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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 75

75 episodes

Lee Se-hun came out of the main building of the School of Martial Arts and looked at the building with a curious expression.

‘Suddenly you’re a handmade student… … I was surprised.’

Who is Ma Kwang-soo? He was such a picky yangban that he could hear that he had higher eyes than Wan-deung-ja.

But what if he said he would make him his first disciple? If it had been before the return, he would have thought that Ma Gwang-soo was senile and was talking nonsense.

‘I immediately refused… … Actually, it’s not bad.’

Even the esoteric sword Cheonchunggeom was powerful enough to be comparable to the skills of those who had succeeded, and above all, the background was good.

An unofficial group ‘The Executioner’ who decided to devote their whole life to catching and killing demons.

It was because the founder was Ma Kwang-soo.

‘I used it a few times before the return.’

From high-ranking heroes that everyone knows to ordinary citizens who can be seen everywhere. It was nice to be able to get help from abroad thanks to the bailiffs hiding all over the world.

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Nevertheless, the reason why Lee Se-hoon immediately rejected Ma Kwang-soo’s proposal was not really a big deal.

‘If you serve another master, don’t you think I’m an ugly guy? If you don’t want to follow me, don’t go in as a disciple without my permission.’

The warning I heard from my master before returning.

It’s already gone and I didn’t need to keep it until now, but I didn’t want to break it because it was a promise I made myself.

‘Sabura… … Come to think of it, I’m sure he’s still alive now.’

As he is a genius who created a formidable skill called Young Yeon Shin magic, I plan to visit it someday, but unfortunately it has been difficult for now.

At this time, the master was being pursued by various groups, so he was wandering around, changing his identity every time.

‘What. There’s no rush.’

Even if no one else knows, a master will not scream to death no matter what kind of butterfly effect he causes.

With such confidence, Sehun Lee put his thoughts on the master aside and checked the skills he had just acquired.

[Tuan 偸眼] 『A』

A method of observing the magical powers of living creatures.

The color changes depending on the target’s magical properties, and when activated for a long time, vision loss and hallucinations occur.

*You can observe the magical powers of creatures.

*The higher the gap with the observing partner, the greater the strain on the eyeballs and the consumption of magic power.

[Cheonchung Sword 淺充劍] 『S』

A swordsmanship that creates magical powers processed within the body into a sword.

All the power of the whole body is used to form the sword, and it is sharper and more powerful than the general sword.

It has not yet acquired the effect beyond that.

*The nature of the sword varies depending on the magic power used.

*Every time you use Sword Ki, your body’s fatigue accumulates.

‘Both are fine.’

Tuan was easy to spot by observing the enemy, and it seemed appropriate to use it to analyze an opponent who would make a weapon.

However, the Cheonchung Sword was not properly acquired and had an element of anxiety to use in practice, but as it was judged to be an S-class, the power can be expected to some extent.

‘I got just the right thing right before the practice.’

If this is enough, even if you go to subjugation practice, you will get points without any major problems and you will be able to easily obtain the materials hidden there.

That time when Lee Se-hoon was satisfied with the situation that was resolved smoothly.


A voice echoed clearly from afar. Sehun Lee looked at the place where the sound was heard at the sound as if it were being hit in his ear.

Sehun Lee made a puzzled expression at the appearance of Louise, a silver-haired girl running with an arrow made of magical power floating in the air with a grim expression.

“What… … .”

“Come on.”

Before she could say anything, Louise grabbed her wrist and quickly dragged her away.

Sehun Lee was puzzled by the urgent appearance, but was quietly dragged into the back alley near the bus stop.

“What happened to drag you to such a gloomy place?”

In response to Sehun Lee’s question, Louise released her hand and looked at him with sharp eyes.

“The rumor that he had a fight with Vier. Really?”

“I didn’t walk. I gave him advice and he lost his eyes.”

“You… … ha.”

