Whoa!”

Ignoring Jake’s useless words, he squeezed blood again, and after a while, the water golem’s core suddenly stopped moving.

And the moment when an unusual tremor began to occur.


All the magic liquid contained in the basin was sucked into the core of the water golem.

The water golem’s core returns to its original blue color from dark red by absorbing the manastone liquid.

At the change, Sehun Lee shouted at Jake, who was squirming.

“Now! pour!”

Two people open the lid of the plastic canister prepared next to the basin and pour it into the basin.

It is estimated that 10 million won per bottle is a magic stone liquid.

It was not a small amount, but Lee Se-hoon and Jake poured a whopping seven barrels of it non-stop.

And the moment when the water golem’s core, which was constantly sucking the manastone, returned to its original blue color.


Its shape began to change with a clear metallic sound.

close up

A blue crystal that springs out from the inside in all directions.

Jake looked at the core of the water golem, which had changed from a fist-sized ball to a cross-shaped crystal mass, with a curious expression.

“What happened?”

“After maturation, the core of the water golem has been completely mutated. Because the main ingredient was your blood, it turned into the one and only ore in this world.”

“There is only one… … .”

When Jake looks at the new ore as if possessed. Sehun Lee carefully took it out of the basin and looked at the crystal mass.

‘There is no magic leaking out… … The circuit inside is also normal. It worked just as designed.’

There were quite a lot of variables in this weapon because we had to prepare only the frame and make the material change naturally.

In particular, Jake’s blood, which was used as the main ingredient, was the most problematic, but fortunately, the mutation was completed without any problems.

“I’ll clean it up, so stay away.”


Jake stepped back and Sehun Lee took out the white dagger that Leah had enchanted from the subspace pocket.

woo woo

A pure white anticipation on the day of the dagger. In addition, Sehun Lee added his own white light to sharpen the blade even more.


Each time the blade passes, the hard crystal pieces are gently cut away. Jake, who looked at him from the side, made a curious expression.

‘That skill… … I think I’ve gotten stronger than before.’

It was stable without shaking, and above all, I felt the ‘density’ that seemed to be full inside.

‘If I had only imitated swordsmanship before… … Do you really feel that you are getting closer this time?’

When Jake is looking at the unexpected change with serious eyes. Lee Se-hun also made a puzzled look at the anticipation of the Baek Kwang dagger.

‘Why is this so good?’

Even though he wasn’t as focused as before, Baek Kwang-ryu’s anticipation was sharpened. Sehun Lee, feeling suspicious, looked at the magic that moved in his body, and immediately recognized the cause.

‘… … Cheonchungsword?’

The arcane swordsmanship that Ma Gwang-soo learned through the snow.

The method of operation of the Cheonchung Sword is laying the groundwork for natural mixing when using white light.

‘Hmm… … Come to think of it, there are some similarities between the two.’

Baek Gwang-ryu was a technique that mimicked the prowess of the sword he had created, and Cheon-chung-gum was a technique that forged the magic of his body into a sword.

Similarly, a technique centered on an object called ‘sword’. Lee Se-hun, realizing that commonality, made an interesting expression.

‘If I do well, I can weave it.’

Intrigued, Sehun Lee linked the two skills he was using unconsciously more closely.


The pure white sword stretched out thinner and sharper, and the hand that cut the crystal became faster.

The sense of resistance I had felt a little bit has now completely disappeared, but the moment I twisted it down, it felt like it would cut off the finger I was holding along with a lump of crystal.

‘great. It’s just this feeling.’

But instead of being afraid, Sehun Lee spurred to sharpen his anticipation as if he had acquired a good tool, and the sword for Jake began to appear little by little.


A 40cm long handle and a 30cm long guard. In the place where the sword was supposed to be, there was a skeleton about 15 cm tall, which looked more like a cross made of blue crystal than a sword.

“… … .”

A slightly unique shape to be called a sword. But rather than being disappointed, Jake felt his heart swell.

It looked a little strange on the outside, but as it got closer to completion, I felt familiarity and longing as if I had found something I had lost.

‘That’s my sword.’

I haven’t touched it yet, but I can be sure.

So Jake watched the last cut, feeling dizzy from his pounding chest and anemia.


A brilliant light emanated from the blue cross.

[The weapon ‘Sword of Shining Light’ is complete!]

[A sword made by an excellent blacksmith for only one swordsman! The ability and creativity to create even new ore for the perfect sword deserves applause.]

[As a result of the judgment, the grade of ‘Brilliant Sword’ is ‘Hero’]

[The skill ‘White Light (C)’ is absorbed by the skill ‘Chungchung Sword (S)’.]

“… … uh?”

Lee Se-hoon, who looked at the notification window that appeared one after another, made a surprised expression. Is the white light flow absorbed by the Cheonchunggum?

In a situation he had never experienced before returning, Sehun Lee immediately checked the information of Cheonchunggeom again.

[Cheonchung Sword 淺充劍] 『S』

A swordsmanship that creates magical powers processed within the body into a sword.

All the power of the whole body is used to form the sword, and it is sharper and more powerful than the general sword.

If a finished sword exists in the body, it can be formed more quickly and efficiently.

Further effects have not yet been acquired.

*The nature of the sword varies depending on the magic power used.

*Every time you use Sword Ki, your body’s fatigue accumulates.

*Currently completed sword: [White light]

‘It’s just that you’re the best with the technology for making swords.’

A phenomenon that occurred because Cheonchunggeom was perfectly compatible with Baek Kwang-ryu. When Sehun Lee is looking at the structure with interest.


Jake, who was waiting next to him, coughed heavily.

“When it’s all over, can I take a look? I feel like my heart is going to burst.”

