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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 74

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The dungeon inside the classroom.

Lee Se-hoon, who had changed clothes, relaxed lightly, and Ma Gwang-soo, who stood opposite him, gave a mysterious expression.

‘That guy… … What the hell are you thinking?’

The completed ‘Tuan’ boasted a difficult level of difficulty that could be counted among the techniques that have been made so far.

Even the person who created the technology failed 2-3 times out of 10 times. But why don’t you practice it and show it right away?

‘No matter how you look at it, I don’t think it’s that good of a talent… … .’

When Ma Kwang-soo is looking at the situation with a complicated expression in a situation that cannot be fully guessed. After finishing the warm-up, Lee Se-hoon turned around.

“How can I show you?”

“… … Try starting from scratch.”

Tuan was one of the few techniques used in the world as a way to directly strengthen the eyes.

This is because the eyes are weak compared to other body organs, and they are easily affected by magical powers, so if you do not control them completely, you could experience side effects.

“If you don’t want to do it, don’t overdo it and stop right away. I can live with hallucinations for the rest of my life.”

If you don’t know where else to go, if your eye breaks even once, it will be difficult to treat. At Ma Kwang-soo’s warning, Se-hun Lee nodded.

“Don’t worry.”

“What are you worried about… … Do it quickly.”

At the sight of Ma Kwang-soo who was grumbling and urging, Se-hun Lee smiled and remembered the method of activating Tuan that was delivered earlier.

‘The activation method itself is not difficult.’

Puts a certain amount of magic into a certain path.

Of course, the path was very narrow and complicated, and it was difficult enough that even a slight failure in mana control could cause injury.

‘Young Yeonshin Magic.’

For Lee Se-hoon, who can freely share his body, it was a basic task.


A temporary magic circuit is perfectly formed along Tuan’s path, and the magic power immediately seeps into it.


The gray magic that floats on the retina.

The special magical power transformed by Tuan’s operation method swirled slightly above the pupil, and then it was stabilized by sticking to it like a lens.

After confirming that Tuan’s activation was complete, Sehun Lee checked the slowly reversed view.

“Hoo… … .”

The view changed like a black and white photograph.

From the ceiling of the lecture hall to the floor of the dungeon, everything was painted in black and white, but among them, there was only one that had color.

The body of Ma Kwang-soo standing opposite. Inside, the gray light is moving in the body, drawing a certain path.

‘It only looks like this’

The most basic way of using Tuan is ‘Gwan-觀’.

It was a special ability to detect the magic of living things, but that was the reason why the magic of the facilities, including the rosary, was not visible.

‘Hmm. Rather than sensing magic… … I feel like I’m sensing the image that resides in it.’

When Sehun Lee is immersed in a familiar feeling somewhere. Ma Gwang-soo opened his mouth when he saw that.

‘It was really successful… … ?’

He wondered if he had seen it wrong, but it seemed certain that his silvery eyes, or his gaze or two-eyed eyes moving according to his magical powers had been activated.

In just one shot, it was even more adept at activating the Tuan than himself.

Ma Kwang-soo’s expression became quite serious at Lee Se-hoon’s unexpected ability.

‘This guy… … I’ll have to take a closer look.’

Up until now, I thought that it would only be helpful after graduation, but at this level, it is safe to think of it as an enforcement officer’s admission test.

Ma Gwang-soo, who changed the standard for Lee Se-hun, corrected his plan to analyze simple swordsmanship and took a stance.

“Can you see how my magic works?”

“It’s not very detailed, but you can see the big stems.”

“great. From now on, I will show you a swordsmanship.”

Ma Gwang-soo, holding the training sword, slowly took a stance and looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“If I can see right through this swordsmanship, I will count it as a pass. Can you do it?”

His attitude was quite different from when he first doubted his abilities. Sehun Lee replied with a satisfied expression on his face.


“Then go.”

A sword that hangs loosely while aiming at the floor of the dungeon.

On the surface, it looked like it was sloppy, but it was different in the eyes of Lee Se-hoon, who was activating his two eyes.


Magical power that runs through the body while holding the posture. And the moment Ma Kwang-soo’s whole body was completely dyed with silver, he began to move forward.


The right foot stretches out gently as if it scans the ground.

Originally, he should have swung his sword according to the movement, but for some reason, Ma Gwang-soo’s sword was still aimed at the ground and did not move properly.

A broom-like movement that uses the floor rather than a sword. It was a strange movement for anyone to see, but Ma Kwang-soo still moved with a serious expression.


Smooth footwork and a sword that does not fall off the ground.

Sehun Lee, who was staring at the figure with a tufted eye, suddenly found something foreign.