Louise sighed deeply as if in pain, and looked at Lee Se-hun with a complicated expression.

A face that seems angry, but also grateful at the same time. Sehun Lee put on a puzzled expression on his unfamiliar appearance.

‘Why is the kid doing this all of a sudden?’

Was there any reason for Louise’s strange reaction to fighting Vier?

After thinking for a moment, Sehun Lee remembered the scar behind Louise’s neck and the choker he had made.

“no way… … Did you think I fought Bier because of you?”

“What? that is… … uh?”

Sehun Lee, who is absurd, and Louise, who is embarrassed by the reaction.

There was an awkward atmosphere between the two of them, and Louise’s eyes, who understood the whole situation, started shaking like crazy.

“no. no no no no I’m crazy?? It’s just that I’m afraid that they’ll just buy it and drag me into it. What nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden? I’m not sure I have… … .”


“okay! Otherwise, why am I looking for you?”

Sehun Lee looked at the arrow floating next to Louise, who was screaming and desperately denying.

“Did you track my location with this magic spell?”

“… … What is that?”

“I told you before. It is said that the clearer the user’s image, the stronger the effect of the spell magic.”

Sehun Lee, who looked at the arrow pointing exactly at him, and the location tracking magic, smiled.

“It’s not easy to succeed in a delicate technique like location tracking magic with word magic… … .”

“… … .”

“For a while, I was worried… … .”


Louise, who covered Lee Se-hoon’s mouth, looked at him with a red face in shame.

“Shut up.”

To put it another way, it looks like he’s going to shred the Spirit Magic right away.

Sehun Lee nodded his head to stop making fun of him, and Louise took off his hand and changed the topic.

“So what are you going to do next?”


“The Barmuts are going to make a refurbishment, so you don’t have to prepare. Do you want a hole in your throat like me?”

Sehun Lee pondered for a moment as he saw Louise talking while tapping the choker before answering.

“Can’t we prepare more?”

“… … Can’t you do it?”

“I think I will have a strong ally.”

If Barmut had been attacked with blueprints alone, production would have been disrupted before it could even be properly hit, and it would have been a failure.

‘But the story would be different if Ha Baek-yeon contacted me.’

Ha Baek-yeon, a dog breeder.

One of the top finishers and the strongest archer in mankind. You can’t escape from that arrow at the moment you ‘seen’ it even once, anywhere in the world.

Having brought such a monster into this event, there is nothing even Barmut can do.

‘Even if there is, there is no way to bring it out just for this kind of thing.’

All preparations have been made, so all he has to do is watch. At Lee Se-hoon’s relaxed answer, Louise looked at him with a curious expression.

“Where do you get that from?”

“It’s not coming, it’s coming. Aren’t I great?”

“… … .”

How could I have worried about this guy? Louise sighed inwardly and spoke with a lighter heart.

“Call me right away if you need help. If it is to destroy Vier’s child, I will unconditionally help.”

A magical power that swells at the same time as you burn your will. At the sight of Louise becoming stronger against the enemy, Sehun Lee nodded.

“I’ll call you if necessary, so I’m training hard so I don’t get caught up in my ankles.”

“Even if you say it, Mr. … Goes.”

Louise, who stared at him once, grumbled and stepped outside, and Sehun Lee, who was looking behind him, spoke calmly.

“Thank you for your concern.”

“… … .”

Louise, who was walking outside, stopped for a moment, and then a blunt sound was heard again.

“I wasn’t worried.”

Louise disappeared out of the alley as if running away. Lee Se-hoon smiled slightly at the sight of not knowing what to do because he was shy.

‘I have a taste for teasing than before the regression. I know how to be grateful.’

In some aspects, it reminds me of the gangster I saw before the return, but in others it shows a completely different image.

When Se-Hoon Lee is amazed at the appearance of Louise that has changed a lot since meeting with him.


A brief beeping vibration from your pocket. After confirming that the message had arrived on his mobile phone, Sehun Lee looked at the contents immediately.