He was so excited that his face, which had just been dyed pale, was filled with vitality. Seeing the excitement, Lee Se-hun smiled and held out his dazzling sword.


“Oh, thank you.”

Jake, who was carefully handed the flashing sword in case it broke, looked at the information window with a nervous expression.

[Brilliant Sword]

[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Severe]

A sword made by processing a special crystal.

‘Crystal Water’ can be created by consuming magic power, and it can be crafted into a sword by applying pressure to the handle.

You can strengthen the sword by absorbing the magic and moisture from the atmosphere, but depending on its size, additional magic and mental power are consumed.

* Consumes magical power to create ‘Crystal Water’.

* You can strengthen the sword by absorbing the magic and moisture in the air. However, as the strength increases, the consumption of mana and mental power increases.

*You can use the skill ‘Cheongwiseong 靑輝星’.

“… … .”

After reading the information window of the flashlight, Jake widened his eyes.

Using the core of a water golem, which is originally a rare grade, to make it into a hero grade heavy item weapon.

Of course, the amount of mana stone used in the aging process was not great, but even considering that, it was a tremendous achievement to produce a result that was one grade higher than the material.

‘If the first semester isn’t over yet, but if it’s known that you made a hero-grade weapon by yourself… … .’

Wouldn’t it be impossible to give wings to Lee Se-hoon’s rising reputation day by day after the exchange meeting?

Resolving to keep it as secret as possible rather than increasing the number of competitors, Jake carefully grabbed the handle of the Brightblade with both hands.


A flashing sword that vibrated faintly as it was held in Jake’s hand.

The two hands and the handle were attached to each other as if they were one body, and the magic of the body naturally permeated inside.

“Wow… … .”

Unwittingly, Jake let out an exclamation at the touch he felt with his fingertips.

It was because it was the first time I had felt this kind of sensation even though I had held hundreds or thousands of swords while in my hometown.

‘It really feels like my body.’

It is said that weapons made by outstanding craftsmen feel like their own body without taking any time, but that’s just how it feels.

Feeling his heart beating like crazy, Jake looked at Sehun with trembling eyes.

“Hey, what do I do now?”

“For now, hold on tight. Because that’s the most important thing.”

“Oh, yes.”

Jake nodded and looked down at the flashing sword again.

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No matter how well-made a sword is, if you can’t hold it properly, it won’t change anything in the end.

I was afraid that it would break the moment I applied any force, but Jake made up his mind.

‘Let’s believe it.’

Sehun Lee’s skills. huge material cost. And even your own blood!

Determined to believe it all, Jake’s eyes lit up and he clenched his fists with all his might.


The air remaining in both hands is pushed out like an explosion, the surrounding magical power is twisted, and the landscape is distorted for a moment.

Jake slowly opened his eyes, which he had closed reflexively, at the first power he showed after fighting Lee Se-hoon.

“Oh oh… … .”

The handle is in good condition with no cracks, far from being broken.

Unbelievable to see, Jake felt his emotions rushing up without him knowing.

‘finally… … .’

When other brothers and cousins in the family have been practicing swords since they were 7 years old. Only himself could not wield a wooden sword properly.

A sense of alienation felt within a family known as a master swordsman. Jake muttered tears in his eyes at the fact that he was finally one step away from there.

“Thank you. really… … .”

A heartfelt thank you. Seeing that, Sehun smiled and pointed his chin towards the empty sword.

“After seeing all the thanks, do it.”

“Ahh. so be it.”

As Jake smiled and injected his magical energy into the flashing sword, crystal water with a blue luster gushed out above the guard.

Texture like looking at molten glass. There, as Jake gripped the handle as hard as he could, the crystal water trembled and compressed.


A blade that is forged sharper as its volume decreases. Then, a blue light filled the inside, and a perfect dazzling sword appeared in front of the two of them.

“Wow… … .”

A sword as transparent as glass and blue magic that sparkles like a star inside. It felt more like looking at a work of art than a sword, and Jake couldn’t help but marvel at it.

‘If this… … .’

The succession ceremony of the family seems to be able to pass with the best score ever. Jake felt his heart pounding and looked straight at Lee Se-hoon.

“Can I say thank you now?”

“Well, that’s enough.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll give you the pay so you won’t be disappointed, no, as much as you think it’s too much.”

Seeing Jake talking with his eyes shining, Sehun Lee raised the corner of his mouth slightly.

“It must be a little difficult to hear that I am exaggerating.”

It’s not like anyone else and I’ll have to give it as much as Ludwig’s head, but can I get that much out of Jake’s pocket?

Jake, not knowing who he was comparing himself to, snorted and spoke confidently.

“don’t worry. No matter where I’ve been, there’s never been a shortage of money… … .”

woo woo

Vibration from your pocket. Jake, who quickly pulled out his cell phone, looked at the caller and gave a tense expression on his face.

“Call me for a second… … yes, sir. I got a call. Yes… … Anyway, I just wanted to call you… … .”

Jake disarms and inserts the flashlight, and politely answers the call with both hands. Sehun Lee made an absurd expression on his face as if someone was making a video call.

‘How I wish I could catch a child like a dog… … .’

When Sehun Lee is looking at Jake’s back with a sad expression.

“Yes? No, you don’t have to… … no… … Yep… … All right… … .”

After hanging up on the phone, Jake turned his head and opened his mouth with a quick glance.

“that… … There is one thing I want to ask you.”

Jake desperately stresses that it is not his will. Seeing that pitiful look, Sehun Lee asked with a smirk.


“Can you come with me to our family villa?”


In response to Sehun Lee’s question, Jake nodded his head.

“Your sister wants to invite you to the succession ceremony as well.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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