‘afterimage… … ?’

A silvery afterimage that remains dimly in front of Ma Kwang-soo.

Sehun Lee, who realized that this was the ‘body’ of swordsmanship Ma Kwang-soo spoke of, sharpened Tuan’s senses more sharply.


The scenery that seemed like a black-and-white photograph now began to appear only with a black background and white lines, and the movement of the magical power that filled Ma Gwang-soo’s body became clear.

Starting with the foot that stepped forward, magical energy runs through the knee, hip, spine, shoulder and elbow toward the tip of the sword.

And the moment the ray of light stretched out.


The silver sword pierced the afterimage and cleaved the air.


Ma Gwang-soo stopped walking and looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“Do you know what kind of swordsmanship it is?”

“Well… … .”

Se-hun Lee, who had been pondering for a moment at Ma Kwang-soo’s question, reached out his hand.

“Lend me a sword.”

“… … Take it.”

After receiving the sword Ma Gwang-soo threw, Se-hun Lee slowly took a stance as seen before.

‘A little looser than this… … .’

The body relaxes and the magic power sharply rotates.

Ma Kwang-soo admired the appearance of Lee Se-hoon, who was in the exact same position as his previous one, and moved only his feet, but made a sad expression.

‘It seems that he only showed a ready attitude.’

If he had such a talent, he thought he would see through his esoteric sword ‘Cheonchung Sword’ at once, but it seems like he was expecting too much.

When Ma Gwang-soo swallowed his disappointment and tried to examine the lack of Lee Se-hoon’s posture.


Lee Se-hoon’s sword, who was aiming at the ground, was naturally swung toward the sky.

“What… … .”

The two feet follow Ma Kwang-soo’s steps, and the sword held in both hands follows the ‘afterimage’ seen earlier.


Then, his body and his magical powers naturally came together as if chasing a sword, and Lee Se-hun’s body, which had been moving slowly, began to speed up.

‘This isn’t it. By further reducing the error between the body and magic power… … .’

Based on the movements demonstrated by Ma Kwang-soo, he cuts out inefficient parts and improves them.

It wasn’t easy to improve a move that I’ve only seen once, but this time the situation was a little different.

‘The key is to make sure you see it through the eye, so you just have to match it properly.’

Tuan can give you a glimpse of your opponent’s magical powers and the image that resides within them.

He creates a skeleton out of it and fills it with the ‘traces’ engraved on the sword of Ma Gwang-soo, which he repaired tiringly before returning to it.

“Ugh… … !”

The swordsmanship that was intended to be unfolded only once was repeated naturally, and its perfection was honed over and over again.

And the moment when the magical power that surged from your toes to your fingertips was forged into a single sword.


The sword he swung forward was shattered.

“Whew… … Whoo… … .”

Lee Se-hun, whose movement was cut off unintentionally, looked at the sword in his hand, taking a breath that reached his chin.

A sword that was shattered without a trace, leaving only the handle. Lee Se-hoon’s eyes frowned at that open look.

‘I couldn’t make it dirty.’

I hope the sword can’t stand it and it will end like this.

At the time when Lee Se-hoon frowned at the result of the halfway end.

[You have acquired the skill ‘Tuan (A)’.]

[You have acquired the skill ‘Chungchung Sword (S)’.]

“… … ?”

Two notification windows appeared in front of me.

It was understandable that he had mastered the Tuan, but the content that followed it filled Lee Se-hun’s head with doubts.

‘If it’s a heavenly sword… … Wasn’t that Ma Kwang-soo’s arcane swordsmanship?’

before return. A bizarre swordsmanship that I heard that I couldn’t learn it even after waking up from death, and I couldn’t get a sense of it even though I had actually learned it several times.

Lee Se-hun looked at Ma Kwang-soo with a blank expression on the fact that he had learned it.

“that… … .”

“Did you get it?”

At the question of Ma Kwang-soo, who seemed to know everything, Lee Se-hoon paused and made an ambiguous expression on his face.

“I think so… … ?”

“What does it look like… … .”

Ma Gwang-soo put on an absurd expression on Lee Se-hoon’s face, not knowing what he had done, and recalled the scene he had just seen.

‘I was interrupted along the way… … It was obviously Geomgi.’

It was also not an ordinary sword, but a sword that he created himself and that no one else could copy.

Ma Gwang-soo looked at Lee Se-hoon for a moment at the unexpected result, and then opened his mouth as if he had made a decision.

“Once you pass. Don’t help me.”

“thank you.”

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Not only did he see through swordsmanship, he even unfolded it himself, so it was a natural result.