[If I will pay the remaining amount, I will take care of Bier Barmut.] – Seongha Yeom

After reading Seongha Yeom’s message, Sehun Lee looked at him quietly and muttered while stroking his eyes.

“This guy hasn’t changed… … .”

* * *

A week after the exchange meeting.

The conflict between Sehun Lee and Bier in Babel spread to the point where few people knew about it, and the story became a hot topic not only among cadets but also among professors.

“Lee Se-hun, what do you think will happen?”

“What happened? I’ll go into either Inoue or Myers. What else can you do besides that?”

“but. The weight class of Barmut is too big to cover up by Dean Ryu alone.”

Individuals have rebelled against groups several times in the past, but the end result is always the same.

Either he fights alone until the end, and either meets a mysterious death, or entrusts it to another group to avoid anger.

“If you have to forget, one person came out. Didn’t one guy in Akalkuf do something like that before, but he didn’t graduate for years because it was filmed properly?”

“There are people who have to suffer.”

Defeat was already a fact, and people’s attention was focused on which group Lee Se-hoon would entrust.

This is because Lee Se-hoon’s talent and ability, which he showed in the process of colliding with Vier, was overwhelming enough to blow away all suspicions in the past.

‘Whether it is Inoue or Myers, the place that recruits Se-Hoon Lee will exert a tremendous influence on the hero industry in the future.’

‘You have to get in line quickly either way.’

An existence that may be able to break the game of the hero industry, which has kept a tight balance in the meantime.

When everyone’s attention is focused on that move. An unusual rumor began to spread.

“Have you ever heard of the Carlton Workshop?”

“It’s a sword workshop that almost went bankrupt after being pushed back by Barmut. Why are you there?”

“The new D-class mass-produced sword they are making there is no joke. The quickest news is that they are already negotiating a contract.”

“okay? But Barmut must be holding it tight… … Did you make a better sword than that?”

Barmut, who holds the low-grade mass-produced arms industry firmly.

It means that small and medium-sized workshops have suddenly begun to challenge the market, which is growing in size as the years go by.

However, people’s reaction to the news was not very good, because Barmut’s technical skills were very good, and the workshops mentioned were too deteriorated.

“You must be hyping before the launch of a new product. Does it make sense that they made such a thing in a workshop on the verge of destruction?”

“You’re tricking yourself into thinking that something you’ve made by hand can be mass-produced. I think I’ve been through something like that once or twice.”

Without proper evidence, everyone is just suspicious. At that time, a video was uploaded to a famous video site used around the world.

[D-class mass-produced long sword comparison mukbang (real eating)] – [Ryu Eun-ha]

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It’s a strange title that I wrote down as a mukbang while comparing armaments.

read at https://noblemtl.com

Normally, it would have been ignored as a feat to increase the number of views, but those who saw the name of the channel looked surprised.

“Ryu Eun-ha? That Ryu Eun-ha, an S-class hero… … ?”

“Is it synthetic? No, it would have been deleted right away… … .”

Ryu Eun-ha, who rarely does interviews or broadcasts because she is not interested in outside activities, suddenly uploads a video on the Internet?

In a composition that looks fake but hard to ignore, people had to press the video to get to the main hall, and Ryu Eun-ha, a woman with red hair, appeared on the screen.

[hello. My name is Eunha Ryu, who is the head of the Borsippa department at Babel and is an S-class hero.]

As usual, Ryu Eun-ha, who spoke with a dull expression, looked down at the dozens of weapons in front of her.

[Today, let’s compare Barmut’s long sword, which is the most sold among D-class mass-produced weapons, and the newly released long sword.]

After a brief explanation, Eunha Ryu went off the screen and took two long swords and placed them on the desk.

As a mass-produced weapon, it has a monotonous form without decoration. However, one of them caught my eye, and the blade was shining brighter than the other.

[This is Barmut’s long sword. And the longer sword with a brighter blade is the new long sword made by the Carlton Workshop. I’m done with the explanation, so let’s eat it right away.]

Ryu Eun-ha, who held out one handle at a time and explained, immediately chewed and ate Barmut’s long sword, beginning with the tip of the sword.

quack quack quack

A long sword vanished into Ryu Eun-ha’s mouth in the blink of an eye, and the tip of her hair fluttered like a burning flame.

[The charging rate is about 1% based on the first stage. It’s pretty decent for a mass-produced weapon. The cutting force is a little low because it is focused on durability, but instead of the magic conductivity, it is… … .]

Ryu Eun-ha, who ate all the long swords, talked about the performance of the weapon with an unchanging expression, and was as accurate as the existing experts, and even sharper in some parts.

[If the magic circuit has this structure, the more special the horsepower, the less compatibility and vulnerabilities arise. The most extreme is probably divine power.]

Ryu Eun-ha, who brought a new sack, took a bead of divine power and poured it into the inside of the longsword.


A long sword with a soft golden color. Ryu Eun-ha, who looked closely at the blade on the camera, immediately tapped one part with the tip of her finger.


A long sword that cuts in half at once. Ryu Eun-ha, who looked at it, showed the cross-section of the sword and continued the explanation.

[As you can see, divine power is given and the internal magic circuit has been altered. As a result, durability is weakened and also… … .]

After that, Ryu Eun-ha almost disassembled Barmut’s long sword and ended the explanation only after breaking eight of them.

[Then let’s eat the new long sword from Carlton’s workshop.]

Ryu Eun-ha, who spoke quietly, grabbed the new long sword and chewed the tip of the sword.

[…] … .]

Unlike Barmut’s long sword, which he chewed without hesitation, Ryu Eun-ha pauses. Then, the corners of his lips, which did not even move, rose very slightly.

[Also… … .]

Ryu Eun-ha, who muttered with satisfaction, changed her expression as if it had ever been, and chewed and swallowed the rest of her long sword.


Her hair fluttered as she ate all the long swords.

However, this time, it burned to the extent that it was noticeably different from the long sword of Barmut shown earlier, and Ryu Eun-ha continued the explanation calmly.

[The charging rate is about 3% based on the first stage. It is the highest among D-class mass-produced weapons. Both durability and cutting power are excellent, and compared to Barmut’s long sword, it is about 30% better.]

[The magic conductivity is about 10% higher, but the compatibility is especially great. There is not much variation in any magical power, and divine power can also be accommodated… … .]

A new longsword that went through the same procedure as when Barmut’s longsword was verified.

However, excellent results were obtained in every way, and Ryu Eun-ha, who finished all explanations, grabbed the two sacks.

[The rough explanation is over, so let’s do a simple cross-comparison last.]

Ryu Eun-ha, with her hands outstretched to both sides, swung it toward the center without hesitation.


Sparks splattered and Barmut’s long sword was neatly cut in half.

[This is it. After the above evaluation, we will see you next time with a shield.]

A video that cuts out and cuts without any explanation.

It was an unkind video that continued without subtitles or edits for 30 minutes, but those who watched it could not take their eyes off of it for a moment.

The first is that the person in the video is really the famous S-class hero Ryu Eun-Ha, and the second is that the content covered there was professional and had a huge ripple effect.

‘To reveal such sensitive information so nakedly… … .’

‘This… … It spreads unconditionally.’

Ryu Eun-ha is an S-class hero and has an eye for weapons, which is recognized by many craftsmen.

Reviews left openly by gourmets who are only rumored to have spread through word-of-mouth in the hero industry in an instant, and their speed was as wild as a flame spreading across a dry field.

And it’s only been one day since the video was uploaded.

[D-class mass-produced long sword comparison mukbang (real eating)] – [Ryu Eun-ha]

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A controversy erupted that shook the entire hero industry.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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