It was a little embarrassing, but at the time when Lee Se-hoon was satisfied with the thought that he could get help from Ma Kwang-soo and his acquaintance anyway.

“Instead, from today on, you are my disciple.”

“… … Yes?”

“It’s Tuan. Even so, if you’ve learned arcane swordsmanship, of course you have to pay the price.”

He just showed it to me and what does this mean? When Se-hun Lee looked at him with an absurd expression, Ma Kwang-soo waved his hand as if he knew everything.

“I don’t need to say thank you. Instead, it won’t be easy to learn arcane swordsmanship, so you’d better be prepared.”

“… … .”

“And from now on, call me Master and treat me with respect. Do you understand?”

Lee Se-hun looked at Ma Kwang-soo for a while, then came to a conclusion quickly.

“I don’t like it.”

* * *

After Sehun Lee returned. Ma Gwang-soo, who was left alone in the classroom, frowned as he lay on the bed.

“The ignorant child… … .”

It’s nothing else, but he said he would make his own disciple and teach him the esoteric sword Cheonchunggeom, how could he say he didn’t like it?

Even when the guys who are now acting as A-class and S-class heroes asked to accept him as a disciple when they were cadets, if he refused, he refused, never before.

‘You beat me until you say you’re learning? No, looking at his eyes, he’ll die like me.

It doesn’t seem easy to persuade him because he looks a bit similar to himself. After pondering for a while, Ma Gwang-soo suddenly became irritated and jumped out of bed.

“no. why am i worried It’s okay if I don’t accept a child like that!”

Ma Gwang-soo shouted as if protesting against himself.

However, before the sound echoed in the classroom disappeared, the image of Lee Se-hun, who had mastered Tuan and Cheonchungsword in just one shot, came to mind.

“Okay… … .”

Ma Gwang-soo, who sat on the bed and pondered for a long time, muttered in a nervous voice.

“Even if I didn’t have the talent… … .”

It will be much easier with Lee Se-hoon’s help to transfer the sword and find the doppelganger.

If you didn’t know, you already knew, so Ma Gwang-soo thought about how to deal with that dirty-headed guy.

‘for now… … I’ll have to deal with what I promised.’

He is a snob, so if he feels his influence through this incident, he may change his attitude to accept him as a master disciple first.

After making a decision, Ma Kwang-soo grabbed the cell phone that was placed on the table next to him and made a call.


Connected call as soon as one beep. Ma Gwang-soo frowned at that answer, as if he had been waiting for it.

“Did you watch?”

– Not seeing, but seeing. Because Ludwig is away and there are holes all over the place.

When Ma Kwang-soo was displeased with the relaxed woman’s voice. A hoarse voice could be heard over the phone.

– It’s a matter of living longer in the world than that. That high-spirited Ma Kwang-soo even calls me to please the little girl.

“… … Noisy.”

– It’s noisy. I’m dying to have fun

Ma Gwang-soo’s eyes were viciously distorted at the sound of the woman’s smirk, and then he let out a deep sigh.

“Let me please.”

– Barmut or them?


– Well, okay. If you’re the one who touches promising youngsters who are in their prime, you might as well give them a little touch.

Ma Gwang-soo sighed in relief at the voice of the woman who readily accepted.

If the reason was not enough, it was because he had to go through all kinds of hard work to fill it.

“Then, as soon as the list to protect is decided… … .”

-ah. Instead, there are conditions.

Ma Gwang-soo frowned at the attitude of the opponent who put the condition later, then sighed again and asked.


– That guy earlier. You seem to be able to see quite well.

A voice that shows interest in Lee Se-hoon. Ma Gwang-su was startled by his attitude and asked.

“no way… … Do you want to teach?”

– Not quite yet. Next time we’ll be sending our nieces and grandchildren, so please make room for us.

Talking about teaching according to the result. Ma Gwang-soo hesitated for a moment in response to the unexpected reaction, then answered.

“I get it. Don’t make it as it comes.”

-great. Oh, it’s S-class. just cut it off

The phone hung up and hung up before I could answer anything. Ma Gwang-soo looked at the phone and made a strange expression.

‘Isn’t that just an ordinary guy… … .’

To be immediately noticed by Baek-yeon Ha, who is not a different person and who is said to be the best in the world when it comes to eyesight.

While admiring the fact, Ma Kwang-soo felt strangely uneasy. He’s never behind, but it’s because he’s been pushed back in recognition compared to the top performers.

“… … What else is there?”

The first student candidate I discovered in my life. Ma Gwang-su grumbled and started squeezing his head in order not to take away the talented person.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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